10 Letter Words Starting with C for Curious Vocabulary!

Are your little kids speaking all day? Are you wondering how to enhance their English vocabulary with some common, new words?

If you are feeling the necessity of improving the communication skills of your little companions, then you have to start their lessons at a young age to guide them in getting a vast strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us take a look at some interesting yet important 10 letter words that start with the letter C.

Here we go…

List Of 10-Letter Words Starting With C

Incredible 10 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CabalettasA type of operatic aria or song, featuring a fast tempo and showcasing vocal virtuosity.
CabalisticRelating to the esoteric knowledge, often with mystical or supernatural connotations.
CaballerosA Spanish word for gentlemen or knights.
CabanillasA surname or place name of Spanish origin
CabdriversIndividuals who operate taxis or cabs for transporting passengers.
CabinmatesPeople who share a cabin or living space, typically on a ship or during a camping trip.
CablecastsThe broadcasting of content, such as television programs, through cable networks.
CablegramsA message or communication sent via a cable or telegram service, 
CabrioletsA type of automobile with a retractable roof, allowing the car to be open or covered.
CacafuegosIt is used colloquially to describe someone who exaggerates their abilities.
CacciatoraA dish prepared with a sauce made from tomatoes, onions, etc., in Italian cooking.
CachaemiasRefers to a state of extreme physical wasting and malnutrition.
CachinnateTo laugh loudly and unrestrainedly.
CacholongsA type of pale, translucent opal.
CacodaemonAn archaic term for an evil or malevolent spirit or demon.
CacodoxiesBeliefs or doctrines that are considered false or heretical.
CacogenicsThe study of the causes of degeneracy or deterioration in a population or species.
CacographyPoor or incorrect handwriting or spelling.
CacologiesIneffective or incorrect use of language or words.
CacomistleA small, arboreal mammal of the raccoon family, native to North and Central America.
CacomixlesAnother term for the cacomistle, as mentioned above.
CacophobiaAn irrational fear of ugliness.
CacophonicHaving a harsh, discordant, or unpleasant sound.
CacotopiasImaginary or hypothetical places where everything is unpleasant or bad.
CacotrophyA state of physical or moral deterioration or degeneration.
CactaceousRelating to cacti, which are succulent plants known for their spiky appearance.
CacuminousHaving a peak or summit, typically used in the context of mountainous terrain.
CadaverineA foul-smelling, organic compound found in decaying flesh, 
CadaverousResembling or having the pallid, corpse-like appearance of a dead body.
CaddiswormThe larval stage of caddisflies, which are certain type of aquatic insects
CadetshipsTraining programs for young trainees, especially in the military or for future officers.
CaducitiesThe state of being perishable or transitory; something that is fleeting or impermanent.
CaeciliansA group of legless, mostly tropical amphibians resembling large earthworms or snakes.
CaecostomyA surgical procedure that involves creating an artificial opening (stoma) in the caecum 
CaecotrophA type of feces produced by certain animals, that is re-ingested for further digestion.
CaesareansSurgical procedures to deliver babies by making an incision in the mother’s abdomen.
CaespitoseGrowing in dense tufts or clumps, often used to describe plants or grasses.
CafeteriasDining establishments, often found in schools, where patrons can self-serve food.
CafetieresFrench press coffee makers consist of a cylindrical glass with a plunger and a filter. 
CafetoriumA combination of a cafeteria and an auditorium, often found in schools, 
CaffeinateTo add caffeine to a beverage or consume a caffeinated product to increase alertness.
CaffeeinismThe condition results from excessive consumption of caffeine.
CailleachsSupernatural hags or divine crones, associated with mountains and natural features.
CaipirinhaA popular Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça (a distilled spirit), sugar, and lime.
CairngormsA mountain range in the eastern Highlands of Scotland, known for its rugged terrain.
CajolementThe act of persuading or coaxing someone through flattery or praise.
CajoleriesPersuasive actions or sweet-talking meant to manipulate or win someone over.
CajolinglyIn a flattering or coaxing manner, often used in the context of speech or behavior.
CakewalkedTo complete a task or achieve a victory with ease, often used metaphorically.
CakewalkerA person who excels in a task or activity without much effort, similar to “cakewalked.”
CalabashesLarge, round, or gourd-like fruits that can be used as containers or decorations.
CalaboosesOld slang for a jail, used in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
CalamancosA type of coarse, brightly colored cotton fabric, used for dresses in the 18th century.
Goofy 10 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CalamanderA type of tropical hardwood, used in the making of furniture and musical instruments..
CalamariesAlternative for calamari, which is a culinary term for squid, often prepared as a dish.
CalaminingThe act of applying a calamine lotion, a soothing topical treatment used to relieve itching.
CalamitiesEvents that cause great distress, damage, or adversity, often referred to as disasters.
CalamitousDescribing something that is disastrous, bringing about great harm or misfortune.
CalamondinA small, sour citrus fruit often used for culinary purposes, such as flavoring dishes.
CalaveriteA rare mineral composed of gold telluride, often used as an ore of gold.
CalcareousRelating to or containing calcium carbonate or limestone, often describing soils, rocks, etc.
CalceiformShaped like a slipper or sandal.
CalceolateRefers to a shape that is slipper-shaped, often used to describe certain types of flowers.
CalcicolesPlants or organisms that thrive in calcium-rich soil or environments.
CalciferolAnother term for vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones .
CalcifugalMoving away from calcium-rich environments, like plants growing in non-calcareous soils.
CalcifugesPlants or organisms that avoid or are intolerant of calcium-rich soils.
CalcifyingThe process of forming calcium salts, often referring to the hardening of tissues.
CalcinableCapable of being calcined, which means heated to high temperatures to remove volatile components or to alter the physical or chemical properties.
CalcinosesPresence of calcium deposits in soft tissues, associated with some medical conditions.
CalcinosisThe pathological deposition of calcium salts in various tissues or organs,
CalcitoninA hormone produced by the thyroid gland that helps regulate calcium levels in the body.
CalcitrantStubborn, resistant, or unwilling to cooperate or change.
CalcitrateTo treat with calcium, often used in the context of medical treatment.
CalculableCapable of being calculated, measured, or determined.
CalculablyIn a manner that can be calculated or estimated.
CalculatedDeliberately planned or done with careful consideration of the consequences.
CalculatesThird-person singular of “calculate,” meaning to perform mathematical operations.
CalculatorA device or tool used for performing mathematical calculations.
CalefactorA device or apparatus used for heating or warming a room or space.
CalemboursA French term for puns or wordplay, often involving multiple meanings of words.
CalendaredRefers to paper or materials that have been processed through a calender, 
CalenderedRefer to the process of smoothing or finishing a material using a calender machine.
CalendererA machine operator responsible for running materials through a calender for finishing.
Calendrersplural of “calenderer,” referring to individuals or machines that operate calenders.
CalendulasA type of flowering plant in the marigold family  with bright, colorful blooms.
CalenturesA condition in which sailors in the tropics experienced delirium due to heat .
CalescenceThe process of growing warm or becoming heated.
CalibratedAdjusted or set precisely according to a standard or scale to ensure accuracy.
CalibratesThird-person singular of “calibrate,” meaning to adjust something to a standard.
CalibratorA device used to calibrate or set other instruments or devices to a standard.
CaliforniaA state in the western United States known for its diverse landscape. 
CaliginousDark, misty, or foggy; often used to describe obscure or hazy conditions.
CaligraphyA variation of “calligraphy,” which is the art of beautiful or decorative handwriting.
CaliperingThe act of measuring or assessing something using calipers, 
CaliphatesHistorical or contemporary political and religious entities led by a caliph, 
CallboardsA display board used in theaters or studios to announce cast lists, showtimes, etc,.
CaligramsA set of words arranged in such a way that it forms a thematically related image.
CalligraphA variation or misspelling of “calligraph,” referring to the art of decorative handwriting.
CalliopsisA genus of flowering plants that belong to the sunflower family (Asteraceae).
CalliperedPast tense of “caliper,” referring to the use of calipers for measurement.
CallithumpA noisy, boisterous, and discordant procession or parade, 
CallousingThe process of forming calluses, which are thickened, hardened areas of skin 
CallownessThe state of being immature, inexperienced, or lacking sophistication.
CalmativesSubstances used to soothe or calm a person, used in reducing anxiety.
Amusing 10 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CalmodulinA calcium-binding protein that can regulate various cellular processes.
CaloricityA term used to describe the heat-producing capacity or the caloric content of food.
CalorifierA device or vessel used for heating water, typically for domestic or industrial purposes.
CalorizingThe diffusion process of aluminum into other metals to improve their resistance.
CalotypistA practitioner or expert in the calotype, invented by William Henry Fox Talbot.
CalumniateTo make false statements about someone with the intent of damaging their reputation.
CalumniousInvolving or characterized by false and harmful statements or slander.
CalvadosesRelated to Calvados, a type of apple brandy made in the Normandy area of France.
CalvariumsRefers to the upper part of the human skull, including the cranial vault.
CalyciformResembling a calyx, which is the outermost part of a flower, typically green.
CalyculateHaving or resembling a calyculus, which is a small, cup-like structure in some plants.
CamanachdsPlural for a game derived from hurling, and resembling hockey, played in Scotland.
CamarillasA group of close and influential associates, often with political connotations.
CamberingsThe act of giving a slight curvature to a surface, often used in the context of design.
CambodiansPeople or things related to Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia.
CamcordersPortable electronic devices used for recording video and audio, with built-in cameras.
CamelbacksA type of hill that has two humps or peaks, resembling the back of a camel.
CamelhairsA type of soft, luxurious wool derived from camels, often used in textiles and clothing.
CamelopardAn archaic term for a giraffe, referring to its camel-like appearance and spotted coat.
CameraworkThe practice or art of operating a camera to capture images or footage, 
CamerlengoAn official in the Roman Catholic Church responsible for managing the property 
CamisadoesSudden and surprise attacks or raids, often carried out during the night.
CamouflageThe use of patterns, colors, and materials to disguise something 
CamoufletsUnderground explosions used in warfare to create cavities or disrupt enemy tunnels.
CampaignedPast tense of to work in an organized and active way towards a particular goal
CampaignerA person actively involved in a campaign, 
CampanellaA small bell, a type of pastry, or a reference to the Italian philosopher Campanella.
CampanerosPlural of campanero, meaning the bellbird of South America.
CampanilesTall, freestanding bell towers often found adjacent to churches or cathedrals.
CampanistsPlural of campanist, one who studies bells.
CampanulasA genus of flowering plants in the bellflower family (Campanulaceae), 
CampcraftsSkills and knowledge related to camping and outdoor survival, 
CampesinosA Spanish term that refers to rural or peasant farmers and laborers.
CampestralPertaining to or characteristic of open fields or rural landscapes.
CampgroundAn outdoor area equipped with facilities and amenities for camping
CamphorateTo impregnate with camphor, a white crystalline substance with a strong aroma.
CampodeidsA family of elongated, agile insects known as snakeflies.
CampuswidePertaining to an entire campus, typically used in the context of educational institutions.
CanaliculiTiny canals in the body that transport various substances, such as blood or lymph.
CanalisingThe act of directing or guiding something into a canal or channel, used in engineering.
CancelableCapable of being canceled or revoked, typically used in the context of contracts.
CancelbotsSoftware programs designed to automatically cancel or disrupt online activities, 
CanceliersThird-person singular simple present indicative form of cancelier.
CancellateHaving a latticed or perforated structure, often used to describe certain patterns.
CancellersIndividuals or entities responsible for canceling or revoking something, 
CancellingThe act of canceling or terminating something, used in the context of events or plans.
CanceratedAffected by or exhibiting the characteristics of cancer, often used to describe tissues.
CancriformResembling or having the shape of a crab, often used in the context of certain lesions.
CandidatesIndividuals seeking a position or running for an election, often used in politics
CandidnessThe quality of being open, honest, and sincere in one’s communication and behavior.
CandlewoodA medium sized evergreen tree indigenous to South Africa.


Some Other Examples Of 10-Letter Words Starting With Letter C

Perfect 10 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 10-Letter Words Starting With C

Sometimes, you may feel that the right time has arrived when you must teach your little students several useful new words, right? However, all of your efforts may result in nothing if your young accomplices do not know how or even where to use those newly-learned words.

So, to save your tiny tots from this issue, one of the most useful things you can do is to engage them in some appealing educational activities. Here are a few of those inviting activities.

1. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

A very amusing and simple-to-play learning activity is well-known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this method, you may show your little partners some significant 10 letter words that start with the letter C.

Through this appealing game, your cute students will not only be able to know about a lot of new words without but also to utilize them in perfect contexts. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy activity will be of great help for their future studies.







1) a   2) h   3) n    4) o   5) k  

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another easy-to-play activity through which you can show your little friends some beneficial 10 letter words starting with the third letter C, along with showing them the right way to use those words. In this, you have to say something or ask a question and your young partner will give the answer.

You can even try this game by changing its direction. In that case, your adorable partner will ask the question and you will have to answer correctly. Hence, through this name game, you can show your children some new 10 letter words starting with the letter C.


Q: What do we call the people who share a cabin or living space, typically on a ship or during a camping trip?

Ans: Cabinmates

Q: What do we call a message or communication sent via a cable or telegram service, usually in a concise and condensed form?

Ans: Cablegrams

Q: What would you call the beliefs or doctrines that are considered false or heretical?

Ans: Cacodoxies

Q: What is a type of poor or incorrect handwriting or spelling.?

Ans: Cacography

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is another memorable game that can assist your cute companions to know about several new words with ease. Through this concept, your child will know about the ideas of the same and different. For this, you will need just two sets of cards.

One set will come with some inviting pictures, while the other set will have some new 10 letter words starting with the letter C, such as cachinnate, cabriolets, caballeros, cablecasts, cadaverous, caducities, and many more.

Then, you have to explant to your young students how to read those cards and the proper way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you have to tell your young partners how to do the matching task and instruct them to follow the steps already done by you.


Thus, these are some appealing learning activities to teach your cute kids some vital 10 letters words starting with the third letter C. In addition, for some additional ideas, keep following us.

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