40 Amazing 2 Step Directions for Preschoolers that Will Amaze You

Are you tired of giving your preschooler one-step directions and hearing “why?” or “what?” in response? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Many parents need help with getting their little ones to follow multi-step directions. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share 40 fun 2 step directions for preschoolers to help them learn to follow instructions while having fun!

benefits two-step directions

Enhances Cognitive Skills:

Following 2 step directions helps preschoolers develop cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. It helps them to remember the steps required to complete a task and to follow instructions.

Improves Communication Skills:

Following 2 step directions, children learn new vocabulary and practice their language skills. They also learn how to express themselves and ask for clarification if they don’t understand.

Fosters Independence:

As children successfully follow 2 step directions, they gain confidence and independence. They become more self-sufficient and can complete tasks independently, a crucial step toward growing up.

Boosts Self-Esteem:

When children complete tasks, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which boosts their self-esteem. It encourages them to try new things and take on more challenging tasks, essential for their development.

Improves Listening Skills:

Following 2 step directions requires children to listen carefully and pay attention. By practicing this skill, children can improve their listening skills, which are crucial for communication, learning, and social interaction.

Builds Coordination:

Many 2 step directions involve physical activities such as jumping or hopping. By following these directions, children develop their coordination and motor skills.

When is it time for your tiny tot to rock those 2 step directions?

Preschoolers can start following 2 step directions as early as two years old. It’s a great time to introduce them to following multiple instructions.

However, every child develops differently, so it’s essential to consider their readiness. Here are some signs that your child may be ready to follow 2 step directions:

  • They can follow simple 1-step directions
  •  They have good listening skills
  •  They can remember and repeat simple sequences
  •  They show an interest in completing tasks independently

Super-fun 2 step Directions that your kiddos should follow

Rockin’ Clap and Jump 

Get ready to rock out by clapping your hands and jumping up and down like you’re at a concert! This one will surely get your kiddos’ energy levels soaring and ready to go.

Twisty Nose and Toe Touch 

It’s time to twist and turn with this silly game of Twister! Touch your nose with one hand and your toes with the other to improve your child’s balance and coordination skills.

Silly Crab Shuffle 

Get your little ones scuttling like a crab by walking backward and forwards! This silly crab walk improves gross motor skills while having fun.

Sing and Dance Like Crazy 

Let your child’s creativity flow by singing a song and dancing like crazy! Not only will they have a blast, but it’s also a great way to improve language and coordination skills.

Puppy Somersault and Roll 

Get ready for some silly and giggly moments as your child does a somersault and rolls over like a playful puppy! This fun activity is great for improving gross motor skills.

Crazy Top Spin and Stop 

Spin around like a crazy top and then stop on one foot! This one is great for improving your child’s balance and coordination skills. 

Silly Artist Circle and Color 

Draw a circle and color it in like a silly artist! This one is perfect for encouraging your child’s creativity and fine motor skills. 

Count and High-Five 

Count to five, and then give your high five! This one is great for improving your child’s counting skills and will make them feel accomplished. 

Flamingo Balance and Switch 

Stand on one foot and switch to the other like a silly flamingo! This one is great for improving your child’s balance and coordination skills. 

Bunny Hop and Jump 

Hop on one foot and then hop on the other like a silly bunny! This one is perfect for improving your child’s gross motor skills and will surely bring them joyous!

Tickle & Hug-a-Palooza

Tickle your child attack, followed by a big bear hug! This activity will help your child feel loved and connected while improving their social and emotional development.

Silly Noise & Laugh-Off

Make a silly noise, and then laugh until you can’t stop! Your child will enjoy letting their silly side out while improving their communication and laughter muscles.

Dinosaur Walk & Unicorn Gallop

Walk like a dinosaur and then gallop like a unicorn! Your child will have a blast pretending to be their favorite animal while improving their balance, coordination, and imagination.

Treehouse Build & Swing

Build a treehouse with blocks and then swing like a monkey! This activity will help your child develop problem-solving and creativity while improving gross motor skills.

Shoelace & Button Challenge

Tie your shoes and button up your shirt! This activity will help your child develop their fine motor and self-help abilities while feeling more independent.

Splash & Scrub Routine

Splash in the water and then scrub up with soap! This activity will help your child learn about hygiene and self-care while improving their motor skills and sensory development.

Apple & Orange Snack Attack

Eat an apple, and then eat an orange! This activity will help your child learn about healthy food choices while improving their fine motor skills and self-help abilities.

Kindness & Gratitude Practice

Compliment someone, and then say thank you! This activity will help your child learn about kindness and gratitude while improving their social skills and empathy.

Shape Search & Design

Find a square and a triangle in your surroundings, then design your shape! This activity will help your child learn about shapes and geometry while improving their creativity and artistic skills.

Yoga Pose & Balance Challenge

Strike a yoga pose and balance on one foot! This activity will help your child improve their flexibility, balance, and mindfulness while learning about self-awareness and body control.

Block Bop & Crash Bash

Let’s make a tower out of blocks and knock it down with a big bop and crash bash! Your little one will love the excitement of building and smashing while developing their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and understanding of cause-and-effect. Plus, it’s a great way to release energy and have silly fun!

Lion King & Pup Patrol

Roar like a lion and then bark like a dog! Your child will love pretending to be their favorite animal while improving their vocalization and creativity.

Top Spin & Ball Bounce

Spin a top and then play with a ball! This activity will help your child improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and understanding of cause and effect.

Sandwich Stack & Half-Cut

Make a sandwich and then cut it in half! Your child will love being a mini chef while improving their fine motor and sequencing abilities.

Read & Point Challenge

Turn the page and then read the following sentence! This activity will help your child develop literacy skills, visual tracking, and attention to detail.

Red vs. Blue Hunt

Point to the red balloon, and then point to the blue car! Your child will love playing this color recognition game while improving their visual discrimination and attention skills.

Follow the Leader & Freeze

Follow me, and then stop! Your child will love this classic “follow the leader” game while improving their listening and gross motor skills.

Superhero Soar & Flight Fantasy

Pretend to be a superhero and then fly! Your child will love unleashing their inner superhero while improving their imagination and physical abilities.

Chef Cook & Kitchen Adventure

Pretend to be a chef and then cook! Your child will love playing with play food and pretending to make their favorite meals while improving their fine motor skills and creativity.

Firefighter Rescue & Blaze Battle

Pretend to be a firefighter and then put out a fire! Your child will love pretending to be a hero while improving their gross motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Doctor Check-Up Challenge

Please put on your lab coat and stethoscope, and get ready to give me a check-up! Let’s see if you can diagnose my case of the sillies!

Your child will love playing doctor while improving their social skills and learning about the human body. They can even prescribe me some silly medicine!

Storytelling Adventure:

Grab a book and a cozy spot, and prepare for a storytelling adventure! Pretend to be a teacher and read me a story.

Your child will love being the center of attention while improving their listening skills and imagination. They can even add their silly twists to the story!

Music Maker Mayhem

Grab an instrument or make your own and prepare to make some noise! Pretend to be a musician and show off your skills.

This activity will help your child develop their sense of rhythm and creativity while learning about different types of instruments. They could even start their own pretend band!

Dance Party Fun

Please put on your dancing shoes, and let’s get moving! Pretend to be a dancer and show off your best moves. Your child will love moving and grooving while improving their coordination and self-expression. They can even choreograph their dance routine!

Cowboy Ride-Along

Giddy up, partner! Pretend to be a cowboy and hop on your trusty horse. This activity will help your child develop gross motor skills and imaginative play. They could even lasso some pretend cattle or ride off into the sunset.

Treasure Hunt Quest

Pretend to be a pirate and set off on a treasure hunt. Your child will love going on a treasure hunt while improving their problem-solving and imagination. Maybe they can even find some pretend pirate treasure and share the loot!

Construction Crew Build-Off

Grab your hard hat and tool belt; it’s time to get building! Pretend to be a construction worker and use your imagination to build something unique.

This activity will help your child develop fine motor skills and spatial reasoning while learning different tools and construction techniques. They could even make a pretend skyscraper!

Garden Growing Galore

Grab your gardening gloves and trowel; it’s time to plant a beautiful flower! Pretend to be a gardener and get your hands dirty while learning about nature.

Your child will love developing their fine motor skills and patience while waiting for their flower to grow. They could even make a pretend garden with different types of plants!

Magic Trick Mastery

Grab your top hat and wand, and get ready for some magic! Pretend to be a magician and amaze me with your magic tricks.

This activity will help your child develop problem-solving skills and imagination while learning different magic tricks. They could even create their magic show and invite their stuffed animal friends as the audience!

Race Car Driver Rev-Up

Get ready to hit the gas and speed into the pretend race track! Pretend to be a race car driver and rev your engine.

Your child will love pretending to race while improving their gross motor skills and imagination. They can even create their own pretend car and customize it with stickers and decorations!

How can I teach my kiddo to follow many directions at once without going wild?

  • Please keep it simple: Start with basic 2 step directions before moving on to more complex ones.
  • Use visual aids: Pictures or diagrams can help your child understand what they need to do.
  • Break it down: Break the directions into smaller steps and give your child time to complete each before moving on.
  • Make it fun: Use silly voices, songs, or games to make following directions more enjoyable.
  • Praise your child: Encourage your child when they complete the directions correctly and celebrate their achievements.

Following 2 step directions may seem like a small task, but it’s essential for your child’s development. Introducing fun and interactive 2 step directions, you’re helping your child learn and build a stronger bond with them.

Remember to keep it simple, make it fun, and praise your child for their efforts. Your child will follow multi-step directions like a pro with time and practice.

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