3 Letter Words Starting with B to Discover the B’s Tiny Titans

Is your youngster speaking a lot? Have they already completed studying and playing with the three-letter words starting with A? Then, don’t you think it’s time to introduce your little ones into the world of letters starting with B?

We are here to help you in this journey that will enhance the vocabulary of your children. Let us tell your kids about the three-letter words starting with the second letter.

So…here…we go with the second letter….B

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With B

Goofy 3 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BanLegally or officially prohibit
BeeA stinging winged insect which gathers nectar.
BayA broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inwards
BigOf considerable size (adjective)
BioBiography (something related to life)
BitA small piece
BotA robot
BooA term to show disapproval
BoxA flat container
BroShort for brother
BagA flexible container
badSomething not good
batA flat stick/ a mammal
barA place that cell drinks
bugA small insect
busA public transport/ road vehicle
bunA small cake with dried fruit/ a specific hairstyle
budA part of a plant that develops into a flower or leaf
buyGet something in exchange of payment
burthe rough, prickly fruit or seedcase
butA conjunction that is used to indicate the impossibility of anything.
bumSomeone without a residence.
begask someone for something humbly, mainly food or money.
bedA piece of furniture for sleep or rest.
betRisk a valued item or money against someone else/ used to express certainty
benA noun
bobA noun
boaA constrictor snake.
boyA male child
binshort for dustbin
byeTo bid farewell
bowA weapon for shooting arrows
bizA business, mainly related to entertainment.

Now, it will be a fun experience to go through some acronyms that start with the letter B, right? Kids often come across a few acronyms that may pique their interest. So, let’s discuss a few.

List of acronyms starting with B

Amazing Acronyms Starting With Letter B For Kids
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BBDBigger Better Deal
BBOBenzyl Butyl Phthalate
BBNBig Bang Nucleosynthesis
BAIBattlefield Air Interdiction
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCGBacillus Calmette Guerin
BCRB-Cell Receptor
BEFBovine Ephemeral Fever
BEABritish European Airways/ Bureau of Economic Analysis
BEMBud-Eyed Monster
BFABachelor of Fine Arts
BEOBeyond Earth Orbit
BEPBreak Even Point
BACBlood Alcohol Content
BAOBattlefield Air Operations
BARBritish American Racing
BATBasic Aid Training
BBBBetter Business Bureau
BBLBe back later
BCABachelor of Computer Application
BCTBrigade Combat Team
BERBit Error Rate

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With B

You can easily teach many words to your kids. However, your child may not remember those words if they do not get the scope to utilize the newly learned word in a fun way!

Now, it is not possible for them to read some books….or write down many words!! They will feel bored and eventually lose interest in learning new words!

So, the best possible way is to involve them in some fun activities that will keep them focused and increase their vocabulary. Here are a few activities that will help your tiny tots to learn and remember some new words.

1. Word Puzzles

There are various types of word puzzles that you can enjoy with your kids. You can use the scramble tiles and allow your child to take their time unscrambling them. With three-letter words, this game will be really exciting and fun.

You may draw the letters on the pavement and then shout out one word among those, like a bag. The children will need to stand on each of those three letters to complete the game.

Also, its opposite procedure is another exciting activity. The child will step on three letters, and you have to say the word created by them!

2. Word Matching Game

You can play this game with the help of Flash Cards. One set of cards will have the pictures and the other set will have a few three letter words, like bat, bug, bag, beg, box, bud, bow, etc.

When you use those three letter words, your kids will pick up the cards that have the specific word written.

You can first show the process to your kids and encourage them to follow all the steps already done by you.

3. Name Game

Funny Name Game For Kids

The simplest activity to improve your kids’ vocabulary is to enjoy the practice of naming something.

When you are trying to teach them some three letter words, it will be best to use those words to play a name game. You just have to mention something and your child will need to answer that.

You can even do this in terns to increase your kids’ interest in this game.


Q: What will we call a person who has no residence?

Ans: Bum

Q: What do we call a flat container?

Ans: Box

Q: What will we ride when we need to go to your school?

Ans: Bus

Q: What are you afraid of?

Ans: Bug

Q: Where do we sleep?

Ans: Bed

Q: What do we call a male child?

Ans: Boy

4. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Silly Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Easy and simple activity like fill-in-the-blanks will help your tiny tots to remember all the three-letter words with ease. Also, this fun activity will help your kids in their future academics and other endeavors.









Hope we are able to help you in your journey of teaching some interesting new words to your tiny tots! Keep following us for some more interesting ideas.

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