Mysteries with M: 3 Letter Words Starting with M

Do you want to encourage your kids’ to strengthen their vocabulary? Are your little princes and princesses talking a lot? Don’t you think that the time has come when you must introduce your kids to the beautiful world of new meaningful words?

If yes, then we are here to help you in your journey when you are trying to start to improve the vocabulary of your kids. So, let us take the first step to teach your children some interesting small words as well as their meaning while playing. Here, we will go through some useful three-letter words.

Here we go with the thirteenth letter….M.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With M

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With M For Kids
maathe cry of a sheep
madinsane/ mentally ill
maga periodical/ a magazine of ammunition
makto bring into being by changing, shaping, or combining ideas or materials
mama respectful address used for any woman
manan adult male human
mapa diagrammatic representation of a land or area
marimpair the quality of appearance/ spoil
mata piece of coarse material placed on a floor
mawthe throat or jaws of a voracious animal
menmore than one adult male human being
mudsticky, soft matter resulting from the mixing of water and earth
muga large cylindrical cup with a handle
maxa maximum amount
mayexpressing possibility
melpure honey
metpast of meet
mewthe high-pitched noise of a cat
mica microphone
midthe middle part of a range or position
mila unit of length
mixto put together or combine
moba large crowd of people
momone’s mother
moothe deep call of cattle
mopa thick mass of disordered hair/ a bundle of thick, loose strings
mowcut down with a machine
moya dry measure of capacity used for salt
musthe plural form of the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet

It will be a great experience to learn some three-letter acronyms or abbreviations that start with the letter M.

In fact, sometimes your little ones may question you about some interesting three-word acronyms. So, let’s go through some below.

List of 3 letter acronyms starting with M

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter M For Kids
MACMedia access control address
MAEMaster of Arts in Education
MESManufacturing Execution System
MUNModel United Nations
MEEMiddle ear effusion
MIBMaster of International Business
MIMMobile instant messaging
MIRMusic Information Retrieval
MNAMember of National Assembly
MoAMemorandum of Association
MOCMemorandum of Cooperation/ man of color
MOUMemorandum of understanding
MAAMathematical Association of America
MADMagnetic Anomaly Detector
MADMaintenance Action Form
MASNATO Military Agency for Standardisation
MBAMasters of Business Administration/ Main Battle Area
MBTMain Battle Tank
MBMMeat and Bone Meal
MCCMission Control Centre
MCAMaster of Computer Applications/ Micro Channel Architecture
MCPMaintenance Control Point
MCTMovement Control Team
MCPMaintenance Collection Point
MDAMain Defense Action/Area
MEAMiddle East Airlines/ Maine Educational Assessment
MEFU.S Marine Expeditionary Force/Mission Essential Force
MEOMedium Earth Orbit
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MESManufacturing Execution Systems
MGSMobile Gun System
MGMMetro Goldwyn Mayer
MIAMission In Action
MIPMultiple Identity Poster
MISManagement Information Systems
MLBMajor League Baseball
MMIMan-Machine Interface
MNDMotor Neurone Disease
MOOMeasure Of Outcome

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With M

Sometimes, you may feel the need to teach your little ones several interesting and useful new words that may enrich their vocabulary, right? However, all of your work may result in a big zero if your little ones do not realize how or where to use those words.

 Now, it is not easy to force those little souls to read some books or even encourage them to take note of several new words with their meanings and usages. This may reduce their interest in learning new words and the urge to use them in the right places.

So, to avoid this problem, one of the most important methods is to engage them in some attractive game-like activities that will keep them focused and encourage them to learn more.

So, let us discuss a few interesting and simple activities that will help and encourage your children to use some of the newly explored three-letter words in an appropriate way.

1. Name Game

Naming something is one of the most amazing as well as easiest activities through which you can strengthen the vocabulary of your kids without any problem.

When you are searching for ways to teach some useful and significant three-letter words to your tiny tots, it will be a perfect yet simple way to teach your little companions those words through a name game. In this, you just have to say something, and your child has to give the answer.

Also, you can be able to enjoy this game in turns; for instance, once you ask a question to your kid and your kid will give the answer and even the opposite way. With this fun activity, your children can learn some new three-letter words, starting with M, without even feeling bored.


Q: What will you call an adult male human?

Ans: Man

Q: What is a large cylindrical cup with a handle, which we use to drink coffee?

Ans: Mug

Q: What is a diagrammatic representation of a land or area?

Ans: Map

Q: What is the sticky, soft matter that results from the mixing of water and earth?

Ans: Mud

Q: What is a piece of coarse material placed on a floor?

Ans: Mat

Q: What do you call the middle part of a range?

Ans: Mid

2. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Another very interesting yet really easy activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this you can teach your kids some new three-letter words.

They will not only be able to easily learn the new words without any issue but also will be able to use them perfectly. Moreover, simple word-game will be of immense help for their future studies.








3. Word Matching Game

Childish Word Matching Game For Kids

Word Matching Game is another amusing learning activity which you can play with your little prince and princesses. You will need only two sets of Flash Cards to play the game.

One set of those cards will carry some interesting pictures and the other set will have the new 3 letter words. After this, you just have to use some interesting three-letter words like men, mad, mud, mat, max, mom, mob, moo, etc., and get those cards that have these words written on them.

Then, just tell your children how to correctly read those cards and then match them with the respective three-letter words.

Furthermore, you can tell your kids how to do the matching and allow them to follow the steps performed by you.

4. Word Puzzles

Awesome Word Puzzles For Kids

There are various types of interesting word puzzle games that you can play with your little ones. One of the simplest methods is to utilize the scramble tiles and after that, you can tell your little friends to unscramble them.

This will be a remarkably fun activity when you encourage your tiny tots to enjoy this activity with some interesting three-letter words starting with M.

First, draw all the alphabets on the pavement and then shout a specific three-letter word, like a man. Hearing this, you kid has to step on each of the three alphabets of the word man to complete the game.

Also, the opposite method will also be quite an interesting experience. Your little friend will step on the three letters of a word one-by-one and then you have to pronounce the word made by them.


So, we hope that these activities will help you in your effort of offering some useful knowledge to your kids. For some more ideas, don’t forget to follow us.

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