N’s Nook: 3 Letter Words Starting with N

Is your little kid speaking all day without any break? Are you looking for some useful new words that can improve their vocabulary?

Then, we are here to help you out. Learning some meaningful new words is a great thing. With new words your little companion will be able to speak more fluently and even become the master of a strong vocabulary.

We can help you in this journey by providing some interesting and beneficial new words that you can try to teach your little ones in an exciting way. So, in this article, let us go with some three letter words starting with the fourteenth alphabet….N.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With N

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With N For Kids
nabto take, grab, or steal something
nagharass someone constantly
nanone’s grandmother
napsleep briefly or lightly
nata person who advocates political independence for a certain country
nabcatch someone doing something wrong
neda petty criminal
nefan elaborated table decoration in the shape of a ship for holding condiments and napkins
neginsult or undermine someone
neka mountain col
neta device, made of rope or fabric stitched together, used to catch fish
newintroduced or produced recently for the first time/ not existing before
nibthe pointed end part of a pen
nilnothing/ zero
nima game
nippinch or bite sharply
nodlower and raise one’s head briefly to give a signal
nomnominate for an honor
nonexpressing negation
norused to introduce a further negative sentence
nosshort for numbers
notused as a short substitute for a negative clause
nowat the present moment
nubthe center point of a matter
nuna female member of a religious community
nuta fruit with a tough shell around an edible kernel
nitthe egg of a louse or other parasitic insect
nixexpressing denial
noba person or high position or wealth

Now, it will be an incredible experience to go through some three letter acronyms that start with the letter N, isn’t it?

Kids often come across a few acronyms or you may say abbreviations that may pique their interest. So, let’s take a look at some of those acronyms.

List of acronyms starting with N

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter N For Kids
NIDNever in Doubt
NACNational Agency Check/ U.S. Navy Advanced Concepts
NADNamibian dollar
NAINamed Area of Interest
NaNNot A Number
NASNational Academy of Sciences/Network Attached Storage
NBANational Basketball Association
NBCNational Broadcasting Corporation
NBLNational Basketball League
NCIU.S. National Cancer Institute
NCONon-Commissioned Officer
NCWNetwork Centric Warfare
NDUNational Defense University
NEANear-Earth Asteroid/Nuclear Energy Agency
NETNational Educational Television
NEXNavy Exchange
NFANo-Fire Area
NFLNational Football League
NGHNorthern General Hospital
NGONon-Governmental Organization
NGSNaval Gunfire Support
NHLNational Hockey League
NIBNew In Box
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NKANo Known Allergies
NLBNon-Linear Battlefield
NLWNon-Lethal Weapon
NNWNorth North West
NOSNetwork Operating System
NRCNational Research Council
NSWNew South Wales
NTCNational Training Center
NUINo User Interface
NVGNight Vision Goggles
NWFNational Wildlife Federation
NYTNew York Times

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With N

You can teach those little things a large number of new words, with their meanings; however, your every effort will prove to be a big zero unless your child gets the scope to use the newly-gathered knowledge at the right place.

Now, in most situations, it is actually impossible to force the kids to go on reading books ….or even noting down a large number of new words!! So, eventually, they will feel quite bored and lose interest in learning new words.

The best solution to this problem is to engage those little things in some playful activities that will keep them completely focused as well as act as useful practice activities.

So, here are some interesting word activities that will allow your tiny tots to practice and correctly use the newly learnt words:

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Naming a thing is definitely one of the easiest activities through which you can successfully strengthen the vocabulary of your children.

When you are thinking about how to introduce some three-letter words to your kids, you can try playing this name game once. In this fun game, you have to mention something and your kid will have to answer.

Also, you can play this name game turns, such as, once you will ask a question and your child will have to give the answer and then just the opposite.

This game will help the little prince and princesses to have real fun, along with feeling more interested in learning. Let us take a look at some examples below.


Q: When you are lowering and raising your head briefly to give a signal, this gesture is called _.

Ans: Nod

Q: What is a device, made of rope or fabric stitched together, used to catch fish?

Ans: Net

Q: What do we call a thing that is introduced or produced recently for the first time?

Ans: New

Q: What will you call the pointed end part of a pen?

Ans: Nib

Q: What will we call an elaborated table decoration in the shape of a ship that is used for holding condiments and napkins?

Ans: Nef

Q: What will you use to express negation?

Ans: Non

2. Word Puzzles

You might have already encountered different kinds of interesting word puzzles that you can enjoy with your little kids. One of the simplest puzzles is to play it by using the scramble tiles and encourage the kids to try to unscramble them.

This game will become a fun and attractive game when your little ones are playing with some newly learned three-letter words.

Moreover, you can draw all the alphabets on the pavement and then say a certain three-letter word, like a nib. Your child will have to step on each letter of the word nib to complete the game in a fun way.

The opposite method can also be quite amusing. Your kid will have to stand on three letters and you will say the word made by them.

3. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

This is another easy and fun activity that will assist your kids in remembering the three-letter words they just learned with ease.

Furthermore, this interesting activity will be of immense help for their future studies. Let’s see some interesting examples.








4. Word Matching Game

You can play this fun game with the help of Flash Cards. To play this word matching game, you will require two sets of cards, one will contain some pictures and the other will have the words written on them.

You can use three-letter words like non, nod, nib, net, nek, nag, non, etc., and get the cards that contain these words starting with N.

Next, just show the cards and try to match them with the respective words.

It is also an amazing experience to show the children the complete procedure to perform the matching and then encourage them to follow you in the next step.

In this way, you can successfully teach your kids some useful three-letter words starting with the fourteenth letter N within very little time.


Hope all of these ideas will be able to help you in your journey of giving some meaningful knowledge to your tiny tots. For some other assistance, just keep following us!

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