3 Letter Words Starting With W: Weaving a Web of Witty Wonders

Are your little kids speaking a lot? Then you must try to improve their fluency with sound vocabulary. As parents, we all wish to help our children explore some new words and develop a strong vocabulary. The perfect way to learn some new words is to pronounce them, know their actual meaning, play with them, etc.

However, in reality, you may wonder how you will do all of these, isn’t it? There is no need to worry so much because we are here to assist you in this journey through which you will be able to improve the vocabulary of your children. Let us tell your tiny tots some interesting three letter words that start with the twenty-third letter.

So…here…we go with the letter….W.

List Of 3 Letter Words Starting With W

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With W For Kids
wada lump or mass of soft material, used for stuffing, padding, or wiping/ a bundle of paper or banknotes
waga single rapid movement from side to side or up and down
waia colorless, clear liquid that is essential for plant and animal life
wanpale and giving impression of exhaustion or illness
wara state or armed conflict between different countries or groups
wasfirst and third person singular past of be
wata Buddhist temple or monastery
waxa sticky yellowish substance secreted by honeybees as a material of the honeycomb
waya style/ method
weba network of fine threads created by a spider/ a complex system of interconnected elements
wedget married to
wema stain/ spot
wena boil or other swelling or growth on the skin
wetsaturated or covered with water
wexto grow/ to wax
weya former unit of volume or weight
whowhat or which person
whyfor what reason
wiga covering for the head made of artificial or real hair, usually worn by judges and bald people
winto be victorious in a contest or conflict
witthe capacity of inventive thought
woga foreigner
wonpast form of win
wooseek the support, favor/ try to gain the love of someone
wowexpressing admiration or astonishment
wryusing dry, especially mocking, humor
wyea triangle of railway track used for turning trains
wyna noun

Now, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience to learn some interesting acronyms that start with the letter W, isn’t it?

Often, children come face to face with some common acronyms that may attract their interest. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

List Of 3 Letter Acronyms That Start With W

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter W For Kids
WACWomen’s Army Corps
WADWeapons Alert Designer
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WBEWork Breakdown Element
WBOWorld Boxing Organization
WCLWorld Confederation of Labor
WCSWeapon Control Status
WCWWorld Championship Wrestling
WDCWorld Data Center
WEFWorld Economic Forum
WEZWeapon Engagement Zone
WFFWallops Flight Facility
WFPWorld Food Program
WFZWeapons Free Zone
WHOWorld Health Organization
WHSWashington Headquarters Services
WIAWounded In Action
WLBWomen’s Land Brigade
WMIWildlife Management Institute
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
WNFWill not fix
WNWWest North-West
WOTWaste of time
WRCWorld Rally Championship
WRTWriter Response Theory
WRSWorldwide Reference System
WTCWorld Trade Center
WTSWant to sell
WVUWest Virginia University
WWIWorld War I
WWWWorld Wide Web

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With W

You can be able to teach some useful new words to your children. However, your little partner may not be able to remember those new words if they do not get the opportunity to use the new words in a fun and interesting way!

Now, it is not so easy or even possible for them to read some books…or jot down many new words with their real meanings!! Hence, eventually, they will lose interest in studies!

So, the most effective method is to suggest your little ones to be engaged in some games or activities that will help them to remain focused, along with enhancing their vocabulary.

Thus, here are some of those activities that will be quite helpful to your little prince and princesses to know how to use some new words correctly.

1. Word Puzzles

Awesome Word Puzzles For Kids

You can play this unique game with your little friends because there are various types of interesting puzzles that will always make your kids truly happy.

One of the most interesting and easy-to-try ways is to enjoy this by using scrabble tiles and suggest your kids try to unscramble them. While playing this game your little ones can study and memorize some new three-letter words.

You can draw all of the English alphabets on the pavement at first, and then shout out a word, like wed. The children will have to find out and then stand on each letter of the word wed to complete the word puzzle game.

The opposite idea can also be fun and interesting. Your kid will have to stand on three letters of a word and then you will need to pronounce the word created by your children.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Another quite remarkable yet simple activity is name game. You may easily strengthen the vocabulary of your tiny tots just by trying out this game with them.

When you are teaching your little companions some new three-letter words that start with the letter W, it will be good to play this fun game. In this, you will be required to mention something or ask something and your child will have to answer that.

Moreover, you can play this word activity in turns, for instance, once you will ask the question to your little partner and your little one will need to answer them and then just try the opposite. This will assist those little souls to be more interested in learning some new words while having real fun.


Q: What will you call the act of a single rapid movement from side to side or up and down?

Ans: Wag

Q: What is a network of fine threads created by a spider/ a complex system of interconnected elements?

Ans: Web

Q: How will you describe a thing that is saturated or covered with water?

Ans: Wet

Q: What do we call a colorless, clear liquid that is essential for plant and animal life?

Ans: Wai

Q: How will we describe the act of trying to gain the love of someone?

Ans: Woo

Q: How will you describe the capacity of inventive thought?

Ans: Wit

3. Fill In The Blanks

Another simple yet interesting way to teach your kids some three-letter words that start with W is to conduct fill-in-the-blanks activity.

With this, your little kids will be able to explore some new words that will be of amazing help in their future studies.







4. Word Matching Game

This is another interesting and fun game that you can enjoy with your kids. You can enjoy this with the help of Flash Cards. In reality, to play this game, you will need two sets of cards, one having some fun pictures and the other set will have the three-letter words starting with W written on them.

You may use the words, such as wag, win, woo, wit, woe, wow, wax, web, way, etc., and get the cards that contain these words. Then, just show your little partner how to read those cards and match them with the respective words.

Also, you may show your little kid how to do the matching and then tell them to follow you in the next step.


Hope all these fun word games will help you in your journey of providing some interesting knowledge to your little kids. Also, remain with us for some additional ideas.

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