3 Letter Words Starting With Y: Yearning for the Yarn of Youthful Yells

Hey there, are you trying to look for some tips regarding how to enrich the vocabulary of your little prince and princesses with some new words? Don’t you believe that it is the best time to teach those naughty, little souls some of the meaningful new words?

If you agree, then we are always eager to help you with this amusing journey. So, let us go through some simple activities to make your child quite familiar with some new three-letter words. Here are some useful three-letter words that start with the twenty-fifth letter….Y.

List Of 3 Letter Words Starting With Y

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With Y For Kids
yaga synthetic crystal of yttrium aluminum garnet
yahan informal term for Yes
yaka large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, large horns, and humped shoulders
yapgive a sharp, shrill bark
yarquick/ agile
yawtwist about a vertical axis
yayexpressing approval, triumph
yeaan affirmative answer
yenbasic monetary unit of Japan
yesused to give an affirmative answer
yetup until the present
yewa coniferous tree with red berrylike fruits, most parts of which are poisonous
yexa hiccup
yida Jewish person
yipa sharp, short cry or yelp, mainly of excitement
yoba noisy, rude, and aggressive person
yodthe tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
yonin that direction
yosYears of Service
youused to refer to the person that the speaker is addressing
yowused to express shock or pain
yupnon-standard term of yes

After showing your little ones some important and new three letter words that start with the letter Y, along with their meanings, let’s know about some new things.

Hence, we can observe several useful three letter acronyms that start with Y. So, let’s start:

List Of 3 Letter Acronyms Starting With Y

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter Y For Kids
YACYouth Adult Committee
YAPYoung Aspiring Professional
YERYemeni rial
YPAYards Per Pass Attempt
YSAYouth Service America/ Young Socialist Alliance
YSIYoung Scots for Independence
YTMYield To Maturity
YTSYouth Training Scheme

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With Y

In some cases, you may try a lot to teach your kids some new three-letter words to enrich their vocabulary, right? However, all of your efforts may not produce any result if your child does not have the idea about when to use those words or how to use them correctly.

Actually, it is not so simple a task to force your kid to read multiple new books or to jot down some meaningful new words. This may reduce their interest in learning some new three-letter words.

Therefore, to save your little friend from this trouble, the most interesting method is to encourage them in some fun game-like activities to keep them focused. You must choose those activities as some of those will show your tiny tots how to utilize the newly learned words. So, let’s start:

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

To name something is one of the easiest activities through which you can be able to improve the vocabulary of your children.

When you are planning about how to introduce some vital three-letter words that start with Y to your child, it will definitely be a popular method to teach those words through a fun word activity. In this, you will ask a question and your little partner will answer that.

In addition to this, you can enjoy this in the other way around, such as, first, you will ask a question and your child will give the answer and later, just try this in the opposite way. With this method, your tiny tots can enjoy a lot while learning some new words without feeling bored.


Q: What do we call a large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, large horns, and humped shoulders?

Ans: Yak

Q: What will you call the coniferous tree with red berrylike fruits, most parts of which are poisonous?

Ans: Yew

Q: What do people call a Jewish person?

Ans: Yid

Q: What is the basic monetary unit of Japan?

Ans: Yen

Q: How will you describe a noisy, rude, and aggressive person?

Ans: Yob

Q: Which word will you use to describe the moment up until the present?

Ans: Yet

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill in the blanks activity is quite an encouraging activity that will help your little partners to learn some newly learned three-letter words that start with Y. Furthermore, this amusing word game will turn out to be an immense help for their future academics.








3. Word Puzzles

Recently, there are various types of fun yet beneficial word puzzles that you can enjoy with your little prince and princesses. One of the most common ways is to play with the scramble tiles. In this, you can ask those little souls to take some time in unscrambling those tiles comfortably.

This will prove to be an impressive and simple word activity if you can encourage your little partner to play this with some three-letter words.

First of all, just draw all the English alphabets on the pavement and then pronounce a particular three-letter word, like a yak. Then your little partners will try to find out and then stand on each of the three alphabets of the word yak to successfully complete the activity.

Also, the opposite method is more amusing. In that, your children will select and step on the three alphabets one-by-one, and you will be the one to shout the three-letter word created by them.

4. Word Matching Game

Word matching game is another fun word activity which you can try out with some attractive Flash Cards. To enjoy this, you will require two sets of these flashcards. One set with some beautiful pictures while the other set will have the three-letter words that start with the letter Y.

Then, you have to make use of the three-letter words such as yet, yes, yen, yak, yid, you, yip, etc., and get the cards that have these words. After that, just tell your little partners how to read those words in the correct way and continue to match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you may explain to your little friends how to do the job of matching and also allow them to follow the steps you have already done.


With these amusing word activities, you will be able to successfully teach your children some crucial new three-letter words, along with their meanings. For some more teaching ideas, continue to follow us.

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