4 Letter Words Starting With E: Exploring the Expanse of Eloquent Entries

Hey there, are you trying to determine how to enrich the vocabulary of your little prince and princesses with some new four-letter words? Don’t you believe that it is the best moment to teach your naughty, little friends some of the useful new words?

If you agree with this, then we are always present to help you with this amusing and interesting journey. So, let us go through some amusing activities to make your child familiar with some new four-letter words. Here are some useful four-letter words that start with the fifth letter….E.

List Of 4 Letter Words Starting With E

Incredible 4 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
Earla British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below marquess
Earnobtain money in return for services or labor
Eastthe direction towards the point of horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes
Eavethe part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building
Edgynervous/ tense/ irritable
Editprepare for publication by condensing, correcting, or otherwise modifying it
Elmoto love/ God’s helmet
Endethe final part of something
Eposa body of poetry in which tradition of a people in conveyed, esp a group of poems concerned with a common epic theme
Emitproduce and discharge
Everat any time
Erospassionate love
Evenflat and smooth/ equal in value or number
Elsebesides/ in addition
Evilimmoral and wicked
Examshort for examinations
Elmaprotection or helmet
Emicdenoting or relating an approach to the study of a particular language or culture in terms of its internal elements and their functioning
Eldsold age
Eyeslook at closely or with interest
Exita way out of a building, or room
Espycatch sight of
Envya feeling of discontent or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s qualities, possessions, or luck
Echoa sound caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener
Emmya statute awarded annually to an outstanding television programme

After teaching your little partners some important and new four letter words that start with the letter E, along with their correct meanings, let’s learn some new things.

Hence, we can go through several common four letter abbreviations or acronyms that starts with E. So, let’s start:

List Of 4 Letter Acronyms Starting With E

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter E For Kids
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency
EBSAEmployee Benefits Security Administration
ECFSElectronic Case Filing system
EDACError Detection And Correction
EDTAElectronic Drive Transportation Association
EFSAEuropean Food Safety Authority
EICSEast India Company’s Service
EKMSElectronic Key Management System
ELSSEmergency Life Support Stores
E&OEErrors and Omissions Excepted
EPOSElectronic Point of Sale
EROSEarth Resources Observation System
ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Network
ETLAExtended TLA

Activities With 4 Letter Words Starting With E

In some cases, you must try your very best to teach your kids some widely-used four-letter words to enrich their vocabulary, right? However, all of your efforts may prove to be nothing if your little students do not have the idea about when to use those words or even how to use them.

Actually, it is not an easy thing to force your kid to read new books or to jot down some new words. This may reduce their interest in learning some new words and their appropriate meanings.

Therefore, to save your child from this trouble, the most interesting way is to encourage them in some unique game-like activities that will keep them focused.

You must choose those activities that will show your tiny tots how to appropriately utilize the newly learned words. So, let’s start:

1. Word Matching Game

Childish Word Matching Game For Kids

Word matching game is a fun learning activity which you can try out. You can play this with some Flash Cards. To enjoy this, you will require just two sets of these flashcards.

One set will contain some beautiful pictures while the other will have the four-letter words starting with the letter E. Then, you have to make use of the four-letter words such as earn, east, else, even, exam, exit, edit, etc., and get the cards that have these words.

After that, you have to show your little students how to read those words in the desired way and then match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you may show your little students how to do the task of matching and after that, allow them to follow the steps you have already done.

2. Name Game

To name something is always one of the most amusing and easiest tasks through which you can be able to improve the vocabulary of your children.

When you are considering how to introduce some beneficial four-letter words that start with E to your child, it will definitely be a great procedure to teach those words through a fun word activity. In this game, you will have to say or ask something and your little student will answer that.

In addition, you can enjoy name games the other way around, such as once you will ask something and your child will give the answer and next, just try this activity in the opposite way.

With this method, your tiny tots can enjoy to a great extent while learning some new four-letter words without feeling bored.


Q: What do we call a British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below marquess?

Ans: Earl

Q: What will you call a way out of a building, or room?

Ans: Exit

Q: What do people call the direction towards the point of horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes?

Ans: East

Q: What is the sound caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener?

Ans: Echo

Q: What is the task of preparing something for publication by condensing, correcting, or otherwise modifying it?

Ans: Edit

Q: What is the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building?

Ans: Eave

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill in the blanks activity is another attractive and also quite encouraging activity that will help your little students to learn and remember some newly learned four-letter words that start with E.

Furthermore, this amusing word activity will turn out to be a real lifesaver for their future academics.







4. Word Puzzles

Today there are various types of fun and useful word puzzles that you may enjoy with your little students. One of the most notable ways is to play with the scramble tiles. In this game, you can ask your little students to take some time in unscrambling those tiles.

This will prove to be an interesting and simple word game if you can encourage your little student to play this game with some four-letter words.

First of all, you must draw all the English alphabets on the pavement and then shout out a three-letter word, like an exit. Then your little students will try to locate and stand on each of the four alphabets of the word to complete the activity.

Also, the opposite method is similarly intriguing. In that, your children will choose and step on the four alphabets one-by-one, and you will have to shout the four-letter word created by them.


With these unique word activities, you will definitely be able to teach your children some new four-letter words, along with their meanings. For some more ideas, remember to follow us.

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