4 Letter Words With QU For Quenching Curiosity with ‘QU’ Queries

Do you plan to help your little students to have a sound vocabulary? Are your little kids talking really a lot? Don’t you think that the time has come when you must try to introduce your tiny tots to the beautiful world of new meaningful words?

If you agree with this, then we are always ready to help you during this interesting journey through which you can improve the vocabulary of your tiny tots quite effortlessly.

So, let us take the very first step as well as vital to teach your little companions some interesting small words, along with their meaning while enjoying something new. Here, we will go through some useful four-letter words.

Here we go with the words that have ….QU.

List of 4 Letter Words With QU

4 Letter Words With QU
quaban unfledged bird
quada quadrangle
quaidock/ jetty/ quay
quala content or examination that qualifies one to advance to the next level/ agony
quata pimple/ spot/ sty
quaya metal or stone platform lying alongside of projecting into water for loading and unloading ships
quedan evil person/ the devil
Qudsan epithet of the deity/ pure/ holy/ blessed
quiabecause/ a bill by which a petitioner asks aid to prevent a wrong that the petitioner fears she or he may suffer from an act
queya young cow
quidone pound sterling
quinshort for quintuplet
quipa witty remark
quitleave a place usually permanently
quiza test of knowledge, especially as a competition between two teams or individuals
diquIn China, a political subdivision below a province but above a country
amqua region during the Late Bronze Age, equivalent to the Beqaa Valley region in eastern Lebanon
puquripeness/ a township in Nyingchi County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China
aquaa light bluish-green color

Activities With 4 Letter Words With QU

Sometimes, you may think that you must teach your little children several interesting as well as useful new words that may strengthen their English vocabulary, right? However, all of your efforts can result in nothing but a big zero if your little kids do not understand how or where to use them. 

Now, it is not easy to force those little souls to read some difficult books or even to note down several important, new words with their actual meanings. This can reduce their interest in learning some new things and their interest to utilize them in the appropriate places.

So, to avoid this problem, one of the most popular things you may try is to engage them in some attractive game-like activities that will assist them to stay completely focused and inspire them to learn more.

So, let us discuss some interesting and simple activities that will encourage your little students to use some of the newly learned four-letter words containing QU in an appropriate way.

1. Word Matching Game

Word Matching Game is an intriguing learning game which you may try with your tiny tots. For this, you will just require just two sets of alluring Flash Cards.

One set of those cards will carry some interesting pictures and the other set will have the new 4 letter words with QU.

After this, you just have to use some interesting four-letter words like quid, quin, quiz, aqua, quad, quab, quay, diqu, amqu, quey, quat, etc., and get those cards that have these words written on them.

Then, just tell your kids how to read those cards and next, match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you show your kids how to do the matching job and allow them to follow the steps already performed by you.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Naming something is one of the most amazing and simplest activities through which you can strengthen the vocabulary of your little kids without any issue.

When you are looking for some interesting ways to teach some four-letter words to your tiny tots, it will be a perfect way to teach those words via a name game. In this, you just have to say something, and your little partner has to give the right answer.

Also, you can enjoy this activity in turns; for instance, first, you will ask a question to your kid and your kid will have to give the answer and next, the opposite way. With this fun game, your tiny partners can learn some new four-letter words that have QU, without even feeling bored.


Q: What would you call a bill by which a petitioner asks aid to prevent a wrong that the petitioner fears she or he may suffer from an act?

Ans: Quia

Q: What is a test of knowledge, especially as a competition between two teams or individuals?

Ans: Quiz

Q: What will you call an evil person?

Ans: Qued

Q: What is a content or examination that qualifies one to advance to the next level?

Ans: Qual

Q: What will you call a light bluish-green color?

Ans: Aqua

Q: A young cow is known as _.

Ans: Quey

Q: What would you call the act of leaving a place usually permanently?

Ans: Quit

3. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another very enticing and also quite easy activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this, you may show your kids some crucial four-letter words with QU.

Through this game, your kids will not only be able to study the new words without any difficulty but also to use them correctly. Moreover, this kind of easy word-game will be of immense help for their future studies.








4. Word Puzzles

There are multiple kinds of word puzzle games that you can enjoy with your little ones. One of the most interesting methods is to play it with a few scrabble tiles and after that, you can ask your little friends to unscramble them.

This will be a fun activity when you encourage your little game-partners to enjoy this activity with some interesting four-letter words with QU.

First, draw all the alphabets on the ground and then say out loud a specific four-letter word with QU, like aqua. Hearing this, you kid has to select and next, stand on each of the four alphabets of the word aqua to complete this fun game.

Also, the opposite method will be another interesting thing. Your little friend will step on the four letters of a word with QU one-by-one and you have to recognize the word made by them.


So, we hope that these fun learning activities will help you in your efforts to give some useful knowledge to your kids. For some more ideas, don’t forget to follow us.

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