5 Letter Words Ending with D that You Might Know!

Embarking on a journey through words can be an exciting adventure, especially when those words come to life through interactive and engaging activities. 

Today, we’re delving into the world of 5-letter words ending with the letter “D.” 

These words are like puzzle pieces waiting to be assembled, and we have some thrilling activities in store to make this word exploration both fun and educational for learners of all ages. 

So, get ready to uncover the hidden gems within these words as we dive into this linguistic expedition!

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With D

Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With D For Kids
aahedShowing signs of surprise or realization, 
abandPast tense of “abandon,” meaning to leave behind or give up on something or someone.
abbedPast tense of “abb,” which means to speak rapidly or incoherently.
abendA term used in computer programming, describing  the end of a program or process.
abjadA type of writing system where each symbol or character represents a consonant sound.
abledHaving the ability or capacity to do something.
AccadPossibly a name or reference without a specific meaning.
achedExperienced a dull, continuous pain or discomfort.
acnedAffected by acne, a skin condition characterized by pimples or blemishes.
acoldOld-fashioned term meaning to be cold or chilly.
acredPossessing or related to acres of land, typically in a real estate context.
acridHaving a strong, sharp, and bitter taste or smell.
actedThe past tense of “act,” meaning to perform a specific action or play a role.
addedThe past tense of “add,” meaning to combine or increase by joining something.
adradAn archaic word meaning afraid or filled with dread.
adzedHaving been shaped or carved using an adze, a cutting tool.
agoodAn archaic word meaning in good condition or good health.
aguedPast tense of “ague,” an old term for a fever or illness, especially malaria.
aheadIn front or in advance of something, often used to describe a lead or position.
ahindAn archaic word meaning behind or in the rear.
aholdTo take or grasp hold of something, typically referring to a handle or object.
aidedHelped or assisted someone in a task or activity.
ailedSuffered from an illness or physical discomfort.
aimedPointed or directed something in a specific direction or at a target.
airedBroadcasted something known to the public, often used in the context of television or radio.
AkkadReferring to Akkad, an ancient city in Mesopotamia.
alandOn land or ashore, often used in nautical contexts.
alcidA type of seabird belonging to the family Alcidae.
algidExtremely cold or chilly, often used to describe temperatures.
alkydRelated to alkyd resin, a synthetic resin used in paints and coatings.
allodA legal term referring to land that is fully owned and not subject to feudal duties or obligations.
almudAn old unit of dry capacity used in some regions, typically for grains or dry goods.
aloedContaining or treated with aloe, a plant known for its soothing and healing properties.
aloudTo speak or read in a voice that can be heard, the opposite of speaking quietly or silently.
amendTo make changes or corrections to something, often a document or law.
amiidA term related to the Amiidae family of freshwater fish, which includes the bowfin.
AMLCDAcronym for Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display, a type of display technology used in screens.
ampedInformal term meaning to be excited, energized, or enthusiastic about something.
AnandA given name or surname with origins in various cultures.
anendAn archaic word meaning along or parallel to something.
antedPlaced a bet or an amount of money before an event or game, often in a poker game.
aphidSmall insects that feed on plant sap, often considered pests in agriculture.
arcedFormed an arc or curved shape, often used in reference to a path or trajectory.
areadAn old word meaning afraid or in dread of something.
arkedPast tense of “ark,” referring to a large chest or container, often associated with biblical stories.
armedEquipped with weapons or armed forces, often used in a military or security context.
aroidRelated to the Araceae family of plants, which includes species like the taro and peace lily.
arsedAn term used to express frustration or annoyance, often as a euphemism for a stronger word.
ashedPast tense of “ash,” referring to the remains of something after it has burned.
AsiadReferring to the Asian Games, a multi-sport event for athletes from Asia.
askedThe past tense of “ask,” meaning to inquire or request information or action from someone.
audadReferring to the Barbary sheep, a species of wild sheep found in North Africa.
avoidTo keep away from or prevent something from happening.
awardA prize or recognition given to someone for their achievements or contributions.
awnedHaving awns, bristle-like appendages on grasses or grains.
awwedA word used to describe the feeling of being amazed 
axledEquipped with axles, the shafts on which wheels rotate.
baaedThe sound made by a sheep, often described as “baa.”
Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With D For Kids
BairdA given name or surname with origins in various cultures.
bakedThe past tense of “bake,” meaning to cook food with dry heat, typically in an oven.
baledPacked or wrapped into bales, often used for materials like hay or straw.
baredPast tense of “bare,” meaning to uncover, reveal, or expose something.
basedEstablished on or built upon a particular foundation or set of principles.
batedReduced or moderated, often used to indicate anticipation or anxiety.
bayedHowled or barked loudly, typically used to describe the sound made by a dog or wolf.
BBQedReferring to the cooking method of barbecuing, often used for grilling meat over an open flame.
beardThe hair that grows on a man’s face, often located on the chin and cheeks.
bedadAn old-fashioned interjection or exclamation, similar to “by God” or “indeed.”
begadAn archaic term used as an oath or expression of surprise, similar to “by God.”
bemudTo soil or cover with mud, often used in reference to getting dirty or muddied.
betidAn archaic word meaning to have happened or occurred, often used in storytelling.
bidedPast tense of “bide,” meaning to wait for or endure something.
bieldA sheltered or protective place, often used in the context of protection from the wind.
bifidDivided into two parts or branches, often used in biology to describe split structures.
bikedPast tense of “bike,” meaning to ride a bicycle.
bipedAn animal or creature that walks on two legs, such as humans.
bipodA support or stand with two legs, often used for stability in shooting or photography.
blandLacking strong or distinctive characteristics, often used to describe something plain or mild.
bleedTo lose blood, often due to injury, or to release a liquid from a container.
blendTo mix or combine different elements or substances to create a harmonious mixture.
blindUnable to see, lacking the sense of sight.
blondHaving light-colored or yellowish hair, often used to describe hair color.
bloodThe red fluid that circulates in the veins and arteries of humans and animals, carrying oxygen and nutrients.
bluedPast tense of “blue,” meaning to make something turn blue in color 
BMXedRelating to BMX, a type of bicycle motocross racing or stunt riding.
boardA flat, rectangular piece of wood or other material, often used for various purposes.
bodedPast tense of “bode,” meaning to be an omen or sign of something in the future.
bonedHaving had the bones removed, often used in the context of preparing meat or fish.
booedPast tense of “boo,” meaning to make a loud, disapproving sound, 
boredFeeling uninterested or lacking engagement, often used to describe a state of tedium.
boundTied or secured, often used in the context of restricting movement or for determination.
ovidRelating to or belonging to the family Bovidae, which includes cattle, sheep, and goats.
bowedPast tense of “bow,” meaning to bend or incline forward,
boxedPlaced in a box or enclosed within a box-shaped container.
braidTo weave together three or more strands or pieces, often used in reference to hair or fabric.
brandA type of product, company, or symbol that represents a specific organization or business.
breadA staple food made from flour, water, and yeast,
breedTo raise and mate animals with the intent of producing specific characteristics or qualities.
broadhaving a large extent from side to side, often used to describe something with a broad surface.
broodA group of young birds hatched at the same time or a family of offspring.
BSSIDAcronym for Basic Service Set Identifier, a unique identifier for a wireless network.
BuhidReferring to the Buhid script, an ancient script used by the Buhid people of the Philippines.
buildTo construct or create something, often used in the context of building structures or objects.
BUMEDAcronym for Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, a branch of the U.S. Navy 
busedTransported by bus, often used in the context of students being taken to school.
buyedPast tense of “buy,” meaning to purchase something in exchange for money or currency.
cagedConfined or enclosed in a cage or enclosure.
cakedCovered with a thick layer of something, often used in the context of mud or makeup.
canidReferring to the family Canidae, which includes dogs, wolves, and foxes.
capedWearing a cape, a sleeveless garment that hangs from the shoulders.
caredShowed concern or interest in someone’s well-being or a particular issue.
casedExamined or inspected a place or situation, often in the context of a crime scene investigation.
cauldAn archaic word meaning cold or chilly.
cavedCollapsed or fallen in, often used to describe the interior of a cave or tunnel.
casedExamined or inspected a place or situation, often in the context of a crime scene investigation.
cauldAn archaic word meaning cold or chilly.
cavedCollapsed or fallen in, often used to describe the interior of a cave or tunnel.
cawedMade a loud, harsh cry or sound, often used to describe the sound of crows or other birds.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With D For Kids
ccTLDAcronym for Country Code Top-Level Domain, 
cebidReferring to the Cebidae family of primates, which includes capuchin and squirrel monkeys.
cededPast tense of “cede,” meaning to yield, surrender, or give up control of something.
ceredAn old word meaning covered, protected, or encased.
chardA type of leafy green vegetable with a slightly bitter taste, often used in salads and cooking.
childA young human being who has not yet reached adulthood.
chordA musical term referring to a combination of three or more musical notes played simultaneously to create harmony.
citedReferred to or quoted as a source or example, often used in academic or legal contexts.
cloudA collection of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, 
ClsidAcronym for Class Identifier, a unique identifier 
cluedProvided with information or hints to help solve a mystery or puzzle.
codedEncoded or represented information using a specific system or language, 
cokedUnder the influence of cocaine, a powerful stimulant drug.
conedShaped like a cone or having a conical form.
cooedMade soft, gentle, and soothing sounds, 
copedDealt with or managed a difficult or challenging situation or problem.
coredRemoved the core or central part of something, often used in food preparation, like apples.
cotedPast tense of “cote,” meaning to provide shelter for animals or to house them in a shelter.
couldPast tense of “can,” indicating the ability or possibility to do something.
covedCovered or sheltered, often used in the context of being protected from the wind.
cowedIntimidated or frightened into submission, often used to describe someone’s state of fear.
coxedPast tense of “cox,” meaning to act as a coxswain in a boat race, 
creedA system of religious or philosophical beliefs, often expressed in a formal statement of faith.
criedShed tears or made vocal expressions of sadness, distress, or other strong emotions.
crowdA large group of people gathered closely together in a confined space.
cubedRaised to the third power or multiplied by itself twice, often used in mathematics.
cupidRoman god of love and desire, depicted as a winged, childlike figure with a bow and arrows.
curedTreated and relieved a person or animal of an illness, disease, or ailment.
cycadA type of seed plant belonging to the Cycadophyta group, known for its fern-like appearance.
daledThe fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, transliterated as “D” and with a numerical value of 4.
daredPast tense of “dare,” meaning to have the courage to do something despite potential risks
datedProvided with a date or time, often used in the context of scheduling or labeling.
davidA given name or a reference to the biblical figure King David of Israel.
dawedPast tense of “daw,” an old word meaning to become daylight or to dawn.
dazedIn a state of confusion, disorientation, or bewilderment, often due to shock or surprise.
decadA period of ten years or a group of ten, often used in reference to a decade.
dewedCovered with or wet from dew, the moisture that forms on surfaces overnight.
dicedCut food into small, equal-sized pieces, often used in cooking and food preparation.
dikedPast tense of “dike,” meaning to build or reinforce an embankment to control water flow.
dinedAte dinner or a meal, often in a social setting such as a restaurant or at home.
divedPast tense of “dive,” meaning to plunge headfirst into water or to descend rapidly.
DIYedCreated or built something by oneself, often used in reference to do-it-yourself projects.
doledDistributed or handed out something in small portions, often used in charity or relief efforts.
domedHaving a rounded or dome-shaped top, often used in architecture or to describe the sky.
dopedTreated with a substance to enhance performance, used in sports or electronics.
dosedAdministered a measured amount of a substance, used in the context of medication or drugs.
dotedShowed affection or love, often used to describe the attention given to someone or something.
dozedFell asleep or took a short nap, often used to describe a light and brief sleep.
dreadA strong feeling of fear, anxiety, or apprehension about something unpleasant or threatening.
dreedAn old term meaning to endure or tolerate something, often used in poetry or literature.
driedPast tense of “dry,” meaning to remove moisture or liquid from something.
droidA term often used in science fiction to refer to a robot or android, typically designed to resemble a human.
druidA member of a pre-Christian religious order in ancient Celtic cultures, 
dryadIn Greek mythology, a tree nymph or spirit is often associated with a particular tree.
dudedAn informal term for addressing or referring to someone, often used in casual conversation.
dupedDeceived or tricked someone into believing something false or misleading.
dykedPast tense of “dyke,” meaning to build or reinforce an embankment to control water flow.
easedMade something easier or provided relief from discomfort or difficulty.
ebbedDecreased or receded, often used to describe the lowering of water levels.
ecardAn electronic card or greeting card sent via email or digital means.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With D

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With D For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With D

Unlock the World of Words Ending with “D” with Fun Activities!

Language learning should be an exciting journey for young minds, and we’ve got some captivating activities to help kids explore words ending with “D.”

Fill in the Blanks:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Get ready for word adventures! We’ll give you 5-letter words ending with “D,” but we need your help to complete them. This is the perfect chance to boost your spelling skills and discover new words.


_ _ _ _ d (Answer: Baked)

_ _ _ _ d (Answer: Loved)

_ _ _ _ d (Answer: Diced)

Name Game:

Childish Name Game For Kids

Let’s play the “Name Game”! We’ll introduce you to words ending with “D” and discuss their meanings. Your mission is to create associations, sentences, or even short stories using these words. Get ready to dive into exciting word worlds!


“Baked” – Imagine a scrumptious adventure in a magical bakery where everything is baked to perfection.

“Loved” – Picture a heartwarming story about a friendly puppy named Loved who spreads love everywhere.

“Diced” – Think of a fun kitchen game where you dice colorful vegetables to create a tasty salad.

Match the Words with Meanings:

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Get your creative hats on! We’ve got colorful illustrations of 5-letter words ending with “D.” Your task is to match these images with the correct words. This fantastic matching activity will help you connect words with pictures and enhance your vocabulary.


Picture: A beaming child holding a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

Word: Loved

Picture: A cozy bedroom with a neatly made bed and stuffed animals.

Word: Lived

Picture: A sunny day at the beach with kids building sandcastles.

Word: Dated

Picture: An energetic puppy playing fetch in the park.

Word: Famed


Learning language should be an adventurous ride full of discovery and fun. By exploring words ending with “D” through these activities, you’ll not only expand your vocabulary but also make language learning an absolute blast! So, let’s embark on this word-filled journey together and enjoy the process of learning!

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