5 Letter Words Ending with L for Legendary Vocabs!

When it comes to exploring the rich tapestry of the English language, one cannot help but be fascinated by the diverse array of words that it offers. 

In this article, we delve into the realm of five-letter words, with a specific focus on those that end with the letter “L.” These words, despite their brevity, carry unique meanings and serve various purposes in written and spoken communication. 

From common words to obscure gems, we will uncover a selection of such five-letter words that culminate with the enigmatic letter “L.” 

Whether you’re a word enthusiast, a crossword puzzle solver, or simply curious about language, join us on this linguistic journey to discover some intriguing words that exemplify the versatility and richness of English vocabulary.

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With L

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With L For Kids
aboilIn a state of boiling or great excitement.
accelA colloquial abbreviation for “acceleration.”
acralRelating to the extremities or the peripheral parts.
afoulIn a state of entanglement or conflict.
AghulA language spoken by the Aghuls in Dagestan.
ahullNautical term meaning the ship has come to a stop.
aldolA type of chemical reaction involving aldehydes.
algalPertaining to or resembling algae.
AlgolA binary star system in the constellation Perseus.
alkylA chemical compound derived from alkanes.
allelAn alternative form of a gene (allele).
allylA group in organic chemistry containing an allylic bond.
ampulA small sealed vial used for containing liquids.
angelA celestial being often depicted as a messenger of God.
annalA record of events or historical chronicle.
annulTo cancel, invalidate, or make void.
anvilA heavy iron block used by blacksmiths for shaping metal.
apiolA toxic compound found in some plants, including parsley.
appalTo shock, horrify, or fill with strong disapproval.
appelA call or appeal, typically in a legal context.
AprilThe fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
ArbilA city in Iraq, also known as Erbil or Hewlêr.
arealRelating to an area or region, often in geography.
argalA type of coarse woolen fabric.
argilA type of clay used in pottery and ceramics.
argolCrude tartar obtained from wine casks; cream of tartar.
ArialA typeface or font commonly used in printing and design.
arielReferring to spirits or characters in literature, notably Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”
armilA poetic word for a bracelet or armlet.
artalA variant of “artel,” meaning a Russian workers’ cooperative.
artelA Russian association of workers or artisans.
arvalRelating to the rites of the Arval Brethren, an ancient Roman priesthood.
arvelA type of funeral feast or wake.
athelAn old English term for noble or princely.
atollA ring-shaped coral reef, island, or islet.
attalA Middle English word meaning to regard or ponder.
aumilA variant of “auld,” meaning old or ancient.
auralRelating to the ears or the sense of hearing.
availTo be of use or benefit; to make something accessible.
aweelA Scottish word meaning to appear or come into view.
AweilA city in South Sudan.
awfulExtremely bad or unpleasant; causing dread or fear.
axialRelating to or situated on an axis or central line.
AzkalA colloquial term referring to the Philippine national football team.
babelA confusing noise or a place of great noise and confusion.
babulA type of tree, also known as the Acacia nilotica.
bagelA type of bread product, typically in the form of a ring.
banalLacking in originality, common, and uninteresting.
basalRelating to or situated at the base or foundation.
BaselA city in Switzerland known for its cultural significance.
basilA fragrant herb commonly used in cooking, like basil leaves.
bazilAn alternative spelling for “basil,” the herb.
bedelAn official in a university responsible for ceremonies and academic discipline.
berylA mineral, often used as a gemstone, with various colors.
betelA type of plant whose leaves are chewed as a mild stimulant in some cultures.
bevelAn angled or sloping edge, typically on a surface or an edge of a tool.
bezelA groove or rim holding a watch crystal or the front of a piece of jewelry.
bezilA variant spelling of “bezel,” referring to the groove or rim of a watch or jewelry.
BicolRelating to the Bicol Region in the Philippines.
BikolPertaining to the Bikol region or language in the Philippines.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With L For Kids
binalA Tagalog word referring to a place where things are stored.
bobolA term often used informally to describe a scam or fraudulent scheme.
BoholAn island province in the Philippines known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions.
boralA variant spelling of “boral,” relating to the element boron.
borelA mathematical term referring to a specific type of set.
botelA colloquial abbreviation for a “bottle,” often used in informal speech.
bowelReferring to the intestines, the part of the digestive system.
BozalA term historically used in colonial Spanish America to refer to a person of African descent who was born in the Americas.
brailNautical term for a small line used to haul in the sail of a ship.
brawlA noisy and often chaotic fight or altercation.
brillA type of flatfish found in the North Atlantic.
broilTo cook by exposure to direct, intense heat or to be engaged in a heated argument or conflict.
broolA Scottish word meaning to be in a bad temper or sulk.
bubalPertaining to a group of large antelopes found in Africa.
burelA type of plain, twilled woolen cloth.
butylReferring to a chemical compound, often found in rubber or plastics.
cabalA secret group or organization often involved in conspiratorial activities.
cadelA decorative or ornamental letter used in medieval manuscripts.
canalA man-made waterway used for navigation or irrigation.
capelA small chapel or a type of religious building.
capulReferring to the Capul Island in the Philippines.
carolA festive song or hymn, often associated with Christmas.
casalPertaining to a casal, which is a unit of currency in San Marino.
catelAn archaic term for chattels or movable personal property.
cavelA variant spelling of “cavil,” meaning to raise trivial objections or find fault unnecessarily.
cavilTo make petty or unnecessary objections or criticisms.
cecalRelating to the cecum, which is part of the digestive system in animals.
ceorlIn Old English, a common freeman or peasant.
cerylA rare word, possibly related to “cereal,” but without a well-defined meaning.
cetylA type of fatty alcohol used in various cosmetic and industrial products.
chawlA dialectal word for a chaw or chew of tobacco.
chielA Scottish word for a fellow or young person.
chillA feeling of coldness or a sudden sensation of fear or unease.
chirlTo make a high-pitched, cheerful sound like that of a bird.
choilA Scottish word meaning to squabble or make a noise.
churlA rude, ill-mannered, or surly person.
cibolA variant of “scallion” or green onion, a type of vegetable.
civilRelating to the rights and duties of citizens or characterized by courtesy and politeness.
CobolA high-level programming language used for business applications.
codelA variant spelling of “codell,” which can refer to various things but often denotes a small bag or pouch.
comalA type of flat griddle or pan used in Mexican cuisine for cooking tortillas.
conalRelated to or resembling a cone, often used in a geometric context.
copalA type of resin used in incense and varnish.
copelA variant spelling of “coppel,” a unit of currency in some Middle Eastern countries.
coralA hard or soft skeleton-like structure created by marine organisms, or a color resembling it.
cowalA dialectal word referring to a cow or cattle.
coxalRelating to the hip or hip joint.
craalA variant spelling of “kraal,” which is an enclosure for livestock in Southern Africa.
crawlTo move slowly on hands and knees or to progress laboriously.
creelA basket used for carrying fish, often while fishing.
croolA variant spelling of “cruel,” meaning causing pain or suffering.
CRRELAcronym for the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory.
cruelWillfully causing pain, suffering, or distress to others.
cupelA small, porous cup used in assaying to separate precious metals from impurities.
cymolA type of organic compound with a cyclic structure, often used in chemistry.
cytolPertaining to the cytoplasm of a cell, the gel-like substance within the cell membrane.
datalA term that may refer to data, especially in the context of computing or information technology.
debelAn archaic term with no widely recognized meaning.
decalA design or image that can be transferred to another surface, often with adhesive backing.
dedalAn adjective meaning skillful or adept, typically in a craft or art.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With L For Kids
devilA supernatural being often associated with malevolence or evil.
DHTMLAcronym for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language, a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web development.
DLBCLAcronym for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
domalReferring to a geological formation shaped like a dome.
dotalPertaining to a dowry, the property or money a bride brings to her husband upon marriage.
dowelA cylindrical wooden rod used for various construction and woodworking purposes.
drawlTo speak slowly and with drawn-out sounds, often associated with a particular accent or speech pattern.
drillTo make holes in something using a rotating cutting tool, or a training exercise or routine.
drollAmusing or humorous in an odd or whimsical way.
droolTo let saliva or other liquid flow from the mouth, often due to excessive salivation or excitement.
ducalRelating to a duke or the authority or privileges of a duke.
duralPertaining to the dura mater, the outermost layer of the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
DuvelA brand of Belgian beer.
dwellTo live in a particular place or to think or speak about something at length.
dynelA synthetic fiber used in the production of textiles.
easelA stand or frame used by artists to support and display a canvas while working on or showcasing their artwork.
EifelReferring to the Eifel region in Germany known for its natural beauty.
ElielA given name or surname, with various possible cultural and historical associations.
emailElectronic mail, a system for sending and receiving messages and data over the internet.
EnlilIn Mesopotamian mythology, a god associated with the air, wind, and storms.
enrolTo officially register or join a program, course, or organization.
equalHaving the same value, quantity, or rights as something or someone else.
ErbilA city in Iraq, also known as Arbil or Hewlêr.
ervilA type of plant belonging to the vetch genus, often used as forage for livestock.
ethelAn old-fashioned given name and a variant of “Ethel.”
ethylReferring to a type of chemical group often found in organic compounds.
euillAn archaic word meaning evil or wicked.
evillAn archaic spelling of “evil,” meaning morally wrong or wicked.
EwellA place name, often associated with various towns or locations.
excelTo be exceptionally good at something or to surpass others in performance.
expelTo force someone to leave a place or to remove or eject something.
extolTo praise or laud something highly or enthusiastically.
FaialReferring to the island of Faial in the Azores.
fanalAn archaic word meaning a lantern or light, often used in a nautical context.
fatalCausing death or having a dire outcome.
FayalReferring to the island of Faial in the Azores.
fecalRelating to feces or excrement.
femalAn archaic word meaning female, particularly in the context of animals.
feralWild or untamed, often referring to animals that have reverted to a wild state.
fetalRelating to a fetus, the prenatal stage of human development.
finalLast or ultimate; the concluding part of something.
flailA manual threshing tool consisting of a handle and swinging stick used to separate grain from husks.
focalPertaining to a focus, the central point of attention or convergence.
FORMLAcronym for “Forum on Ontology and Meaning Representation in Natural Language Processing.”
frailPhysically weak, delicate, or easily breakable.
frillA decorative or ornamental feature, often in the form of a ruffle.
fugalRelating to or resembling a fugue, a musical composition with a specific structure.
fuselA type of alcohol that can contribute to the flavor and aroma of alcoholic beverages.
fusilAn obsolete term for a flintlock musket or firearm.
fuzilA variant spelling of “fusil,” referring to a flintlock musket.
gabelA variant spelling of “gabble,” meaning to speak rapidly and incoherently.
gavelA small mallet used by a judge or auctioneer to signal decisions or the sale of items.
gayalA large domesticated bovine species found in Southeast Asia.
gemelA rare word referring to twins or a pair of similar objects.
ghoulA mythical creature or undead spirit that feeds on the flesh of the dead.
ghuslIn Islamic tradition, a ritual purification by washing the entire body.
ghyllA dialectal term for a narrow, steep-sided valley or ravine.
gimelThe third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, often associated with the number three.
glialRelating to or composed of glia, the non-neuronal cells that support and protect nerve cells.
GmailA popular email service provided by Google.
Relevant 5 Letter Words Ending With L For Kids
gnarlTo twist or contort, often used to describe the appearance of wood with irregular growth.
gnollA small hill or mound, often used in fantasy literature to describe a type of creature.
GomelA city in Belarus.
goralA small, goat-like mammal found in Asia.
grailIn medieval legend, the Holy Grail is the dish or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, often sought after as a legendary artifact.
grillA device or structure with parallel metal bars used for cooking food over an open flame or heat source.
growlTo make a low, rumbling sound, often expressing displeasure or aggression, as in the sound made by a growling animal.
gruelA thin, often porridge-like food made by boiling grains or cereal in water or milk.
gugelA type of hood or head covering worn in medieval Europe.
gyralRelating to or resembling a gyre, a circular or spiral motion.
hadalRelating to the greatest ocean depths, specifically the Hadal Zone in the deep sea.
haillAn archaic word meaning healthy or whole.
halalReferring to food that is prepared and permissible according to Islamic dietary laws.
hamalAn Arabic word for a lamb or yearling camel.
hamelA Scottish word for a castrated male sheep, often used for its meat.
hatelAn archaic word meaning hatred or intense dislike.
HavelA river in Central Europe, flowing through Germany and the Czech Republic.
hazelA type of tree or shrub that produces nuts known as hazelnuts, or the color that resembles these nuts.
hemalPertaining to the blood or the vascular system.
HemelA town in the United Kingdom, part of Hemel Hempstead.
hexylA type of chemical compound with a six-carbon structure, often used in organic chemistry.
hilalThe slender, crescent moon often used as an Islamic symbol.
HomelA city in Belarus.
horalRelating to the hours or time, often used in a poetic or archaic context.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With L

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With L For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With L

Alright, folks, hold onto your funny bones because we’re about to take a hilarious adventure into the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘L’! Learning new words can be as amusing as a barrel of monkeys, especially when you know how to use them. ]

So, let’s dive headfirst into some groovy word games that’ll leave you and your pals rolling with laughter and expanding your vocabulary like never before.

Fill in the Blanks – Word Magician:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Picture yourself as a word detective on an epic word quest. We’ll toss you 5-letter words ending in ‘L,’ and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete them! It’s like solving word riddles, and you get to be the word wizard.


  1. _ _ _ _ l (Answer: “Navel”)
  2. _ _ _ _ l (Answer: “Dowel”)
  3. _ _ _ _ l (Answer: “Snail”)
  4. _ _ _ _ l (Answer: “Angel”)
  5. _ _ _ _ l (Answer: “Howl”)

Name Game with a Giggle Twist:

Childish Name Game For Kids

It’s time to play the ‘Name Game,’ but with a side of humor! We’ll introduce words ending with ‘K’ and explore what they mean.

You can spice it up by throwing quirky questions or hilarious descriptions at your buddies, and watch them come up with the wackiest answers. Or reverse the roles and let them challenge you with mind-boggling wordy queries.


Q: What’s a celebration involving a parade, music, and colorful costumes?

A: “Festival”

Q: What’s the sound that a bell makes?

A: “Dingal”

Match the Words with Wacky Meanings:

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Get ready for a seriously wordy challenge! We’ve got mind-bending pictures and their wacky word buddies – 5-letter words ending with ‘L.’

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pair these bonkers words with the zaniest images. It’s like putting together a wild wordy jigsaw puzzle that’ll make your learning journey a hoot!


Picture: An alien on a spaceship waving hello.

Word: “Extral”

Picture: A tomato in a superhero costume.

Word: “Tomatol”

Picture: A snail rocking out on an electric guitar.

Word: “Snailk”

Picture: A penguin having a disco dance-off.

Word: “Pengul”

Learning a language should be as uproarious as a stand-up comedy show, and by exploring 5-letter words ending with ‘L’ through these wacky activities, you’ll not only learn new words but also have a blast along the way. 

So, get ready for a side-splitting journey through wordy wonders, and let the word games begin!

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