5 Letter Words starting With B To Discover The Beauty of B’s

Are your tiny tots speaking a lot? Do you wish to strengthen their English vocabulary with several crucial, new words? If you are feeling the necessity of improving the communication skills of your kids, then you must start their lessons at a young age to help them in achieving a varied and sound vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us start with some significant 5 letter words that start with the letter B.

Here we go…

List Of 5 Letter Words that start With B

baaedpast tense for to make a weak, wavering cry, characteristic of sheep or goats
Baaththe Arab Socialist Baath Party, a secular Arab socialist political party present in several countries in the Middle East
babasplural for a mother of someone’s parent
babbya very young child
babela confused noise made by a number of voices
babesyoung humans being below the age of puberty
babkaa Central and Eastern European coffee cake flavored with orange rind, almonds, rum, and raisins
Bablethe Asturian language
babula tree native to South Asia
bachaa dancing boy in parts of Central Asia
bachethe dale of a stream or rivulet
backsto promote or support the interests or cause of
baconcured meat from the back or sides of a pig
Bacupa town in Rossendale borough, Lancashire, England
badam(Indian) an almond
baddya dishonest or unprincipled person
Badena spa town in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
badgea small piece worn on one’s clothing to identify one’s membership or support
Badiuthe Cape Verdean Crioulo language spoken on Santiago Island of Cape Verde
badlyin a poor, unsatisfactory, or inadequate way
baffyan obsolete wooden golf club with high loft
baftaa coarse material, usually of cotton, originally made in India
Bafutthe Eastern Grassfields language spoken in Cameroon
bagela foodstuff made by baking dough made from cereals
Bagesa country in the center of Catalonia
baggyvery loose-fitting, so as to hang away from the body
baguethe annular molding or group of moldings diving a long shaft or clustered column into two or more parts
bahara weight used in parts of the East Indies , varying from about 223 to 625 pounds
Bahesplural of Bahe
Bahiaa state in the Northeast Region of Brazil, whose capital is Salvador
bahuta portable coffer or chest with a rounded lid covered in leather, garnished with nails, once used for the transport of clothes or other personal luggage
bailaa genre of music from Sri Lanka and India, mainly using European instruments and rhythms
bailea specific genre of dance music originating in Rio de Janeiro, also known as Funk Carioca
Bairda city in Texas, USA
bailsplural for a long, sturdy piece of metal or timber
bairna child or baby
Baisoa Cushitic language spoken in Ethiopia
baitsplural for something intended to entice or incite someone to do something
baizea thick, soft, usually woolen cloth resembling felt, often colored green and used for coverings on billiard, card tables, etc.
bajaja motorized rickshaw
Bajaua member of an indigenous ethnic group of the southern Philippines
bajrapearl millet
Bakara town in western Croatia
bakedthat has been cooked by baking/ without rain
bakenpast participle for to cook food in an oven
bakera person who bakes and sells cakes, bread, and similar items/ a person who cooks
bakesto cook food in an oven
BakriSunni or Bukharist
balasa type of rose-colored spinel
baldsto thin out
baldysomeone who is bald
baledpast tense for yo tie or roll up together as though into a parcel
balera machine for creating bales, meaning hay or cotton
balesgoods transported in bulk by truck, ship, train, or aircraft
balksto suddenly spring or flinch back in horror, fear, or disgust
balkyrefusing to proceed or cooperate
ballaone who is a superior ball player
ballsthe condition of being brave or courageous
balmsplural for a fragrant cream or liquid used to heal or soothe the skin
balmycharacterized by pleasantly warm weather/ mild of soothing in effect
Balora king of the Fomorians, supposed to have lived on Tory Island
balsaa flat-bottomed craft able to float and drift on water
Baltaa city in North Dakota
baltia style of Pakistani cooking in which the food is cooked in an iron pan having two handles
balunan electronic device for connecting a balanced transmission line to an unbalanced one
balutAsian street food consisting of a developing duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in the shell
Balvia town in Latvia
Bamara member of the dominant ethnic group of Burma
Bamumone of the Benue-Congo languages of Cameroon
banalso lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring
banatthe territory governed by a ban
bancobeing or relating to a type of court involving a bench of judges
bandaa type of Mexican brass band music
bandh(India) a general strike/ shutdown
bandodrug den
bandsa pair of straps crossing one’s shoulders and extending down to one’s trousers, where a clip or button arrangement allows them to affix to the trousers, making sure that they will not fall off
bandyto give and receive reciprocally
banesplural for a cause of great distress
Banffa town in Alberta, Canada
bangsto make sudden loud noise/ to explode or blow up
bangya type of yoke carried on the shoulders, as a means for people to carry a load
banjoa stringed musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard and six strings
bannsthe announcement of a forthcoming marriage
bantsthe playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks
bantyhockey played on field or ground
banyaa type of steam bath, popular in Russia
Barakthe commander of the army of Deborah in the Old Testament/ a male given name of biblical origin
barbsplural for a deliberately hurtful remark
bardoThe state of existence between death and subsequent reincarnation
bardsplural for one who proclaims or foretells the future, typically in religion
baredto have been displayed or exhibited
barena tool for pressing woodcuts, consisting of a disk with a coil of string glued to one side, covered with a smooth sheet
barercomparative for without the usual, appropriate, or natural covering
barfian Indian dessert made from sweetened, condensed milk flavored with fruit and spices
barfsto vomit
bargea long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight on canals and rivers
baricof or pertaining to weight, especially to the weight or pressure of the atmosphere as measured by a barometer
barksto make a sharp explosive cry, especially that of a fox, dog, seal, etc/ to say something quickly and irritably
barkyhaving bark/ make the sound of a dog
barmsplural for a fermenting agent or enzyme
barmymad or crazy in nature
barnsplural for a large farm building used for storing hay, grain, or straw or for housing livestock
barnyan argument/ a disagreement/ barn-like
baronan important or powerful person in a specified business or industry
barraa barrow; a hand-pushed cart of the type commonly used in markets
barrea handrail fixed to a wall used for ballet exercises
barrocharacterized by shame, ignominy or dishonor
barryan aspect of something that is not accurate
bartha place of shelter for cattle
Bartsplural for baronet
baryea unit of pressure under the CGS system
Basaaa Bantu language, spoken primarily in the Centre and Littoral provinces of Cameroon
basalrelating to, or forming, the base, or point of origin / lower in position
basanalternative form of basil
basedlocated or established
Basela city in Switzerland
baserlower in rank or position
basesfundamental truths or propositions that serve as the foundation for a system of belief, or behavior
bashaa tarpaulin or plastic waterproof sheet
bashoa sumo tournament of any kind
bashy(music) intensely percussive
basicof, or forming, a fundamental base or basis
Basija volunteer paramilitary group in Iran
basilfragrant herb
basina round and wide container that is open at the top/ a wide bowl for washing, sometimes affixed to a wall
basisthe justification for or reasoning behind something/ an underlying condition
basksto lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun
Baslea city in Switzerland, alternative spelling of Basel
Basraa city and port in southeast Iraq
bassocharacterized by fullness, strength and depth, especially of sound
bassydescribing the reproduction of sound that overemphasizes low-frequency sounds
basteto strike or hit repeatedly
bastothe ace of clubs in quadrille and omber
bastsplural for the tough protective outer sheath of the trunk; branches, and twigs of a tree or woody shrub
Bataka collective name for several different people of North Sumatra in Indonesia
batcha unit, grouping or configuration of things
batedpast tense for to reduce the force of something
batesto reduce the force of something
batheto make wet by soaking or dousing in water
bathsa body of water, typically manmade, especially one made for swimming in
batikwax-resist dyeing
batona police officer’s truncheon/ a thin stick used by a conductor to direct a choir or orchestra
battsplural for wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic material used to stuff the inside of a quilt, mattress, etc.
battycrazy or behaving irrationally
bauera move where the skater skates with the blades parallel, toes pointing in opposite directions
baulkto suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, disgust, or horror
Baurean Arawakan language spoken in Beni, Bolivia
bavinimpure limestone
bawdydealing with lewd matters in a comical way
Bawkua city/ town in northern Ghana
bawlscall out or shout noisily and unrestrainedly / weep or cry noisily
bawtya dog
bayedto have shouted or screamed, typically to express negative emotions
bayoua slow-moving, often stagnant creek or river
beachthe land along the edge of a sea, lake, or other large body of water
beads, often round, objects, typically worn or used ornamentally
beadyshaped like a bead
beakycurved or bent like a hook
beamslight or heat as emitted or reflected by something
beamyshowing or emitting rays of light
beanoa lively party involving dancing and drinking
beansspoken or written words that are absurd or meaningless
beardfacial hair, typically on the chin, jaw, and cheeks
beastan animal, especially a wild one
beatsto strike physically or violently
beausplural for a boyfriend or male partner
beautsomeone that is physically attractive
bedimto obscure or darken
bedogto follow or track, especially closely or stealthily
beechbeech tree
beefystrong, heavy or masculine in physique or texture
befitto be fit for/ to enhance or show to advantage
befogto make, or cause to be, blur or dim

Some Other Examples Of 5 Letter Words that start With B


Interesting Activities For Kids With 5 Letter Words that start With B

Sometimes, you may feel that it is important to show your tiny tots several beneficial new words, right? However, all of your efforts may become completely futile if your adorable companions do not know how or where to use those new words.

So, to get rid of this, one of the most notable things is to engage them in some inviting game-like activities. Here are a few of those enticing activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

A matching activity is a very inviting game that can help your little partners to explore some new English words with ease. Through this method, your little kid will be able to understand the concepts of the same and different. For this, you will require two sets of beautiful cards.

One set of cards will carry some inviting, colorful pictures, while the other will contain some new 5 letter words starting with B, such as baggy, bahar, badge, bahut, balla, bajra, baked, baldy, and many more.

Then, you have to show your cute partners the correct way to read those beautiful cards and how to match them with the respective words.

In addition, you have to show your little kids how to do the matching task and encourage them to follow the steps already performed by you.

2. Name Game

This is another enticing game through which you can teach your little companions some interesting and beneficial 5 letter words starting with letter B, and also show them how to utilize those words. In this game, you have to say something or ask a question and your kid will have to give the answer.

You can even enjoy this game in the opposite direction. In that case, your little kid will ask the question and you will have to give the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can show your little partners some new 5 letter words starting with B.


Q: What do we call a Central and Eastern European coffee cake flavored with orange rind, almonds, rum, and raisins?

Ans: Babka

Q: What do we call cured meat from the back or sides of a pig?

Ans: Bacon

Q: What is a spa town in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany?

Ans: Baden

Q: What is a coarse material, usually of cotton, originally made in India?

Ans: Bafta

Q: What is the annular molding or group of moldings dividing a long shaft or clustered column into two or more parts?

Ans: Bague

Q: What is a specific genre of dance music originating in Rio de Janeiro, also known as Funk Carioca?

Ans: Baile

3. Fill In The Blanks

Another incredibly simple activity yet quite inviting learning activity is fill-in-the-blanks. Through this method, you may show your tiny tots some beneficial 5 letter words that start with B.

Through this activity, your little partners will not only be able to explore the new words with ease but also to use them perfectly. In addition, this type of easy-to-enjoy word-game will be of incredible help for their future studies.









Thus, these are some really interesting learning activities to teach your little students some significant and new 5 letters words starting with the letter B. In addition, for some additional teaching ideas, just stay with us.

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