5 Letter Words Starting With L To Discover The Hidden Legacy!

“Lively, lovely, and loaded with language – that’s what we have in store with 5-letter words starting with the letter ‘L’! 

Language is like a colorful tapestry, and each word adds a unique thread to the masterpiece. In this linguistic adventure, we’re diving into the world of ‘L’ words, where letters lead us to learning and laughter.

Whether you’re a budding wordsmith or just looking for some lexical fun, you’re in for a treat. We’ve curated a list of 5-letter words that will tickle your linguistic taste buds. 

From the lush landscapes of ‘lakes’ to the cozy comfort of ‘lulls,’ these words are ready to take you on a journey.

But wait, there’s more! We won’t stop at just listing words. We’ll explore the meanings, uncover interesting facts, and even provide you with some wordplay ideas to make your encounter with ‘L’ words both enriching and enjoyable.

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With Letter L

Incredible 5 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
laariA monetary unit used in some Middle Eastern countries.
labanA type of fermented milk, often used in Middle Eastern cuisine.
labdaA measurement unit used in meteorology to calculate atmospheric pressure.
labelA small piece of paper, fabric, or plastic with information about an item attached to it.
labiaThe inner and outer folds of the vulva in female mammals.
labinA variant of the word “laboratory,” referring to a place for scientific research.
labisA rare word referring to a lip or edge, often used in anatomical contexts.
laborWork, especially physical work or hard effort.
labraPlural of “labrum,” which is the upper lip or a lip-like structure, often used in biology.
lacedPast tense of “lace,” which means to fasten or secure something with cord or string.
lacerA person or thing that tears or rends something.
lacesPlural of “lace,” referring to decorative cord or string used to fasten or ornament items.
lacetA small, narrow piece of lace, often used in clothing or crafts.
laceyAdjective form of “lace,” describing something adorned with lace or having a delicate, ornamental quality.
lacksThird-person singular form of “lack,” which means to be without something that is needed or desired.
LaddsA surname, likely a variation of “Ladd,” which is of English origin.
ladduA type of sweet Indian dessert often made during festivals.
laddyAn informal term for a young man or boy.
ladedPast tense of “lade,” meaning to load or burden something heavily.
ladenHeavily loaded or burdened, often used to describe a ship carrying cargo.
laderA person who loads or unloads goods from a vehicle or vessel.
ladesThird-person singular form of “lade,” meaning to load or put a heavy burden on something.
ladieAn archaic spelling of “lady,” referring to a woman of high social status.
LadinA Romance language spoken in parts of Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.
ladleA large, long-handled spoon with a deep bowl, used for serving soup or other liquids.
ladyeAn archaic spelling of “lady,” referring to a woman of high social status.
laersPlural of “laer,” a term related to educational theories and practices.
laevoA prefix meaning “left” or “counterclockwise” in scientific terminology.
laffsInformal term for laughter or humorous responses.
laganDebris or wreckage floating in the water, often after a shipwreck.
lagarA term related to the brewing industry, often referring to a specific type of beer yeast.
laggySlang term for a computer or video game that runs slowly or experiences lag.
LagidAn informal term used to describe an inhabitant of the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.
LagosA city in Nigeria, one of the largest and most populous cities in Africa.
laharA type of volcanic mudflow or debris flow, often triggered by volcanic eruptions.
LahmuIn Mesopotamian mythology, Lahmu is one of the primeval deities.
LahrsPlural of “Lahr,” a German city located in the Black Forest region.
LahtiA city in Finland, known for its winter sports events and cultural activities.
laichA Scottish dialect word referring to a shallow or slow-moving area of water.
laicsPlural of “laic,” which means relating to the laity, or non-clergy members of a religious group.
laidsPast tense of “lay,” meaning to put something down in a horizontal position.
laighA Scottish dialect word meaning low or low-lying.
laikaA reference to the first living creature sent into space, a dog named Laika.
laiksThird-person singular form of “laik,” a Scottish term meaning to play or frolic.
LailsA surname, likely of English origin.
laineAn informal term used in British dialects, referring to a lane or small path.
LainsPlural of “Lain,” the past participle of “lie,” meaning to be in a horizontal position.
lairdA Scottish term for a landowner or the owner of a large estate.
lairsPlural of “lair,” referring to a place where a wild animal rests or sleeps.
lairyInformal British slang meaning flashy, bold, or attention-seeking.
laithA Scottish dialect word meaning reluctant or unwilling.
laityPeople who are not members of the clergy or the priesthood in a religious context.
lakedPast tense of “lake,” which means to form into or become a lake.
lakerA person or thing that lakes or creates lakes.
lakesPlural of “lake,” which is a large body of water, typically surrounded by land.
LakhaA surname of Indian origin.
lakhsPlural of “lakh,” a unit of measurement in South Asia equal to one hundred thousand.
lakinAn archaic term for a girl or young woman.
LakkaA Finnish brand of alcoholic beverages, known for its cloudberry liqueur.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
laksaA spicy noodle soup, often found in Southeast Asian cuisine.
laldyInformal Scottish term for a beating or thrashing.
lallsPlural of “lall,” which means to sing or talk in a soothing or musical manner.
LamarA given name of French origin, often used as a first name.
lamasPlural of “lama,” referring to a Tibetan or South American monk or priest.
LamboSlang term for Lamborghini, a high-end Italian sports car manufacturer.
lambsPlural of “lamb,” which is a young sheep.
lambyInformal term describing something related to or characteristic of lambs.
lamedPast tense of “lame,” which means to make someone unable to walk properly.
lamelA small thin plate, often used in engineering or construction.
lamenPlural of “lamen,” referring to a circular or square metal plate used in wiccan rituals.
lamerInformal term referring to someone who is not skilled or competent, often used in online gaming communities.
lamesPlural of “lame,” meaning someone who is unable to walk properly or something that is uncool or uninspiring.
lamiaIn Greek mythology, a female vampire or demon.
laminA type of material composed of layers, often used in construction or manufacturing.
lammyA Scottish dialect term for a lamb or young sheep.
LAMPPAn acronym that can refer to various technical or organizational concepts but doesn’t have a specific meaning on its own.
lampsPlural of “lamp,” a device that produces light.
LamysA surname or given name.
lanaiA type of outdoor patio or veranda, often found in tropical regions.
LANAPAn acronym for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a dental surgical technique.
lanasPlural of “lana,” which is a Spanish term for wool or fine yarn.
lanchA dialect word, often used in Scotland, meaning a long, narrow piece of ground.
LancsInformal abbreviation for Lancashire, a county in England.
landeA dialect word, often used in Scotland, meaning land or country.
landsPlural of “land,” referring to areas of ground, often used for cultivation or development.
lanedPast tense of “lane,” meaning to assign or designate a specific path or route.
lanesPlural of “lane,” a narrow road or path.
LangiA reference to the Langi people, an ethnic group in Tanzania.
LankaAn alternative name for Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia.
lanksInformal term for lanky or tall people.
lankyInformal term describing someone who is tall and thin.
lantsA Scottish dialect term for woolen cloths or blankets.
LaoisA county in Ireland.
LaosiA variant of “Laozi,” a legendary Chinese philosopher.
LaoziAn ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, often considered the founder of Taoism.
LAPANAn Indonesian acronym for the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space.
lapasPlural of “lapa,” a type of sea snail.
lapelThe part of a jacket or coat that is folded back on the chest, often featuring a decorative pin.
LapesA surname or given name.
lapinA French term for rabbit or hare.
lapisA blue or violet semiprecious stone, often used in jewelry or art.
lapjeA Dutch word meaning a small piece or scrap of fabric or cloth.
lappaA type of coarse, heavy cloth or fabric.
LappsPlural of “Lapp,” referring to the indigenous Sámi people of Northern Europe.
lappyInformal term for a laptop computer.
lapseA temporary failure or decline, often in the context of time passing or judgment.
larchA type of tree known for its durable wood and needle-like leaves.
lardsPlural of “lard,” which is fat from pigs, often used in cooking.
lardyInformal term for someone who is overweight or excessively fond of fatty foods.
lareeA surname or given name.
LaresIn Roman mythology, household gods or spirits that protected the home and family.
largeOf considerable size or extent, often used to describe something big or spacious.
largoA musical term indicating a slow tempo, often used in classical compositions.
LargsA seaside town in Scotland.
laridPertaining to gulls, a type of seabird.
larisThe currency of Georgia, known as the lari.
larksPlural of “lark,” a type of songbird known for its melodious song.
larkyInformal term meaning playful or mischievous.
larnsScottish dialect term meaning to teach or inform.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
LARPsAn acronym for Live-Action Role-Playing, a type of interactive gaming experience where participants act out characters’ roles.
larryA variant of “Larry,” a given name or nickname.
LARTsAn acronym that can refer to various technical concepts but doesn’t have a specific meaning on its own.
larumAn archaic term for a signal or alarm, often sounded by a drum or bell.
larusA genus of seabirds, including gulls.
larvaThe immature form of an insect, typically before it undergoes metamorphosis.
larvePlural of “larva,” referring to multiple immature insect forms.
LarysA variant of “Larry,” a given name or nickname.
lasedPast tense of “lase,” which means to emit a laser beam.
LASEKA surgical procedure used to correct vision, similar to LASIK.
laserA device that emits focused beams of light, often used in various applications, including surgery and communication.
lasesPlural of “lase,” meaning to emit laser beams.
LashaA given name of Georgian origin.
LasikA surgical procedure used to correct vision by reshaping the cornea.
LasixA brand name for a diuretic medication used to treat fluid retention and high blood pressure.
lassiA traditional Indian yogurt-based drink, often flavored and spiced.
lassoA long rope with a loop at one end, used for capturing livestock or in rodeo events.
lassuInformal Finnish term meaning “slow” or “easy.”
lassyInformal term for a girl or young woman.
lastsThird person singular of “last,” meaning to endure or continue for a specified period.
latahA condition characterized by exaggerated startle responses and imitative behaviors, often seen in some Southeast Asian cultures.
latchA fastening device, often consisting of a bar or hook, used to secure a door or gate.
latedAn obsolete word meaning belated or delayed.
latenAn archaic term meaning to hide or keep secret.
laterComparative form of “late,” meaning occurring or happening after a specified time.
latesPlural of “late,” referring to the deceased.
latexA milky fluid extracted from rubber trees, used to make various products, including rubber.
latheA machine tool used for shaping wood, metal, or other materials by rotating them against a cutting tool.
lathiA traditional Indian weapon, a long stick or staff used for self-defense or combat.
lathsPlural of “lath,” a thin, narrow strip of wood used in construction.
lathyHaving a slender and tall physique, often used to describe a person’s appearance.
LaticA surname or given name.
latinRelating to Latin, the language of ancient Rome, or the Latin script used in many languages.
latkaA type of potato pancake, often served in Jewish cuisine.
latkeVariant spelling of “latka,” a type of potato pancake.
latonA type of brass alloy, often used for making musical instruments.
latteA coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.
latusPlural of “latu,” a unit of measurement equal to one-twelfth of an Egyptian cubit.
lauchA Scottish dialect term meaning to laugh.
laudsReligious prayers or praises, often sung or recited at specific times of the day in Christian liturgy.
LauesA surname or given name.
laufsPlural of “lauf,” a Scottish dialect term meaning a leap or jump.
laughTo make sounds indicating amusement or joy, often through vocal expressions.
LaujeA given name of African origin.
laundA Scottish dialect term meaning a marsh or low-lying, damp area of land.
lauraA given name of Latin origin, often used for girls.
LavalA city in Quebec, Canada.
lavasPlural of “lava,” molten rock expelled from a volcano during an eruption.
lavedPast tense of “lave,” meaning to wash or bathe.
laverA type of seaweed or edible algae, often used in Asian cuisine.
lavesThird person singular of “lave,” meaning to wash or bathe.
lavraA type of Eastern Orthodox Christian monastic community or monastery.
lavvyInformal British term for a toilet or restroom.
LavysA surname or given name.
LawdyInformal exclamation, similar to “Lordy,” expressing surprise or dismay.
lawedPast tense of “law,” meaning to make legal regulations or rules.
lawerA variant of “lawyer,” a person who practices or studies law.
lawesPlural of “lawe,” an obsolete term for a hill or mound.
lawinScottish dialect term for the right to cut timber for fuel on common land.
lawksInformal exclamation, similar to “gosh” or “goodness,” expressing surprise or astonishment.
Relevant 5 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids
lawlyA variant of “lowly,” meaning humble or of low status.
lawnsPlural of “lawn,” an area of grass, often mowed, in a garden or yard.
lawnyResembling or characteristic of a lawn, often used to describe a smooth, grassy surface.
LawroSlang term or nickname.
laxedPast tense of “lax,” meaning to make something less strict or tight.
laxerComparative form of “lax,” meaning less strict or less tight.
laxesPlural of “lax,” meaning periods of relaxation or less strictness.
LaxeyA village on the Isle of Man.
laxlyIn a relaxed or less strict manner.
LaxmiA variant of “Lakshmi,” the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.
laybyA roadside parking area or pull-off where vehicles can stop briefly.
layedPast tense of “lay,” meaning to place something down in a horizontal position.
layerA substance or material that is spread or arranged in a sheet-like fashion.
layinA period of rest or relaxation, typically in the morning after sleeping in.
layupIn basketball, a shot taken near the basket with an underhand motion, often using the backboard.

Some Other Words Starting With L

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With L For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With L

Exploring the world of words can be an exciting journey, especially for young learners. However, merely introducing new words to children may not be enough; they also need to understand how to use these words in context.

To make the learning process enjoyable and effective, consider engaging them in fun and educational activities centered around 5-letter words that start with the letter ‘L.’

Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Similar to the “Word Challenge” game mentioned earlier, you can play a word association game with your child using 5-letter words that start with ‘L.’ Take turns asking questions or providing clues related to these words, and have your child respond with the correct answers. For example:

Q: What’s the opposite of “high”?

Ans: Low

Match the Words with Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Create flashcards with colorful pictures on one side and 5-letter words starting with ‘L’ on the other side. Words like “lemon,” “lions,” “lakes,” “lively,” and “loves” are good choices.

Teach your child how to read these cards and encourage them to match the pictures with the corresponding words. This activity helps reinforce word associations and visual recognition.

Fill in the Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Provide your child with sentences containing blanks for 5-letter words starting with ‘L.’ This activity not only introduces new words but also helps your child understand word usage. Here are some examples:

“The bright, shining ____ in the sky is the sun.”

Answer: Light

“A big, ferocious animal that lives in the jungle is a ____.”

Answer: Lion

“We often go swimming in the nearby ____.”

Answer: Lake

“When I’m happy, I feel very ____.”

Answer: Lively

“My family ____ to spend time together.”

Answer: Loves

Encourage your child to create a short story using as many 5-letter words starting with ‘L’ as possible. This activity enhances their creativity and vocabulary. You can even join in and take turns adding to the story, making it a fun collaborative exercise.

Word Search Puzzle

Amazing Word Puzzle For Kids

Create a word search puzzle using 5-letter words that start with ‘L.’ Give your child the puzzle and ask them to find and circle the words. This activity not only reinforces their vocabulary but also enhances their problem-solving skills.

By incorporating these interactive and enjoyable activities into your child’s learning routine, you can help them expand their vocabulary with 5-letter words starting with ‘L’ while making the learning process fun and memorable.

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