5 Letter Words Starting with S for Stunning Speech!

Unlocking the world of 5-letter words that begin with the letter ‘S’ is like embarking on an exciting linguistic journey. The English language offers a treasure trove of these short yet meaningful words, each with its own unique charm. 

Whether you’re a word enthusiast looking to expand your vocabulary or a crossword puzzle lover in need of that perfect word, the realm of 5-letter ‘S’ words has something to offer.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into a curated selection of intriguing 5-letter words starting with ‘S.’ These words are not just building blocks for sentences but hold distinct meanings and sometimes hidden stories. 

From common words like “smile” to less-familiar gems like “serge” and “scion,” we’ll unravel the beauty and diversity of this particular word length. So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of 5-letter words beginning with ‘S’ and discover the linguistic wonders that await.

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With S

Incredible 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
SabahA city in Kuwait
sabalA type of palm tree
sabarA type of West African drum
saberA type of sword
sabhaAn assembly or council in India
SABICSaudi Basic Industries Corporation
sabirA sufi poet and mystic
sableA small carnivorous mammal
sabotA device to enhance stability or decrease drag
sabraA person born in Israel
sabreA type of sword
sabziA type of Iranian dish
SacaeAn ancient Central Asian people
sacbeA type of Mayan road
SACCOSavings and Credit Cooperative Organization
SACDsSuper Audio CDs
sacksPlural of “sack,” a bag for carrying goods
sacraPlural of “sacrum,” a bone at the base of the spine
sacreAn old French term for a coronation ceremony
SactoSlang for Sacramento, a city in California
saddoSlang for a person who is socially inept
sadheA Hebrew letter
sadhuA Hindu holy man or ascetic
sadisPlural of “sadist,” a person who enjoys causing pain
sadzaA type of African porridge
SaeedA common given name
SafarThe second month of the Islamic lunar calendar
safedA city in Israel
saferComparative form of “safe,” meaning more secure
safesPlural of “safe,” a secure storage container
SafwaA city in Saudi Arabia
saganReferring to Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and astrophysicist
sagarA Hindi word meaning ocean
sagasPlural of “saga,” a long narrative story
sagerComparative form of “sage,” meaning wiser
sagesPlural of “sage,” a wise person
saggyHanging down loosely or drooping
sagosPlural of “sago,” a starchy substance from palms
sagumA type of cloak worn by ancient Roman soldiers
SAHDsStay-at-home dads
sahebA respectful term in India, used after a man’s name
SahelA semi-arid region in Africa
sahibA respectful term in India, used after a man’s name
SahulA region in the Pacific Ocean
saigaA type of antelope
sailsPlural of “sail,” a piece of fabric on a boat
saintA person recognized as holy or virtuous by a religious group
SaiphA star in the constellation Orion
saistAn archaic term for “cease” or “stop”
saithAn archaic term for “said”
SaivaRelating to the god Shiva in Hinduism
sajouA type of monkey
sakaiA city in Japan
SakasA people from ancient Central Asia
sakerA type of falcon
sakesPlural of “sake,” a Japanese rice wine
SakhaA region in Russia
sakiaA traditional Egyptian waterwheel
sakisPlural of “saki,” a type of monkey
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
SaktaRelating to the Shakta sect of Hinduism
SaktiA concept of feminine energy or power in Hinduism
saladA dish made of mixed vegetables and greens
salahA term for daily Islamic prayers
salalA type of flowering plant
salamAn Arabic greeting meaning “peace”
salatA Muslim prayer
SalehA common Arabic given name
SalemThe name of several places, including a city in Oregon
salepA type of flour made from orchid tubers
salesPlural of “sale,” the act of selling goods
salicPertaining to the Salian Franks, an ancient Germanic tribe
SaliiA group of priests in ancient Rome
salixThe Latin genus name for willow trees
sallyA sudden rush or leap
salmiA French dish made with game birds
salmoThe genus name for salmon fish
salolA substance used in making perfumes
salonA place for social gatherings or beauty treatments
salopA dish made with milk and wine
SalouA coastal town in Spain
salpaA type of marine organism
salpsPlural of “salp,” a type of marine animal
salsaA spicy sauce used in cooking
saltoA jump or leap, often in dance or gymnastics
saltsPlural of “salt,” a mineral used to season food
saltyHaving a taste like salt; also used figuratively to describe someone with a sharp or sarcastic attitude
salutA French greeting, equivalent to “hello” or “salute”
salveA medicinal ointment or balm
SalviA surname of Italian origin
salvoA simultaneous discharge of firearms or an act of firing guns in unison
samanA tropical tree species
samarA type of syrup made from the sap of the acacia tree
sambaA Brazilian dance and music style
samboA Russian martial art and combat sport
samekThe fifteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
samfuA type of Chinese clothing
SamisA term for the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia
sammyA slang term for sandwiches
SamoaA country in the South Pacific
SamosA Greek island in the Aegean Sea
SampaA colloquial name for São Paulo, a city in Brazil
sampiA letter in the early Cyrillic alphabet
sampsPlural of “samp,” a porridge made from corn
SanaaThe capital city of Yemen
SandeA surname of African origin
sandsPlural of “sand,” granular material found on beaches and in deserts
sandyCovered in or resembling sand
sanerMore rational or mentally stable
sanghA term for an association, often used in reference to Indian social organizations
sankoA type of Japanese drum
SantaA term often associated with Santa Claus, who brings gifts during Christmas
santoSpanish for “saint” or “holy”
santsPlural of “sant,” a term for saints
SantyA diminutive form of “Santa,” often referring to Santa Claus
SanurA coastal town in Bali, Indonesia
SanyaA city in China
saolaA type of critically endangered cattle found in Southeast Asia
sapidHaving a pleasant taste or flavor
SAPOLSouth Australia Police (an Australian law enforcement agency)
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
saporA word used in old English for “taste” or “flavor”
SappsA surname of English origin
sappyOverly sentimental or emotional
SarahA common given name
SaraiA variant of the name “Sarah”
saranA type of plastic wrap used for food storage
SarayA Turkish and Central Asian name
sardaA surname of Italian origin
sardsPlural of “sard,” a type of small fish
sareeA traditional Indian garment worn by women
sargeSlang for a military sergeant
sargoA type of fish
sarinA highly toxic chemical compound used as a nerve agent
sarisPlural of “sari,” a traditional Indian garment
sarkySlang for “sarcastic” or “cheeky”
sarmaA dish made from rolled cabbage leaves
SarnaA surname of Polish origin
sarodA musical instrument used in classical Indian music
sarosA cycle of approximately 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours used to predict eclipses
SarsiA brand of root beer
sarusA type of crane bird
SasakAn ethnic group from Indonesia
sassyBold, lively, or spirited; often used to describe someone with a confident attitude
satanA term often used to refer to the Devil or a personification of evil
satayA Southeast Asian dish consisting of skewered and grilled meat
satedSatisfied or filled, often used in the context of hunger or desire
satemA linguistic classification for Indo-European languages
satesThird person singular form of “sate,” meaning to satisfy or fill
satinA smooth and shiny fabric often used in clothing
satisPlural of “sati,” the former Hindu practice of a widow immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre
SatosA surname of Greek origin
satyrIn Greek mythology, a woodland deity often depicted as half-human and half-goat
sauceA liquid or semi-liquid condiment used to add flavor to food
sauchAn old Scottish term for willow trees
saucyImpertinent, bold, or sassy
SaudiRelating to Saudi Arabia or its people
SauerA surname of German origin
SaugaA term often used to refer to Mississauga, a city in Canada
saughA term for willow trees, especially in Scotland
SauksPlural of “Sauk,” a Native American tribe
saulsPlural of “saul,” an archaic word for a soldier or warrior
saultA waterfall or rapid in a river
saunaA small room or building designed for dry or wet heat sessions
sauryA type of long, slender fish
sauteA cooking technique that involves quickly frying food in a small amount of oil or butter
sautsPlural of “saut,” a term for an abrupt jump or leap
SAVAKThe intelligence agency of Iran under the Pahlavi monarchy
savedPast tense of “save,” meaning to rescue or protect from harm
saverA person or thing that saves
savesThird person singular form of “save”
savinA Eurasian shrub
savorTo enjoy or appreciate the taste or flavor of something
savoyA type of cabbage with crinkled leaves
savvyKnowledgeable or shrewd; having practical understanding and good judgment
sawahA low-lying area for rice cultivation, often flooded
sawedPast tense of “saw,” meaning to cut with a saw
SaxbyA surname of English origin
saxesPlural of “sax,” a short-form of saxophone
SaxonA member of a Germanic people who inhabited parts of what is now Germany and England during the early Middle Ages
saydeAn archaic spelling of “said,” the past tense of “say”
Relevant 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
sayedA variant of “saiyid,” an honorific title for a Muslim man
sayerA person who says or expresses something
sayidA variant of “saiyid,” an honorific title for a Muslim man
sayneAn archaic word meaning “seldom” or “not often”
SayreA surname of French origin
saystAn archaic spelling of “sayest,” the second person singular form of “say”
saythAn archaic spelling of “saith,” the third person singular form of “say”
SazanA surname of Albanian origin
scabsPlural of “scab,” a dry, rough protective crust that forms over a wound or sore during healing
SCADAAbbreviation for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition,” a system for monitoring and controlling industrial processes
scadsA large quantity or number
scalaAn Italian musical term indicating a scale or ladder
scaldTo burn or injure with hot liquid or steam
scaleA tool used for measuring or weighing
scalpThe skin on the top of the head, often with hair
scalyCovered in scales or having a rough, flaky texture
scampA rascal or mischievous person
scamsPlural of “scam,” a fraudulent scheme or deception
scansThird person singular form of “scan,” meaning to examine closely or quickly
scantBarely sufficient or not enough
scapeTo escape or avoid
scareTo cause fear or alarm
scarfA piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth or fashion
scarpA steep slope or cliff
scarsPlural of “scar,” a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed
scaryCausing fear or anxiety
scaupA type of diving duck
scaurA Scottish term for a steep, rocky cliff
SCBUsAbbreviation for “Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus,” a device used by firefighters and rescue workers
SCDMAAbbreviation for “Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access,” a wireless communication technology
scendTo move upward or rise.
sceneA place or setting where an event occurs.
scentA pleasant or unpleasant odor.
schmoA foolish or dull-witted person.
schulA school or synagogue.
schwaA mid-central vowel sound like the ‘uh’ in “sofa.”
scionA descendant or heir.
SciotA member of a Native American tribe.
SclavA person from a Slavic country.
sclimNo widely recognized meaning.
scobsNo widely recognized meaning.
scoffTo express contempt or derision.
scoldTo reprimand or criticize someone.
sconeA type of baked pastry or bread.
scoopA utensil for taking up and conveying a liquid or loose material.
scootTo move quickly.
scopaAn Italian card game.
scopeThe extent of a subject or area.
scoreThe result of a competitive game or contest.
scornA feeling of contempt or derision.
scotsPeople from Scotland.
ScottA given name or surname.
scourTo clean or scrub vigorously.
scoutA person sent out to obtain information.
scowlTo frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.
scowsBoats or vessels.
scrabA scratch or mark on a surface.
scragA thin or bony person.
scramTo leave or move quickly.
scranFood, especially of low quality.
scrapA small piece of something.
scratA scratch or scrape.
screeA mass of small loose stones or rocky debris.
screwA threaded fastener.
scrimA lightweight fabric.
scripA certificate or voucher.
scrodA young cod or haddock fish.
scrogA shrub or underbrush.
scrubTo clean or rub hard.
scrumA formation used in rugby.
Best 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids
scubaA portable breathing apparatus used by divers.
scudoA former Italian monetary unit.
scudsSwiftly moving clouds or rain.
scuffTo scrape or brush the surface.
sculkTo move stealthily or sneak around.
scullA small, narrow boat for rowing.
sculpTo carve or shape a three-dimensional form.
scumsFloating impurities on the surface of a liquid.
scurfDry, flaky skin or dandruff.
scursA small, stubby horn on a cow.
scuseA colloquial form of “excuse.”
scutaA protective plate or shield.
scuteA bony plate or scale, especially on a turtle’s shell.
scutsYoung hares or rabbits.
scuzzA slang term for something dirty or unpleasant.
ScythAn ancient Indo-European people.
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, a type of computer memory.
SDWTsNo widely recognized meaning.
sealsAquatic mammals known for their blubber and flippers.
seamsLines of stitching that join fabric pieces together.
seamySordid or morally objectionable.
seareAn archaic word for “burn” or “scorch.”
searsTo burn or scorch.
SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization, a Cold War alliance.
seatsFurniture designed for sitting.
SebatA region in Ethiopia.
sebumAn oily substance secreted by the skin.
SECAMSequential Color with Memory, a television broadcasting system.
seccoA type of sparkling wine.
sectsReligious or ideological groups.
sedanA type of car with four doors.
sederA Jewish ceremonial meal.
SEDEXSouth American Securities and Exchange Commission.
sedgeA type of grassy plant.
sedgyAbounding in sedges or resembling sedges.
SednaA dwarf planet in the outer Solar System.
seedsSmall, mature fertilized plant ovules.
seedyShabby, run-down, or morally corrupt.
seekeA colloquial form of “seek.”
seeksThird-person singular form of “seek,” meaning to search for or attempt to find something.
seelyArchaic or dialectal term meaning “fortunate” or “happy.”
seemsThird-person singular form of “seem,” meaning to give the impression of being a certain way.
seeneArchaic past participle of “see,” meaning something that has been observed.
seepsPlural form of “seep,” meaning to flow or leak slowly through small openings.
seepyAdjective meaning characterized by seepage or oozing.
seersPlural form of “seer,” a person with the ability to foresee or predict the future.
seestArchaic second-person singular form of “see,” meaning “you see.”
SeetaA female given name, likely a variant of “Sita,” a character in Hindu mythology.
seethArchaic or dialectal term meaning to boil or churn vigorously.
seferA Hebrew word meaning “book” or “scroll.”
segarA surname of English origin.

Some Other Words Starting With S

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With S For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With S

Exploring 5-letter words that begin with the letter ‘S’ can be an exciting and educational adventure for kids. Here are some engaging activities tailored to these words:

Name Game – “Superhero Challenge”

Get ready for a wordy race, but we’re not just racing, we’re sprinting through cool words that start with ‘S.’ Think about “skate,” “snail,” “swamp,” “scoop,” and “swish.”

We’ll take turns tossing questions like superheroes, and you have to answer in a flash. It’s like a language race that’ll make you a speedy word champ!

Q: What is the name of the flying insect known for its ability to produce honey?

Ans: Swarm

Q: What is the word for the luminous trail of particles left by a meteoroid as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere?

Ans: Streak

Q: What is the process of gradually becoming larger, more advanced, or more complex?

Ans: Scale

Q: What is the term for a long, narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water?

Ans: Strait

Match the Words with Meanings – “Sensational Pairs”

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

It’s time to become word wizards with a twist! We’re making magic cards with stunning images on one side and nifty ‘S’ words on the other. Words like “sizzle,” “safari,” “swoop,” “scent,” and “squid.” Your mission?

Match the pictures with the right words. It’s like a wordy puzzle that’ll make your memory super-duper strong!

SaferFree from danger or harm
ScaleA device for weighing or measuring
SmileA happy or pleased facial expression
ScentA distinctive smell
SolidFirm and stable in shape

Fill in the Blanks – “Silly Stories”

Silly Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Let your imagination run wild with silly stories that use 5-letter ‘S’ words. Picture this: “I’m a sign of happiness. What am I? Fill in the blank: SM _ _ _.” The answer is “smile.” 

We’re creating stories filled with awesome words that are so much fun to use. You’ll be a storytelling superstar in no time! This exercise introduces new words in a playful and memorable way, reinforcing word usage.


  1. Sa_ _
  2. Sai_ _
  3. Sak_ _
  4. Saw_ _
  5. Sey_ _
  6. She_ _
  7. Sli_ _


  1. Sage
  2. Sail
  3. Sake
  4. Sawer
  5. Seych
  6. Shell
  7. Slice

Create a Story – “Spectacular Adventures”

Get ready to embark on a swashbuckling adventure through a story loaded with 5-letter ‘S’ words.

We’re going on a quest with words like “sword,” “spell,” “ship,” “sting,” and “storm.” Together, we’ll create a thrilling story that’s bursting with these words. It’s like writing a wordy blockbuster!

Word Search Puzzle – “Seek and Find”

Awesome Word Puzzle For Kids

Imagine you’re a word detective on a mission. We’ve got a secret code to break – a puzzle filled with 5-letter ‘S’ words. Words like “spooky,” “sizzle,” “swirl,” “snug,” and “swoosh.” Your challenge? Find these hidden words and circle them like a pro. It’s like solving a wordy mystery!

Make the process of mastering 5-letter words that kick off with ‘S’ an enjoyable and enriching experience for children through these interactive activities.

By incorporating elements of play, creative associations, and captivating storytelling, kids can construct a sturdy language foundation and expand their repertoire of words.

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