5 Letter Words Starting with V for Valuable Vocabulary!

Embarking on a voyage through the realm of language can be an exhilarating adventure, and what better way to dive into this linguistic journey than by exploring 5-letter words that commence with the letter ‘V’? 

These words hold a unique charm, and in this linguistic escapade, we’ll uncover a myriad of them, ranging from the vivid and vital to the very versatile. 

So, let’s venture forth and unravel the rich tapestry of 5-letter words that begin with ‘V’ – a voyage that promises to be vibrant, valuable, and, above all, very, very exciting!

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With V

Incredible Letter Words Starting With V For Kids
VaasaA city in Finland.
VaayuA name related to the Hindu god of wind.
VacasThird-person singular form of “vaca,” which means “cow” in Spanish.
VacayInformal term for a vacation or holiday.
VacuaPlural form of “vacuum.”
VadasPlural form of “vada,” a type of Indian snack.
VadedPast tense of “vade,” which means to go forward.
VadesThird-person singular form of “vade.”
VadgeSlang term referring to female genitalia.
VaduzThe capital of Liechtenstein.
VagalRelated to the vagus nerve or the tenth cranial nerve.
VagueLacking clear definition or definite limits.
VagusThe vagus nerve, a cranial nerve that innervates various organs.
VaidsPlural form of “vaid,” an alternative spelling of “veda,” a Hindu sacred text.
VailsThird-person singular form of “vail,” which means to lower or hide.
VairsPlural form of “vair,” a type of fur used in medieval clothing.
VajraA ritual object in Hinduism and Buddhism, symbolizing both the properties of a diamond and a thunderbolt.
VakilAn agent or representative, often in a legal or diplomatic context.
ValesPlural form of “vale,” a valley or a farewell expression.
ValetA person who parks cars or serves as a personal attendant.
ValidWell-founded, legally acceptable, or logically sound.
ValkaA city in Latvia.
ValliPlural form of “vallus,” a Latin word meaning a stake or palisade.
ValorGreat courage in the face of danger or difficulty.
ValpoAbbreviation for Valparaiso, a city in Chile.
ValseA dance in triple time, typically a waltz.
ValueThe worth, importance, or usefulness of something.
ValvaPlural form of “valva,” a biological term referring to a structure that opens and closes like a door.
ValveA device that regulates the flow of a fluid or gas through a passage.
VampsPlural form of “vamp,” the upper part of a shoe or boot.
VampySlang term describing someone or something as seductive, especially in terms of appearance.
VanasPlural form of “vana,” a Finnish word meaning a nymph or spirit in Finnish mythology.
vanedHaving vanes or blades, often used in the context of feathers or fins.
vanesPlural form of “vane,” a device that indicates the direction of the wind.
vangaA type of bird found in Africa, also known as shrikes.
vangsPlural form of “vang,” a nautical term referring to a stay or rope that controls the movement of the mast on a sailing ship.
VanirIn Norse mythology, a group of deities associated with fertility and prosperity.
VannsPlural form of “vann,” an alternative spelling of “van,” referring to a type of vehicle.
vantsPlural form of “vant,” an archaic term referring to a sail on the foremast of a ship.
vaperSlang term for a person who vapes or uses e-cigarettes.
vapidLacking liveliness, interest, or significance; dull or uninteresting.
vaporA substance in the form of gas or fine mist, often used in the context of steam or gas.
varanA large lizard of the genus Varanus, which includes monitor lizards.
varasPlural form of “vara,” a unit of length used in the ancient Hindu system of measurement.
varecSeaweed or kelp, especially when used for fertilizer or as a source of iodine.
varesPlural form of “vare,” a Scottish word meaning to affright or cause fear.
variaPlural form of “varium,” a Latin term referring to a collection of different works or topics.
varixA dilated or swollen vein, typically occurring in the legs.
varnaA system of social classification in Hindu society, often associated with caste.
VarnsPlural form of “varn,” an archaic word meaning to warn or instruct.
varusA medical term referring to an abnormal position of a body part, such as the leg or foot, that is turned inward.
varveA pair of sedimentary layers consisting of a light-colored layer deposited during the summer and a dark-colored layer deposited during cold.
vasalAn obsolete term referring to a vessel or ship.
vasasPlural form of “vasa,” a term used in anatomy to refer to blood vessels.
vasesPlural form of “vase,” a container typically used for holding flowers or decorative purposes.
vastsPlural form of “vast,” meaning of great extent or immense size.
vastyAn archaic term meaning vast or immense, often used in the context of space or areas.
VathsPlural form of “Vath,” an obscure word with no widely recognized meaning.
vaticPertaining to prophecy, soothsaying, or divination.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With V For Kids
vatosPlural form of “vato,” a colloquial term used in some Latin American countries to refer to a young man or guy.
vatusPlural form of “vatu,” the currency of Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific.
vaultA large room or chamber used for storage, often underground, or a leap or jump over an obstacle.
vauntTo boast or brag about one’s own achievements or possessions.
vautsPlural form of “vaut,” an obsolete term with no widely recognized meaning.
VAXenPlural form of “VAX,” a series of minicomputers developed by Digital Equipment Corporation.
VBACsAbbreviation for “vaginal birth after cesarean,” 
VBIEDAbbreviation for “vehicle-borne improvised explosive device,” a type of explosive weapon often concealed in a vehicle.
VCSEsPlural of “VCSE,” an abbreviation for “voluntary and community sector engagement,” often used in the context of community involvement.
vealsPlural form of “veal,” meat from a calf, typically used in cooking.
vealyOf or pertaining to veal, or resembling veal in some way.
VedasA large body of sacred texts and scriptures in Hinduism, including hymns, rituals, and philosophical teachings.
VeddaA member of an indigenous ethnic group in Sri Lanka known for their distinct culture and language.
VedicRelating to or associated with the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of Hinduism.
veenaA traditional Indian musical instrument with strings, often used in classical music.
veepsSlang term for vice presidents or those holding a position of lesser authority.
veersTo change direction or turn aside, often used in the context of vehicles or ships.
veeryA type of thrush bird known for its sweet and melodious song.
veganA person who follows a vegan lifestyle, abstaining from all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs.
vegasSlang for Las Vegas, a city in Nevada, USA, known for its casinos, entertainment, and nightlife.
vegesPlural form of “vege,” an informal abbreviation for vegetables.
vegieInformal term for a vegetable or a vegetarian.
vegosPlural form of “vego,” an informal abbreviation for vegetarian.
veilsPlural form of “veil,” a piece of cloth worn to cover the face or head, often for religious or ceremonial purposes.
veinsPlural form of “vein,” a blood vessel that carries blood towards the heart.
veinyAdjective describing something with visible veins or lines, often used to describe leaves or marble.
velarPertaining to the velum, the soft part of the roof of the mouth towards the back.
veldsPlural form of “veld,” an open grassland or savanna, especially in southern Africa.
veldtAn open grassland or plain, often used in reference to African landscapes.
VelvaA given name, often used for females.
venaePlural form of “vena,” the Latin word for a vein or blood vessel.
venalCapable of being bribed or corrupt, often used in the context of individuals or practices.
VenasA town in Lithuania, known for its historical and cultural significance.
VendaThe Venda people, an ethnic group in South Africa, or their language.
vendsThird-person singular form of the verb “vend,” meaning to sell or offer for sale.
vengeAn archaic term meaning to avenge or seek revenge for wrongdoing.
veninVenom, a poisonous substance often injected into prey by snakes, spiders, or other animals.
venomPoisonous secretion produced by animals, typically injected through a bite or sting.
ventaA Spanish word that means “sale” or “selling.”
ventiPlural form of “vento,” an Italian word meaning “winds.”
ventsPlural form of “vent,” openings that allow air or gas to pass through.
venueA place where an event, such as a concert or sports game, takes place.
venusThe second planet from the sun in our solar system, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
verbsPlural form of “verb,” a word used to describe an action, occurrence, or state.
vergeThe edge or margin of something, often used in the context of a border or boundary.
verraA Scottish or Scots Gaelic word meaning “very” or “truly.”
verryAn archaic term meaning “true” or “real.”
verseA group of lines in a poem or song, typically characterized by a particular rhyme and meter.
versoThe left-hand page of an open book, often in contrast to the right-hand “recto” page.
verstA Russian unit of length, approximately equal to 1.067 kilometers.
vertsPlural form of “vert,” an informal abbreviation for “vertical.”
vertuRarely used word that can refer to moral or ethical values or fine art and craftsmanship.
verveEnthusiasm, energy, or spirit in the expression of ideas or artistic creativity.
VesakA significant Buddhist holiday that commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha.
vespaA genus of wasps that includes the common wasp and hornets.
vestaThe name of a Roman goddess and a type of small planet located between Mars and Jupiter.
vestsPlural form of “vest,” a sleeveless garment that is typically worn over a shirt.
vetchA plant of the pea family with small, typically purple flowers and compound leaves, often used for forage or green manure.
VetkaA town in Belarus, known for its historical and cultural significance.
vetosPlural form of “veto,” the right to reject a decision or proposal.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With V For Kids
VetteA colloquial term used for a Chevrolet Corvette, a popular sports car model.
VevayA town in Indiana, USA, with historical and scenic attractions.
vexedFeeling frustrated, annoyed, or puzzled, often in the context of a problem or situation.
vexerA person or thing that causes annoyance, frustration, or trouble.
vexesThird-person singular form of the verb “vex,” meaning to annoy or frustrate.
vezirAn alternative spelling for “vizier,” a high-ranking official or minister in certain countries.
VFATsAn acronym for “Virtual File Allocation Table,” a file system used in Windows operating systems.
VHSesPlural form of “VHS,” an outdated videocassette format.
VHSICAn acronym for “Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit,” often used in reference to advanced electronic components.
vialsSmall containers, often made of glass, used for holding liquids or substances.
VianaA name that can refer to a person or a place, but the specific meaning depends on the context.
viandA term for food, particularly for items that are delicious and prepared to be eaten.
ViarsA surname or last name, typically used to identify a family or individual.
ViberA term that could be associated with “vibrations” or a hypothetical name or brand.
vibesColloquial term referring to the emotional atmosphere or feelings surrounding a situation.
vibeyAn informal term possibly related to having a particular vibe or mood.
vicarA clergyman in the Anglican Church, often responsible for the care of a particular church and its congregation.
vicedPast tense of “vice,” which means to hold or squeeze with a tool.
vicesPlural form of “vice,” typically referring to immoral or wicked behaviors.
vichyA type of fabric pattern or a historical reference to Vichy France during World War II.
viciaA genus of plants within the pea family, known as vetches, often used for forage or cover crops.
vicusAn ancient Roman term for a small settlement or village.
VidarIn Norse mythology, Vidar is a god associated with vengeance and silence, one of Odin’s sons.
VidasA name that can refer to a person or a place, but the specific meaning depends on the context.
videoVisual content, typically in the form of recorded moving images and sound.
videsThird-person singular form of the verb “vide,” an archaic word meaning to see or perceive.
VidinA town in Bulgaria, known for its historical and cultural significance.
vidyaA Sanskrit word referring to knowledge or education, often used in the context of Hindu philosophy.
vierA term often used in card games to refer to the number four.
viewsThe plural form of “view,” referring to what one sees or the way one looks at something.
viewyAn informal term possibly related to having many views, often used on the internet.
vigasThe plural form of “viga,” which refers to a large, heavy timber used in construction.
vigiaA term that may refer to a watchtower or lookout point.
vigilA period of staying awake during the night, often for a specific purpose, such as a watch or prayer.
vignaA genus of plants within the pea family, often cultivated for food, like beans or lentils.
vigorPhysical or mental strength, energy, or vitality.
VilasA name that can refer to a person or a place, but the specific meaning depends on the context.
vilerComparative form of “vile,” meaning more morally reprehensible or unpleasant.
villaA term often used to describe a large, luxurious residence, typically in a rural or suburban setting.
villiSmall, finger-like projections in the small intestine that increase the surface area for nutrient absorption.
villsPlural form of “vill,” an informal term that may refer to a village or a neighborhood.
VilnaAn alternative name for Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.
vimbaA genus of fish in the family Cyprinidae, often found in European rivers and lakes.
VimeoA popular online platform for sharing and streaming videos.
vinalA term often associated with vinyl records or related to wine.
vinasPlural form of “vina,” a rare word often referring to musical instruments.
vincaA genus of plants known for its trailing vines and attractive flowers.
vinedPast tense of “vine,” referring to the growth or climbing of plants with vines.
vinerA term that can refer to a person who operates or owns a vineyard.
vinesPlural form of “vine,” typically referring to climbing or trailing plants.
vinicRelating to or derived from wine, often used in chemistry.
vinnyAn informal term, often referring to something that is related to wine.
vinosPlural form of “vino,” a term often used informally to refer to wine.
vinylA type of synthetic resin or plastic used to make various products, including records.
violaA musical instrument similar to a violin but slightly larger, and also a term for a purple flower.
violsPlural form of “viol,” referring to a group of stringed musical instruments.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Starting With V

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With V For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With V

Embark on an exciting journey through the world of 5-letter words that begin with ‘V.’ 

Learning new words can be an adventure in itself. Here are some engaging activities that will add a sense of exploration and discovery to your child’s vocabulary-building experience.

1. Vocabulary Treasure Hunt

Turn learning into a treasure hunt. Create a list of 5-letter words starting with ‘V’ and hide clues or hints around your home that lead to each word. 

As your child discovers a new word, they get one step closer to the treasure. This activity not only introduces new words but also enhances problem-solving skills.

2. Visual Flashcards

Amazing Visual Flashcards For Kids

Use visual aids to make learning ‘V’ words fun and memorable. Create flashcards with vibrant images representing each word. 

Words like “vivid,” “viper,” “voice,” “vault,” and “vista” can come to life through pictures. Your child will not only learn the words but also associate them with vivid images.

3. Fill-in-the-Blanks Stories

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Boost creativity with fill-in-the-blank stories. Provide your child with a story that has missing 5-letter words, all starting with ‘V.’

They can fill in the blanks with words like “vague,” “value,” “vivid,” and “visit.” This activity enhances word usage in a playful way.


  1. Va_ _
  2. Vai_ _
  3. Val_ _
  4. Ve_ _
  5. Ven_ _
  6. Ver_ _
  7. Vis_ _


  1. Vault
  2. Vain
  3. Valve
  4. Veer
  5. Venge
  6. Verse
  7. Visit

4. Create a ‘V’ Storybook:

Encourage your child to become a storyteller. Together, create a storybook filled with characters, places, and adventures, all centered around 5-letter ‘V’ words.

“Vinny the Viper” might go on a “Voyage to the Volcano” and have many “Vivid” experiences. This not only expands vocabulary but also nurtures their storytelling skills.

5. Vocabulary Bingo:

Transform traditional bingo into a ‘V’ word challenge. Create bingo cards with 5-letter ‘V’ words and their corresponding images.

As you call out definitions or descriptions, your child can mark the words on their card. It’s a fun way to reinforce word meanings and associations.

In conclusion, these interactive wordplay activities are like the secret agents of language learning, sneaking ‘V’-initiating 5-letter words into your kids’ minds with a mischievous grin.

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