7 Letter Words Starting with B for Brilliant Vocabulary!

Did you ever think that making your kid’s word collection bigger is super important for them to talk and write really well? For youngsters, possessing an extensive inventory of words is crucial for self-expression and comprehension of complex texts as they mature.

Now, let’s focus on learning words with seven letters that all start with the letter ‘B.’ These words function as the foundational elements for enhancing their linguistic capabilities.

Come with us on this exciting journey to find a list of seven-letter words that all begin with the letter “B.” These words will help your child’s language skills get even better. Plus, this list will make their creativity shine!

This compilation will serve to elevate your child’s linguistic proficiency. Moreover, it will stimulate their imaginative powers!

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With B

Incredible 7 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BabbittRefers to a character named George F. Babbitt from Sinclair Lewis’s novel “Babbitt,” 
BabblerA person or animal that babbles, used to describe someone who talks incessantly or a noisy bird.
Babesiatype of protozoan parasite that infects red blood cells and can cause diseases such as babesiosis.
BabicheA thong or strap made from rawhide, leather, or other materials, often used for lashing or binding.
BaboonsLarge, Old World monkeys known for their distinctive dog-like snouts and long, often colorful, hair.
BabyingTreating someone with excessive care, gentleness, or indulgence, as if they were a baby.
BabyishExhibiting childlike characteristics or behaviors, often used to describe immature conduct.
BafflerSomeone or something that causes confusion, bewilderment, or difficulty in understanding.
Bafflesrefers to partitions used to control the flow of liquids, gasses, or sound, or to perplex or bewilder.
BagasseThe fibrous pulp left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane or similar plants, 
BagfulsPlural of “bagful,” indicating the amount that can fill a bag or a quantity.
Baggagepersonal belongings or luggage of a traveler, metaphorically refer to emotional burdens.
BaggersCould refer to people who pack or carry bags, 
BalteusAncient Roman clothing, a balteus was a belt, often used to hold a sheath for a sword or dagger.
BambiniThe plural form of “bambino,” which is an Italian term for a child or baby.
BambinoAn Italian word for a baby or young child.
BammingA colloquial term that might refer to making a loud noise or having a lively, energetic time, 
BanallyIn a manner that is so ordinary or lacking in originality as to be uninteresting; 
BananasA tropical fruit with a soft, edible flesh and a yellow or green skin.
Bancoedto bet all of one’s money on a single hand in certain gambling games, like poker.
BandageA strip of material used to cover and protect a wound or injury.
BandanaA square piece of cloth, with a distinctive pattern, worn as a head covering or around the neck.
BandeauA narrow band or strip of fabric worn as a headband or around the bust as a form of clothing.
BazookaA type of portable, rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon 
BeaconsA signaling device, often emitting light or sound, used to guide or warn ships, aircraft, or travelers.
BeadersPeople who work with or create decorative designs or patterns using beads.
BeadierComparative form of “beady,” referring to eyes or objects that are small, round, and shiny.
BeadilyIn a manner characterized by small, shiny, or beady features or with keen attention.
BeadingThe act of applying designs with beads, or the small spherical objects used for such designs.
BeamingRadiating or projecting light, warmth, or a cheerful expression; shining brightly.
Beamishsomeone who is cheerful, enthusiastic, and full of energy, used in literature or poetic contexts.
BeanbagA type of soft, cushioned chair or seat filled with small beans or similar materials, 
BeaneryInformal term for a restaurant or cafe, especially one that serves simple, inexpensive food.
BeaniesA colloquial term for a type of knitted cap that fits closely to the head and typically has no brim.
BearingThe manner in which someone carries or conducts themselves, 
Bearisha market sentiment or investor attitude that anticipates a decline in prices or a pessimistic outlook.
BearpawA colloquial term referring to the paw or foot of a bear, 
BeastieA diminutive term for a small or mischievous creature, used in a playful or endearing manner.
BeefilyIn a strong, muscular, or well-built manner, often used to describe a person’s physical appearance.
BeefingComplaining or arguing about something, often used in an informal or colloquial context.
BeehiveA man-made structure where bees are kept to produce honey, 
BeekingA term not commonly used, and its meaning may depend on the context. 
BeelikeResembling or having characteristics similar to a bee, such as the appearance or behavior.
BeelineThe shortest route from one place to another, 
BegonedA term not commonly used, and its meaning may depend on the context. 
Begonesa command to leave or depart, often used in a dismissive or imperative manner.
BegoniaA flowering plant belonging to the family Begoniaceae, known for its colorful and decorative leaves 
BeltingA strip or material used for making belts, or the act of hitting someone with a belt.
BeltmanA person who manufactures belts, or someone who is associated with belts in some way.
BeltwayA highway that encircles a city, often used to bypass urban areas or facilitate transportation.
Goofy 7 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
Belugasa species of white whale, known for its distinctive appearance and vocalizations.
BelyingPresent participle of “belie,” which means to give a false impression or to contradict.
BemeansThis word is not commonly used, but it can be interpreted as meaning to demean or degrade 
BemiresThe plural form of “bemire,” meaning to get someone or something stuck in mud or sludge.
BemoansExpressing sorrow, grief, or dissatisfaction about someone or something.
BemocksThis word is not commonly used but may imply making fun of or mocking someone or something.
BemusedDeeply absorbed in thought, contemplative, or slightly confused.
Bemusesto cause someone to become deep in thought or slightly confused.
BenamedNamed or called, typically used in an archaic or poetic context.
BenamesThe plural form of “benamed,” referring to the act of naming or calling someone or something.
BenchedSeated on a bench, or placed on a bench, such as in a sports context.
BencherSomeone who sits on a bench, often referring to a judge or legal professional.
Benchesrefer to a long seat, a work surface, or a legal term for judges in a court.
BetweenIn the space separating two or more things or entities.
BetwixtAn archaic or poetic term meaning “between” or “in the middle of.”
BeyliksThe plural form of “beylics.”
BezantsGold coins, particularly used in historical contexts such as the Byzantine Empire.
BeziqueA card game usually played by two players using a special deck.
BhangisA term that may refer to a particular group or caste in India.
BharalsA type of wild sheep found in parts of Asia, also known as blue sheep.
BheestyAn Indian term referring to a water carrier or a person responsible for supplying water.
BhikkusMonks or religious ascetics in Buddhism.
BhikshuAn alternative term for a Buddhist monk.
BhungisA term that may refer to a particular group or caste in India.
BiasingThe act of favoring one side or viewpoint over others, often unfairly.
BiassedAn alternative spelling of “biased,” meaning having a preference or prejudice.
BiaxialHaving two axes or directions of orientation or symmetry.
BivouacA temporary camp, typically used by soldiers or mountaineers, often without elaborate facilities.
BizarreExtremely unusual or strange; something that deviates from the normal or expected.
Biznagarefer to a type of cactus or flowering plant. The exact meaning may vary by context.
BizonalRelating to a situation or system involving two zones or areas, often used in political contexts.
BizonesA plural form of “bizonal,” indicating more than one zone or area.
Blabbedto reveal secrets or confidential information, often carelessly or indiscreetly.
BleaklyIn a grim, harsh, or desolate manner.
BleederA person or thing that bleeds, or a slang term for a person who tends to give away secrets.
Bleepeda short, high-pitched sound often used to censor or cover offensive language on television or radio.
BlellumIt may be a proper noun or a specialized term in a particular field.
BloggerA person who regularly writes and publishes content on a blog, sharing their thoughts, expertise, 
Blushesthe reddening of one’s face, usually due to embarrassment, shyness, or a strong emotion.
BlusterTo speak or act in a noisy, aggressive, or boastful manner, often without substance or purpose.
Boardedto enter or get on a vehicle, aircraft, or ship, or to provide accommodations and meals to someone 
BoarderA person who resides in a boarding house typically receiving meals and lodging in return.
BoarishHaving qualities characteristic of a boar, such as being rough, aggressive, or uncultured.
Boastedto talk with excessive pride about one’s abilities, achievements, or possessions.
BoasterA person who frequently brags or boasts about themselves or their accomplishments.
BoatageThe charge or fee associated with the use of a boat or boat-related services.
BobberyA British slang term for a commotion, disturbance, or noisy argument.
BobsledA type of sled used in the sport of bobsledding, typically designed for racing down ice tracks.
BobstayA part of a ship’s rigging that helps support the bowsprit and control its movement.
BocciasA sport similar to bocce ball, typically played by individuals with disabilities, 
BocciesA term for the bocce balls used in the game of bocce, which are thrown toward a target ball.
BodegasSmall, neighborhood grocery stores or shops, often found in urban areas, 
Amusing 7 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
BodgiesA term used in Australia and New Zealand to describe young men, 
BodhranA traditional Irish drum, typically played with a handheld beater called a tipper.
BodicesThe upper part of a woman’s dress, covering the chest and waist, often tailored for a snug fit.
BodingsA feeling or sense of foreboding or warning about future events.
BoyhoodThe period of a male’s life from childhood to adolescence.
BracersStraps or bands worn to support and protect the forearm or wrist, 
BrachiaPlural form of “brachium,” referring to the upper arm or forelimb in humans or animals.
BracingThe act of providing support, strength, or reinforcement. 
BrackenA type of large, coarse fern with divided fronds, often found in woodlands.
BracketA support or fixture that projects from a wall or other surface and is used to hold or secure items, 
BrazierA metal container or pan used for cooking or heating things over an open flame.
BrazilsA term that can refer to the country Brazil or the Brazil nut tree and its seeds.
BrazingA metal-joining process in which two or more pieces of metal are joined together using heat 
BreadedCovered with breadcrumbs or a mixture used for breading, typically before frying or baking.
BreadthThe measure of the width or extent of something, 
BreakerA person or thing that breaks or destroys, or a wave that breaks as it approaches the shore.
BrynzasA type of cheese made from sheep’s milk, popular in some Eastern European cuisines.
BubalisA genus of large African antelopes, including the hartebeest and the topi.
BubbiesA colloquial term for breasts, often used in a playful or affectionate manner.
Bubbledto produce bubbles or a state of being covered with bubbles.
BubblerA device that dispenses water, often used in public places, such as a drinking fountain.
BubblesSmall, spherical pockets of gas or air trapped in a liquid or a solid material.
Buboniccharacteristic of bubonic plague, an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.
BuccaroA type of clay pottery or ceramic ware, often used for making traditional Italian pottery.
BuckersIndividuals or machines used for bucking, 
BuzzwigA whimsical or playful term used to refer to a wig or hairstyle that is buzzing or lively.
ByelawsRules and regulations made and enforced by a local authority, corporation, or organization 
ByzantsHistorical gold coins that were originally issued by the Byzantine Empire 

Some Other Examples Of 7-Letter Words Starting With B

Perfect 7 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With B

Helping little ones learn new words can be a real hoot, and they’ll find it a delightful blast discovering them! However, it’s not just about introducing them to the words.

They should also grasp how to put them to good use. To mix learning with fun, you can play games and explore fascinating word-related activities centered around seven-letter words starting with ‘B.’

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Want to make teaching your kids seven-letter words starting with A more enjoyable? Try turning it into a fun game.

You can ask questions or set up a quiz where they reply with one of the B words. Or, switch roles and let your child ask you questions, with you answering using those seven-letter B words. It’s a captivating way to introduce your kids to these new words.

We present here some examples:

Q: What is the name of the fibrous pulp left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane that is used as a source of fuel or for making paper and products?

Ans: Bagasse.

Q: What is the name of the belt that was used by ancient Romans to hold a sheath for a sword or dagger?

Answer: Balteus.

Q: What is the word that Italian refers to for a baby or young child?

Answer: Bambino.

Q: What material is used to cover and protect a wound or injury?

Answer: Bandage

Q: What is the name of the profession of people who work with or create decorative designs or patterns using beads?

Answer: Beaders.

Q: What is the informal term for a restaurant or cafe serving inexpensive food?

Answer: Beanery.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Hey there, it’s time for a cool game called “Word Puzzles! Gather your little ones and hand them sentences that are missing some magical seven-letter words that all begin with the letter ‘B.’

This game is like a secret word treasure hunt, making your little ones word wizards. Let’s dive into a few examples:

i) B_acon (Hint: A signaling device used to guide or warn ships, aircraft, or travelers)

ii) Ban_nas (Hint: A tropical fruit with yellow or green skin.)

iii) Ba_gage (Hint: Luggage of a traveler)

iv) Begu_ne (Hint: A Carrebian dance and music style)

v) Be_oans (Hint: Expressing sorrow)

(Answers: i) Beacon  ii) Bananas iii) Baggage iv) Beguine v) Bemoans)

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Let’s explore a delightful educational game that increases your children’s vocabulary growth. This is a matching exercise, purpose-built to enhance their ability to discern between similar and dissimilar concepts. This game will take your kids into a world of wonder, showing them the magic of spotting differences and similarities!

To begin, you will require two sets of columns. In the initial column, mention a selection of seven-letter words commencing with the letter ‘B,’ rich in vibrant colors. In the subsequent column, write the corresponding definitions of the words.

Subsequently, shuffle these definitions in a manner so that they become more captivating for your children!

Following this, instruct your children on the art of reading these words and comprehending their meanings. Also, ensure that these words have a lasting imprint on their memory! Moreover, Show them how to connect words with the same meanings, like weaving a tapestry of knowledge!

a)Begoniai)To cast a spell on or enchant someone
b)Bibbersii) A card game usually played by two players using a special deck.
c) Beltman iii)  A flowering plant belonging to the family Begoniaceae
d)Beziqueiv) People who drink alcoholic beverages, often to excess.
e) Bewitchv) A person who works with or manufactures belts, or someone who is associated with belts in some way.

(Answers: a-iii, b-iv, c-v, d-ii, e-.i)


Check out these entertaining activities to teach your kids seven-letter words that start with the letter B. Remember, if you need any assistance for your child, we are here to lend a hand.

Soon, we will be back with some new fun activities with seven-letter words beginning with the letter C.! You can visit our website and explore more such amazing things.

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