7 Letter Words Starting with J for Joyful Vocabs!

Greetings, Parents and Guardians! Time for a top-secret revelation! Expanding your kiddo’s word arsenal is like adding a topping of magical essence to their talking and writing skills.

When the little ones collect a bunch of big words, it’s like they’ve got a secret code to unlock their creative superpowers and understand all the mysterious grown-up stuff. 

They also become creative with this huge galore of new words.

So, put on the adventure cap with your kid and join us on a wild ride through the land of seven-letter words, all with the superpower of ‘J.’ These words are like the secret box of candy to make your child’s language skills rise, and their imagination go a step ahead with awesomeness!

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With J

Incredible 7 Letter Words Starting With J For Kids
JabbersSpeaks rapidly and incoherently
JabbingMaking quick, sharp thrusts with a pointed object
JabirusA species of large stork
JabroniA slang term, often used to refer to a foolish or obnoxious person
JacketsOuterwear garments worn on the upper body
JacklegUnskilled or unprofessional person
JacklitPast tense of “jacklight,” which means to hunt or fish at night using a bright light
JackpotA large prize or reward, often in gambling or a lottery
JacobinA member of a radical political group during the French Revolution
JacobusA gold coin issued by the Dutch Republic in the 17th century
JaconetA lightweight cotton fabric
JadedlyIn a tired, worn-out, or disenchanted manner
JadeiteA mineral often used as a gemstone, especially in East Asia
JaegersSkilled infantry units or seabirds of the Stercorariidae family
JaggeryA type of unrefined sugar made from sugarcane or date palm sap
JaggierHaving more jagged or rough edges
JaggiesVisual artifacts in computer graphics, appearing as jagged lines
JaggingCreating a jagged or uneven edge
JaglessWithout jagged or rough edges
JaguarsLarge, powerful wild cats native to the Americas
JailersIndividuals responsible for overseeing and managing a jail or prison
JailingThe act of putting someone in jail or prison
JailorsAlternative term for jailers or those who guard prisoners
JalapicRelating to or containing jalap, a medicinal plant
JalapinA resin obtained from the root of the jalap plant, used medicinally
JammingInterfering with radio or communication signals
JamokesSlang term often used to refer to foolish or incompetent people
JangledMade a harsh, discordant sound or felt nervous or agitated
JanglerSomeone who makes harsh, discordant sounds or creates tension through argument
JanglesHarsh, discordant sounds or causes of tension and disagreement
JanitorA person responsible for cleaning and maintaining a building
JannockA regional term meaning honest or fair
JapygidA type of arachnid, also known as a whip scorpion
JarfulsThe amount that a jar can hold
JargonsSpecialized vocabulary or language used by a particular group or profession
JargonyFull of technical or specialized terminology
JargoonA type of colorless or pale gemstone, often a variety of garnet
JarldomA Norse or Scandinavian earldom or jurisdiction
JarlessWithout a jar or container
JarrahsA jarrah is a type of eucalyptus tree native to Western Australia.
JaseyedA slang term that can mean disheveled or unkempt in appearance.
JasmineA fragrant flower or plant, often used in perfumes and teas.
JavelinA spear-like projectile used in sports, especially in track and field events.
JawboneThe bone of the jaw, especially the mandible.
JawfishA type of fish that is characterized by its large mouth.
JawlessWithout a jaw or lacking a lower jaw.
JawlikeResembling a jaw in some way.
JaybirdA bird, often referring to the blue jay or similar species.
JayveesA term that may refer to junior varsity teams or players in sports.
JaywalkTo cross a street or road without using a designated crosswalk or without regard for traffic rules.
JazzersPeople associated with or enthusiasts of jazz music.
JazzierMore stylish, lively, or flashy in a jazzy way.
JazzilyIn a stylish, lively, or flashy manner, often associated with jazz.
JazzingThe act of playing or listening to jazz music or engaging in jazz-related activities.
JazzmanA male musician who specializes in playing jazz music.
JazzmenA plural form of “jazzman,” referring to male jazz musicians.
JealousFeeling envy or resentment of someone else’s possessions, qualities, or achievements.
JelliedMade into a jelly-like substance or texture.
JelliesPlural of “jelly,” a sweet, semi-solid food typically made from fruit juice and sugar.
JellifyTo make something become jelly-like in consistency.
JellingThe process of becoming jelly-like.
JemadarA rank used in the Indian army and some other military organizations.
JennetsFemale donkeys or small Spanish horses.
JeopardThis word is not a common English word, and its meaning is unclear without more context.
JerboasSmall, nocturnal, jumping rodents found in Asia and Africa.
JereedsA type of javelin-throwing game popular in some Middle Eastern countries.
JerkersPeople or things that jerk or move suddenly and abruptly.
JerkierMore abrupt or sudden in movement or behavior.
Goofy 7 Letter Words Starting With J For Kids
JerkiesDried and seasoned meat, often beef, that is sliced into thin strips and used as a snack.
JerkilyIn an abrupt or sudden manner.
JerkingThe act of making sudden, sharp movements.
JerkinsA close-fitting sleeveless jacket or tunic.
JessantThis term is not commonly used in modern English, 
JetboatA type of watercraft powered by a jet propulsion system, 
JetpackA device worn on the back that uses jet propulsion to enable a person to fly or hover in the air.
JetportA colloquial term for an airport that serves as a hub for jet aircraft, 
JetsamsItems or cargo that have been intentionally thrown overboard from a ship or aircraft at sea.
JetsomsThe remnants or items that have been washed ashore or recovered from the sea, 
Jettiedbuilding or structure that extends outward from a main structure, 
JettiesMan-made structures, built to protect a coastline, control erosion, or aid navigation in harbors.
JettingThe act of emitting or spouting a stream or jet of liquid, gas, or particles with force.
JettonsSmall tokens used for counting or keeping score, often in games or for accounting purposes.
JeweledAdorned or decorated with precious or semi-precious stones, such as jewels or gemstones.
JewelerA person who designs, makes, repairs, and sells jewelry, 
JewelryDecorative items, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, made from precious metals 
JewfishA type of large, predatory fish found in warm waters, often referring to species of groupers.
Jibbahspossibly referring to the plural form of “jibbah,” a loose, traditional Arab garment or robe.
JibbersA colloquial term, possibly referring to people who engage in trickery or deceit.
Jibbingreferring to a maneuver where a sailboat changes course by turning away from the wind.
JibboomA spar or boom extending forward from the bow (front) of a sailing ship, used to support the jib sail.
JicamasEdible root vegetables native to Mexico, also known as “Mexican turnips” or “yam beans.”
JiffiesInformal term for a very short period of time or a brief moment.
JiglikeResembling or characteristic of a jig, a lively and rhythmic dance or musical piece.
Jigsawntypically used in the context of cutting or assembling pieces with a jigsaw tool.
JiltingThe act of abandoning or rejecting someone, in the context of a romantic relationship 
JimjamsInformal term for a state of nervousness, anxiety, or restlessness.
Jimmiedmeaning to force something open, often a door or window, using a prying tool.
JimmiesI small, colored sugar or chocolate sprinkles used to decorate cakes, ice cream, and desserts.
JingoesPeople who are overly patriotic or nationalistic, 
JinkersA term used in aviation or sports to describe sudden, evasive maneuvers 
JinxingThe act of bringing bad luck or misfortune to someone or something, often unintentionally.
JitneysShared or informal public transportation, 
JittersA state of nervousness, anxiety, or unease, often characterized by restlessness or trembling.
JitteryNervous, uneasy, or prone to trembling or shaking, 
JivatmaIn Hindu philosophy, the individual soul or life force that is eternal and unchanging.
JiviestA comparative form that may not have a commonly recognized meaning in English.
JizyahsA tax imposed on non-Muslims living in an Islamic state, 
JoannesA variant of the name “John” or a type of gold coin used in medieval Europe.
JobbersPeople or entities engaged in buying and selling goods, 
JobberyThe practice of using one’s position or influence in government or business for personal gain, 
JobbingEngaging in small-scale work or tasks, often on a freelance or temporary basis.
JoblessWithout a job or unemployed.
JojobasAn evergreen shrub known for its oil-rich seeds used in various cosmetic and industrial products.
JokiestThe superlative form of “jokey,” meaning something that is humorous or full of jokes.
JolliedThe past tense of “jolly,” meaning to make someone feel happy or cheerful.
JollierA comparative form of “jolly,” meaning someone or something that is more cheerful or pleasant.
JolliesPlural of “jolly,” referring to moments of joy or amusement.
JollifyTo make someone or something cheerful or joyful.
JollilyIn a cheerful or merry manner.
JollityA state of happiness, merriment, or cheerfulness.
JoltersPeople or things that jolt or shake abruptly.
Joltiersomething that is more prone to sudden, sharp movements or jolts.
JoltingThe act of shaking or jerking abruptly.
JonboatA type of small, flat-bottomed boat typically used in shallow waters for fishing.
JonesesA slang term referring to the desire to keep up with or surpass one’s neighbors 
JonnickA term that does not have a widely recognized meaning; 
JonquilA type of fragrant, spring-blooming flower known for its bright yellow or white flowers.
JookingA term that does not have a widely recognized meaning; it may be a regional or slang word.
Jordansrefer to the Jordan River, a river in the Middle East, or be used as a surname or place name.
JourneyThe act of traveling from one place to another, often over a long distance.
JoustedPast tense of “joust,” a medieval competition between armored knights on horseback.
JousterA person who participates in jousting.
JowlierA comparative form of “jowly,” meaning having loose or sagging skin on the lower part of the face, 
JoyrodeA less common term, possibly referring to a joyful or pleasant ride or journey.
JubbahsLong, loose-fitting robes or tunics, typically worn by men in some Muslim cultures.
JubilusThis is a rare word that refers to a joyful or jubilant expression or sound, 
Amusing 7 Letter Words Starting With J For Kids
Judgersa person who judges or forms opinions about others or situations.
Jugfulsquantity or amount that a jug can hold, typically used when discussing liquids or beverages.
JuggingA cooking method where meat, is stewed in a covered container, like a jug or casserole dish.
JugginsA colloquial term that can be used informally to refer to a person who is considered foolish.
Juggledto keep several objects in motion by tossing them into the air and catching them skillfully.
Juicierindicating that something is more succulent or contains more juice.
JuicilyIn a manner that is characterized by being juicy, used to describe the texture of food or fruit.
JuicingThe act of extracting juice from fruits or vegetables, often done with a juicer.
JujitsuA Japanese martial art that focuses on close combat 
JujubesSmall, chewy candies or fruit-flavored sweets often made from jujube fruit.
JujuismA belief system or practice related to juju,
JumblesA verb that means to mix or scramble things together in a disorderly manner.
JumbuckAn Australian colloquial term for a sheep.
Jumperspeople who jump or individuals who wear jumpers, 
JumpilyIn a manner characterized by being nervous, jittery, or overly excited.
JumpingThe act of propelling oneself into the air, 
Jungledassociated with a jungle, which is a dense, tropical forest often found in tropical regions.
JunglesPlural of “jungle,” referring to multiple dense, tropical forests.
Juniorsindividuals who are younger or less experienced, often used in the context of age or rank.
Junkersold German aircraft or to the Junker family, a prominent German noble family.
JunketsRefers to trips or excursions, often taken for pleasure, entertainment, or business purposes.
Junkierindicating that something is of lower quality or more run-down.
JunkiesRefers to individuals who are addicted to drugs, especially in the context of illegal narcotics.
JunkingThe act of disposing of or getting rid of items or substances that are considered worthless 
JunkmanA person who collects and trades in scrap or discarded items, often for recycling purposes.
Junkmenreferring to multiple individuals engaged in the collection and trading of discarded items.
JurallyPertaining to or relating to matters of law and the legal system.
JurymenIndividuals who serve as members of a jury in a legal trial or court proceedings.
Justingreferring to the act of doing something that is fair, equitable, or morally right.
Justledto push or jostle someone or something in a crowded or disorderly manner.
JustlesThe present tense of “justle,” referring to the act of pushing or jostling.
JuttiedA term that is not commonly used in English. 
JuttiesThe plural form of “jutty,” which is a projecting part of a building or structure.
JuttingRefers to something that extends or sticks out prominently from a surface or structure.

Some Other Examples Of 7-letter Words Starting With J

Perfect 7 Letter Words Starting With J For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With J

Are you in the thought of teaching kids new words? Then I must say it is going to be a blast! The entire activity is not just about throwing words at them. They also need to know how to use each of them.

To make learning a wild and amazing ride, you can start with some word games. Having these activities will leave your kid with some awesome experiences. Let us enjoy these activities together. So, here we go and explore some seven-letter ‘J’ words!

Here are some cool games to enjoy with your little ones:

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

In a world where education meets excitement, your child is the hero! Discover the seven-letter words, starting with the daring letter J. Get ready for an epic game where your young explorer answers questions with these powerful words.

Or, let them take the lead and challenge you with J-word questions. Prepare yourselves and your kids for an unforgettable, heart-pounding journey through the realm of words.

Q: Who is the person responsible for overseeing and managing a jail or prison?

Answer: Jailers.

Q: What is the other name for whip scorpion?

Answer: Japygid.

Q: What is the profession of the person who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a building?

Answer: Janitor.

Q: What are people known as who are associated with or enthusiasts of jazz music?

Answer: Jazzers.

Q: What are Female donkeys or small Spanish horses also known as?

Answer: Jennets.

Q: What is referred to as a building or structure that extends outward from a main structure, such as a room or balcony, that projects beyond the exterior walls?

Answer: Jettied.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Now it’s time to get ready for “Word Puzzles!” Give your kids sentences that contain hidden 7-letter words, all commencing with ‘J.

This game works like magic. This will help your kids while assisting them in finding the treasure of new words and transforming them into geniuses. 

Have a quick look at the following awesome examples:

i) Jab_ers(Hint:Speaks rapidly and incoherently.)

ii) Jac_pot (Hint: A large prize or reward, often in gambling or a lottery.)

iii) Jar_ess (Hint: Without a jar or container.)

iv) Jarg_on(Hint: A type of colorless or pale gemstone, often a variety of garnet.)

v) Jell_ed(Hint: Made into a jelly-like substance or texture.)

(Answers: i-Jabbers ii-Jackpot iii-Jarless iv-Jargoon v-Jellied)

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Let’s have fun learning new words with your kids! Imagine it’s a game where you find matching words and discover the differences.

Here’s how to play: First, draw two columns. In one column, write seven-letter words that start with ‘J.’ In the other column, explain what those words mean.

Next, mix up the meanings to make it interesting for your kids. Ask them to find the correct meanings from the second list.

Finally, show your young adventurers how to read these words and their fascinating meanings so they remember them forever. And guide them to uncover words that have similar meanings, like words that work together like magic.

Jacklegi) Large, powerful wild cats native to the Americas
Jaconetii) A resin obtained from the root of the jalap plant, used medicinally
Jaguarsiii) Unskilled or unprofessional person
Jalapiniv) A regional term meaning honest or fair
Jannockv) A lightweight cotton fabric

 (Answers: a-iii, b-v, c-i, d-ii, e-iv)


Did you enjoy finding seven-letter words that start with ‘J’? Your kids can get the knowledge of new seven-letter ‘J’ words here. For any type of assistance you need for your child’s learning, feel free to ask us.

In our next expedition, we will look at seven-letter words that start with ‘K.’  We hope you can help your little one have a great time learning!

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