9 Letter Words Starting with B that You Might Know!

Are your little students trying to speak a lot? Do you wish to improve their vocabulary with some crucial yet new words?

If you are feeling the necessity of improving the communication skills of your little companions, then it is important to start their vocabulary lessons at a really young age, as it will help them in having a vast strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us go through some interesting yet important 9 letter words that start with the second letter B.

Let’s start …

List Of 9-Letter Words Starting With B

Incredible 9 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
babbittedPast tense to line or coat a bearing or machine part with a soft metal, to reduce friction.
babbittryRefers to the act of coating a bearing or machine part with Babbitt metal.
babblingsPlural of “babbling,” which refers to the sound of someone speaking incoherently.
babeldomsRelated to “Babeldom,” a reference to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.
babirusasA type of wild pig found in Indonesia, known for their distinctive tusks and unique look.
babirussaA possible misspelling of “babirusas,” which are wild pigs from Indonesia.
babooneryRefers to behavior of baboons, which are primates known for their often wild conduct.
baboonishDescribes something that is related to or resembles baboons in behavior or look.
babouchesTraditional Moroccan slippers, typically made of leather and featuring a pointed toe.
babushaksRefers to traditional Russian headscarves or used to describe elderly Russian women.
babycakesA term of endearment often used to refer to someone you care about, like “darling.”
babydollsA type of women’s lingerie or nightwear of short length and often featuring lace.
babyfacedDescribes someone who has a childlike appearance, often with an innocent look.
BabyflotsAirlines in the former Soviet Union created from the dissolution of the Soviet airline monopoly.
babyfoodsFood specially prepared and intended for infants and very young children.
babyhoodsThe stage or period of life when a person is an infant, often referring to the earliest years of life.
babyhouse(Dated) A doll’s house.
babyishlyIn a manner that is childlike, immature, or characteristic of a baby.
BabyloniaRefers to the ancient region of Mesopotamia, which was located in what is now southern Iraq. 
BabylonicRelating to or associated with Babylonia, the ancient region in Mesopotamia.
babymakerA colloquial term for a person who is particularly successful at producing children.
babyproofAct of making an item safe for infants and young children to prevent accidents or injuries.
bacchanalA wild and drunken celebration or party, often associated with unrestrained revelry and excess.
bacchanteA female follower or participant in the worship and celebrations of the Roman god Bacchus.
bacchantsRefers to the participants in the Bacchanalia, the wild Roman festivals dedicated to Bacchus.
bacchicalRelating to or associated with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and revelry.
bacciformResembling a berry in shape or form, typically small and rounded.
bacharachA surname and a town in Germany known for its historic and picturesque qualities.
bachelorsPlural form of “bachelor,” which can refer to a man who has never been married.
bachelourA variant of “bachelor,” which refers to a man who has never been married.
bacillaryPertaining to or resembling bacilli, which are rod-shaped bacteria.
backachesA physical pain located in the lower or upper back, often resulting from strain or injury.
backbandsStraps or bands that are worn across the back, often as part of a backpack.
backbeatsThe emphasized beats in music, often associated with rhythm.
backbenchThe seating area in a legislative assembly, occupied by members who are not leaders.
backbendsExercises in which the back is arched backward, stretching the spine and increasing flexibility.
backbiterA person who engages in malicious gossip, often talking about others behind their backs.
backbitesThe act of speaking ill of someone in their absence or saying hurtful things.
backblastThe dangerous zone behind a rocket launcher or a weapon that expels a blast when fired.
backblockAn area in a city that is distant from the central parts and may have a rural character.
backboardA flat board, often found on basketball hoops, used for shooting and rebounding the ball.
backbondsInstruments which, in conjunction with another making an absolute disposition, creates a trust.
backbonedHaving a backbone, either literally as in vertebrate animals or having strength or determination.
backbonesThe bony structure that runs down the center of the back in vertebrate animals. 
backburnsControlled fires set in a wilderness area to prevent a larger uncontrolled wildfire.
backcastsIt refers to the motion of a fly rod when the line is cast backward to prepare for a forward cast.
backchatsInformal conversations or exchanges, often characterized by cheeky or impertinent remarks.
backcheckThe act of a player moving back into the defensive zone to defend against an opponent’s attack.
backclothA large piece of fabric or scenery used as a background in theater and film productions.
backcombsThe process of teasing or backcombing hair to create volume and lift.
backcourtIn sports, the backcourt refers to the area of the court closer to the team’s own basket. 
backcrossA breeding technique in genetics where an organism is crossed with one of its parent species.
backdatedDated with a date that is earlier than the actual date of issue or completion.
backdatesThird person singular of “backdate,”meaning to assign a date that is earlier than the actual date.
backdownsThe act of withdrawing from a position or a confrontation, often to avoid a conflict.
backdraftA fire that has consumed all available oxygen suddenly explodes after getting more oxygen.
backdropsLarge, often decorated screens used in the background of a stage or photographic setting.
Goofy 9 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
backfallsFalls or tumbles that occur when someone or something moves backward and loses balance.
backfieldThe area behind the line of scrimmage where the quarterback and running backs line up.
backfilesFiles that are older and less frequently accessed, often stored in a less accessible location.
backfillsThe process of refilling an excavation or hole, typically with soil or other material.
backfiredA situation where an intended plan results in an outcome contrary to what was expected.
backfiresRefer to situations where actions or plans have unintended and adverse consequences.
backfischA German word referring to a young, immature girl or adolescent.
backflipsMovements in which a person leaps into the air and performs a full backward somersault.
backflowsThe reverse flow of a liquid, gas, or other substance, against the intended direction of flow.
backhandsA type of tennis or squash shot made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the shott.
backhaulsIn transportation, it refers to the return journey of a vehicle after delivering its primary cargo.
backheelsA soccer move where a player strikes the ball with their heel, often used for passing skillfully.
backhouseAn outbuilding located at the rear of a main house, often used for storage, laundry, etc.
backlandsRemote or less developed areas located away from the coast or major urban centers.
backliftsUpward motion of a cricket bat before a player strikes the ball, a critical aspect of playing a shot.
backlightLight that comes from behind an object or a person, often used in photography.
backlistsA list of books that were published in the past and are still available for purchase.
backloadsLoading of goods or passengers onto a vehicle for a return journey after delivering its initial load.
backorderAn order for a product that is temporarily out of stock, and the customer must wait for it.
backpacksBags with shoulder straps that are used to carry items on one’s back, often used for school.
backpedalTo retreat from a previously held position or statement, in response to criticism.
backpieceIt refers to a large design or image that covers a significant portion of a person’s back.
backplaneA support surface in a computer with the electrical connections necessary to join the internal components 
backplateA plate or protective covering on the rear side of an object or device.
backprintPrinting on the reverse side of a document or image.
backrestsSupportive structures, often found on chairs or seats, that allow a person to lean back.
backroadsSmaller, less-traveled roads, often in rural or remote areas, as opposed to major highways.
backronymA humorous acronym created by retroactively assigning phrases to an existing acronym.
backroomsOften refers to hidden or secretive places or spaces, especially in a political context.
backseatsThe rear seats in a vehicle, typically located behind the driver and front passenger seats.
backshiftA grammatical change in a verb to indicate a shift from a past tense to an earlier past time.
backshishA term for a tip, gratuity, or bribe, often used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions.
backshoreThe area of a beach or shoreline that lies between the high-tide mark and the land 
backsidesThe rear or posterior part of an object or body, often used informally to refer to one’s buttocks.
backsightAn observation taken on a distant point to establish a reference point for measurements.
backslapsA friendly gesture in which someone lightly slaps another person’s back as a sign of approval,.
backslashA typographic character () used in computing and programming, often as an escape character.
backslideTo regress or move backward in progress or behavior, often associated with relapsing.
backsolveTo solve a problem or equation by working backward from the desired outcome.
backspaceA keyboard key used to delete the character to the left of the cursor, used to correct errors.
backspinsIn sports, it refers to the spin imparted to a ball, causing it to spin backward as it moves.
backstabsThe act of undermining someone’s trust or confidence, often done secretly or treacherously.
backstageArea behind the scenes of a theater venue, where actors and crew prepare for a performance.
backstairA less visible or secretive way of doing things, often associated with hidden or covert activities.
backstoryThe background of a character or event, which may not be explicitly presented in a narrative.
backstrapA strap or band that goes across the back to provide support, often found on backpacks.
backsweptDescribing something that is swept or directed backward, often used in the context of hairstyle.
backswingIn sports, it refers to the motion or position of the club or racket as it moves backward before a swing or stroke.
backswordA type of single-edged sword, often used historically, with a protective hilt for the back of the hand.
backtraceThe sequence of function calls that led to a particular point in the code, used for debugging.
backtrackTo retrace one’s steps, actions, or decisions, often to correct a mistake or change direction.
Amusing 9 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids
backveldsUsed in South Africa, referring to remote or rural areas away from the city or urban centers.
backwardsIn the opposite direction, to reverse, or to move or think in a contrary or retrograde manner.
backwaterA quiet, isolated area, often in a river or region, where progress or development is slow.
backwoodsRemote and heavily wooded or rural areas, often far from urban centers.
backyardsThe area at the rear of a house, often used for outdoor activities, gardening, or leisure.
bacterialRelating to bacteria, or microscopic single-celled organisms that can be beneficial or harmful.
bacteriasThe plural form of “bacteria,” referring to multiple microorganisms of this type.
bacterianPertaining to Bactria, an ancient region in Central Asia, or its people.
bacteriseA variation of “bacterize,” meaning to treat or infect with bacteria.
bacteriumA singular form of “bacteria,” referring to a single microorganism of this type.
bacteroidType of bacteria with characteristics that are similar to both bacteria and the cells of plants.
baculitesExtinct marine cephalopods that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, having coiled shells.
badasseryA colloquial term that refers to behavior or actions that are bold, fearless, and daring 
badgelessLacking badges or identifying symbols, often referring to a vehicle or a person’s attire.
badgeringThe act of persistently and annoyingly asking questions, making requests, etc.
badinagedEngaged in playful or light-hearted banter or teasing conversation.
badmashesRefer to troublemakers, hooligans, or individuals who engage in unruly or criminal behavior.
badmintonA racquet sport, in which a shuttlecock is hit back and forth across a net to score points.
badmouthsTo speak negatively or disparagingly about someone or something.
badnessesPlural of “badness,” which refers to the quality of being bad, unpleasant, or of low quality.
bafflegabConfusing or deliberately jargon-laden language used to obscure meaning or confuse others.
bagatelleA trifle, a minor or insignificant matter, or a game similar to billiards.
bagginessThe quality of being loose or having an excess of fabric, often used to describe clothing.
baghousesStructures designed to capture and collect particulate emissions, used in air pollution control.
bagpipersMusicians who play the bagpipes, a traditional musical instrument with reed pipes and a bag.
bailbondsFinancial guarantees offered by a bail bondsman to secure the release of a defendant in custody.
bailiwickA person’s area of expertise, interest, or responsibility; a specific jurisdiction or territory.
bailmentsRefers to the transfer of possession of personal property from one party to another.
bairnlikeResembling or characteristic of a child, especially in behavior or appearance.
bajilionA playful or informal way of saying an extremely large or unspecified number, similar to “zillion”
bakeappleA North American fruit also known as cloudberry, typically used in jams, jellies, and desserts.
bakeboardA wooden board or surface used for baking or kneading dough.
bakehouseA place or facility where baking is done, such as a bakery or a kitchen used for baking.
bakelitesAn early type of plastic that was used in manufacturing electrical insulators and household items.
bakemeatsCooked meats, referring to savory pastries or dishes that include meat as a primary ingredient.
bakeshopsShops, where baked goods, such as bread, pastries, and cakes, are prepared and sold.
bakestoneA flat stone used for baking bread or other baked goods, often placed over an open flame.
bakewaresUtensils, dishes, and equipment used for baking, such as pans, molds, and baking sheets.
balancersDevices or systems used to maintain stability, equilibrium, or control in various contexts
balancingThe act of maintaining stability in different aspects, including physical and financial balance.
balconiedHaving or featuring balconies, often referring to buildings or structures with outdoor platforms.
balconiesPlatform areas attached to a building or structure, often used for outdoor living, viewing, etc.
baldachinA decorative canopy, made of fabric or ornamental materials, used to cover altar, throne,etc 
baldfacedBold in behavior, often used to describe someone who acts without concealment or pretense.
baldheadsPeople who are bald or have a shaved head, often used informally.
baldmoneyA plant of the saxifrage family, known for its clusters of small greenish-white flowers.
baldpatedHaving a bald head, often used in a humorous or somewhat archaic manner.
baldricksPlural of baldrick, or a broad belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn over one shoulder,etc.
balefiresLarge outdoor fires, often associated with celebrations or rituals, in historical contexts.
balefullyIn a threatening or menacing manner, often related to looks or glances that convey ill intent.
balkinessThe quality of being hesitant, uncooperative, or resistant, used to describe stubborn behavior.

Some Other Examples Of 9-Letter Words Starting With B

Perfect 9 Letter Words Starting With B For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 9-Letter Words Starting With B

Teaching your little companions some new words can be both exciting and quite important.  However, all of your long-term efforts can become futile if they do not understand how or even where to use those words.

So, to save yourself and your kids from this problem while making learning a remarkable experience, a great way is to teach them through some enticing game-like activities. Here are a few of those inviting activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

This is a quite appealing game that can help your tiny friends to know about some new words with ease. Through this method, your child will understand the concepts of the same and different. For this, you will need to collect two sets of beautiful scrabble cards.

One set will carry some enticing pictures, while the other will contain some vital 9 letter words starting with the letter B, like babycakes, babeldoms, babyfoods, Babylonia, bacciform, bachelors, backbench, and many more.

Next, you have to demonstrate to your young children how to read those cards and the proper way to match them with the respective words.

In addition, you have to show your young accomplices how to perform the matching and instruct them to follow the steps that you have shown already.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another enjoyable and simple educational activity is well-known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this interesting activity, you may show your cute students several beneficial 9 letter words that start with B.

Through this, your tiny friends will not only be able to learn a few new words but also to use the words in the right context. Moreover, this kind of learning activity will be of remarkable assistance for their future studies.







1) a   2) b   3) p 4) i   5) c

3. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This third activity is an inviting idea through which your young partners can learn some important 9 letter words starting with letter B, and also show them how to use those new words. To play a name game, just say or question something and your young friend will give the answer.

You can enjoy this in the opposite direction as well. In that case, your kid will ask you a question and you must answer in the correct way. Hence, through this educational game, you can teach your little friends some new 9 letter words starting with the letter B.


Q: What is a term of endearment often used to refer to someone you care about, similar to “sweetheart” or “darling.”?

Ans: Babycakes

Q: What do we call a type of wild pig found in Indonesia, known for their distinctive tusks and unique appearance.?

Ans: Babirusas

Q: What would you call the stage or period of life when a person is an infant, often referring to the earliest years of life.?

Ans: Babyhoods

Q: What would you call a physical discomfort or pain located in the lower or upper back, often resulting from strain or injury?

Ans: Backaches


Thus, these are some notable learning methods to teach your young students several new 9 letter words starting with the letter B. In addition, for some other exciting ideas, stay with us.

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