9 Letter Words Starting with C for Curious Vocabulary!

Are your children trying to talk a lot? Do you plan to strengthen their stock of words with some new English words?

If you are thinking that it is essential to strengthen the communication skills of your young companions, then you must start teaching them some new English words at an early age to help them have a vast and strong vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us talk about some interesting 9 letter words that start with the letter C.

Here we go…

List Of 9-Letter Words Starting With C

Incredible 9 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CabalettaA type of operatic aria that follows a recitative and is often characterized by a lively tempo.
CabalistsPeople who are members of a secret group that plots and schemes. 
CaballeroA Spanish term that means “gentleman” or “knight,” used to refer to a chivalrous man.
CaballersA plural form of “caballer,” which can refer to knights or gentlemen.
CaballineRelating to horses or resembling a horse.
CaballingEngaging in a cabal, which means conspiratorial or secretive plotting or scheming.
CabassousA genus of mammals that includes the armadillos, which have protective bony plates.
CabbagingPresent participle for to take something illegally or without the owner’s permission.
CabbalismThe practice of cabalistic or mystical interpretation 
CabdriverA person who drives a taxi or cab for a living, transporting passengers to their destinations.
CabernetsA type of wine grape, used in the production of red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon.
CabestrosPlural of cabestro, meaning a trained steer used in bullfighting.
CabezonesA plural form of “cabezón,” a Spanish word that can mean “stubborn” or “big-headed”.
CabinetryThe construction and installation of cabinets or storage units, often found in kitchens.
CabinmateA person who shares a cabin, room, or living quarters with another, often used in ships..
CablecastThe broadcasting or transmission of television or radio programs using a cable network.
CablegramA message sent via cable, typically a telegraph or electronic cable system.
CablewaysA system of cables and pulleys used for transporting people, goods, or equipment.
CabochonsGemstones that have been polished and shaped into a smooth and rounded shape.
CaboodlesRefers to a large collection of something, often used in the phrase “the whole caboodle.”
CabotagesThe transport or shipping of goods or passengers within a single country’s territorial waters.
CabrillasA type of fish, also known as scorpionfish, known for their venomous spines.
CabriolesA movement in which the dancer leaps into the air, tucks their legs, and performs turn.
CabrioletA type of convertible car or horse-drawn carriage with a folding roof that can be opened.
CabstandsLocations or areas where taxis or cabs wait for passengers, often near transportation hubs.
CacafogosA term used humorously to describe a person who is considered foolish or absurd.
CacafuegoA historical term used for a type of Spanish warship known for its artillery and firepower.
CachaemiaRefers to the presence of abnormal substances in the bloodstream, used in medical context.
CachaemicRelating to cachaemia, a condition with the presence of abnormal substances in the blood.
CachalotsA term for sperm whales, which are large marine mammals known for their immense size.
CachecticPertaining to cachexia, a severe wasting or general physical decline, due to a chronic illness.
CachepotsDecorative containers, often made of ceramic, used to conceal plain or utilitarian flowerpots.
CachetingPresent participle of cachet, meaning a special quality/ (archaic) a seal, as of a letter.
CacholongA type of semi-precious stone, usually an opal, creamy white in color and used in jewelry.
CacholotsThis appears to be a variation or misspelling of “cachalots,” which are sperm whales.
CachuchasA type of hat, often a variant of the flat cap or beret, commonly worn in Spain 
CaciquismDescribes a form of political corruption where local political bosses hold disproportionate power.
CacodemonAn evil or malevolent demon or spirit, often used in literary and mythological contexts.
CacodylicRelating to the chemical compound cacodyl, a toxic and foul-smelling organic arsenic compound
CacoepistA person who habitually mispronounces or misuses words.
CacoethesAn irresistible urge or compulsion, to describe an uncontrollable urge to write.
CacoethicRelating to a compulsive or irresistible urge to do something, often to the point of obsession.
CacogenicPertaining to the production of harmful or detrimental effects.
CacomixleA term used in Mexico to refer to the ringtail, a small mammal related to raccoons.
CacophonyA harsh and discordant mixture of sounds, used to describe noise that is unpleasant to the ears.
CacotopiaA fictional term for a society or state characterized by extreme suffering or misery, 
CactiformResembling or having the shape of a cactus, often used in botanical contexts.
CacuminalRelating to or situated at the top or highest part, often used to describe a linguistic accent.
CadastersRecords of land ownership, boundaries, and property values, often used in legal contexts.
CadastralPertaining to cadasters or the registration of land ownership and property boundaries.
CadastresAn alternative spelling of “cadasters,” referring to land registration records.
CadavericRelating to a cadaver, a dead human body, or pertaining to the processes of decomposition.
CaddisflyAn insect of the order Trichoptera, known for the larvae’s construction of protective cases.
Goofy 9 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CadenciesThe rhythmic flow, inflection, or modulation of sounds or words in spoken or written language.
CadencingThe act of modulating or changing the rhythm or flow of speech or music.
CadentialRelating to cadence, used in music to describe the ending or closing part of a musical phrase.
CadetshipThe status, period of training, or position of a cadet, often in the context of military institutions.
CaecilianA type of limbless, burrowing amphibian belonging to the family Caeciliidae.
CaeruleanA deep blue or azure color, often used to describe the color of the sky or sea.
CaesareanPertaining to a Cesarean section, a surgical procedure for delivering a baby.
CaestusesPlural of caestus, alternative form of cestus.
CafeteriaA self-service restaurant where customers can select food items from a variety of options.
CafetiereA device used to brew coffee by steeping ground coffee beans in hot water.
CaffeinesChemical compounds found in coffee, tea, etc, known for their stimulating effects on the nerve.
CagebirdsBirds kept in captivity in cages as pets or for various other reasons.
CagelingsA term that may refer to small or young animals kept in cages or coops.
CageworksDecorative objects made from woven materials or designed in a lattice or cage-like pattern.
CaillachsRefer to “Cailleach,” a figure in Scottish mythology often associated with the winter season.
CairngormA precious stone of smoky yellow-brown or gray-brown color, used in Scottish jewelry.
CakeholesA slang term for the mouth, often used humorously.
CakewalksA style of dance that originated in African-American communities in the United States.
CalabazasThe Spanish word for “pumpkins” or “gourds.”
CalabooseAn informal term for a jail or a small, often temporary, holding facility for prisoners.
CalabreseReferring to or associated with Calabria, a region in southern Italy.
CaladiumsA genus of plants known for their large, decorative leaves and often cultivated as houseplants.
CalamatasA type of olive, used to produce Kalamata olives, known for their distinctive dark purple color.
CalaminedTreated with calamine, a medication used to soothe and relieve skin itching and irritation.
CalaminesA variation of “calamine,” a medication containing zinc oxide used to alleviate skin conditions.
CalamintsA type of aromatic herb or plant, often used in culinary or medicinal applications.
CalanthesA genus of orchids, known for their beautiful and fragrant flowers.
CalavanceAny bean, but especially the hyacinth bean.
CalcaneanRelated to the calcaneus, which is the heel bone in the human foot.
CalaneusA variant of “calcaneus,” which is the largest bone in the human foot and forms the heel.
CalcarateHaving spurs or spur-like projections.
CalcarineRelated to the calcarine fissure, which is a prominent groove in the brain’s occipital lobe.
CalceatedWearing shoes.
CalcedonyAn archaic term for chalcedony, a type of microcrystalline quartz known for its various colors.
CalcicoleA plant or organism that thrives in soils rich in calcium.
CalcifiedTransformed into calcium carbonate, often referring to the process of mineralization.
CalcifiesThe third person singular form of “calcify,” which means to become or cause to become calcified.
CalciformHaving a shape or form resembling chalk or calcium-based substances.
CalcifugeA plant or organism that prefers or thrives in soils that are low in calcium.
CalcimineA paint or pigment made from white lead and used for whitewashing or interior wall coating.
CalciningA process, where a solid material, is heated at high temperatures but below its melting point. 
CalciuriaThe presence of an abnormally high amount of calcium in the urine, often a medical condition.
CalcretesHard, cemented layers or deposits of calcium carbonate found in soils or sediments.
CalcsparsA variation of “calcite spar,” referring to crystalline forms of calcium carbonate minerals.
CalcularyOf, pertaining to or containing calculi.
CalculateTo determine a numerical result through mathematical operations or to assess, estimate, etc.
CalculousPertaining to or containing calculi, which are concretions or solid masses in the body
CaldariumA term used in ancient Roman bathing complexes to refer to a hot bath or steam room.
CalefyingPresent participle of calefy, meaning to become warm or hot.
CalembourA pun or play on words, often involving multiple meanings or a humorous twist in language.
CalendarsSystems for measuring and organizing time, often used to mark days, weeks, months, etc..
CalendrerA machine that smooths and finishes cloth or paper by rolling or pressing it between plates.
CalendricPertaining to calendars or the measurement of time.
Amusing 9 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
CalendulaA genus of plants that includes marigolds, often grown for their bright, colorful flowers.
CalentureAn archaic term referring to feverish delirium experienced by sailors on hot, tropical sea.
CalescentBecoming or growing warmer, often used to describe a gradual increase in temperature.
CalfskinsThe skins or hides of young cattle, typically used to make leather products.
CaliatourRefer to a traveler, especially one visiting the Middle East or Islamic regions.
CalibrateTo adjust an instrument, device, or system to ensure its accuracy and reliability.
CalicularPertaining to a calyx, the outermost whorl of floral parts in a flower
CalifatesPlural form of “caliphate,” which is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph.
CaliologyThe scientific study of beauty or the principles of aesthetic theory and beauty.
CaliperedMeasured using a caliper, a tool used for measuring thickness, width, or diameter.
CaliphateIslamic government led by a caliph, who serves as a leader of the Muslim community.
CallaloosA dish made from leafy green vegetables, commonly found in Caribbean cuisine.
CallbacksA term used in the entertainment industry to refer to the second round of auditions.
CallboardA board refers to a centralized communication platform used in theaters or films.
Callidity(Obsolete) Craftiness/ cunning.
CalligramA visual representation of a text in which the words are arranged in a certain shape.
CalliopesA type of steam-powered musical instrument, often used in circuses and fairs.
CallipashA term used in culinary contexts to refer to the soft part of a turtle’s shell, used in soups.
CallipeesA term used in culinary contexts to refer to the meat of a turtle, used in various dishes.
CallipersInstruments used for measuring the thickness, width, or diameter of an object.
CallistanA term that may refer to someone from Callisto, which is one of Jupiter’s moons.
CallosityA hardened or thickened area of skin, often due to repeated friction or pressure.
CallotianRelating to with Jacques Callot, a French baroque printmaker and draftsman.
CallousedHaving thickened or toughened skin, often due to repeated friction or pressure.
CallousesPlural of “callous,” referring to multiple areas of toughened or thickened skin.
CallouslyRefers to a lack of concern, used to describe indifferent to the suffering of others.
CallowestThe superlative form of “callow,” describing someone who is the most immature.
CallusingThe process of calluses, typically on the skin due to repeated friction or pressure.
CalmativeHaving a soothing effect, often used to describe substances that reduce anxiety.
Calminglyused to describe actions or behaviors that bring a sense of peace or relaxation.
CalorificHaving the quality of producing heat or being heat-producing, 
CaloristsPeople who are concerned with or study the science of heat, heat transfer, etc.
CalorizedTreated with a process that involves heating to enhance or change properties.
CalotypesAn early photographic process developed by William Henry Fox Talbot.
CalthropsSharp, spiky devices, typically with four points arranged so that one is always upright. 
CalumniesFalse and malicious statements made to damage someone’s reputation or character.
CalutronsPlural of calutron, a form of mass spectrometer used to separate the isotopes of uranium.
CaluyanonA Visayan language spoken in the Caluya Islands, Antique in the Philippines.
CalvarialOf or pertaining to the calvaria
CalvariasPlural of calvaria, meaning the dome or roof of the skull.
CalvariesPlural for a burden or ordeal that must be endured or overcome.
CalvariumThe upper, domelike portion of the skull (without the lower jaw).
CalvitiesPlural for the condition of having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair.
CalycularPertaining to, or resembling, the bracts of a calycle.
CalyculusA row of small bracts at the base of the calyx, on the outside.
Calypsoescalypsoes refer to the musical compositions originating from the Caribbean. 
CalyptersThe two posterior wing lobes that appear in dipteran flies of the subsection Calyptrata.
CamcorderA camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen.
CambiformResembling the cells of the cambium.

Some Other Examples Of 9-Letter Words Starting With C

Perfect 9 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 9-Letter Words Starting With C

Sometimes, you may feel that it is crucial to teach your little children several useful new words, right? However, simply teaching them a few of those new words will not be that much fruitful if they don’t have any idea about the usages of those newly-learned words, isn’t it?

So, to avoid this while making the learning process quite memorable, you may try to engage them in some attractive game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is a very common game through which you can show your young kids some new words with ease. Through this interesting idea, your child will be able to understand the ideas of the same and different. For this, you must collect two sets of attractive cards.

One set with some colorful pictures, while the other with some new 9 letter words starting with the letter C, such as caballero, cabbaging, cabdriver, cabinmate, cabstands, cachaemia, cacoepist, and many more.

Then, you must teach your little companions how to read those cards and tell them the right way to match them with the correct words.

Furthermore, you must show your young kids how to do the matching activity and tell them to follow the steps you have demonstrated earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is another common and interesting word-game. This game is a perfect way to teach your little kids several interesting and useful 9 letter words starting with the third letter C, along with explaining to them how to use those words perfectly. In this game, you have to say or ask a question and your child will respond with the correct answer.

You can even play this game in the opposite direction. In that case, your little partner will become the questioner and you will have to respond with the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your little friends some important 9 letter words starting with the letter C.


Q: What do we call areas where taxis or cabs wait for passengers, often near transportation hubs like airports or train stations?

Ans: Cabstands

Q: What do we call decorative containers, often made of ceramic or other materials, used to conceal plain or utilitarian flowerpots.?

Ans: Cachepots

Q: What would you call a type of hat, often a variant of the flat cap or beret, commonly worn in Spain and Latin American countries.?

Ans: Cachuchas

Q: What is the act of modulating or changing the rhythm or flow of speech or music?

Ans: Cadencing

Q: What would you call a person who habitually mispronounces or misuses words.?

Ans: Cacoepist

3. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another incredibly easy and enjoyable educational activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning activity, you may show your kids some useful 9 letter words that start with C. ]

Through this game, your cute partners will not only be able to learn the new words but also to use them perfectly. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy educational activity will help them in their future studies.








1) d   2) a   3) i    4) w   5) l   6) m


Thus, with these interesting games you can teach your young kids some useful and new 9 letter words starting with C with ease. Also, for some other amazing ideas, just stay with us.

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