99+ Excellent Abba Puns for All the Abba Fans!

If you are a pop lover.. Hey, no way, you haven’t heard about the famous musicians from ABBA! Oh, how cool they can be! Be it those swaggy clothes or the bold makeup, an entire generation has gone crazy over their personality. 

Just imagine how entertaining their conversations can be. Pop itself is so dramatic and iconic in such a situation, speaking in cool puns regarding ABBA .. oh, it can take the conversation to a whole new level!

Hat’s off! Who doesn’t wanna seem cool to their gang? Everyone does! So, let’s hustle the brilliant minds and get into some really funny puns. 

Funny Abba puns

Q: How did ABBA make their mark in the U.S. after winning the 1974 Eurovision?
A: They made a promotional tour and even appeared on shows like The Mike Douglas Show and Saturday Night Live.

Q: What do you call the place where all ABBA songs come from?
A: The ABBA-lanche of hits.

Q: Why was the ABBA-themed restaurant so popular?
A: Because the chef said, “Take a chance on meat.”
My Experience: Speaking of ABBA, I once dined at an ABBA-themed restaurant, and the chef’s ‘Take a chance on meat’ slogan made it a memorable night of music and cuisine!

Q: If ABBA was a beverage, what would it be?
A: Abba-solutely refreshing!

Q: Why did ABBA never launch a gardening service?
A: Because every time they tried, plants would sing, “Water-loo me.”

Funny Abba puns

Q: What do you get if you win a drawing for the whole discography of ABBA?
A: Just one winner, there’s no alternate award.

Q: Why is it odd to talk about ABBA’s rhyme scheme in “Dancing Queen”?
A: Because she’s described as a young, slim 17-year-old dancing queen. It probably should be AA.

Q: What did Mr. Aykroyd say when ABBA wanted to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on karaoke night?
A: Sing Queen, Dan!

Dancing Queens and Kings 💃🕺
ABBA’s music has the power to turn anyone into a dancing queen or king. Their iconic tunes have been lighting up dance floors for decades.

Q: How do you describe an ABBA tune that’s stuck in your mind?
A: A Sweet Swedish Earworm.

Q: What’s the Ramadan edition of ABBA’s songs?
A: “Give me a naan after midnight.”

Best Abba puns

Q: What would I do if I had lunch with ABBA?
A: The same thing if I went to Nando’s with a friend.

Q: What top track proves the Minoans’ influence on ABBA?
A: “Minoan me, Minoan you.”

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Q: What’s special about the ABBA toilet I bought?
A: What a loo!

Q: Why should my cousin visit the ABBA Museum even if he’s not a big fan?
A: As my father said, “Well, if you change your mind.”

Q: Who’s the new Swedish group that mixes music and comedy?
A: ABBA and Costello.

Great Abba puns

Q: Why was my nightmare about the blonde member of ABBA so terrible?
A: Why couldn’t it be with Agnetha?

Q: How does the dancing queen solve math problems?
A: With an Abba cus.

Q: What did archaeologist Fred Flintstein find in Sweden?
A: Ancient instruments and a little bit of “ABBA doo.”
Pro Experience: You know, my friend who’s an archaeologist once found himself in Sweden on a dig. He uncovered ancient instruments and a little bit of ‘ABBA doo.’ It was like a musical time capsule!

Q: If ABBA songs were played during a meal, what would they sound like?
A: Crunchy, with a side of Mamma Mia!

Q: What’s the takeaway from North and South Korea’s peace, ABBA’s new song, and Trump’s presidency?
A: Like Meatloaf said, “Two out of three isn’t bad.”

Hilarious Abba puns

Q: Why did ABBA play Monopoly Empire?
A: To give them a chance to try ME.

Q: What happened to the fan at an ABBA festival restroom?
A: She said, “I couldn’t leave Portaloo even if I wanted to.”

Q: Why is the bathroom in an ABBA themed bar so hard to navigate?
A: It’s like a maze, a loo you couldn’t get away from if you tried.

“Mamma Mia,” That’s Catchy! 🎶
The melodies of ABBA’s songs are so catchy that you can’t help but say, “Mamma Mia!” Their music has a way of staying with you.

Q: How do you count three ABBA members in a French butcher shop?
A: ABBA three.

Q: Introduce yourself in palindrome style and mention your favorite band.
A: I’m Bob Palindrome. My parents and children, Hannah and Otto, are all here. They love ABBA.

Q: I’m starting a tribute band for ABBA. Who should I play?
A: That Björn character. But you can be anyone, even Anni-Frid Skywalker.

Silly Abba puns

Q: What’s an Abba-original I found in Sydney, Australia?
A: A man playing “Dancing Queen” on a didgeridoo.

Q: How does the dancing queen solve arithmetic problems?
A: With the ABBA-cus.

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Q: Why do Spanish teachers dislike ending their playlists with ABBA?
A: They think the ending is flawed.

Q: When I have ABBA on my mind, what do I think to myself?
A: “Mamma Mia, here I go again.”

Q: What did I realize in my dream last night?
A: That Judy Garland and ABBA are amazing, even in a dream where I was a gay man.

Amusing Abba puns

Q: What’s the new Broadway show that mixes magic and 70s Swedish pop?
A: ABBA-Cadabra.

Q: Before computers, why was there no need for an ABBA curse in the lyrics of “Dancing Queen”?
A: Because it contained coarse language.

Q: Name a high-end store backed by a supernatural woman, a dead band from Norway, and the undead.
A: Witch and Zombie by ABBA.
Sigma Experience: That pun reminds me of a fun night out with friends. We were trying to guess the name of this mysterious store, and it turned out to be ‘Witch and Zombie by ABBA.’ Quite the unexpected combination! 🧙‍♀️💀

Q: How do three Swedes form ABBA?
A: Two men, two women, and another Swedish twist.

Q: Who appreciates the 70s pop music the most?
A: Someone with an ABBA cadence.

Entertaining Abba puns

Q: What’s the source of the best Swedish meat?

Q: If someone tells you they’re going to an ABBA concert tonight, what should you say?
A: “H-abba a great time!”

Q: Why did my attempt to form an all-woodwind ABBA cover band fail?
A: The world wasn’t ready for OBBO.

Q: Have you heard of the French ABBA tribute band that’s really bad at singing?
A: They’re known as ABBA Trois, and they butcher the songs.

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again! 🎶
“ABBA” stands for Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid, the group’s members. Mamma mia, here we go again, celebrating their musical magic!

Q: What did I think when I saw someone playing “Dancing Queen” on a didgeridoo?
A: “That’s aboriginal.”

Q: With so many changes around, what’s next?
A: ABBA changing, perhaps?

Q: What kind of meatballs are big fans of ABBA?
A: Swedish meatballs.

Thank you for diving into the ABBA pun-derland with us! 🎶 If these puns struck a chord or gave you a chuckle, drop us a note. We’re all ears and would love to hear your thoughts!

Abba puns

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