121+ Best Africa trivia questions From deserts to deltas

🌍Welcome to the heart of Africa, where we’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant and diverse continent with Africa trivia questions! 🦓

But how well do you know this incredible continent? Join us as we uncover fascinating facts and intriguing trivia about Africa’s geography, wildlife, history, and cultures.

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Africa Trivia Questions For Kids

Informational Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Largest African country by land area?
A: Algeria.

Q: Africa’s longest river?
A: Nile.

Q: “Rainbow Nation” of Africa?
A: South Africa.

Q: Tallest mountain in Africa?
A: Mount Kilimanjaro.

Q: Largest hot desert in Africa?
A: Sahara Desert.

Q: Formerly known as Abyssinia?
A: Ethiopia.

Knowledgeable Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Largest African lake by surface area?
A: Lake Victoria.

Q: River with Victoria Falls in Africa?
A: Zambezi River.

Q: “Land of a Thousand Hills”?
A: Rwanda.

Q: Africa’s largest wildlife migration?
A: The Great Migration.

Q: Ancient pyramids similar to Egypt in Africa?
A: Meroë in Sudan.

Q: Largest African island nation with lemurs?
A: Madagascar.

Amazing Africa Trivia Questions

Q: “Giant of Africa” due to population and economy?
A: Nigeria.

Q: Largest canyon in Africa?
A: Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

Q: World’s largest hot water spring in the African desert?
A: The Eye of the Sahara.

Q: Currency used in South Africa?
A: South African Rand (ZAR).

Q: “Pearl of Africa” due to natural beauty?
A: Uganda.

Q: Ancient city of Timbuktu in which African country?
A: Mali.

Silly Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Largest land mammal in Africa?
A: African elephant.

Q: Known for red sand dunes in the Namib Desert?
A: Namibia.

Q: Highest waterfall in Africa and second-highest worldwide?
A: Tugela Falls in South Africa.

Q: “Land of Gold”?
A: Ghana.

Q: Official language of Rwanda?
A: Kinyarwanda.

Q: Home to rock-hewn churches of Lalibela?
A: Ethiopia.

Catchy Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Largest crocodile species in Africa?
A: Nile crocodile.

Q: Source of the Nile River?
A: Uganda.

Q: Official language of Nigeria?
A: English.

Q: Ancient city of Carthage in which African country?
A: Tunisia.

Q: Famous for flamingos and the Great Rift Valley?
A: Kenya.

Q: World’s oldest desert with tall sand dunes in southern Africa?
A: Namib Desert.

Awesome Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Formerly known as the Gold Coast and first African country to gain independence?
A: Ghana.

Q: City known for markets and medina in Morocco?
A: Marrakech.

Q: World’s largest non-polar desert in northern Africa?
A: Sahara Desert.

Q: Famous for annual Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti?
A: Tanzania.

Q: Capital city of Egypt with the Great Pyramids?
A: Cairo.

Q: “Land of a Thousand Islands” in the Indian Ocean?
A: Seychelles.

Worthy Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Mountain range in Morocco?
A: Atlas Mountains.

Q: Highest mountain in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco?
A: Toubkal.

Q: River with a unique red color in Senegal?
A: The Red River.

Q: Famous for wildlife conservation and the “Big Five” animals?
A: South Africa.

Q: Largest city and economic hub of East Africa?
A: Nairobi, Kenya.

Q: Known for ancient rock churches in the region of Tigray?
A: Ethiopia.

Creative Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Largest island in Africa and fourth-largest in the world?
A: Madagascar.

Q: Famous for unique Baobab trees in the “Avenue of the Baobabs”?
A: Madagascar.

Q: Official language of Algeria, the largest African country?
A: Arabic.

Q: Largest country in East Africa?
A: Tanzania.

Q: Currency used in Kenya?
A: Kenyan Shilling.

Q: Famous for Alexandria and the Library of Alexandria?
A: Egypt.

Incredible Africa Trivia Questions

Q: World’s largest volcanic caldera in Tanzania?
A: Ngorongoro Crater.

Q: Table Mountain and Robben Island in which African country?
A: South Africa.

Q: Primary language spoken in Cameroon?
A: French and English.

Q: Annual Festival of the Sahara in which African country?
A: Tunisia.

Q: Lake known for its hippos and crocodiles in South Africa?
A: Lake St. Lucia.

Q: Highest mountain range in Africa?
A: The Atlas Mountains.

Mesmerizing Africa Trivia Questions

Q: Ruins of Great Zimbabwe in which African country?
A: Zimbabwe.

Q: Currency used in Morocco?
A: Moroccan Dirham.

Q: Colorful Maasai tribespeople found in which African countries?
A: Kenya and Tanzania.

Q: Unique script used in Ethiopia?
A: Ge’ez or Ethiopic script.

🌍Exploring Africa through trivia has been an adventure like no other! From the Sahara Desert to the wild savannas, we’ve uncovered nuggets of knowledge that reveal the continent’s mesmerizing tapestry.

So, keep your curiosity alive, and may your journey through this incredible land continue to be as thrilling as a safari on the African plains! 🦁🌟

Africa Trivia Questions

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