80+ Apple Riddles with Answer to Ignite Your Brain

An apple a day, they suggest, keeps the doctor away. How about an apple riddle every day? How lovely would that have been?

If that were the case, our impressive range of apple riddles would place you in an excellent spot right here with riddles with answers.

We have simple, straightforward riddles as well as some that might be more complicated and difficult in our collection of apple riddles.  

Apple Riddles for Kids

Almost all of the riddles on this page are excellent for school-age children or, indeed, any dedicated fan of fruits. Find the best apple riddles, logic challenges, and solutions to educate your kids about apples.

This amazing collection of crossword riddles combines a sense of humor with a love of apples whilst boosting leisure activity and other intellectual functioning.

Apple Riddles for Kids

Q. I’m a fruit, either red or green. Gravity was allegedly discovered. I hit Newton’s head when I fell. Who am I?

A. Apple

Q. This pastry is a fruit pie, and apples make up the vast majority of the filling.

An apple pie

Q. Ten apples are contained in a basket. Ten people are present. One apple remains in the basket after everyone has taken one. How is this possible?

A. The basket was taken by one of the people.

Q. Eleven men came traveling by, saw twelve apples swinging high, and Each got down and took one. How many apples still persist?

A. Eleven apples. The man who obtained one goes by the name “Each.”

Q. Which apple variety is not an apple?

A. A pineapple

Q. What hand would I have if I had five apples in one and six apples in the other?

A. Large hands, two!

Q. What would happen if an apple and a Christmas tree were to produce offspring?

A. Pineapple will be born

Q. How is it possible to split five apples among seven friends?

A. Creating apple sauce

Q. What could possibly be worse than finding an apple worm?

A. Uncovering a worm’s half in your apple!

Q. When the orange and banana were looking for the apple, what did the orange say to the banana?

A. Keep an eye outside for

Q. How many apples do you even have if there are six and you take away four?

A. 4 that you selected.

Q. How can you give each father and each one of their two sons a whole apple while going to give away three apples?

A. Grandfather, a father, and a son are them. A father and son are both visible in the middle.

Q. A basket contains four girls and four apples. One apple remains in the basket even though each girl has taken one. How is it even possible?

A. The basket was carried by one girl. While the apple was in the basket, she ended up taking the last one.

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Hard Apple Riddles

Hard apple riddles

This excellent set of crossword riddles mixes comedy and love of apples, boosting leisure time and other intellectual activities. Much of what has been given here will be represented in the riddles.

Truly, we hope you’re enjoying it and spreading the message among all your apple-loving pals. Here are all the top apple riddles with solutions. These riddles are perplexing, but it’s rooted in humor.

Q. What else could the outcome be if an apple and a Christmas tree were about to cross?

A. A pineapple!

Q. What do you relate to as the fruits of anger?

A. Bad apples

Q. I’m circular, and I grow on trees. It can indeed be green or red. I’m down to eat. I realize that I am a fruit. Am I a?

A. Apple

Q. According to rumor, I have a shiny red coat over my underneath white flesh, trying to make me attractive to them. I have a delicious flavor, a sweet scent, and I shield your teeth.

Who am I?

A. I am an apple!

Q. Doctors recommend I eat one a day because I could be both sweet and sour at times. So who am I?

A. A green apple

Q. What would you have if you had four apples and three oranges in one hand and three apples and four oranges in another?

A. Incredibly huge hands

Funny Apple Riddles

Q. Who essentially resides in the Big Apple as a hipster?

A. Bookworms.

Q. So why are the orange and apple alone?

A. Primarily due to the banana split!

Q. How many apples do you even have if there are three and you take away two?

A. If you take two apples, you will evidently have two.

Q. How would you split sixteen people by seventeen apples?

A. Produce applesauce

Q. What fruit is a wolf’s top choice?

A. An Apple pack!

Q. 20 people are accommodated in a square, empty room. Without turning his head, body, or doing anything else to move, each person has full knowledge of the overall room, everything, and everyone in (other than the eyes). Where might you put an apple so everyone could see it but one person?

A. Assemble the apple on the head of one person.

Q. I am a fruit that has a spiky outer layer and an interior that is soft, yellow, and juicy. Regardless of the fact that my name is APPLE, I am not even an apple. So who am I?

A. Pineapple

Q. Apples and eggs can move through the door of a refrigerator in a grocery shop, but kiwi and mango cannot. And which regulation is the fridge strictly adhered to?

A. Only fruits with double letters in their names, like cherries and apples, have been permitted and through the glass pane.

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Fun Apple Riddles

Funny apple riddles

The trickiest and most amusing apple riddles for kids are the ones that have had the answers. The trick questions are good for kids, while the more difficult apple riddles are great for fruit enthusiasts.

The difficulty of each question greatly depends on the reader’s acquaintance with apples, even though most of the solutions to the ones offered below are only one word.

Q. What represents a quarter of an apple?

A. It resembles the other half of an apple.

Q. Why did the apple complement the banana outdoors?

A. Since it was unable to discover a date.

Q. The apple paused in the center of the road because of what reason?

A. But since his juice did run out.

Q. What does a perverted apple give you?

A. Hard cider

Q. What wide range of apples is easily irritated?

A. A crab apple.

Q. What would you call a fruit with uneven terrain?

A. A bad apple.

Q. What did the apple-embedded maggot have to say to another one?

A. Worm, your way out of that one!

Q. The same woman, a good-looking girl, named Sarah, is the entity of love for both a physician and a bus driver. The whole week bus trip the bus driver would have to take was indeed a long one. He ended up giving Sarah seven apples before he left. What for?

A. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Q. How else are apple turnovers made?

A. Push it down a steep hill

Q. The jelly started to roll; why?

A. It noted the apple rotational motion.

Q. In a room, five women were accommodated. There was a bag with five apples in that in the same room. One apple was left in the bag after each woman had taken one. How can this be feasible?

A. The apple had been inside the bag when the fifth woman took all of it.

Q. This fruit is very well-liked.

Which would be generally green or red

You devour them or swallow their juice.

And even on Halloween, bob for them. Who am I?

A. An apple

Catchy Apple Riddles

Q. How much hand then would I have if I had five apples in one and six apples in the other?

A. Two Huge hands!

Q. The Big Apple is the place of residence to what kind of hipsters?

A. Bookworms

Q. So why are the apple and orange alone?

A. Since the banana split, of course!

Q. A mix between an apple and a Christmas tree is intended to produce what?

A. Pineapple

Q. In an empty box, how so many apples will you integrate?

A. Zero. It no more remains empty once you add an apple.

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Best Apple Riddles

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