50+ Interesting Arabic Riddles to Ignite Your Brain

Arabic literature gives great significance to riddles. The Quran does not have direct riddles, but it does contain Conundra. It means phrases that have hidden expressions.

Unfortunately, modern scholars have not researched this segment of Arabic literature in-depth. For the same reason, Arabic riddles have not been glorified or discussed much. 

To celebrate this less-talked component of Arabic literature, our team has prepared a list of riddles to make you acquainted with this rich literature and its fragments.  

Arabic riddles for kids

Riddles have been given an important place in Arabian stories for kids. ‘The Arabian nights’ – a great children’s classic, includes the use of riddles occasionally.

The following part of the article will contain riddles from Arabian nights, also known as 1001 Nights.

Q. I heard Arabian nights first. My queen was the writer of the great story. Guess my name. 

A. Shahryar

Q. I have a monkey as my accomplice. I am a well-loved character in the Arabian world. From stealing bread for my hunger, I stole a princess’s heart for love. 

A. Aladdin 

Q. I use a mantra every time I want to open the huge door to treasure. Which character am I?

A. Ali Baba

Funny Arabic Riddles

Q. How many thieves were present when Ali Baba entered the cave for the first time?

A. Zero. Ali baba watched the thieves while hiding behind a tree. When they went away from the cave, then Ali baba repeated the same magical mantra to open the door and reached inside. 

Q. What was the name of the tiger who was princess Jasmine’s pet?

A. Rajah

Q. Who finally killed the 40 thieves in the story- Ali Baba and 40 thieves?

A. It was Morgiana- the salve of Ali Baba who killed the thieves after she heard them planning to kill her master. 

Q. I am good at manipulation. My stick helps me to hypnotize people. I have a pet parrot. Who am I?

A. Aladdin’s enemy- Jafar

Q. I am the one Aladdin thanks for helping him to marry the love of his life. 

A. The genie

Q. The narrator of 1001 nights was a queen. Can you guess her name?

A. Scheherazade 

Q. From my deathbed, I rose. To the world’s renowned sailor I became. Completed many voyages with different hurdles. Can you guess my name?

A. Sinbad the sailor. 

Q. What place did Sinbad set his sail from?

A. Basra

Q. The Arabian Nights have become popular folklore in western culture now. But can you guess where did this classic originate from?

A. It originated in the Middle East

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Hard Arabic Riddles

Hard Arabic riddles

How can we celebrate culture and literature without even knowing about the heritage and history of the discussed country? Are you ready to test your knowledge of some historical and geographical Arabic riddles? 

Q. The most famous religious place- Mecca, is located in the Middle East. Can you tell the present location of Mecca?

A. It is presently located in Saudi Arabia since 1925. 

Q. Can you guess the number of rounds people take around the Kaaba?

A. They take seven rounds around the Kaaba

Q. Name the capital city of Saudi Arabia

A. Riyadh. 

Q. Egypt and Saudi Arabia share a common river. Name the river. 

A. Both of them share the Red sea.

Q. I originate from Arabia. But if you are good at maths, I am of great use to you. Can you guess who I am?

A. Arabic numerals. (1,2,3,4)

Arabic Riddles

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Funny Arabic riddles

Have you heard what they say about Arabic mill workers? Me neither! Hahaha. (Sorry, but I really wanted to insert this here.)

If you too like cracking lame jokes even though no one laughs at them, excluding you, then believe us. This segment is so for you!

Q. What is an Arabian dairy farmer called?

A. Milk- sheik

Q. Do you know about the Arabic actor who fell from the stage?

A. It was just a ‘stage’ he was passing through. 

Q. I have this relative from the Middle East who owns a big chain producing fruity milkshakes. Have you heard his name?

A. Banana milk sheik. You might know him 🙂

Q. What will you call a Saudi bodybuilder when you see him consuming a protein shake? 

A. A sheik drinking a shake. (Okay, we promise this was the last sheik riddle.)

Q. What will a sheik name his café?

A. Bake and ‘sheik’ (Well, sorry, not sorry)

Q. A pirate has two legs and two hands. What will you call him?

A. A beginner. (You didn’t get it, did you? So basically, pirates have always been described with only one leg or one arm.)

Q. Why was no one able to play a game of cards with the sheik?

A. Because he was standing on the ‘deck.’

Q. Why does sheik don’t have dogs?

A. Because they spend years on their camels.

Q. A sheik has three eyes. What will you call him?

A. A sheiiik

Q. I think my tuition teacher is from Arabia. Can you guess why?

A. Because he is constantly drinking ‘sheik.’

Q. A husband from Arabia tells the doctor that he suspects his wife has Alzheimer’s. Can you guess the symptoms?

A. She says that she can’t remember what she ever saw in her husband. 

Q. An old sheik felt lonely and neglected. He wanted people to talk to him. Do you know what solution did he find?

A. He stopped paying the bills.

Q. What will you call a Saudi criminal who got stuck in a cement container?

A. A hardened criminal. 

Q. I am in a room with no doors. Neither do I have any doors to enter. What am I?

A. A chatroom

Q. What’s white and sounds like silk?

A. Milk 

Q. On which month does human sleep for the shortest?

A. February. (I don’t need to explain this, I suppose. But just in case you don’t get it, since February is a leap month, it has a smaller number of days)

Arabic riddles for kids

Q. You own it. It keeps on increasing. But it never comes down. What is it?

A. Your age

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Best Arabic Riddles

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