120+ Hilarious Bag Puns That’ll Make You Laugh

A bag is something you use to carry things. It can be made of cloth, plastic, or other materials. There are many kinds of bags, like backpacks, handbags, and tote bags. Each type is used for different purposes. 

You might use a backpack for school or a handbag for carrying your wallet and keys. Bags help you keep your things organized and make it easier to carry them around.

Well, that’s all about the bag, but you will enjoy it more if you read our bag puns list that I have made especially for you!

Funny Bag puns

Hilarious Bag Puns For Kids

Q: My employer recently let me go, and as severance, they gave me a bag of old coffee; they said that was cause for dismissal.
A: I guess they wanted to give you grounds for leaving!

Q: To purchase a dozen bees, I went to the beekeeper. I counted 13 when he handed me the bag, so I remarked, “Oops, you gave me an extra-” “Nah, that’s a freebie,” he retorted.
A: Guess he’s all about the bee-nevolence!

Q: What does a rifle and a bag of chips have in common? Everyone wants to be your buddy as soon as you draw them out.
A: They’re both chip-py and trigger-happy!
My Experience: Just like those chips and the rifle, your wit hits the target every time! Keep shining with your clever sense of humor.

Q: What are the contents of beekeepers’ goody bags? He has Freebees.
A: Those beekeepers sure know how to create buzzworthy treats!

Q: What’s the name of a bag that fell? We call it as Bahg.
A: Gravity really brought down the Bahg!

Q: I had just returned from the grocery shop with the ingredients for dinner when my dog lunged for the bags. Get off of there, that’s nachos, I shouted.
A: Looks like your dog’s taste isn’t limited to dog food!

Funny Bag Puns For Kids

Q: Why was a 25 cent coupon for a bag of potatoes the cause of such elation for the defensive lineman? He is constantly trying to get the quarterback.
A: He saw a chance to sack some savings!

Q: My bin wouldn’t accept a fresh bag when I went to put one in; it kept repeating, No No No. It was since it was a trash sack.
A: Your bin seems to have a sassy attitude!

Q: When I was younger, I could enter a store with just a dollar and leave with two candy bars and a bag of chips. They have cameras now.
A: Ah, the good old days of penny candy are long gone!

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Q: The purpose of keeping an extra pair of socks in a golfer’s bag. It is just in case they hole out.
A: Can’t have those hole-in-ones without proper socks!

Q: Why don’t vultures travel with their luggage checked? They just take their carton with them.
A: They’re all about carry-on carrion!

Q: What distinguishes a tea bag from England’s national football team? More space takes up with the tea bag in the cup.
A: Guess the football team doesn’t mind getting crowded!

Silly Bag Puns For Kids

Q: What distinguishes Michael Jackson from a plastic bag? The other carries goods whereas the first is made of plastic and is unsafe for children to play with.
A: Plastic bags really moonwalk on that safety!

Q: Whoever responds to my next question can go home. The teacher instructs her students one day. The bag of a youngster is thrown out the window. Who just tossed it, the instructor wondered? Me!” the youngster exclaims. Now I’m going home.
A: That’s one way to make a swift exit!

Q: I enter an elevator with a loaded duffel bag when I’m bored. When people enter, and the door closes, I slightly unzip the bag and say, “I’ll buy you some food once we get off,” to the object within.
A: Elevator pranks with a side of suspense!

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Q: After killing five zombies and stabbing a vampire with a steak, I began to question their carrying of candy bags.
A: A well-prepared fighter is also well-prepared for trick-or-treating!

Q: I removed the trash bags as my mother had instructed, and the following day, she inquired about my sisters. “In queue to get crushed,” I said.
A: Seems like your sisters were bagged for disposal!

Q: What distinguishes a young child from a cocaine bag? A bag of cocaine would never be allowed to fall out the window by Eric Clapton.
A: Safety first, even for illegal substances!

Amazing Bag Puns For Kids

Q: A recent Catholic offshoot reveres a paper bag as the divine representation of the One, True God. It’s a lot like sack religion.
A: That’s some holy packaging!

Q: What do you sound a masculine cow with a purple bag, an orange couple of shorts, and a pink shirt? Adorable (A-dora-bull).
A: That’s one fashionable and adorable bovine!

Q: I bought a rucksack that had been strained out in the ground. Its performance on the exam was not stated, but I was pleased that they took some initiative.
A: A backpack with extra knowledge, how innovative!
Pro Experience: Just like that clever backpack, you’ve got the initiative and resourcefulness to navigate any challenge that comes your way. Keep embracing those innovative solutions!

Q: There are just two parachutes on board a plane carrying three men as it is ready to crash. The first man has the parachutes and hands them both to the others before jumping himself. Wow, why would you do such an article, why not save your own life? the third discrete person says before dropping. I gave the second person a vacant backpack, what are you foolish, the first guy replies as he turns to face him.
A: Quite the parachute predicament!

Q: What is a chicken’s backpack known as? It is called an BokBok.
A: A backpack made for a clucking good time!

Q: Following the purchase of a new rucksack for her, what did the little Iraqi girl’s father ask her? Many thanks for Baghdad.
A: That’s one grateful backpack owner!

Incredible Bag Puns For Kids

Q: My kindergartener is already proficient in middle school biology. She says “eukaryote” when I instruct her to grab her bag, pointing at me.
A: Starting education early, right from the backpack!

Q: I observed someone carrying a messenger bag and a backpack. Talk about carrying some heavy burden.
A: Double the bags, double the responsibility!

Q: I was instructed to “dress to kill” when invited to a function. Evidently they hadn’t planned on a turban, beard, and rucksack.
A: Well, you certainly stood out from the crowd!

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Q: On a field, a man is sprawled. His back is covered with a rucksack, and a lot of flies are buzzing around. What’s inside the bag? The parachute.
A: A rucksack with a built-in surprise!

Q: A man at Sony Studios was held when it was exposed that he was booming a bomb. When it was discovered to be the Ghostbusters script, he was released.
A: That’s one explosive screenplay!

Q: How many books could you fit in an unoccupied bag on usual? One. Then it stops being bare.
A: A bag that loves to be filled with knowledge!

Silly Bag Puns For Kids

Q: In her bag, my friend dropped salad dressing. I suggested that she toss it out.
A: That dressing must have been feeling saucy!

Q: My friend makes a career by selling backpacks. They may be decorated with different colored markers. He once described his company as “amazing.”
A: Guess his bags have a real marker for success!

Q: When my friend’s marijuana plants are growing, he injects them with sugar water, and they sell the bags of it for much higher rates. It is because he wants to make things more appealing.
A: High-quality bags with a sweetened deal!

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Q: At the Chinese restaurant, I received two cookies in a bag. I think I had great fortunate.
A: You must’ve been destined to get those double treats!

Q: I saw that everyone else had a better luggage than I had while I was waiting at the baggage carousel at the airport. It is the worst-case scenario applied.
A: Bag-envy is real at the airport carousel!

Q: When the clerk asked whether I needed a bag after purchasing a package of condoms recently, I said, “Nah, I’ll just turn the lights off.”
A: I guess he was hoping for some discreet packaging!

Goofy Bag Puns For Kids

Q: I was attacked with a bag of dirt, but I’m afraid to call the police since they have dirt on me.
A: That’s one dirty situation you’re in!

Q: After my friend grabbed the joke I was penning, stashed it in his backpack, took off running, stumbled over himself, and collapsed. The joke is now on him.
A: He sure bagged himself a good laugh!

Q: I promised my buddy yesterday that her handbag wasn’t purse-onal when I commented on how terrible it looked.
A: Just giving an honest bag-ssessment!
Sigma Experience: Honesty is the best policy, even when it comes to fashion!

Q: My wife is always so dismal. The car seat, the stroller, and the diaper bag all sprang to mind. She will just only bring up how I forgot the baby.
A: Babies and bags, both essential but never to be left behind!

Q: Two radicals visit a store. A person puts on a backpack. He tells his pal, Does this make my bomb appear large?
A: Explosive fashion statements in the store!

Q: My wife would buy a handbag if I had a cent for each time my wife and I battled about money.
A: Those cents sure bag up quickly!

Best Bag Puns For Kids

Q: There are just 3 parachutes on board the airliner that is crashing over the desert. The crew has left the building and is safe, leaving just the passengers.
A: Packing light took on a whole new meaning!

Q: My wife is always so dismal. The car seat, the stroller, and the diaper bag all sprang to mind. She will just only bring up how I forgot the baby.
A: That’s a heavy bag-gage of responsibility!

Q: When I offered to give a midget at a bus stop a ride, he became angry with me. I zipped up my bag and headed out.
A: Sometimes, it’s best to bag the jokes!

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Q: Despite their simplicity, bags have been essential for the growth of human civilization because they make it simple for people to transport more objects than can easily be carried in their hands and quickly gather loose materials like food grains.
A: I bag to differ; they’re more than just simple utilities!

Q: What did the eco-friendly shopper say after purchasing a reusable bag?
A: “I’m bagging the planet one tote at a time!”

Q: Why did the handbag apply for a job?
A: It wanted to be tote-ally independent!

Childish Bag Puns For Kids

Q: What did the suitcase say to the other at the airport?
A: “I think we’ve bag-gaged into some serious business.”

Q: How did the bag get stronger?
A: It worked on its zip-ups!

Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite type of bag?
A: Boo-tote!

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Q: Why did the backpack feel sick?
A: It was all stuffed up!

Q: How did the grocery bag feel when it broke?
A: Torn apart!

Q: Why was the gym bag so good at giving advice?
A: It’s always been a great support!

Awesome Bag Puns For Kids

Q: Why was the paper bag a great comedian?
A: It always knew how to pack a punchline!

Q: What did one luggage say to the other after a long journey?
A: “I’ve got a lot of emotional baggage.”

Q: What did the satchel say to the hat?
A: “You go on ahead; I’ll hang out here.”
Ultra Pro Experience: Even accessories know the importance of pacing and waiting for the right moment!

Q: Why did the belt get promoted over the bag?
A: It cinched the deal!

Q: Why did the suitcase keep lifting weights?
A: It wanted to get packin’ muscles!

Q: How does a bag greet another?
A: “Hey, tote’s good to see you!”

Awesome Bag Puns For Kids

Q: Why did the backpack break up with the fanny pack?
A: It felt like it was just waist-ing its time!

Q: Why did the handbag go to school?
A: It wanted to be a better bag-pack!

Q: What did the beach bag say to the towel?
A: “You’ve got me all wrapped up!”

Q: Why was the little computer cold at school?
A: It left its laptop in its bag!

Q: How do bags communicate with each other?
A: They use bag signals!

Q: What did the optimistic tote say?
A: “Every bag has a silver lining!”

Digging into “Bag puns” has been tote-ally hilarious! Did they handle your funny bone just right or leave you zipped up with laughter? Spill the beans and drop us a line. Your feedback helps us pack in more chuckles and carry on the fun! 🛍️😆

Bag Puns For Kids

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