125+ Best Banking Trivia Questions: How Many Can You Get?

Do you know that Antarctica contains only two ATMs? Even more surprising is the fact that a man had to pay 23 quadrillion dollars for an unintentional debit card error. 

Several other mysteries continue to exist in the banking world. How many of them are you familiar with? 

Here’s a quiz with banking trivia questions that will add to your knowledge about banks and banking around the world. Whether you’re a financial expert or a newbie, this quiz will help you learn more about loans, investments, and everything to secure your financial future. 

Banking Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What’s the U.S. central banking system called?
A: Federal Reserve.

Q: What does ‘ATM’ stand for?
A: Automated Teller Machine.

Q: Rate for central bank loans to other banks?
A: Federal Funds Rate.

Q: Bankruptcy in 2008, global financial crisis?
A: Lehman Brothers.

Q: Serves individuals and households?
A: Retail Bank.

Q: Oldest central bank, 1668?
A: Sveriges Riksbank.

Q: Spreading investments to reduce risk?
A: Diversification.

Q: What’s ‘IRA’ in banking?
A: Individual Retirement Account.

Q: International banking standards organization?
A: Basel Committee.

Q: Facilitates stock trading?
A: Stock Exchange.

Q: Fee charged for borrowed money?
A: Interest Rate.

Q: Insures U.S. bank deposits up to a limit?

Q: Provides a death benefit?
A: Life Insurance.

Q: Accepts deposits, grants loans?
A: Commercial Bank.

Q: Converts cash into traceable form?
A: Money Laundering.

Q: Total amount owed by someone?
A: Debt.

Q: Regulates U.S. national banks?

Q: Invests clients’ funds in securities?
A: Investment Bank.

Q: Offers banking to individuals and businesses?
A: Bank.

Q: Earning interest for a fixed period?
A: Certificate of Deposit.

Q: Person or entity lending money?
A: Lender.

Q: Provides financial assistance to countries?

Q: Evaluates creditworthiness?
A: Credit Assessment.

Q: Sudden economic crisis, triggered by panic?
A: Financial Crash.

Q: Allows money withdrawals and purchases?
A: Debit Card.

Q: Takes over another company?
A: Acquisition.

Q: Regulates U.S. monetary policy?
A: Federal Reserve.

Q: Total value of goods produced?

Q: Regulates financial products and services?

Q: Interest rate for overnight federal funds loans?
A: Federal Funds Rate.

Q: Loan with adjustable interest rate?
A: Adjustable-Rate Loan.

Q: Publicly held company shares?
A: Publicly Traded.

Q: Develops international financial reporting standards?
A: IFRS Foundation.

Q: Serves corporations, institutional clients, governments?
A: Corporate Bank.

Q: Allows writing checks, earns interest?
A: Checking Account.

Q: Government-issued money withdrawal document?
A: Banknote.

Q: Offers secure valuables storage?
A: Safe Deposit Box.

Q: Measures ability to pay short-term debts?
A: Liquidity Ratio.

Q: Promotes international monetary cooperation?

Q: Percentage representing investment income?
A: Dividend Yield.

Q: Financial instrument representing company ownership?
A: Stock.

Q: Offers banking to individuals and businesses?
A: Bank.

Q: Practice of lower interest rates for well-qualified borrowers?
A: Prime Rate.

Q: Facilitates currency exchange, international transactions?
A: Forex Broker.

Q: Repaying loan with regular payments?
A: Amortization.

Q: Financial instrument representing a loan?
A: Bond.

Q: Provides loans to developing countries?
A: World Bank.

Q: Buying and selling assets for short-term profit?
A: Day Trading.

Q: Measures debt compared to equity?
A: Debt-to-Equity Ratio.

Q: Monitors international accounting standards?

Q: Serves wealthy individuals, institutions?
A: Private Bank.

Q: Loan using home as collateral?
A: Mortgage.

Q: Transferring funds electronically between banks?
A: Wire Transfer.

Q: Serves individuals and households?
A: Retail Bank.

As we conclude our journey through Banking trivia questions, remember that finance is not just about money; it’s about understanding the gears that drive economies and shape our financial well-being.

Keep learning, keep saving, and may your financial future be as bright as a golden coin! 💰💡

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