25+ Exciting Bear Hunt Activities For Kids to Explore The Nature!

The Going on a Bear 🐻 Hunt song has always been an all-time favorite among the kids, mainly consisting of preschoolers. The detailed description of the surroundings and the rhythmic, clear language used by Michael Rosen make it a perfect piece of literature to be used for dramatic acts. 

This song inspired my son to inspire and imagine a similar adventurous journey. 

So, if your child is anything like my son, then why not take this song to the next level and enhance this experience with some friendly bear hunt activities?

Amazing Bear Hunt Activities For Your Children

I would say these bear hunt activities can be really fun and enjoyable for all the kids. Along with fun and enjoyment, these activities will also teach a variety of valuable lessons in a fun and engaging manner.

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of activities that are fun as well as valuable for the kids.😁

Make Binoculars

Make Binoculars

After singing the song a couple of times and understanding the details of the surroundings, I would suggest the kids make their own binoculars 🔭. This will enhance the experience of the kids, and it will also help them level up their crafting skills.

Pro Tip: 

I would recommend using homemade binoculars with the help of toilet paper rolls instead of real binoculars to also teach the kids about some crafting skills.

Make Mud

To further enhance the experience of a real bear hunt, I would suggest making a mud-like substance with some basic elements. These basic elements include three parts baking soda and one part water 💦.

Make a Cave Craft

As the name suggests, it’s an adventure to hunt a bear, so in my opinion, an activity involving the imaginative bear will help the children to understand better.

So, for this activity, some construction paper, Google Eyes, and paper plates are required in order to create a pretend cave for the bear to hibernate in.

Fun Fact:

With the help of this activity, my little son not only created a very cute-looking bear cave, but I could also teach him about the process of hibernation.

This activity also made him so curious about a bear’s winter habitat that we discussed it for a couple of hours! 😆

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

In my opinion, kids understand and enjoy more when they have the freedom to interact outside. So, this activity will turn a normal preschool hike into an adventurous scavenger hunt.

Pro Tip:

To make this activity even more fun, you can break the kids into teams where one team would be given a task about finding birches whilst another time would be given a task about finding leaves and so on.

Make Bear Headbands

My kid usually likes to wear various caps 🧢 and fashion items. So, making kids wear headbands related to this song can make them more excited about this. 

This simple activity can be performed with a few pieces of brown and pink construction paper. It is a great way to engage the little kids in pretend bear play.

Make Bear Paper Plates

When I used to perform this activity with my little son, I noticed he liked those activities that are more craft-based and that require various items to create something. So, if your kid is anything like mine, you can definitely try this very fun activity. 

For this activity, along with a paper plate, a paper bowl, cotton wool, googly eyes, heavy-duty glue, and a black pom pom is also required.

Create a Brown Bear Puppet

Create A Brown Bear Puppet

Similar to the previous activity, I would recommend one more craft-based activity. For this activity, you will need brown pom-poms, small lunch bags, pipe cleaners, a black sharpie, and construction paper.

Pro Tip:

Instead of making the ears and face of the bear puppet 🧸I would suggest you all use the previous items that we made, like the bear headbands and bear paper plates, to save time.

Paw Print Craft

To make the children 👦 deeply understand the feeling of the song, a paw print art can be crafted to further enhance their learning. 

Kids can work on their own, and with the help of glue, they can arrange each part of the bear hunt song sequentially. 

Bear Name Counting

This activity is a bit different from the others as it is not a direct bear paw print name activity, but it is quite similar to it. In this activity, after all the students write their names in bubble letters 🔠, they have to first count how many bears can be filled in the letters of their names. 

Hence, because of its unique and fun competitive nature, I recommend this activity to you all.

Create a Nature Walk Collage

Create A Nature Walk Collage

As I previously mentioned, sensory items can enhance the experience of kids regarding it. So, this activity focuses on utilizing that aspect and aims to create a sensory collage consisting of all the sensory items mentioned in the song 🎵

Pro Tip:

This activity can be performed just after our nature walks scavenger hunt activity, where during our hunt, we will also simultaneously collect all the sensory items mentioned in the song. And then, after returning from it, the students will use glue to create an amusing collage.

Read a Book

After returning from the scavenger hunt and successfully completing our nature walk collage activity, we can proceed to enhance the experience by ultimately reading a book 📚.

Our goal was a bear hunt so we could read bear books. In my opinion, this is a great way to end a session after working on several previous activities.

Get Muddy

In my opinion, in the modern world, we rarely get to enjoy the beauty of nature. We have become so busy with our mobile phones and computer devices that not only us but our kids as well have adopted this specific behavior. 

So in order to encourage the outdoor experience, I would surely suggest this activity. In this activity, green food coloring 🍀can be used to make a spaghetti look like a seaweed, which would provide a muddy beach experience. Hence, it will give a great authentic river experience to the kids.

Storytelling Spoons

Storytelling Spoons

I recently came up with another crafting activity, which made my son really excited. So, after observing his reaction, I decided to share this activity with you all. This activity gives a unique art experience to the kids, and this activity can also be performed in two alternate ways. 

You can either let the students create their own spoons 🥄or you can also make them for them, and then you can let the kids use them in a bear-themed puppet show. 

Pro Tip:

Instead of wooden spoons, you can also use clothespins. You can also show your own creativity while making it for your kids by adding some extra textures and ingredients to the items to lift the experience of the kids.

Ignite the Five Senses

I recently found out with this activity that kids experience a whole different feeling to the ideas that we, as adults, assume are simple or boring. So, this activity revolves around a similar concept of mine. 

In this activity, the students just need to feel various aspects of nature, like smelling fire 🔥, tasting water, observing other objects, and touching a stuffed animal, imagining it as the real bear that the kids are supposed to hunt. 

Pro Tip:

You can also frequently let the kids take turns trying on the hat, making them the leaders of the bear hunt activity for a short while.

Play in a Series of Obstacles

Trust me when I say every kid likes to play any kind of outdoor activity. Whether through the television or through story books in some way or the other, all the kids crave adventure. And a bear hunt is incomplete without an actual adventure. 

Hence, this activity will focus on providing an actual adventurous experience to the kids. This can be prepared by setting up physical obstacles like balance beams, fake mud, and wooden logs. 

Use a Word Mat

I would suggest you all create a bear hunt word mat for your kids. It is a great way to properly teach a kid literacy skills with the help of this word mat. In this activity, a kid needs to identify which of the words also appears in the bear hunt song. 

Hence, it is a great activity for the kids and also requires minimum effort to prepare for it.

Sequence Events

Sequence Events

I would suggest before performing any outdoor physical activity regarding the bear hunt, and kids first need to learn about the events that happen at the song’s beginning, middle, and end. 

This activity focuses on sequencing the events that happen in the song and hence helps the students work on their sequencing skills, memorizing ability, recall, and comprehension.


My son and I have done these activities together to enjoy the experience of the bear hunt, which also helped him improve various skills while enjoying the adventure and excitement that the activities provided.

I really hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities that I have listed regarding the bear hunt.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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