101+ Clown Riddles to Wake Your Brain Up

Even if these clown riddles are entertaining, challenging, or intriguing brainteasers, kids will enjoy solving riddles! Some fascinating riddles are suitable for kids, while others begin straightforwardly.

You will be amazed at how excited the kids can be when they try to sort out some of these common riddles! All the more reason to pull out the clown humor whenever and wherever possible!

Clown riddles for kids

Here, you will discover some of the top collections of puzzles and clown riddles for both children and teenagers.

The best clown riddles, brainteasers, and answers can also be used to teach your children about clowns. Clown makes us laugh; people of all ages find it funny and enjoy it too.

Q. I am going to arrange for a clown to send flowers to my wife.

A. Will she think you are a romantic fool?

Clown Riddles

Q. Cannibals do not eat clowns. Why don’t they?

A. Because they taste funny.

Q. Which city was completely ruled by clowns?

A. Honk-konk.

Q. Why was the lopsided clown looking for more cheese?

A. He wore only one stilt!

Q. Before we started dating, my wife dated a clown.

I was walking into some big shoes.

Why was the clown depressed?

A. He broke his funny bone.

Q. How did the clown come up with his jokes?
A. He jest put a pun on paper!
My Experience:Β Reflecting on this, it brings to light the creative process behind humor and the power of wordplay in crafting jokes. It reminds me of the joy of playful creativity and the satisfaction of sharing laughter with others through clever puns and witty humor.

Q. How did the clown’s acts go?

A. Ma-jest-ic.

Q. What is the most amusing fish?

A. It is a clownfish.

Q. I am thinking of starting a clown shoe company. But could not start it. Why?

A. But this is no easy feat!

Q. What kind of bar does a rodeo clown tend to favor?

A. It is a honky-tonk.

Clown Riddles

Q. What happens when you boil a clown?

A. A laughingstock

Q. Have you seen the super thrilling circus clown?

A. His show was always performed under tents!

Q. What do you name a frugal clown?

A. Pennywise.

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Q. What should you do if a swarm of clowns attacks you?

A. Take aim at the juggler!

Q. What is the material used to make clown costumes?

A. Jester Poly.

Q. What is the most annoying thing about playing tag with a clown?

A. When it is the clown.

Q. You are attending a clown college. What will happen to you?

A. You cannot be serious at all.

Clown Riddles

Q. What kind of ailment did the clown contract?

A. He had a juggle fever.

Q. How do clowns get their credentials from the clown college?

A. With ed-joke-ation

Q. Where would clowns go to tie the knot?

A. The Clown Hall.

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Q. What exactly is the link between Winnie-the-Pooh and Bozo the Clown?
A. They share the exact same middle name.

Q. Where did the clown move once he resigned?

A. Somewhere along Old Clown Road.

Q. What made the clown so excited upon obtaining ear transplantation on December 31?

A. Because he got a happy new ear!

Hard clown riddles

Do you have a fear of clowns? It’s actually a rather common phobia! Nonetheless, unless someone has severe coulrophobia (the word for that specific fear), they are likely to find clown riddles amusing.

Clown riddles are excellent to utilize since everyone is familiar with clowns, whether they enjoy them or not. Le’s enjoy some of the brainstorming hard clown riddles below.

Q. Why did the clown dart all over the roadside?

A. To head to the shop and then get his rubber chicken.

Q. What occurred after one of the clowns had a cracked egg in the egg competition?

A. “The yokes on you,” the other clown remarked.

Q. I dislike the clown from IT.

Instead of repairing our computers, he’s constantly fooling around it and laughing and joking.

What is the best way to protect yourself if you are ambushed by a gang of clowns?

A. Just choose a juggler.

Q. What is inscribed on Ronald McDonald’s gravestone?


Q. Ronald McDonald placed a quarter in my outdated parking meter today. What did I exclaim?

A. What a sweet jester!

Clown Riddles

Q. What do you term a clown who loathes sitting?

A. A stand-up comedian

Q. Why was there no clown recruited in the circus?

A. He simply wasn’t It.

Q. What do you term a clown sketch?

A. A sketch comic.

Q. What do the clowns term an earthquake?

A. A laugh-quake!

Q. When the clown fell asleep, what did he sound like?

A. “Honk shoe, honk shoe, honk shoe,” he screams.

Q. What do you name a clown who has recently been locked up?
A. It is a sili-con.
Pro Experience: It brings to mind the importance of empathy and understanding, even in difficult circumstances. It reminds me that individuals, regardless of their roles or situations, deserve compassion and support as they navigate challenges and seek redemption.

Q. What’s pink as well as trapped between the feet of an elephant?

A. Clowns who move slowly, i.e., slow clowns.

Q. Ronald McDonald greets his wife in what manner?

A. “Meet Patty!” 

Q. Why was the clown got terminated from his job?

A. He was fooling everyone.

Q. Have you been hearing about the circus clown who has been thrown?

A. He is suing for the closure of the funfair.

Q. My girlfriend reported that I was acting like a clown. Why is that?

A. I ceased juggling and then almost toppled off my unicycle because the experience was so upsetting.

Clown Riddles

Q. Why do clowns have crooked necks very often?

A. Since they sleep differently!

Q. Why did the clown cry when he saw the balloon?

A. He could not purchase it because of rising prices.

Q. I terminated my job at McDonald’s yesterday. Why?

A. My manager turned out to be a genuine clown.

Q. For my birthday party, my father got a clown. What was he like?

A. But he was a real bozo

Q. What was the length of the clown’s hard drive?

A. 100 laugh-bytes!

Q. Why are all the clowns so occupied?

A. They have a lot of amusing stuff to cope with.

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Q. How did the clown get across the street?

A. By throwing on his stilt.

Q. How do clowns make their eggs?

A. Funny side up

Q. What made the clown visit the doctor?

A. He was having a fun time.

Q. Why was the clown’s mortgage turned down?

A. He could not afford the clown charges!

Q. What would a furious magician perform?

A. He would get his hare out.

Q. Have you heard about the new clown shoe retail shop?

A. It is not a massive foot.

Clown Riddles

Q. Why is the circus economy starting to fail?

A. Because no one is serious about it.

Q. Why was the Mom Clown so well-liked among the other parents?

A. Since she was brilliant at carpooling.

Q. When would clowns bring their clown car to the doctor? 

A. Until they’re feeling a little weird!

Q. Who needed to step into big shoes? 

A. The clown from the circus.

Q. What type of doctor tells his patients that laughter is the best cure? 

A. A clown doctor.

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Q. What prompted the clown to fling his clock out through the window?Β 
A. He was eager to see if time had flown.

Q. What was the name of the peculiar-tasted fish? 

A. Clownfish.

Q. How did the tiger remark to the clown? 

A. His happy lunch.

Q. What exactly was the purpose of the clown’s education? 

A. Because he had been juggling his future

Q. How did the clown succeed in captivating everyone? 

A. He was a great jester.

Clown Riddles

Q. What type of fever was the clown complaining from?

A. Juggle fever.

Q. How does a person get away from a group of clowns? 

A. Simply go after the juggler!

Q. What method did the clown use to tally his money? 

A. Pennywise.

Q. What led the clown to leave the cheese circus?Β 
A. Because he could not even retrieve his stilton.
Sigma Experience: It reminds me of the challenges we face when things don’t go as planned. It reflects the frustration of encountering obstacles that hinder our goals, prompting us to reassess our priorities and make decisions based on what’s feasible and fulfilling.

Q. What elements are used to make a clown outfit? 

A. Poly-jester!

Q. Which test did the clown screw up? 

A. The balloon-blowing task!

Q. Why did people flee from the clown? 

A. As a result of a peculiar odor!

Q. What does a shaking is termed by the clown? 

A. A laugh-quake!

Q. How would the clown’s tricks go? 

A. Ma-jest-stic! 

Clown Riddles

Q. What caused the clown to be dismissed from his job? 

A. He was fooling everyone. 

Q. What is the name of a clown who hates resting? 

A. A stand-up comedian

Funny clown riddles

You may learn about the clowns, what kind of music clowns like, what secrets clowns keep, and even laugh at these funny beings right here!

That sounds like the setup for a clown joke, but it is real news. The last few years have been difficult for all of us, especially the world’s live artists.

Q. Why are all the clowns so busy dealing?

A. Because they have some hilarious business to attend to!

Q. What was the size of the clown’s hard drive?

A. 100 giggle-bytes!

Q. What made the clown see the doctor?

A. Because he was having a fun day!

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Q. What caused the lion to spit out the clown?

A. Because he tasted funny!

Q. What do you call a clown-dressed goat?

A. A foolish Billy

Q. What is the pink goo seen between an elephant’s toes?

A. Clowns who move slowly

Q. Guys who make you laugh and never make you frown, who make you happy and never let you go. 

What is it, then?

A. A clown

Clown Riddles

Q. I live for laughter and the audience; without them, I am nothing. What exactly am I?

A. The clown

Q. Why did the small clown crash with his car into a tree?

A. He was interested in its bark because it tasted funny! 

Q. When the small clown realized he was going to die, what did he do?

A. He entered the living room.

Q. Why did the small clown drive off a cliff in his car?

A. He wanted to put his air brakes to the test.

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Q. What caused the tiny clown to throw his clock out the window?
A. He wished to see how time passed by.

Q. What was the clown’s intention to do when he threw the butter out the window?

A. He was looking for a butterfly.

Q. What led the shark to spit out the clown?

A. Because he tasted strange!

Q. What should you do if a swarm of clowns attacks you?

A. Take aim at the juggler

Q. Why was the clown wearing such vibrant socks!?

A. So that his feet didn’t fall asleep!

Clown Riddles

Q. What do you call a clown in the jail cell?

A. Silicon (Silly Con)

Q. What happens if you call a clown three times in a row?

A. You will be entertained by a three-ring circus.

Q. Why was the clown depressed?

A. She shattered her funny bone!

Q. What happens when a clown and a goat cross paths?

A. Stupid Billy!!!

Q. A 7-foot clown stood up and put a glass of water over his head. 

He dropped the glass by accident, but nothing spilled. 

What makes this possible?

A. There was no water in the glass; it was simply a water glass.

Q. I may be scary or fascinating; I cover my face so you won’t recognize me, 

And I make animals out of plastic. 

What am I, then?

A. The clown

Q. What caused the small clown to drive his vehicle off a cliff?
A. He wanted to put his air brakes to the test.
Ultra Pro Experience: Reflecting on this scenario, it reminds me of the importance of caution and judgment in decision-making, even in seemingly light-hearted situations. It underscores the significance of thinking through the consequences of our actions, no matter how whimsical they may appear.

Q. How did the little clown react when he realized he was about to die?

A. He entered the living room.

Q. What caused the small clown to crash his car into a tree?

A. He was interested to hear its bark.

Q. Why did the clown feel sad looking at the balloon? 

A. Because of inflation, he could not buy it.

Clown Riddles

Q. Whom do clowns love performing with the most? 

A. Clownfish.

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Q. Why are clowns usually seen jumping?Β 

A. Because they have a sense of funny bone in them!

Q. Which superhero is most hated by clowns? 

A. Batman.

Q. Which city was ruled completely by clowns?

A. Honk-konk.

Q. How can you make a sad clown pleased? 

A. Bring him to an orthopedic surgeon to have his funny bone repaired.

Clown Riddles

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