99+ Mummy Riddles that Are Scary but Boosting Brain Powers

Mummies emerged for the very first time in documented history as part of mythology and mythology attributed to Ancient Egypt.

According to artifacts, ancient Egyptians thought that people who disturbed the bodies of Pharaohs laid adjacent to and within their tomb divisions were cursed.

This enigmatic “curse” has had a tremendous impact on modern times. However, we aren’t here to discuss curses but only amazing riddles!

Mummy riddles for kids

Mummies have become widely famous in history and as the subject of famous Hollywood films, but that is not the end of their contribution to the public media.

Even though mummies were formed and kept in Egypt’s iconic pyramids, everyone in the world is aware of them. And we’ve all made a riddle about the legendary wrapped-up Pharaohs.

Q. A zombie, a mummy, and a phantom all purchased a house. 

Apart from a single room, it has all of the regular rooms. 

What room will you not find?

A. This is a living room.

Q. Why would mummies not reveal their secrets?

A. Because they keep the knowledge under wraps

Mummy Riddles

Q. What was the cry of the veiled infant ghoul?

A. Mummy!

Q. Why don’t mummies take full advantage of the summer months to unwind?

A. They are afraid to unwind as well as sleep! 

Q. The photographer mummy finished his shoot. So, what did he have to say?

A. He directed his team to wrap up the task.

Q. Have you heard the tale about the Pharaoh who drowned in the Nile because he did not think he was drowning?

A. He had arrived in de-Nile.

Q. What is the title given to a Pharaoh who plays the trumpet?

A. Tootin’khamun.

Q. Why did ancient Egyptians bury their Pharaohs in multiple layers of coffins?

A. It was known as multicasking.

Q. What was the Egyptian child confused about?

A. Because of the fact that his father was a mummy!

Q. Why were the Egyptians not on vacation?

A. The mummies are frightened of unwinding and resting!

Mummy Riddles

Q. Why is King Tut unable to dance?

A. He has got it all wrapped up!

Q. I am wrapped up, but I am not a gift.

You could not eat me since I had been preserved.

I am often associated with Egypt, yet I am not a pyramid.

I am brought back to life in movies, but I am not a zombie.

What am I exactly?

A. A mummified corpse

Q. This person’s body is wrapped up in a cloth.

“Is that his arms moving?” Pharaoh spoke up.

Oh oh, he’s become a zombie!

So, what exactly is it?

A. A Mummy

Hard mummy riddles

The following are puzzles linked to the riddle regarding mummies. While some of them are challenging to solve, others are relatively simple that would be wonderful for Halloween-themed parties as well as other community engagements for kids of all ages.

Almost everyone on the planet can recognize a mummy. It is not only because of its fame in Hollywood but also because of other types of media.

Q. What is said in ancient Egyptian funeral homes?

A. Guaranteed satisfaction or your mummy back!

Q. How did one pyramid reply to the other?

A. How is your mummy doing?

Q. What did the dying mummy say to the ninja?

A. It is time to finally unwrap up for good!

Q. Who is Egypt’s best mummy wrapper?

A. The Gauze Wizard

Q. Why was the mummy summoned into the game as a pinch hitter?

A. With a mummy at bat, the game would be over.

Q. Why could not Mummy pick up the phone?

A. Because she was tied up, that is why.

Mummy Riddles

Q. What did the little pyramid say to the big pyramid?

A. How is your mummy?

Q. Who changed the diapers on King Tut?

A. His mummy.

Q. What happens when you cross a mummy with a CD?

A. A wrap song.

Q. What do you name a bar of chocolate and nut-covered mummy? 

A. Pharaoh Roche

Q. What do you call Ryan Gosling disguised as a mummy? 

A. Ryan Gauzeling

Q. Have you heard of the mummy that studies at the university? 

A. Cryptography is his favorite subject.

Q. Have you heard about the new Pharaoh’s chef? 

A. Gordon Ramesses is his name.

Q. Where do you keep the Pharaoh’s mummy who died of a cold? 

A. In a Sar-cough-agus-agus-agus-agus-agus-agu

Mummy Riddles

Q. Mummy builders were known as what in ancient Egypt? 

A. Sarcophaguy.

Q. How come the mummy did not have any friends? 

A. Because he was too wrapped up in himself

Q. How did Superman defeat the mummy?

A. He had Cryptonite.

Q. To whom does the mummy want moral support? 

A. To his mummy

Q. What did the mummy order when he went out to eat? 

A. A wrap.

Q. Why don’t Pharaohs tell dad jokes? 

A. They are all mummies, after all.

Q. What would the title of Doctor Strange’s arch-enemy be if he were an Ancient Egyptian?

A. Dormummy.

Q. What is the ideal holiday job for a mummy?

A. A present wrapper.

Q. Have you heard about the scary prom couple this year?

A. It was a mummy and his ghoul companion.

Mummy Riddles

Q. What does a mummy use to hide when he needs to?

A. Tape for masking.

Q. Why don’t mummies take vacations for a long break?

A. Because they are afraid of relaxing

Q. What did one pyramid tell the other? 

A. Hey! Where is your mummy? 

Q. What makes a mummy like Christmas? 

A. Because there are so many gifts and wrappings, that is why.

Q. Mummies, according to archaeologists, are extremely challenging to find. Why is that?

A. Because they are all kept under wraps

Q. Unlike fairy tales, the stories of Egyptian mummies always end in poverty.

I recently saw a new film about a mummy’s new bandages. What is the name of the movie?

A. It was known as The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Q. Mummies are well aware of the significance of investment security. What is their favorite currency?

A. Cryptocurrency is their favorite.

Q. The mummy was aching from years of lying down. What happens, then?

A. As a result, he consulted a Cairo-proctor.

Q. Why was the mummy not able to finish his Halloween candy?

A. He was stuffed, that is why.

Q. What did the Pharaoh say to the man who gave him a pyramid?

A. “That is exactly the last thing that I do not need.”

Mummy Riddles

Q. What drove ancient Egyptian kids to be baffled?

A. Because their fathers were mummified

Funny mummy riddles

We have gathered and listed a comprehensive set of mummy riddles for those who enjoy Halloween and are captivated by one of our time’s most significant antiques.

Many people have contemplated and perhaps even created legends about the mythology surrounding these sacred matters. Mummies, pyramids, and Ancient Egypt have been the topic of several books, films, and video games. 

Q. What did the Egyptian cremation home’s sign say?

A. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your MUMMY will be doubled!

Q. What do you term a mother who eats cookies in bed?

A. A terrible mummy.

Q. Who is a member of the Pyramid PTA?

A. Mummies and undead!

Q. Do the mummies love to be mummies?

A. Of corpse!

Q. Why don’t mummies disclose their secrets?

A. Since they like to keep things hidden.

Mummy Riddles

Q. What is the reason that the mummy seeks a doctor?

A. He was in a coffin.

Q. How do mummies disguise themselves?

A. They are wrapped in masking tape.

Q. Why do mummies produce such excellent spies?

A. They are proficient at maintaining things under wraps.

Q. Why did the mummy leave his coffin 1000 years down the line?

A. Because he assumed he was old enough to leave the house!

Q. What kind of lady does a mummy take out on a date with?

A. Any old girl he can uncover!

Q. Why don’t mummies take a long break?

A. They are frightened of unwinding and calming.

Q. What genre of music does Mummy enjoy?

A. Wrap!

Q. Why couldn’t the mummy end up leaving?

A. Because he had been all wrapped up

Q. What was the mummy so anxious about?

A. He was all wound up

Q. Where do mummies go trying to swim?

A. To the Dead Sea 

Q. Why was not the mummy’s existence filled with friends?

A. Because he was interested in himself

Q. Have you been told the tale about the Pharaoh who was cremated in the incorrect coffin? 

A. He made a grave mistake.

Q. Do you understand what happened to the old Egyptian Pharaoh who gazed too long at the river?

A. Yeah, he went to see the Nile.

Mummy Riddles

Q. What is Egypt’s most significant day?

A. It is Mummy’s Day.

Q. What script did Egypt’s bravest Pharaoh compose? 

A. Hero-glyphics.

Q. When the Pharaoh saw the pyramid, what did he say?

A. That it is a Mummy’s home.

Q. In Egypt, a mummy wrapped in chocolate and almonds was lately unearthed. What was it?

A. Pharaoh Roche

Q. What sort of meals are enjoyed by mummies?

A. Wraps made with chicken.

Q. What do you call the parents of a little monster?

A. Deady and Mummy

Q. What is the preferred flower of a mummy?

A. Chrysanthamummies.

Q. What did the eagerly parched mummy do?

A. They had to use a bandage to relieve thirst.

Mummy Riddles

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