40+ Bilbo and Gollum Riddles to Boost Brain with The Hobbit Fantasy

The conversation between Bilbo and Gollum includes a large part of the riddles. After all, it’s the riddles that decide the fate of Bilbo.

So, why don’t you join the journey of solving the riddles just like Bilbo? We have prepared a bunch of fun and exciting riddles for you to solve!

Bilbo and Gollum riddles for kids

Do you know why the writing style of Hobbit was meant to be so easy and not complex? Because it was meant to target the child audience.

It truly is a fantasy novel with a heroic ending and an easy-to-follow story plot. 

Funny Bilbo and Gollum Riddles

Q. It cries without any noise. It flies in the absence of wings. With no teeth, it bites. With no mouth, he speaks. What is it?

A. Wind

Q. I am not to be seen. Neither can you feel me. I cannot be heard. You cannot smell me. I lay far behind the shining stars. I hide under the mountains. I fill every empty hole. Everything comes after me. Everything goes before me. Who am I?

A. Dark

Q. Thirty white soldiers were standing beside each other. Firstly, they check. Then they stomp and then the clank. 

A. Teeth 

Q. Bilbo becomes invisible as soon as he uses it. What did he use?

A. The Ring makes him invisible.

Q. I am a box without eyelids and mouth. But inside, I am growing a golden treasure. What am I?

A. An egg 

 Q. Bilbo asks, “What’s in my pocket?” Can you guess what was in his pocket?

A. A ring

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Hard Bilbo and Gollum riddles

Gollum is the antagonist in the whole story. Because the main motive of Gollum was to eat the hobbit names Bilbo. Did you know that Hobbit was later adapted as a screenplay called ‘Lord of the ring’?

It was mostly targeted at adults because of the worldwide popularity Hobbit achieved. Do you want to get more knowledge about the movie too? Then try to solve the following riddles!

Q. What makes Bilbo uncomfortable in the dark tunnel?

A. He checks his pocket while answering Gollum’s riddles. To his surprise, he finds out a ring in his pocket.

Q. I am a hobbit, hiding inside the darkness. I promised myself to recover ‘the one ring .’Which character am I?

A. Gollum the Stoorish Hobbit

Hard Bilbo and Gollum Riddles

Q. Existing without breathing, as cold as the arms of death. Can you name who is constantly drinking even without feeling thirsty?

A. A fish

Q. No legs sitting on the table. Later two legs get some. After a while, two legs get some too. Can you explain the riddle?

A. A fish is lying on the table. A man eats the fish and gives the cat the remaining fish.

Q. Who kills the Witch-King?

A. Eowyn

Q. Who gave the following statement? “Nine companies. So be it. You would be the fellowship of the Ring.”

A. Elrond

Q. Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, and Pallando had another companion with them to save the people of the middle east. Can you remember the name?

A. Alatar

Q. I held the sword Orcrist in The Hobbit. What’s my name?

A. Thorin 

Q. Lady Galadriel gives a special gift to Gimli before they leave Lothlorien. What was the special gift?

A. Lady Galadriel gives him three strands of her hair.

Q. What was Gollum’s real name?

A. Smeagol

Q. The Sting (Sword) always lit up when someone was nearby. Can you guess who was nearby?

A. The presence of Orcs made the sword glow up. 

Q. Which Ring did Galadriel own?

A. Ring of Water, also called Nenya

Q. I was the last keeper of the Ring of fire called Narya. Guess my name.

A. Gandalf

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Fun Bilbo and Gollum Riddles

Funny Bilbo and Gollum riddles

Along with the drastic character development of Bilbo Baggins, Hobbit is also loved because of its action and funny bickering of dwarfs.

Now when we say funny, why should you even remain back to try out these funny riddles? It’s time for a round of fun riddles now!

Q. I have eyes to see. Yet, I am blind. What am I?

A. A needle

Q. It has a wide neck. It can adjust according to you. But it lacks a face. Guess the name.

A. A shirt

Q. Women adore me. They would carry me around everywhere if they could. Yet, only lucky people can get me. I am shining and round. What am I?

A. A pearl necklace

Q. I have 13 hearts. I am not a human. I don’t have any other organ

A. Deck of playing cards

Q. I saw 8 Hobbits together this morning. Do you know what I called them?

A. Hobbyte

Q. Can you guess the name of Saruman’s future girlfriend?

A. Saruwoman

Q. Okay, this one is the best. What was the reason that ‘the Hobbit’ was turned into a movie later?

A. Because everyone was “baggin” for it

Q. What did Bilbo say out loud when he noticed 11 elves dancing together?

A. “Maybe Christmas is near”

Q. The Hobbit ruined a wedding. Do you know why?

A. Because he destroyed the ‘ring.’

Q. Why does Frodo read a book every night?

A. Because Frodo is hobbi-tual

Bilbo and Gollum Riddles for Kids

Q. can you play the Lord of the Rings arcade game for free?

A. No. (hold your breath, it’s coming) You need Tolkeins to play that game. 

Q. I have a cousin working in KFC. Do you know what I named him?

A. Lord of the wings

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Bilbo & Gollum-Riddles

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