50+ Brain Teasing Black Riddles That Lurk in the Dark!

Black Riddles: Why should black color be limited to only our favorite clothes or hair dye? We decided to spice up the riddle game with your favorite color!

We got some great riddles lined up for you, including funny riddles, hard riddles, and riddles for your children to keep them focused. 

Black riddles for kids

Q. It is black in color with a sticky substance. What is it?

A. Black paint

Q. I am black when bought, red when I am being used, and grey when my purpose is solved. Who am I?

A. Charcoal

Q. What’s furry with a shining black coat? It protects its owner, and sniffing is his great power. What is it?

A. Rottweiler

Q. I am all black and white, black and white, and black and white. Who am I?

A. A panda rolling down in the snow.

Q. I am green when you buy me from the vendor. Red when I am being eaten and black when the remaining bits are thrown out?

A. Watermelon with black seeds. 

Q. When will a black dog not be called a black dog?

A. When the black dog is a ‘grey-hound.’

Q. My father is white, but I am black. I can fly higher in the sky even though I have no wings. I vanish in the air as soon as you try to grab me. What am I?

A. Smoke

Q. Why do ghosts wear white?

A. Ninjas took all the black clothes.

Q. I am black when I am tidy. White when I am messy. What am I?

A. A blackboard

Q. I am black and white with a huge head. You might have me in the form of a cuddly toy. Can you guess who I am?

A. A panda 

Q. My father used to work really hard. He would never take a rest. Do you know why he did that?

A. Because he used to say that time ‘white’ for no one. 

Q. I accidentally dropped my favorite black hat in the Caspian Sea. Do you know what it has turned into?

A. A wet-hat

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Black Riddles for Kids

Hard black riddles 

Do you know what they say about a person who adores the color black? Black is often associated with power and artistic minds.

People who love black tends to appear mysterious (or at least they try to) and have very sophisticated taste (even in clothes). 

Q. What will you call a man in black clothes standing outside?

A. A black-out

Q. I have black eyes and sunny hair. I follow my lover everywhere he goes. Can you guess what I am?

A. Sunflower

Q. I didn’t get invited to a rainbow-colored theme birthday party. Can you guess why?

A. Because I am a blacksmith

Q. This is liquid, yet you cannot drink it even when you are thirsty. What is it?

A. Blackwater 

Q. I was driving a car when I saw a man with all black clothes walking towards me. I noticed him even when my headlights were off. Can you guess how that is possible?

A. It was noon 

Q. What will you call a person who died from eating lots of food coloring?

A. He ‘dyed’ because of food coloring 

Hard Black Riddles 

Q. What will a 40-year-old man tell his friend before moving out to another city?

A. We will ‘grey’ in touch?

Q. Why is it impossible to make out alive from the black hole?

A. Because the scientists say that you cannot come ‘black’ if you go in once. 

Q. Why does Batman only get black pieces while playing chess?

A. Because he is the ‘dark knight.’

Q. A brown house is made of brown walls. A blue house is made of blue walls. A new greenhouse is being built near them. Can you tell me what it will be made of?

A. Glasses. (Greenhouse are used for protecting and growing plants) 

Q. I am white with little black moles on me. I stay awake all night to protect you from pitch darkness. What am I?

A. The Moon

Q. It’s bright orange and red in color. If you go near it, you will get eaten up. Water is its greatest fear, and the wind is its biggest friend. Can you guess what it is?

A. Fire 

Q. It acts as a window. It shines and sparkles when you show passion. It gets filled with water sometimes or turns red from the anger sometimes. Do you know what it is?

A. Eyes

Funny Black Riddles 

Q. I am found in the emptiness. I am found in a dark hole. If you mix green, red, and blue together, then I am what you will find. Can you guess what I am?

A. Black color

Q. I bring a smile to your face. Children jump around when they see me. I have all the colors except black. Can you find out who I am?

A. A rainbow

Q. It’s lime green in color. People need me when they are on the ground. I am not a fruit, but you need me to keep others running. What am I?

A. A cricket ball 

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Fun Black Riddles

Funny black riddles

Have you heard the phrase ‘Seeing the world through colored glasses?’ Well, now it’s time to see the world with black shades after solving the following funny riddles.

Q. A person was hated because of the way he dressed. He only wore dark clothes. What will you call such a person?

A. A dark hue-man

Q. What will you call an envelope black in color?

A. Blackmail

Q. I dyed my natural hair blonde. Now I need a new hair dye. Do you know why?

A. Because my hair started ‘blackening.’ (Okay, even I am not proud of this one)

Q. I prepared a list of people who should not be trusted by my friend. Do you know what the title we gave it was?

A. A blacklist

Q. There are many berries that you can eat. But I am also a brand. You cannot consume me, but you still needed me earlier to contact people. Who am I?

A. Blackberry is a brand of phone.

Q. Do you know how colors laugh at each other?

A. They say out loud, ‘hue hue hue’ 

Q. Why could the white chocolate not see after stepping out of the house?

A. Because it was dark outside 

Funny Black Riddles

Q. What’s black and white, laughing in the snow?

A. A penguin laughing at himself. 

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Black Riddles

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