50+ Best Brain Teasers of The Day to Tease Your Wit

Your Netflix subscription got expired, and now you are aimlessly surfing the internet? Well, you came to the right place.

We might not entertain you with those overrated and repetitive memes, but we got something to keep you engaged. 

Brain teasers of the day for kids 

Riddles have been a very fun and important part of our lives. Be it a friend’s reunion or your child’s 8th birthday party, and it’s always the brain riddles to the rescue!

We got some amazing riddles lined up for the children. (Internet connection is not that harmful to kids after all, is it?)

Q. It was tall when you purchased it. It gets short when you are done with it. Can you guess what it is?

A. A candle

Q. Head and tails, I have both. I am not Santa, but I can still give you presents. What am I?

A. A coin

Q. I work hard to keep you away from sweat. The longer you use me, the shorter I get. I come in every fragrance and every color. I can be milky; I can be minty. Can you find out who I am?

A. Bar of soap 

Brain Teasers of The Day

Q. Even though he cuts hair every hour, his hair still doesn’t look cropped. What is he?

A. Your barber

Q. I am used to checking your temperature. Some people worship me. For some, I am just another planet. Who am I?

A. Mercury 

Q. You catch me out of the blue. But you can’t throw me. Who am I?

A. Cold

Q. Lifeless, I lay. My smiling face gets you to trust me. I watch you while you are sleeping. I can be your friend, or I can be your biggest fear. Who am I?

A. Your doll

Q. I have a mother. I also have a father. But I am not their daughter. Who am I?

A. Their son

Q. I don’t have any king. I don’t have any kingdom. All I have is a queen. Who am I?

A. A carrom board 

Q. I don’t breathe; that’s why I keep dying. But I can live again once you plug me somewhere. Who am I?

A. A battery

Q. I am gone. But you still overthink about me. If I bring something good, you want me to come again. But if I bring something bad, you want me to pass away quickly. Who am I?

A. Yesterday 

Q. I can brighten up empty places. Is the room packed? Don’t worry, and I can still fit it. Who am I?

A. Light particle

Funny Brain Teasers of The Day

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Hard brain teasers of the day

Apart from testing each other’s IQs, riddles can help you to increase your concentration and short-term memory. Riddles have a magical power to increase logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

It’s recommended to start solving riddles and puzzles right from childhood so you can have all the mentioned outputs without delay. 

Q. Even though you need it every day, you keep it changing. If you don’t see it every day, you might forget important events. What is it?

A. A calendar 

Q. I am impossible to catch once you work out heavily. If you run out of me, you might need life support. Who am I?

A. Breath

Q. It has no legs and wheels, yet it runs away quickly. If you don’t utilize me properly, you might lose me and regret it. What am I?

A. Time 

Q. Mr. Huge has a wife- Mrs. Huge. They have a son together. Can you guess who is the biggest?

A. The baby. (Because his name is ‘little huge’)

Q. I cut and sell chicken. My height is only 5’2. Can you guess what I weigh?

A. Chicken 

Q. Imagine you are locked in a room with a hyena, lion, and bear. Everyone is sleeping except you. How will you escape that room without waking up anyone? If you accidentally wake them up, they may kill you.

A. Stop imagining. 

Q. Imagine you are driving a bus to pick up students. At the first stop, three students get on the bus. At the second stop, only one person gets on. On the fifth stop, a student feels dizzy and weak, so he has to be dropped to his house again. At the next stop, five students get on. Now keeping all this in mind, what shirt is the bus driver wearing?

A. What shirt are YOU wearing?

Brain Teasers of The Day for Kids 

Q. We look at each other and find no difference. If you twitch your right eye, my left eye will twitch. If you flick your hair, I will flick my hair too. I am your twin; you might talk to me when you feel lonely. But you don’t expect any reply from me. Who am I?

A. Ever seen your reflection in the mirror?

Q. I have wings, but I can’t fly anymore. I was once alive, but you enjoy me only after roasting me. Often, I am crisp and sometimes soft. Can you guess who I am?

A. Chicken wings!

Q. I can fit in your palms, but I have the power to fill the room. Who am I?

A. Light bulbs

Q. Your friend used to own it. But now she shared it with you. It’s not your friend’s anymore. Can you guess what I am talking about?

A. A Secret

Q. I sniff around and then find a spot for my fun activity. The more I empty it, the deeper it becomes. Who am I, and what am I talking about?

A. A dog digging the ground. 

Q. How many months have three weeks?

A. All 12 months have three weeks. 

Q. I am light to touch but turn heavy when you use me. I have my own set of pores. Yet I can hold everything you give me. Guess my name.

A. Sponge

Q. You are in an empty space. You are given three balls. Now you are asked to throw them in such a way that they return back to you. Remember that being in empty space doesn’t provide you any surface to make them bounce back to you. How will you do so?

A. By throwing those balls in the air

Q. You own it and protect it. Yet you give it to some other person when you trust them. What am I talking about?

A. Your heart

Hard Brain Teasers of The Day

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Funny brain teasers of the day

Who doesn’t like laughing and making others laugh too? Are you someone who people often refer to as the clown of the group?

We got you covered then. This segment is specially made for you. Why don’t you find your ‘the one’ funny riddle to impress your crush?

Q. What will a bread tell to his love?

A. You are my ‘butter’ half.

Q. Two mint leaves fell in love with each other. Any guesses how they proposed to each other?

A. our relationship is so ‘mint’ to be.

Q. Why can’t One direction stay awake in the mornings?

A. Because they were busy making ‘Midnight Memories.’ (It’s a song by One Direction for those who got puzzled.)

Q. Zayn Malik hates talking to people. Do you know why?

A. Because he has a ‘pillow’ to ‘talk’ to. (Talking about one of his old tracks- Pillow talk. Get it?)

Funny Brain Teasers of The Day

Q. What will students who hate maths tell Aryabhatta?

A. Thank you for ‘nothing.’ (Aryabhatta discovered zero.)

Q.  A person was scared to trust the staircase. Do you know why?

A. Because he doesn’t know what they are ‘up to.’

Q. How did people in Roman used to cut their hair?

A. With the help of a pair of ‘Caesar.’ 

Q. James was blind since his birth. Today he got his eyesight through surgery. What will be the first thought that occurs to him after seeing the world?

A. This surgery was truly an ‘eye-opening experience.’ 

Q. Two magnets were talking. One of them asks the other, “What’s your favorite music genre?” Can you guess what the other one answered?

A. I am a fan of heavy ‘metal.’

Q. Which book will a hunter read?

A. How To Kill a Mockingbird

Q. Which food item will register a police complaint if it could talk?

A. Coffee seeds. Because they get ‘mugged’ anytime. 

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Brain Teasers Of The Day

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