125+ Canadian Trivia Questions That You May Know!

Get ready to embark on a journey to the land of maple leaves, stunning landscapes, and friendly folks as we explore the fascinating world of Canadian trivia questions! 🏞️🏒

Canada, the Great White North, is not only known for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its rich history, diverse culture, and quirky facts that make it a truly unique nation. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the vibrant cities, Canada is a treasure trove of trivia waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you’re a proud Canadian, an aspiring traveler, or simply someone curious about this vast and welcoming country, join us as we traverse through the Canadian wilderness of trivia.📜🥌

Canadian Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: National animal of Canada?
A: Beaver.

Q: Official languages of Canada?
A: English and French.

Q: Province with stunning Rocky Mountains?
A: Alberta.

Q: Canada’s national winter sport?
A: Ice Hockey.

Q: City known for Calgary Stampede rodeo?
A: Calgary, Alberta.

Q: Largest freshwater lake in Canada and second-largest globally by surface area?
A: Lake Superior.

Q: Current Prime Minister of Canada?
A: Justin Trudeau.

Q: National symbol on Canada’s flag?
A: Maple Leaf.

Q: National capital of Canada?
A: Ottawa.

Q: Highest mountain in Canada and North America?
A: Mount McKinley (Denali).

Q: Province known as “The Garden Province”?
A: Prince Edward Island.

Q: World’s longest coastline, belonging to Canada?
A: Canadian coastline along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans.

Q: Name of famous waterfall on Canada-U.S. border?
A: Niagara Falls.

Q: City known for multiculturalism and as “Hollywood North” due to film industry?
A: Toronto.

Q: Famous winter festival in Quebec City with ice sculptures?
A: Quebec Winter Carnival (Carnaval de Québec).

Q: Province known for stunning fjords and coastal scenery?
A: British Columbia.

Q: National park system in Canada?
A: Parks Canada.

Q: Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter with hits like “Heart of Gold”?
A: Neil Young.

Q: Canadian author of “Anne of Green Gables”?
A: Lucy Maud Montgomery (L.M. Montgomery).

Q: Name of indigenous Inuit art form using small carved figures in soapstone or antler?
A: Inuit sculpture.

Q: National dish of Canada with fries, cheese curds, and gravy?
A: Poutine.

Q: Canadian province with highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy?
A: New Brunswick.

Q: Largest island in the world, part of Canada, known for polar bears?
A: Baffin Island.

Q: Iconic Canadian police force with red serge uniform and Stetson hat?
A: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Q: Province known for Banff and Jasper National Parks?
A: Alberta.

Q: Canadian singer with hits like “Summer of ’69”?
A: Bryan Adams.

Q: Province known for Prince Albert National Park and Waskesiu Lake?
A: Saskatchewan.

Q: Official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada?
A: 24 Sussex Drive.

Q: Famous ice wine-producing region in Ontario, Canada?
A: Niagara Peninsula.

Q: Canadian filmmaker of “The Revenant” and “Birdman”?
A: Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Q: City known for world-famous rodeo event, the Calgary Stampede?
A: Calgary, Alberta.

Q: What is the Canadian province known as “The Land of Living Skies”?
A: Saskatchewan.

Q: What is the name of the longest river entirely within the Yukon Territory?
A: Yukon River.

Q: Who is the famous Canadian actor known for roles in “Deadpool” and “The Proposal”?
A: Ryan Reynolds.

Q: What is the traditional indigenous dwelling used by the Inuit people in Canada’s Arctic regions?
A: Igloo.

Q: What is the Canadian wildlife symbolized by the image on the 25-cent coin?
A: Caribou.

Q: Which Canadian city is famous for hosting the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival?
A: Montreal, Quebec.

Q: What is the highest population province in Canada?
A: Ontario.

Q: Which Canadian singer is known for her hit song “Complicated”?
A: Avril Lavigne.

Q: What is the currency used in Canada?
A: Canadian Dollar (CAD).

Q: Which Canadian territory is the largest in land area?
A: Northwest Territories.

Q: Who is the Canadian author known for writing “Life of Pi”?
A: Yann Martel.

Q: What is the famous Canadian natural wonder with limestone caves and passages?
A: The Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Q: Which Canadian city is known for its annual Winter Carnival and Bonhomme, the mascot?
A: Quebec City, Quebec.

Q: What is the national summer sport of Canada?
A: Lacrosse.

As we wrap up our expedition through the wonderful world of Canadian trivia questions, remember that there’s more to Canada than meets the eye – it’s a nation bursting with culture, history, and a whole lot of maple syrup.

So, keep your curiosity alive, your passports ready, and may your future adventures be as captivating as the stories of the Great White North! 🍁🎉

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