131+ Best Cell Puns To Test Your Humour!

The cell is known as the building block of every living thing. It is the smallest and most basic unit needed for the structure and functions of living things. They are present in different sizes and shapes, and the two types of cells are plant cells and animal cells. 

Cells are important for various reasons, including providing a structure, taking nutrients from food and converting them into energy, and other functions. Did you know the human body has more than 75 trillion cells?

You can keep scrolling and read this list of cell puns. These fun jokes about cells are sure to boost your mood and make you laugh out loud. 

Funny Cell Puns

Q: How do biologists make a fashionable statement?
A: They dress in designer genes.

Q: What do biologists fix at home?
A: They look into homology.

Funny Cell Puns For Kids

Q: What do biologists and philosophers have in common?
A: Both can teach wonderful lessons about cells.

Q: What similarity exists between a marine biologist and a dog?
A: One tags a whale, and the other wags its tail.

Q: Why are biologists musically inclined?
A: Organs are their favorite instruments!
My Experience: I once heard a humorous observation likening biologists to musicians, suggesting that organs are their favorite instruments. It’s a playful nod to the intricate study of living organisms and the diverse functions of biological systems. 🎶🔬

Q: How is the biology teacher perceived in the classroom?
A: He’s considered a fun-guy.

Q: How do biologists stay in touch with each other?
A: They use cell phones and love taking cell-fies!

Q: What did the biology teacher achieve using stem cells?
A: He produced vocal cords. The results literally spoke for themselves.

Hilarious Cell Puns For Kids

Q: Which species of tree can fit in your hand?
A: A palm cell.

Q: Why do I struggle in the pool, despite my DNA?
A: My genes nearly drowned in their gene pool.

Q: What happened to the love story of two blood cells?
A: Unfortunately, it was all in vein.

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Q: Why can’t plants escape prison?
A: Their cell is enclosed by a wall.

Q: What did the sister exclaim when a cell stepped on her toe?
A: “Ouch, mitosis!”

Q: When does division equal multiplication in biology?
A: Only in the world of cells.

Incredible Cell Puns For Kids

Q: Who’s the leader of that dangerous gang over there?
A: Their boss is named Nucleus!

Q: What should you reply when someone wants a potassium joke?
A: Just say “K.”

Q: How should you approach my biology jokes?
A: Analyze them closely to get the punchline.

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Q: What’s the significance of biology?
A: It’s a matter of life and death.

Q: How humorous is this cell-related biology joke?
A: It’ll have you laughing your genes off!

Q: What message would blood send to the world if it could?
A: Be positive.

Goofy Cell Puns For Kids

Q: Why is the girl so nervous about her biology test?
A: She’s having issues with her nervous cell system.

Q: How would you describe a multilingual world traveler?
A: A man of many cells.

Q: Why are cells considered hipsters?
A: They were evolving on Earth way before it was cool.
Pro Experience: I recall a playful analogy comparing cells to hipsters, emphasizing how cells were evolving on Earth long before it became mainstream. It’s a witty reminder of the ancient origins of life and the fascinating processes of evolution. 🧬🌱

Q: What topic will we discuss tomorrow in class?
A: We’ll dive deep into cells, so I need your undivided attention.

Q: Why shouldn’t you be upset about getting a B on your practical exam?
A: Dissecting a cell is much simpler.

Q: Why don’t ants get sick?
A: Their bodies are made up of tiny cells.

Amusing Cell Puns For Kids

Q: Why are there such rich clouds?
A: Because they rain cells!

Q: What did one cell say to express its affection to another cell?
A: I aorta love you.

Q: What compliment did the cell give to the pistil?
A: “I like your style!”

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Q: How does the biology department keep its finances in order?
A: They have a purchased ologist cell.

Q: What’s the quickest way to determine a chromosome’s gender?
A: Pull out its cell!

Q: Why are chemists experts at problem-solving?
A: They know all the solutions, down to the cellular level.

Silly Cell Puns For Kids

Q: How can you identify a dogwood tree?
A: By its cell bark.

Q: What’s the issue with relying on cells too much?
A: They make everything up!

Q: What do you call a martial arts trained pig?
A: A pork chop!

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Q: What’s the term for a selfie taken by a biologist?
A: A cell-fie.

Q: How do cells stay updated online?
A: They use log-in cells!

Q: What did one cell exclaim to his sister after she stepped on his toe?
A: “Ouch! Mitosis!”

Childish Cell Puns For Kids

Q: What did the tree cell wear to his friend’s pool party?
A: A trunk.

Q: What genre of books do planets prefer?
A: Comet cell books.

Q: Which kind of music do cells love to dance to?
A: Nep-tunes!
Sigma Experience: I remember attending a biology-themed gathering with friends, where we playfully discussed the music cells might enjoy dancing to. It sparked a fun conversation about our shared love for science and humor, creating a memorable bonding moment among us. 🎵🔬😄

Q: Why did Mickey Mouse want to travel to space?
A: He was on a quest for Pluto’s cell.

Q: How much space do fungi need to grow?
A: As mushroom as possible!

Q: How do astronauts ensure their surprise parties are a hit?
A: They planet with cellulite.

Amazing Cell Puns For Kids

Q: Why did the biologist and physicist break up?
A: They had bad chemistry.

Q: What did the cell exclaim after bumping into a table?
A: Mitosis!

Q: Why wasn’t the biologist’s new book popular?
A: It had a hard cell.

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Q: Why did the female biologist break up with her boyfriend?
A: He had a fishy cell.

Q: What happened to the viruses?
A: They went viral.

Q: When your biology grade is almost an F, what do you call it?
A: Biodegraded.

Q: Why do biologists look forward to casual Fridays?
A: They are allowed to wear genes to work.

Best Cell Puns For Kids

Q: What kind of pictures do biologists post on social media?
A: Cell-fies.

Q: Why can’t students enter the biology teacher’s lounge?
A: It’s for staph only.

Q: Why did the scuba diver fail biology?
A: He went below a “C.”

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Q: How does a marine biologist end a conversation?
A: “Sea you later!”

Q: Why was the cell feeling down?
A: Its parents just split.

Q: Have you heard of the scientist who spoke six languages and visited 30 countries?
A: He’s a man of many cells.

Q: How does Juliet maintain her body temperature?
A: Through homeostasis.

Q: Want to hear a joke about potassium?
A: K.

Q: Why can’t plants turn to the dark side of the Force?
A: Without sunlight, they can’t produce food in their cell.

Q: Why did the female biologist break up with her boyfriend again?
A: He had a fishy cell, again.
Ultra Pro Experience: I once witnessed a friend’s breakup with her boyfriend, a biologist, over his recurrent neglect of hygiene after handling fish specimens. It served as a reminder of the importance of cleanliness and mutual respect in relationships. 🐟🚫💔

Q: How did the student define protein to his teacher?
A: “A protein is made up of mean old cells.”

Q: Why didn’t the scientist water every plant?
A: He couldn’t find the plant’s cell.

Q: What did Cinderella say when she found a biology book?
A: “I hate cells.”

Q: What’s a molecule’s pickup line?
A: “I wish I was adenine, so I could be paired with U.”

Q: What did the liberal biologist say?
A: “Cellular cleavage is the only cleavage I want to see.”

Q: What did the endoplasmic reticulum tell the Golgi apparatus?
A: “I love your style.” And Golgi replied, “It’s complex.”

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Q: How do you quickly determine a chromosome’s gender?
A: Pull its cell out!

Q: Why is the biology classroom always locked?
A: It’s cell-lulosed.

Q: How did the herpetologist know he was about to make a discovery?
A: He caught a garter snake cell.

Q: What did the biologist wear on his first date with the attractive female?
A: Synthetic cells.

Q: What message would Blood like to convey to the world?
A: Cells are good.

Q: What do you call the study of real estate at a microscopic level?
A: Cell-ology.

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Q: What did Gregor Mendel exclaim when he established genetics?
A: “Ceelupa!”

Q: Did you accidentally have a stop cell mutation?
A: Because whatever you’re saying is nonsense!

Q: How does the guy flirt in a biology lab?
A: “I wish I was a DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes.”

Q: What happened to the man who accidentally consumed some amino acids?
A: He felt a bit ambidextrous.

Q: What happened to the viruses?
A: The cell went away.

Q: Why didn’t the scientist water all the plants again?
A: He couldn’t locate the cell, again.

Q: Are you hungry, one plant asks another. What did the other reply?
A: “Yes, I could eat a small cell.”

Q: Why isn’t getting a B on your biology practical a big deal?
A: Dissecting a frog cell is much simpler.

Q: Why couldn’t the plants break out of jail?
A: Their cells had walls!

Q: What does a scientist wear on a first date?
A: Designer cells.

Q: What do certain chemicals and cells share when they wash up on the shore?
A: Nucleo-tides!

Q: Why do biology teachers make great philosophers?
A: They give life lessons from cells.

Q: How do plants comfort a depressed plant?
A: They photo-sympathize.

Q: Why are cells so important?
A: They are a matter of life and death.

Q: What kind of cells do tulips have?
A: Two-lips!

Q: How can you recognize a bald eagle?
A: He’s combed all his cells to one side.

Q: What did one cell say to its sister after she stepped on his toe?
A: Cells!

Q: What’s a cell that can’t change?
A: A cell that’s constant.

Q: What did the scientist studying small organisms discover?
A: A species was homophobic. It’s all about the cells.

Q: How did I feel sitting next to a cell expert on the bus?
A: It wasn’t fungal at all.

Q: Who was the first microorganism to travel the world?
A: Cells.

Q: What creatures do composers despise the most?
A: Cells, because they decompose.

Q: How did the cytologist know his friend specialized in multicellular organisms and was in charge of transmitting bran to cells?
A: He was a eukaryote.

Q: What’s the difference between a blue whale and the tiny creatures it consumes?
A: The blue whale has blue cells, making it a cold killer.

Q: Why is it noble to donate organs?
A: There are very few organs inside the cells.

Q: How does NASA throw a successful party?
A: They planet.

Q: What external organ does an owl use to breathe?
A: Cell.

Q: What’s a mediocre member of a criminal gang called?
A: A cell.

Q: Why did I decide to research cells without WiFi?
A: I went cellular.

Q: I used to be against cell transplants, but now?
A: I’ve had a change of heart.

Q: How do medical professionals decide which kidney to donate?
A: They cell-ect the right one.

Q: What do I always tell the DMV employee when asked if I want to donate my cells?
A: “Sure, but not today. I’ve got stuff to do.”

Q: Why are dogs no longer quarantined?
A: WHO said they can’t contract COVID-19.

Q: Why did I start a charity for ex-military members to study zoology?
A: To have the best vets for vetting vets for vets.

Q: Why should cell trafficking be banned?
A: To uphold the cell’s dignity.

Q: How does the insulin cell maximize its surface area?
A: It’s heavily pan-creased.

Q: Why is studying organic cell chemistry challenging?
A: It’s fraught with cellular difficulties.

Q: What’s the last cell to die when you pass away?
A: The ones in your eyes, because they dilate.

Q: What do I tell my buddy when I want to show him the philosophy theses storage?
A: “Dude, come with me to the storeroom!”

Q: How has my friend been since his cell transplant?
A: His life is all organized now.

Q: What document do cells have to sign off on?
A: A cell-ular agreement.

Q: Why is it tough to organize a professional hide-and-seek competition?
A: Good players

Q: How rare are cells, according to popular belief?
A: They might be rare to some, but to a microbiologist, cells are everywhere!

Q: What happens to a cell when you dress it up?
A: It’s no longer just a cell; it’s a disguise-cell!

Q: How does a cell joke become contagious?
A: It goes viral!

Q: Why did the cell go to the party alone?
A: It divides and conquers!

Q: What kind of tree has the most cells?
A: A family tree, because it keeps branching out.

Q: What’s the cell’s favorite game?
A: Cell-fish, because it doesn’t like to share.

Q: How do cells communicate at a loud concert?
A: They cell-yell!

Q: Why was the cell so good at school?
A: It had all the right organelles.

Q: What do you call a misbehaving cell?
A: A cell-fish organism.

Q: Why did the cell go to school?
A: To improve its cell-f esteem.

Q: What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped on his foot?
A: “Stop it, sis!”

Q: Why did the cell sit on the bench at the playground?
A: It was too cell-f conscious to play.

Q: Why do cells never get bored?
A: Because they always have cell-f entertainment.

Q: What did the mommy cell say to the baby cell when he was off to school?
A: “I cell you later!”

Q: Why was the cell always calm?
A: It had inner peace and cell-f control.

Q: Why did the cell go to the beach?
A: It wanted to have a cell-fie by the sea.

Q: Why did the cell get in trouble at school?
A: It cell-f plagiarized its assignment.

Q: How do cells keep their pants up?
A: With a cell-t!

Q: Why do cells never play hide and seek with each other?
A: Because they always cell each other out!

Q: What do cells use to comb their hair?
A: A fine-toothed mitochondria.

Q: How do you know if a cell is happy?
A: It can’t stop cell-ebrating!

Q: What’s a cell’s favorite room in the house?
A: The living room, because that’s where all the cell-f care happens.

Q: Why did the cell get a promotion at work?
A: Because it was cell-f motivated and had good cell-f management skills!

Q: What did one cell say to the other after a fight?
A: “I’m sorry for taking you for granule-ated.”

Q: How do cells relax after a long day?
A: They soak in a cell bath.

Q: Why did the cell go to the casino?
A: It wanted to try its luck at the genetic lottery.

Q: How do cells flirt with each other?
A: “Is it just me, or are we chemically attracted?”

Q: Why was the cell always honest?
A: It didn’t want to be seen as a nucleus.

Q: Why did the cell keep ringing the doorbell?
A: It wanted to get inside the cell wall.

Q: What do cells use to spice up their conversations?
A: Cell-sational stories!

Q: Why did the cell refuse to play cards with the virus?
A: Because it was afraid of catching something!

Q: Why was the cell always happy at work?
A: It loved cell-f employment.

Q: How did the cell feel when it was left out of the group?
A: Iso-cell-ated.

Q: What did the rude cell say to the other cell?
A: “Stop being so cell-fish!”

Q: How did the cell know it was time for lunch?
A: Its biological clock signaled “cell-f service.”

Q: Why did the cell get an award?
A: For outstanding cell-f achievement.

Q: What type of story does a cell never tell?
A: One that’s cell-f deprecating.

Q: What’s a cell’s favorite form of art?
A: Cell-f portraits.

Q: Why was the cell good at making decisions?
A: It always trusted its gut feeling, especially its cell-f instincts!

Q: How does a cell keep up with current events?
A: It reads the Daily Organelle.

Q: What was the cell’s favorite hobby?
A: Cell-f improvement classes.

Q: How do cells cheer for their favorite sports team?
A: “Cell-sational play!”

Q: Why was the cell always calm during a crisis?
A: It had a stable nucleus.

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