100+ Tricky Clock Riddles for Kids that Are Head Scratchers

A remark, challenge, or group of words with a concealed dual or meaning that is displayed as a puzzle to be solved is called a riddle.

Riddles follow a system of rules, so you must first recognize the pattern that is used before you can even solve the riddle. This collection of challenging and intriguing clock riddles with solutions is appropriate for both adults and children. 

Clock riddles for kids

Riddles might be a superb challenging issue that continues to inspire kids to keep functioning. The solutions to these eerie riddles require careful consideration, yet they may also be quite straightforward.

This compilation of genuinely entertaining clock riddles will fulfill the desire of your kids for a new rush.

Q. I possess hands but no arms, a face but no eyes. So who am I?

A. Clock

Q. I possess hands; however, they are devoid of sensation. Time will tell where your Map still goes as you look at me.

It is what?

A. A clock

Q. You rely on me to maintain your speed as I have both hands on my face.

So who am I?

A. A watch

Clock Riddles

Q. How would a clock’s time resemble a train’s sound?

A. When the tally is 2:1.

Q. What element of a clock hasn’t ever aged?

A. The second hand

Q. Just on the moon, what do you term a dysfunctional clock?

A. A crazy tick!

Q. When does the thirteenth hour show up?

A. When it is ruined!

Q. The girl was sitting on a clock; why?

A. To really be on time

Q. 10 + 4 = 2

Can you make 10 plus 4 = 2?

A. Yes. 10 o’clock + 4 hours = 2 o’clock.

Q. What differentiates marriage from falling in love?

A. Marriage is the alarm clock in the wonderful, beautiful dream that seems to be love.

Q. I receive instructions every night, and in the morning, I carry out all those directions.

But I still come under your criticism. Who am I?

A. A clock alarm.

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Hard clock Riddles

Riddles can help children to develop their rationality, critical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

A significant period of time spent digging deeper into a riddle can strengthen the kid’s mental agility, focus, and concentration. Here are some of the hard, nerve-cracking riddles for your kids to solve.

Q. Despite having two hands, I have been unable to scratch myself. So who am I?

A. A watch

Q. I seek guidance every night, and in the morning, I carry them out.

But I still fall under your judgment.

So who am I?

A. Clock alarm

Clock Riddles

Q. You really cannot tell the time without me since I invented the first clock in America. I, who?

A. Banneker, Benjamin

Q. Which clock strikes out for being unique?

A. C VIII has taken the place of VII.

Q. So how would you tell if a clock is going hungry?

A. It returns after a short delay.

Q. 5 chimes from a clock in 4 seconds. In ten seconds, how many times will it chime?

A. 11 times. Following that, for 10 seconds, it chimes once every second.

Q. Which clock performs better, the one that is off by a minute every day or the one that is completely unresponsive?

A. The answer that fails is perfect because it will always be right most of the time daily, while the answer that drops by a minute each and every day won’t be correct once more for 720 days (losing 720 minutes or 12 hours).

Q. My face is neither smiling nor sad. I don’t have a mouth. However, I still make a sound.

I have hands, but fingers I do not.

Who am I?

A. Clock

Q. What was the mother’s response to the digital clock?

A. Hey, Mom! No hands!

Q. Why are you playing the role like a clock at midnight, Mr. Van Jones?

A. Because you are currently raising both of your hands up straight.

Q. A grandfather’s grandfather’s clock is broken and off by one minute every hour (too fast). He figures out a way to get the clock to showcase the correct time twice daily while managing to keep it operating at the very same rate.

How is this even feasible?

A. He constrained it to run backward.

Q. When has been one of the correct reactions when you add two to eleven?

A. One o’clock is found by adding two hours to eleven o’clock.

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Funny clock riddles

The ideal thing to do would be to participate in a riddle that would give the children a humorous feeling while also still letting them think about the answers.

For amusement, assist the kids in solving this collection of riddles. Most of us seek a little difficult yet funny kid’s riddles because they generate fascinating articles that make for a memorable fun-loving event.

Q. Jimmy ended up throwing the clock out the window, but then why?

A. He preferred a rapid acceleration of time.

Q. I’m an elderly family member whose hands and eyes are incapable of maintaining or just seeing anything. So who am I?

A. An aged clock

Q. My face seems to have traces of time.

My heart is beating painstakingly.

I perceive the wind and rain in with their never-ending race, maybe just and while they do make their mark.

Then what kind of clock is that?

A. Big Ben. The London clock.

Q. The clock that Benjamin Franklin threw out the window for what reason?

A. He hoped for an increased speed of time.

Q. You must be fully cognizant of the date, time, and position of any gatherings you have in the office.

Something that could be of support with one of these

Three or more hands having to cover their face

And what is that?

A. A clock

Q. I make reference without fingers, strike without arms, as well as operate without feet. So who am I?

A. A clock

Clock Riddles

Q. What occurs when a clock wants food?

A. It comes back after four seconds!

Q. So why is the cafeteria’s clock going slowly?

A. Four seconds have always been overturned!

Q. So when the clock hits 13, what time could it be?

A. It’s time to fix the clock.

Q. Six plus seven equals one, but five plus six equals eleven. How is it even doable?

A. When you notice a clock,

Q. What is hand-like but unable to clap?

A. The clock.

Q. The pilot ended up sitting on her alarm clock because of what reason?

A. She was primarily directed to show up promptly.

Q. Of all wristwatches, a solar tracker has the least amount of mechanical components. Then, who is the biggest and best?

A. Thousands of sand grains in the form of an hourglass.

Q. It continuously counts the numbers while it is at work day and night. Despite counting its entire existence, it never outpaces twelve. Who is it?

A. Clock.

Q. I’m someone who is frequently rounded.

I’m not a pizza base, though.

I have hands but no fingers, and numbers are printed on my face.

A. Clock

Q. Although I am something like a face, I haven’t ever donned a hat.

I am an entity that displays the time.

Regardless of the fact that I have no strap

A. Clock

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Clock Riddles

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