125+ Company Trivia Questions For Test Your Knowledge Today!

Do you know the name of the company’s CEO? Who is the founder of the company?  What are the strategies developed by the companies to tackle the competitors?

Up for challenges? Then solve this quiz prepared for you which will be a fun learning process about the companies.

This quiz on company trivia questions will give you a broad outlook on various strategies of the business world. It will provide you with interesting facts about the management techniques of companies and other aspects. 

What’s more? It will teach you the importance of virtual meetings and how it is a gathering for fun and team building.

Company Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: Who founded Google?
A: Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Q: Name the company behind the iPhone and Mac computers.
A: Apple.

Amazing Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who created Facebook?
A: Mark Zuckerberg.

Q: Which e-commerce giant offers fast shipping services?
A: Amazon.

Q: Who develops Windows operating systems and Office software?
A: Microsoft.
My Experience: I remember using Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and Office software throughout my life. Their products have been integral to my personal and professional endeavors, shaping my digital experiences and productivity tools. 💻🖥️🌐

Q: What is the largest online retailer and marketplace?
A: Amazon.

Q: Who founded Tesla and produces electric cars like the Model S and Model Y?
A: Elon Musk.

Q: What fast-food chain is famous for its golden arches?
A: McDonald’s.

Knowledgeable Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who is the largest manufacturer of home appliances, including refrigerators?
A: Whirlpool.

Q: What is the leading platform for professional networking and careers?
A: LinkedIn.

Q: What company is known for its digital wallet, PayPal?
A: PayPal Holdings.

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Q: What automaker produces the Leaf and Ariya electric cars?
A: Nissan.

Q: What company creates software products like Photoshop and Illustrator?
A: Adobe Systems.

Q: What brand is synonymous with coffee shops and signature coffee beverages?
A: Starbucks.

Best Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Which video streaming service offers shows like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown”?
A: Netflix.

Q: Who co-founded Yahoo in a Stanford University dorm room?
A: Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Q: What tech company is famous for its iPhone, iPad, and MacBook products?
A: Apple.

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Q: What social media platform enforces a character limit for tweets?
A: Twitter.

Q: Who founded Amazon and introduced the Prime membership service?
A: Jeff Bezos.

Q: What car company produces electric vehicles like the Model 3?
A: Tesla.

Fascinating Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What software giant was co-founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen?
A: Microsoft.

Q: Which company operates the world’s largest online auction and shopping website?
A: eBay.

Q: Who founded Tesla and launched electric cars like the Model 3?
A: Elon Musk.
Pro Experience: I remember being inspired by Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla. His pioneering work in launching electric cars like the Model 3 not only revolutionized the automotive industry but also inspired me to believe in the power of innovation and sustainability for a better future. 🚗🔋🌿

Q: What fast-food chain serves “Whopper” and “Big Mac” sandwiches?
A: Burger King and McDonald’s.

Q: What company is a leader in ride-sharing services and operates in over 900 metropolitan areas?
A: Uber.

Q: Who created Snapchat, known for disappearing photo and video messages?
A: Evan Spiegel.

Informative Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What automaker produces electric vehicles like the i3 and i8?

Q: Who is known for Windows operating systems and Xbox gaming consoles?
A: Microsoft.

Q: What brand is renowned for its “Frappuccino” drinks and siren logo?
A: Starbucks.

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Q: Which platform was created by former PayPal employees and later acquired by Google?
A: YouTube.

Q: What is Google known for?
A: Search engine and “Doodles” that change the logo.

Q: Who is famous for electric cars, including the Model X and Model Y?
A: Tesla.

Intelligent Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who produces Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?
A: Microsoft.

Q: What social networking site was co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates?
A: Facebook.

Q: What was Amazon’s initial focus when it was founded in 1994?
A: Online bookstore.

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Q: What electric car manufacturer was founded by Elon Musk and is known for the Model S?
A: Tesla.

Q: What company is famous for its “Subway Footlong” sandwiches?
A: Subway.

Q: Which company produces refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers?
A: Samsung.

Thoughtful Company Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What platform is known for square photos and filters?
A: Instagram.

Q: What brand operates a ride-sharing service using a smartphone app?
A: Lyft.

Q: What online marketplace offers auctions and “Buy It Now” options?
A: eBay.
Sigma Experience: I remember using eBay for both auctions and “Buy It Now” options. It’s been a go-to platform for finding unique items and great deals online, making shopping and selling an exciting and convenient experience. 🛍️💻🔨

Q: Who is known for electric cars, including the Model S and Model X, and led by Elon Musk?
A: Tesla.

Q: What company is known for its Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads?
A: Apple.

Q: What offers an e-commerce platform, AWS cloud services, and Kindle e-readers?
A: Amazon.

Q: What car company produces the Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3?
A: Tesla.

As we wrap up our exploration of the fascinating world of company trivia questions, remember that businesses are more than just profit and products; they’re a tapestry of human ingenuity and innovation.

So, keep your curiosity piqued, your entrepreneurial spirit alive, and may your future adventures in the business world be as exciting as a corporate takeover! 💼📚

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