101+ Funny Duke Puns That Will Reignite Your Sense Of Humor!

Duke Puns offer a regal dose of humor fit for royalty. With wordplay as sharp as a sword, these puns reign supreme in the kingdom of wit.

Whether it’s jests about dukes, duchesses, or noble pursuits, these puns add a touch of sophistication and a dash of hilarity.

From puns about royal titles to jests involving noble manners, Duke Puns capture the essence of aristocratic amusement, making them a favorite among pun enthusiasts seeking humor with a touch of class.

Funny Duke Puns

Q: Why did the Duke permit digging mines beneath his land despite his orders not to?
A: He felt “undercut.”

Q: What happened when the Great Old Duke of York gave an American Girl an object?
A: A reason “he never did.”

Q: Why do homeless people calling him Sir bother the Duke?
A: He’s a Duke in the grand plan of things, not just a Sir.

Q: What would the title of the TV show “COPS” be if the Dukes of Danger were people of color?
A: “COPS.”

Q: What do Johnny Rays and David Duke have in common?
A: They are each other’s “wizards.”

Q: What happened after a Serbian terrorist killed Franz Ferdinand?
A: Their nations had to “Duke it out.”

Q: Why didn’t the Honeydew princess flee with her true love but married Duke Watermelon instead?
A: She “cantaloupe.”

Q: What did the fool do when asked for a pun by the King?
A: He embodied the court “sign.”

Q: Which Duke also oversaw a confectionery?
A: The “wonkerer” William.

Q: What kind of weather does a Duke prefer?
A: “Hail.”

Q: What does a Duke or Queen do right after ascending to the throne?
A: They “take a seat.”

Q: What Duke of medieval England gained notoriety for spending many hours at his Round Table penning books?
A: “King Author!”

Q: What sport was Duke Arthur’s preferred pastime?
A: “Crosses and knights!”

Q: In what location are Duke and Duchess crowned?
A: “On the Head.”

Q: What kind of undies did Duke Tut wear?
A: “Fruit from the grave!”

Q: Why did the Duke visit a bank after dinner?
A: To “pay his deposit as a knight.”

Q: Where are Dukes installed?
A: “On top of them.”

Q: What caused the Duke to be drenched?
A: He was indeed the current “King.”

Q: Why had the Duke a round table?
A: To avoid being “cornered.”

Q: What was the extra night given by the Duke?
A: “Yes, Sir Plus.”

Q: How did medieval kings communicate through the forest?
A: “The Moss code.”

Q: Why did the Duke visit a dentist?
A: To have his teeth “crowned.”

Q: What was the most troubling aspect of the birthday celebrations Duke gave the dragons?
A: “Extinguishing the candles.”

Q: What distinguishes Martin Luther King Day from St. Patrick’s Day?
A: On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone dresses like an Irish person.

Q: Why was the army of King Arthur too worn out to fight?
A: Too many of his knights were “SLEEPLESS!”

Q: What might result from crossing the Duke of Wakanda with a customary Jewish treat?
A: “Charoset bread.”

Q: Where is the home of the King of Cows?
A: “Among the Cattle.”

Q: Why can the Queen in chess move more freely than the King?
A: Because the board resembles a “kitchen floor.”

Q: What was the name of the King with the overflowing cups?
A: Philip III, the King.

Q: Why did the Duke start a bakery business?
A: He kneaded some extra dough.

Q: Why did the Duke attend cooking school?
A: To become a master of the royal “bake-off.”

Q: What did the Duke say when he entered the pizza restaurant?
A: “This place is really ‘top crust’!”

Q: How did the Duke make his tea?
A: He used a “royal-tea” bag.

Q: What do you call a Duke’s favorite type of music?
A: “Classical.”

Q: What did the Duke say after a successful juggling act?
A: “It’s all in the ‘wrist’ of time!”

Q: Why did the Duke’s dog sit on the throne?
A: Because he was the “heir to the bone.”

Q: How does the Duke keep his castle cool in the summer?
A: He uses a “sir conditioner.”

Q: Why did the Duke bring a ladder to the bar?
A: Because he heard the drinks were on the “high nobility.”

Q: What did the Duke say after his portrait was painted?
A: “That truly captures my ‘duke-ality’!”

Q: How did the Duke fix his broken crown?
A: He used “royal glue.”

Q: Why did the Duke become a gardener?
A: He wanted to work on his “duke-bushes.”

Q: What did the Duke say when he won the lottery?
A: “I guess I have some ‘duke-y’ luck!”

Q: Why did the Duke start a comedy club?
A: He wanted to be the “king of puns.”

Q: What do you call a Duke who loves art?
A: A “paint-Duke.”

Q: Why was the Duke always calm in stressful situations?
A: Because he had a “duke-emeanor.”

Q: How does the Duke like his coffee?
A: “Crowned with froth.”

Q: What did the Duke say to his loyal subjects?
A: “I reign supreme!”

Q: Why did the Duke become a detective?
A: He wanted to solve “duke-steries.”

Q: What does the Duke do in his free time?
A: “Duke it out” with his hobbies.

Q: Why did the Duke become a musician?
A: He wanted to play the “duke-box.”

Q: What’s a Duke’s favorite exercise?
A: The “royal run.”

Q: Why did the Duke hire a personal trainer?
A: He wanted to get in “duke-shape.”

Q: How does the Duke stay organized?
A: He uses a “duke-tape planner.”

Q: Why did the Duke open a bookstore?
A: He wanted to share his love for “duke-lit.”

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