15 Amazing Edward Roscoe Murrow Facts that You Should Know

Little fact explorers, let me introduce you to Edward Roscoe Murrow!

He was a legendary radio broadcaster and also a TV journalist😲!!

He was quite famous for his live radio broadcasts during the Second World War!

Murrow was also the producer of ‘Person to Person,’ ‘Small World,” “See It Now,” and many more! 😲!

So, let’s go through some interesting facts regarding the life and contributions of this amazing person!

Interesting Edward Roscoe Murrow Facts

Edward R. Murrow: Explore the birth secrets of this famous person

Birth Secrets Of Edward Roscoe Murrow

Murrow was born at Polecat Creek, near Greensboro, in Guilford County, North Carolina, on April 25, 1908.

His mother👩 was Ethel F. Murrow, and his dad 👨 was Roscoe Conklin Murrow! Both of them were Quakers!

Murrow was a “mixture of Irish, Scottish, German, and English” descent and the youngest of four brothers!

The firstborn of his parents, Roscoe Jr., lived just a few hours!

The other two elder brothers of Murrow are Lacey Van Buren and Dewey Joshua. The family lived on a farm without plumbing and electricity💡.

After several years, Murrow’s family moved to Skagit County

Little fact-lovers, did you know this interesting secret about Murrow? No? Let me tell you.

When Murrow was just six years old, his family moved across the country to Skagit County!

It was in western Washington, to homestead near Blanchard, about 50 km south of the Canada-United States border!

There he attended a nearby high school in Edison! 

He was the leader of the school’s debate team🗣️, and during his senior year, he even became the president of the student body! Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Murrow enrolled at Washington State College

Murrow Enrolled At Washington State College

In the year 1926, Murrow graduated from high school and enrolled at Washington State University

Today, it is known as Washington State University!

He was quite active in speech and college politics!

Another interesting fact about Murrow is that he was born as Egbert Roscoe Murrow, and a teenager, his nickname was Ed. 

Later, during his second year in college, Murrow changed his name to Edward from Egbert!

Murrow had a signature phrase

Murrow’s reports started with what became his signature opening, “This is London.”

He used to deliver this with his vocal emphasis on the word this, followed by a small pause and then the rest of the phrase!

Londoners did not know if they would see one another the next morning ☀️because of the bombing. Hence, they used to say, “Good night, and good luck.”

Murrow started using the phrase “Good night and good luck.” It actually started after a 14-year-old Princess Elizabeth closed a broadcast to British kids by saying, “Good night and good luck to you all.”

Murrow did not start as a journalist

Murrow Did Not Start As A Journalist

Murrow Joined CBS as a director of talk and education in 1935. His description of the work was to develop cultural as well as discussion shows! 

It even involved lining up newsmakers that would appear on the network to discuss the problems of the day!

An opportunity came when Hitler engineered the annexation of Austria by the Nazis. 

He then put together a European News Roundup of reactions to the Anschluss!

It brought correspondents from different European cities together for a single broadcast, aired on March 13, 1938!

Murrow reported live from Vienna, the first on-the-screen news report of his life!

Murrow brought the Second World War into the living rooms of Americans

It is rare to hear the sounds of actual war unless they themselves had fought in one. Right?

Thus, to hear the sounds of war, along with outstanding reporting, is quite exciting and thrilling!

During WW II💣, Americans experienced this thrill, thanks to Murrow!

It established radio as a legitimate source of journalism!

Murrow could easily give vivid descriptions of what was happening around or below him!

One time he put up his microphone on the ground and stood up to record the sounds of people walking to bomb shelters to show there was no panic in London!

Murrow even reported amidst bombs

Murrow Reported Amidst Bombs

I am really thrilled to learn this interesting fact!

Murrow was not a fan of recordings, as he wished to give vivid descriptions of the things around him! This is also the reason why his wartime reports were full of life!

He got permission to go live, and on September 21, 1940, Murrow made his live rooftop broadcast!

The bombing 💣 was quite heavy that night; however, by good or bad luck, it stopped only a minute before the broadcast started!

Still, listeners could hear the whistles of either air-raid wardens or police officers 👮‍♂️and even the antiaircraft guns!

Murrow received the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Did you know this remarkable fact about Edward R. Murrow?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award🥇 presented by the President of the U.S.

It is given to recognize individuals who have made an especially meritorious contribution to the national, cultural interests or security of the United States, world peace, or other important public or private endeavors!

This prestigious award is the country’s highest civilian award! 

Murrow was noted for his reports from London and even covered the brutality of the Nazis’ march across Europe during the Second World War!

Murrow’s report on the concentration camp

Murrow’s Report On Concentration Camp

After the war, Murrow recruited journalists🗞️ like David Schoenbrun, Alexander Kendrick, Robert Pierpoint, and Daniel Schorr into the circle of the Boys as a virtual ‘second generation.’

However, the track record of the actual wartime crew set it apart!

On April 12, 1945, Bill Shadel and Murrow were the first reporters 📻at Germany’s Buchenwald concentration camp!

Murrow had an affair with the daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill

Murrow worked with the British quite closely!

In 1943, Winston Churchill offered to make Murrow BBC’s joint Director-General in charge of programming!

However, Murrow declined the offer; but fell in love with Pamela Beryl Harriman, daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill!

Pamela was married to Randolph Churchill and later filed a divorce on the grounds of desertion!

Pamela enjoyed talking with powerful men and initially wanted Murrow to marry her!

Though Murrow ever promised her twice, he still ended the affair after his wife gave birth to their only child, Casey.

Murrow was a heavy cigarette smoker

Murrow Was A Cigarette Smoker

Murrow was a chain smoker throughout his life!

He was always seen with Camel cigarettes🚬, his trademark! He could smoke through sixty and sixty-five cigarettes a day!

Once in his show, Murrow said that he could not go through an operation to remove his left lung!

However, on April 27, 1965, Murrow died at his home, two years after his surgery!

Strangely the same thing had killed his older brother, Lacey, as he was a heavy smoker 🚬 and also an alcoholic!

Lacey also underwent lung removal surgery due to lung cancer in the 1950s. Later in 1966, Lacey committed suicide!

appointed as the head of the United States Information Agency

Have you heard this amazing secret about Murrow?

After the war, Murrow’s career struggled at lot!

His relationship with CBS became strained. Finally, he resigned and accepted a position offered by President Kennedy!

It was the head of the United States Information Agency!

His appointed restored the confidence of the agency in public in other countries!

Murrow tried to atone for McCarthy’s sins!

His status as a celebrity gave the agency a higher profile!

This helped it earn a good amount of funds💰 from the Congress. However, the early signs of cancer kept him from furthering many agendas!

Murrow’s show changed public opinion of a controversial senator

Murrow’s Show Changed Public Opinion

Murrow’s show, See It Now, focused on various controversial issues!

It is best remembered as a show that criticized the Red Scare and McCarthyism!

It even helped stop the anticommunist persecutions, which were led by Senator Joseph McCarthy!

It resulted in his downfall!

In 1953, Murrow told the story of a solder! The solder was removed from the military for being a risk for the security! 

He became a security risk, as his sister and father had leftist political learnings!

After this story appeared on Murrow’s famous show, See It Now, the soldier was reinstated 😊!!

Edward R. Murrow as a producer

I am truly amazed to explore this wonderful secret about Murrow! What about you, my friend?

Murrow produced several interesting shows! 

He produced three episodes of “Years Of Crisis” from 1953 to 1956.

Between the years 1953 and 1959, he even produced 247 episodes of ‘Person To Person.’

Murrow was also the producer of some other shows, such as Small World (1958-1960), ‘CBS Reports (1959-1960), and also See It Now (1951-1958).

Also, in 1956, Murrow wrote an introduction for ‘Rise Of The Vice Presidency”, Irving G. William’s book! Amazing, right?

Awards owned by Murrow

Awards Owned By Murrow

In his lifetime, Murrow received many awards and honors!

The most prestigious ones include the 1947 Alfred I. duPont Award, the 1964 Paul White Award, the 1951 and 1952 George Polk Award, and also the 1967 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for “A Reporter Remembers, Vol. I The War Years.”

Summing up

Edward R. Murrow…isn’t the person, and the facts regarding him are really amazing! 😊!

We have tried to collect as much information about him as possible…to satisfy your curious soul!

Hope you like them! 😊!

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