23 Fantastic Elvis Aaron Presley Facts that You Might Know

Little friends, let me introduce you to Elvis Aaron Presley! 😲!

He was an American singer and actor famous for being the “King of Rock and Roll.”

So, let us explore some wonderful facts about this person who is famous as one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century!

Amazing Elvis Aaron Presley Facts

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi

Elvis Presley Was Born In Mississippi

Hey, little fact lovers, did you know that Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi?

This famous person took birth on January 8, 1935!

His parents were Vernon Presley 👨 and Gladys Love 👩!

The family lived in a two-room shotgun house, which Elvis’ father built!

While growing up, Elvis didn’t have an indoor bathroom, electricity, or even running water!

Elvis enjoyed playing pranks on people

In an interview, Elvis described that he would dress up as a police officer and even pull people over to give them his autograph! 😄!

At that time, he would actually pull female drivers, and while doing so, he even felt his wife’s displeasure!

Today, those autographs of Elvis sell for a good sum of money!

Elvis never toured outside of America

Elvis Never Went Outside Of America

Have you heard this interesting fact about Presley? No? Let me explain.

Elvis never toured outside America and Canada!

Colonel Tom Parker, his manager, was an illegal immigrant from Holland! 

Hence, Parker was quite afraid and believed that if he left the United States, he would not be allowed back in. 

Parker also pushed for the marriage of Elvis and Priscilla for the sake of the King’s image👑! In turn, this decision made Presley even more popular!

Really interesting, isn’t it?

Elvis had an identical twin brother

Elvis had an identical twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley; however, he was delivered stillborn just thirty-five minutes before him!

According to his mother, she went through a complicated birth which resulted in the death of Elvis’ brother👶!

After being hospitalized, Elvis’ mother no longer had other children after him.

Thus, Elvis grew up to have a good relationship with his mother. Also, his mother, Gladys, was strongly attached to him!

Presley in 1954: Starting of his music career

Did you know this amazing fact about Presley?

His music 🎼career started in 1954 after he and his family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee!

He recorded at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips! Phillips wanted to bring down the sound of African-American music to a really large audience.

Presley was accompanied by bassist Bill Black and lead guitarist Scotty Moore, and hence, started creating amazing rock music!

Later, drummer D. J. Fontana joined the team!

Presley started in more than 30 films

Presley Started In 30 Films

During his career, Presley also worked in the film-making 🎬 industry as an actor!

In November 1956, Elvis made his film debut in the movie Love Me Tender!

Starring in more than 30 films, he only made his female fanbase grow really wider!

At the time, his performances were thought to be phenomenal, which lefts critics with nothing negative to say!

Elvis Presley popularized quick weddings

Love movies? Then you will definitely love this amazing secret about Presley!

In the movie Viva Las Vegas, Presley had a quick marriage with Ann Margaret, his co-star!

Due to the great success of this movie, Las Vegas started to popularize the idea of white little chapels and even shotgun weddings in the city!

Later on, Elvis also had a real wedding with his wife Priscilla 👰‍♀️ in the city of Las Vegas!

Today, many of these chapels within the city of Las Vegas serve as a venue for quick weddings and also a tourist attraction!

Elvis went through a great state of depression 

Around the 1900s, Elvis started to develop some poor personal habits and even started having an addiction to his prescription drugs!

By the early 1970s, he was officially diagnosed with depression and even started taking antidepressants💊 to manage it!

Presley started gaining much more weight towards his career’s end

Presley Started Gaining Weight

Little fact-lovers, have you heard this unique fact about Presley? No?? Let me tell you.

From the 1960s to the early 1970s, Elvis developed a habit of overeating as well as taking his prescription drugs!

This caused him to gain weight quite fast, to the point of being severely unmotivated. 

During this time in his life, he would even require an assistant to help him do some small tasks throughout the day, like getting up and even maintaining his diet!

Elvis had a badge: He got it as a narcotics agent from the U.S. President

In the year 1970, Elvis Presley once met with Richard Nixon at the Oval Office during Nixon’s presidency!

At the time, Presley already showed some signs of his drug addiction! This led him to ask the President for a badge as a narcotics agent!

Surprisingly, President Nixon even agreed to this request despite the lack of training that Presley had as a narcotics agent! Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Presley was not always welcomed in the city of Las Vegas

I am really amazed to learn this interesting fact about the famous Elvis Presley!

During the late 1950s, Elvis Presley came to the city of Las Vegas!

At that time, Rock and Roll had not been as widespread as it was during the 60s! This actually led to Elvis’ performances being quite unwelcome!!

Over time, the genre of Rock and Roll started becoming more and more popular, and later Elvis was considered an icon in the city of Las Vegas by the early 70s!

Elvis Presley was considered a germaphobe

Elvis Presley Was A Germaphobe

If you hate germs🦠 and dirt, like me, then you will surely love this amazing fact about Elvis Presley!

According to Elvis’ wife, he considered himself an extreme germaphobe 😵!

Often, Elvis would drink from the part of the mug that was above the handle, even if he knew fully well that others would not drink from a mug in this way!

Elvis would also only use one cup that only he could use! Interesting, isn’t it?

All in all, Presley’s wife described his habits to be quite religious when it comes to avoiding germs and dirt!

As of 2020, Elvis has a net worth of $300 million

Due to his success and widespread fame as a musical icon, Elvis accumulated quite a large fortune💰 during his life! 

However, Elvis also enjoyed spending his fortune on his friends and family, which eventually left behind large debts in his bank account!

In the year 1993, whatever was left of his wealth was inherited by Lisa, his daughter, when she turned 25 years of age!

Lisa also inherited the house of Elvis Presley, which is famous as Graceland!

During the early 1960s Elvis Presley had his huge comeback

After the initial hype of his career, Presley slowly moved down the musical charts!

However, this all became past stories during his comeback tour in the early 1960s, which was simply known as Elvis!

After a successful run, he released a new album🎵 which placed Elvis in the top ten charts again!

It even rekindled his popularity among both old and new fans!

During this time, Presley also pledged that he would no longer perform songs that he did not believe in despite the fact that it might have an impact on his musical career!

There is a sandwich named after Presley

Sandwich Named After Presley

Oh! Yummy sandwiches! How much I wish to have some!

In his life, Elvis has been known to love bread, known as Fool’s Gold Loaf!

He was also famous being a big fan of peanut butter, which eventually led to a variation of his favorite sandwich🥪 named after Presley!

The sandwich was just named “The Elvis Sandwich” and consisted of two slices of bread, peanut butter, and bacon!

Because of Elvis Presley Teenagers were convinced to take a Polio vaccine

In 1955, doctors and researchers were able to successfully make a vaccine for Polio disease.

However, many doctors 👩‍⚕️ faced trouble convincing the youth to take the vaccine for the sake of their health!

At that time, Elvis Presley then decided to take this to the press and even publicly stated that he took the polio vaccine himself!

This would result in his younger fans being convinced to do the same!

Presley was allergic to eyelash dye

With growing age, Elvis became more and more concerned with how he could keep his youthful looks!

One of the ways he repeated was using black hair dye to keep his hair from becoming white and old!

This included Elvis dying his eyebrows, head, and as well as his eyelashes!

However, at one point during the process, some of the dye went into the eyes of Elvis, which caused a severe allergic reaction and health issues later on in his life.

Elvis joined the U.S. military for two years

Elvis Joined The U.S. Military

At the height of his fame and musical career, Presley joined the U.S. military in the year 1958!

He served in the United States military for two years until the year 1960! It was during the time of the Cold War!

Despite already being famous as a musician at the time, Elvis was still drafted, and his number was called from the reserve!

During the first year of his career Elvis purchased the house called Graceland

Little friends, did you know this wonderful fact about Presley?

Elvis Presley bought his famous house for $100,000🏰 which later on became an iconic tourist attraction left by his legacy!

Many believed that the name of the house came from Grace, the daughter of the previous owner!

Many fans would also often wait outside Elvis’ house to catch a glimpse of the King of Rock and Roll!

After Elvis’ mother’s death, he even received several letters and cards in his mail wishing him condolences from fans!

Presley had relationships with underage women

At the time, Elvis was known for having personal relationships with several teenage girls during his twenties!

Elvis even said that he had a preference for younger and more beautiful women!

However, Elvis referred to them as Jail Bait and also refrained from having sexual relationships with them!

Sometimes, they would only lie in bed together while having those teenage girls in white underwear!

Moreover, Elvis had more lover at a time, and he was quite famous among women for his devilish charms and charisma!

Elvis died in 1977 from a heart attack

Elvis Died In 1977

I am really depressed to learn this sad fact about Presley!

Around the time of his death, Elvis had been in poor health! He suffered from hypertension, an enlarged color, and also had liver damage and glaucoma!

Later on, his auto biopsy even revealed that he suffered from a genetic heart muscle ailment called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy!

This eventually resulted in a fatal heart attack⚰️ in 1977!

Elvis was known to carry a gun around him

Elvis stated that he had been quite fond of guns ever since his childhood! 

Once he became an adult and made his own money, he bought a rifle that he had been wishing for some time for himself!

It was also said that Elvis carried guns around with him sometimes and would carelessly leave his pistol in his dressing room!

At that time, one of Presley’s previous girlfriends even saw that Elvis once shot the TV in his house, describing him to be a bit trigger-happy! Interesting, isn’t it?

Elvis never wrote any of his songs

Elvis Never Wrote His Songs

Of all his hit singles and songs🎼, Elvis didn’t write a single one. However, he still stood out for his singing voice and alluring charisma!

Throughout the span of his career, Elvis was signed to three different record labels, who wrote his songs for him!

However, Elvis was offered co-writing credit for some of the tracks that he performed!

Summing up

Elvis Presley…isn’t the persons and facts about him quite amazing! 😲!

We have tried to collect as much information about him as possible…so that your treasure of knowledge is enhanced!

Hope you like them!

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