17 Interesting Facts About Jazan That Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Jazan, the vibrant city 😃of Saudi Arabia!

From its rich cultural heritage to its stunning natural landscapes, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts about Jazan that will amaze you.

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Fun Facts About Jazan

Jazan City: It is a port city and capital of the Jizan Region

Jazan City

Little fact lovers, have you heard 🤔 about the port city of Jazan!?

Jazan, also called Gizan or Gazan, is the capital and also the port city of the Jizan region. It is located in Saudi Arabia’s southwest corner. 

The beautiful Jizan City is located on the coast of the Red Sea 🌊 and works as a large agricultural heartland. 

This beautiful and interesting Jazan City is world famous for its high-quality agricultural production. Some of those products include high-quality tropical fruits, such as figs, mango, and papaya. 

Saudi Aramco: One of the largest mega projects in the country

The city of Jazan has one of the country’s largest mega projects, with significant infrastructure projects that are worth several billions of dollars. 

Here, we will get to see the Saudi Aramco building, which is a 400,000 bpm refinery 👏 with related terminal facilities on the Red Seanear Jazan. 

This major work was scheduled for completion in 2018.

This Jazan refinery will process medium and heavy crude oil to create asphalt, sulfur, liquefied petroleum gas, paraxylene, and benzene. 

It is expected that this refinery will produce around 400,000 barrels per day.

The city’s people and transport: Explore these vital secrets of Jazan

I am quite amazed by the people and transportation 🚌 of the city of Jazan.!

The inhabitants of the city are Arab and are divided between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims 🕌 that reside in the Jazan region.

Also, as of 2021, the agricultural heartland has 319,119 people and more than 1.5 million people within the metropolitan area.

As it is the capital city of the region, it also has a regional airport✈️, along with the Jazan seaport. 

Jazan City: Meet the naval industry hub of Saudi Arabia

Little voyagers, did you know this exciting secret about Jazan City!?

The city has been turned into the naval industry hub of Saudi Arabia

In addition, the western and southern outskirts of the city are a place that the Kingdom wishes to turn into its agricultural hub because of the water 🌊 underground and also the diverse and rich soil.

Jazan Heritage Village: Learn about history here

If you love history like me, then you will definitely love this interesting secret about Jazan City! 

The Heritage Village in the city is a must-visit place for people like us. It has been preserved since the 15th century. 

This unique village symbolizes the rich culture, heritage, lifestyle, and also cuisine 🤤of the residents of the province. 

We can learn about the rich history of Jazan from the variety of exhibits, like traditional stone, mud houses, an old market, ancient art, handicraft galleries, etc. Also, there are some eateries where people can enjoy a cup 🍵of tea.

Fayfa Mountain: Enjoy exploring this mesmerizing mountain in Jazan

Mountain In Jazan

I always like adventure! So, I am a big fan of this adventurous region in Jazan City! 

One of the really exciting things to do in this beautiful city is to explore the beautiful ⛰️Fayfa mountain

What makes this experience more unforgettable is when people can see some beautiful historic castles 🏫on their way up. 

Also famous as the ‘neighbor of the moon,’ these mountains are covered with clouds and lush greenery that create an illusion that they are floating. 

So, as a fan of hiking, I love to walk up these mountains to experience the breathtaking view.

Al-dossaria Castle: Explore the beauty of this famous landmark

Have you heard about this amazing and world-famous landmark of Jazan City!?

Located at the highest peak in the Jazan region, overlooking the Red Sea 🌊, the Al-dossaria castle 🏫is one of the most important archaeological and historical landmarks in the city. 

Built-in a square shape, this interesting castle is heaven for history buffs.

 Also, it shows decades-old Arabic graffiti on several walls, along with wonderful architecture.

This beautiful castle is also a museum, and hence, a gold mine of artifacts and records can be seen here that can illuminate important periods in the history of the region. 

Wadi Jalab: Take a dip into the fresh waters here

Wadi Jalab in Jazan

Oh! How much I wish to feel the happiness of taking a dip into the fresh waters of the famous Wadi Jalab

The valley of Wadi Jalab has a unique charm that will definitely attract any globetrotter. 

This beautiful wadi is located between two high mountains that are covered with thick moss, offering the whole area an illusion of a hanging garden. 

Although the Wadi provides multiple notable viewpoints, the most important attraction of this place is the continuously running fresh water. 

There, we can hike through this breathtaking valley to reach a waterfall formed by several streams.

The Temperature in Jazan: Explore the hot desert climate of the city

Temperature In Jazan

I am quite sure that you will love the amazing secret about Jazan City!

According to the Koppen classification, this Saudi Arabian City has a hot desert climate with a rainfall 🌧️of not more than 200 mm per year.

 It has an average annual temperature of above 86 degrees of Fahrenheit.

Here, the weather is very hot around the year, and its average annual temperature is considered one of the hottest in the world. 

The daily low temperature of Jazan, on average, is not more than 68 degrees of Fahrenheit, .and highs over 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Farasan Islands: Explore the beauty of exotic Flora and Fauna

Farasan Islands in Jazan

I am quite amazed by the amazing collection of flora 🌳 and fauna in the Farasan Islands, located in Jazan. 

It is the largest and most inhabited island in the region. The main attraction of this beautiful island is its biodiversity. 

The dense mangrove forests in this region are a significant breeding ground for different kinds of birds, such as white-eyed gulls, pink-backed pelicans, osprey, red-billed tropics, sooty falcon, crab plover, and flamingos. 

Other than seeing these birds, we can have the opportunity to see marine animals underwater. After sightseeing, we can watch the beautiful sunset at the beach.

Water sports: Enjoy different kinds of water sports in Jazan

Water Sports In Jazan

As a famous and beautiful port city on the Red Sea 🌊, there are many diving spots in the city of Jazan spread all over. 

This attractive city offers different kinds of interesting water sports, such as scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and many more. 

We will even get an opportunity to explore a diverse variety of coral reefs here, along with some rare wildlife, like clownfish, napoleon fish🐟, black marlin, tuna, dolphins, whitetip sharks🦈, blue-spotted rays, and even snappers. 

The best time to visit Jazan is from November to February, as this place is extremely hot and humid.

Indulge in the happiness offered by this wonderful theme park in Jazan

Little fun lovers, want to explore an interesting secret about the beautiful city of Jazan!? Let’s explore.

Here we will be able to see a wonderful theme park along the beach, which is surely worth exploring. 

Here people like us come to enjoy different kinds of entertaining and fun rides with their families.

Turks Castle: Learn the history of the Ottoman Empire in Jazan City

If you are a history lover like me, then just don’t forget to explore the Turks Castle🏫 in the city of Jazan! Interested, right??

It is a centuries-old building constructed during the time of the Ottoman Empire👑 to guard this unique place.

The area around this mesmerizing castle offers an exotic view of the entire Jazan City. Thus, people come here to relax during the evening time.

North Corniche Park: Explore this beautiful park alongside the captivating beach

While exploring the city of Jazan, we must visit this park alongside the beach 🏖️. There we will love to visit along with our family. 

When the weather is good, we can take a walk in the park while enjoying the cool and refreshing sea breeze. There are also some fun rides and restaurants as well.

Notable shopping malls in Jazan: Get an amazing shopping experience

Oh, shopping! You don’t know how much I love to shop 🛍️!! Are you like me too?? Then, you will surely love this incredible fact about Jazan City!

For those who love shopping, there is Rashid Mall or Kadi Mall in the city, where you can find many clothing outlets, a food court, and also a children’s play area. 

The economy in Jazan: Know the hidden economic secrets about Jazan

In the early 20th century, the city of Jazan was a vital site for pearl fishing. 

However, with the start of World War I, this trade started declining here and moved to Al Hudaydah.

Today, several ambitious projects in renewable energy, transport, 🚌 agricultural development, and tourism are taking place in the city of Jazan. 

Another notable ongoing project here is a US$3 Billion aluminum smelter.

The city has also become a notable naval industry hub in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the western and southern areas of Jazan are going to become agricultural hubs.

Hareed (Parrot) Fish Festival: Enjoy this famous festival of Jazan

Do you love festivals? Me too. Hence, I am in love with this festive secret about the city of Jazan! 

Every year in the middle of the month of April, Al-Hareed Fish Festival is organized at Farasan Island by the governate of Jizan.

Numerous people take part in the festival, and the top ten individuals who capture the most fish are awarded by the authority.

So, I really wish to visit this beautiful Saudi Arabian city during this fun festival of Jizan.

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