25+ Interesting Harry Potter Games for Magical Playtime!

Harry Potter is a unique childhood memory for all of us. Most of us adults know or have watched this incredible piece of fiction that will be in our memories for the rest of our lifetime. 

But even after so many years many of the newer generations are still very huge fans of this golden show filled with magical ✨elements in it. 

So to relive our childhood through them all we can do is provide them with the joy of portraying their favorite characters in their favorite show which we couldn’t do in our lifetime.

Amazing Harry Potter Games For Your Children

I would suggest that these few Harry Potter games will be very fun and enjoyable for all of your kids. 

It will also bring with it lots of information and enjoyment surrounding this magical show, which is surprisingly quite popular in the younger generation as well, so these games should be performed by the newer generation 👦.

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience and improve a bunch of new skills and abilities while performing these games which will also help them in the long run.

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of Harry Potter games that are fun as well as enjoyable for your kids.😁

Dobby Sock Toss

Playing Dobby Sock Toss Game For Kids

According to me, this is another very interesting and unique game involving painting 🎨 as well as learning. Your kids of any age will love this game. 

For this activity, you just simply need to use two baskets and see which kid can fill their basket with the most socks.

Pro Tip:
You can also make it more or less challenging by placing the basket closer or farther away according to your kid’s choice. This will make the game more engaging for your kid who will eventually develop more interest in this game 🎮.

DIY Quidditch Game

Here is another great activity for your little Harry Potter enthusiasts. This Quidditch game is perfect for a small birthday party event. 

Any kid can easily make this themselves or find a printout online. For this activity, your kid just needs to cut ✂️out the holes and use quarters, beans, or anything to have kiddos throw through the holes.

Wizard Names

Naming Games For Kids

If you’re planning a Harry Potter-themed party, there will be way more kids asking for a wizard name aside from the birthday child👶🏻. 

Therefore, you can create your own set of names for them by writing them down on construction paper and have kids choose their favorite ones as they arrive!

Harry Potter Bingo

There’s not much better than a bingo game to get all of the kids at the party involved. Whether you wrap it into the house 🏠 competition or just have it as one of the board games, kids will love this Harry Potter centric bingo game. 

It’s a classic party game that everyone knows and every kid will not only be able to play but also enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Harry Potter Levitating Game

You can let your kids embrace Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry with this super interactive board game. It is seriously a favorite in my house. 

Although it’s only a one-player game, the competition level is very high and could be used as a house 🏠 competition between your kids and you!

Pro Tip:
If you want to play this game with only one of your kids then you can face them as their opponent in this game. This will increase their competitive skills and will lead to an increase in focus and concentration in the game.

Harry Potter Magic Potions Class

Harry Potter Magic Potions Class Games For Kids

Magic potions are so much fun. This Elixir potion is perfect for your kids who are obsessed with Harry Potter. 

You can let them use their magic wands or a squirt bottle to make the baking soda explode!

Basic Wand Choreography

For this activity, you need to make sure each of your kids has a chopstick wand and let them try out the choreography! Kids will love working as a team and in the process 😄 will learn about the different movements that come with casting spells. 

Guess the Wand Quiz

Guessing The Wand Quiz Game For Kids

Playing physical games is always a bit tiring for both the kids and the parents but especially as a parent trying to get all your kids under control is a very tiring 😪task. This is why when it’s time for a little break, you can let your kids complete this fun little activity. 

For this activity, you can have your kids write down their answers or answer them out loud and chat about them. All of the questions would be surrounding the topic of Harry Potter.

Guess the Voice

How well do your kids know about the Harry Potter characters? This is an amazing Harry Potter-themed game that people of any age will love to play. 

It’s also a bit of a twist on the classic trivia games that will keep each one of your kids engaged.

Quidditch Pong

Playing Quidditch Pong Game For Kids

This is another interesting Harry Potter activity that will make a place in your kid’s heart. Just like a drinking game for any parents that are at the party is equally fun🤩 you can also set up a similar drinking game for your kids with mocktail drink ideas. 

DIY Harry Potter Wands 

Making Harry Potter Wands Game For Kids 

This is yet another great Harry Potter game that I thought I would add to this list because of its simplistic and easy-to-perform characteristics. In this game, your kids will get to understand that creating a Harry Potter toy has never been more fun or simple! 

For this game, your kid needs to use a hot glue gun or a cool glue gun 🔫 alternative. This will be the first step toward getting your kids ready for a fun night of Harry Potter games.

Flying Keys Scavenger Hunt

Make your house into a Hogwarts house! Create flying keys with this simple tutorial and create a scavenger hunt! After the sorting hat determines who’s in which house, have house teams split up and see who can catch the most keys 🔐. 

Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz

This is another great activity for your little Harry Potter fans. This game will not only be exciting for your kids but it will also improve their memorizing skills along with their knowledge 🧠 about Harry Potter. 

Before starting the party, you can have everyone take this quiz to determine which house they’re in. This is a fun twist for your kids on picking teams for the actual games throughout the party.


Making Butterbeer For Kids

According to me, this is yet another interesting game that every kid must try. In this activity, your kids are going to cook an awesome recipe. 

You can let your kids use awesome recipes 🍲like this one to create their very own butterbeer concoction. This is surely a very good game for all the kids.

Pro Tip:
If your kid is not old enough to follow the recipe or is somehow not able to perform it then you can also aid him in the process. This will also be a learning experience for your kid and he or she will get to know and discover this new field of cooking through you.

Dragon Egg

Another cool yet peaceful game is the “dragon egg.” In this activity, you can let your kids unleash their artistic skills by creating their dragon 🐉 egg from the fictional world of Harry Potter! 

Such types of crafts are always a fun activity or game for any kid to pass their time, and your kids will also love to take a break from the intensity of all the games.

Harry Potter House Sorting

Amazing Sorting Game For Kids

Another Harry Potter game that will surely make a place in your kid’s heart ❤️ is this one. In this activity, your kids will have to play an amazing sorting game. For this game, your kid needs to become their sorting hat and sort the colors into the correct house. 

This is surely a very entertaining game that according to me your kids will like and enjoy every moment of it.

Pro Tip:

M&Ms will work the best for this game. Because of the varieties of different colors that they come in it will help your kid in this game.

Wingardium Leviosa DIY Craft

Making Wingardium Leviosa Feather Activity For Kids

This is another amazing Harry Potter game that I suggest to all of the kids. This Harry Potter game is one of those simple games for kids that they will be begging to play all the time! For this game, your kid needs to make their very own Wingardium Leviosa feather! 

After this, he or she needs to tie this feather with a see-through fishing line and then you can let your kids practice making it look like real magic ✨. They can easily perfect their spell-casting pronunciations with time. 

Floating Balloon

Floating Balloon Game For Kids

I would suggest that this is another incredible Harry Potter game that will not only excite your kids during its performance but will also make them overjoyed every time after performing it. 

For this game, you can let your kids try putting a balloon over any air vents that you have throughout your house 🏡. This will make it float, and your kids will feel that they’re making the balloons float. According to me, this is a great game for your little harry potter fans.

Pro Tip:
You can also let them take their videos and observe who could convince everyone that their spell worked!

Harry’s Howler

This is yet another wonderful Harry Potter game that I tried out with my little son. Both of us loved this game and we enjoyed playing it. In this particular game, your kids need to create a Howler from the Ministry of Magic! 

Any kid 👶🏻who loves Harry Potter has always dreamed of getting a Howler letter and how it would feel like getting one! Well, let them try it out for themselves

DIY Harry Potter Guess Who Game

In my opinion, this is yet another great Harry Potter game that will help your kid understand and benefit from the various other Harry Potter in this blog post in a fun and playful manner. 

In this activity, your kids can easily remove the cards inside if your kids have their own Guess Who game at home. If your kids don’t have a game, your kids can easily learn how to make their own here. 

For this game, your kids need to first print out pictures of Harry Potter characters and put them inside the Guess Who board. This is a very fun activity for your kids which will surely be liked by all the little Harry Potter lovers😍.

Hula Hoop Quidditch

Here is another great Harry Potter centric game that I highly recommend to all of the kids out there. 

You can easily engage your kids with this amazing game of hula hoop quidditch. And on top of this game is one of those games where the more is, the merrier and the better the game will feel. The more kids and the more balls. 

This game is also very easy to set up and extremely easy to play! So according to me and my kid, this is one of our favorite games in this list which is extremely fun and exciting to play🥳.

Pro Tip:
Your kids might get a bit competitive while performing this game, so it’s very important to establish various important rules before beginning this game. This will make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Harry Potter Escape Room

In my opinion, this is one of our favorite Harry Potter games, which my little son👶🏻 is a huge fan of. As we know escape rooms have seriously taken the whole nation by storm. 

Whatever the reason is, an escape room is fun for the whole family. In this case, it’ll be no different. Most of our kids will love such exciting adventure-packed🤩 escape-themed games, so I am quite sure that every one of your kids will surely get fond of this game very soon.

Pro Tip:
Instead of visiting or renting outside escape rooms you can also build and create your very own Harry Potter escape room. 

Although this will require a little hard work and proper planning, your kids will love the results of it🥰.


My son and I have played these games together to experience with him the joy of expressing and enjoying our favorite characters from our favorite shows. This also helped him learn and improve various varieties of skills while also enjoying the fun and excitement that all the games provided.

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these different varieties of fun yet enjoyable Harry Potter games that were so innovative and creative. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you.

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