25+ Hibernating Activities that You Might Know!

I am the mother of two kids, and here I want to briefly explain how the extracurricular activities 🧩 add value to one kid’s life.

It not only provides them with a good fun time but also enhances their basic skills in such a way that they become self-resilient, which gives them exploration at a very early age.

Games and activities 🧩have let my children take experiences, learn, and implement them in real life. You, too, can see your kid being active by being physically involved in these games, and I assure you that it will make them an all-around person.

Fascinating Hibernating Activities for kids

Is this the time of winter vacation🏖 and are you wondering how to keep your kids engaged in nature with simple and easy games and let their fun exploration be super exciting? Then, of course, you have landed on the right page. 

Whether the activities are making hedgehogs or making their dens, the exciting and most entertaining activities for kids are listed below to help them get interested and learn many new things.

These activities will enhance their recognition skill, and motor skills and let their creativity and imagination come to life.

So, let’s quickly move ahead with some amazing activities.

Dough Hedgehogs

I introduced this to my kids during their school workshop. Kids can make hedgehogs using flour dough, make the body shape, and add googly eyes.

Kids can put edible or fabric colors that would give a super real look of a hedgehog. This brings the creativity out of kids.

Hibernation Den

I introduced this to my kids during their winter vacation. Kids can make a hibernation den by using wet sand or flour dough.

By giving a good domed structure from above and can add rectangle marks on top. This activity enhances motor skills and increases physical coordination.

Feed the animals

I introduced this to my son when he was very young. Kids can feed the animals that hibernate, like chipmunks, hedgehogs, etc.

They can feed the eatable items to them by placing them near their holes. This activity allows them to explore nature and increases their coordination skills.

Pro-Tip: I always make sure the food items are safe for the hibernating animals. I recommend the same.


My kids love playing puzzles. Other kids would also love playing the hibernation puzzles and learn which animals hibernate.

Not only this, but it also lets them understand the nature around them, and this enhances their imagination and creativity.

Bear walk

My kids love playing this. Kids can act like a bear and walk around the house. This bear walk can include laziness or the feeling of sleeping while walking because it can show the hibernating period among the bears.

This activity enhances their physical coordination and helps them to develop other motor skills.

Shadow Matching

I introduced this to my kids, and they loved it. Kids can take a game where they can match shadows using the shaped cards and name them appropriately.

This not only helps them learn the names but also enhances their creativity while learning.

Food ideas

Kids can make cookies by looking at hibernating animals, making the learning more fascinating. I believe this activity not only enhances the imagination but also improves the learning process.

Apple snack

I introduced this to my son when he was having his birthday party. Kids can make apple snacks or any food snack that is favorite to hibernating animals. This helps them engage in physical activity and enhances their imagination and creativity.

Popsicle bear

My daughter loves making this evening snack. Kids can make a popsicle using milk, edible colors, and artificial sweeteners by giving it a bear look.

This evening snack is great fun among kids, even if it is wintertime. This activity helps them to enhance their imagination skills.

Paper plate

I introduced this to my kids, and they loved making it. Kids can use paper plates for making the hibernating activities by cutting them in an appropriate shape.

They can add googly eyes and paint according to their appearance. This activity helps them in enhancing their creativity.

Breathing activity

Kids can focus on the importance of hibernation. Hibernating animals during the time of winter focuses on privacy and sleep.

Kids can encourage themselves by this activity as it helps them to maintain their physical and mental health. I believe this activity enhances their physical coordination.

Bear pillow

I introduced this to my kids, and they still use and love it. Kids can make a bear pillow by stitching the cloth in a bear shape and putting the pieces of cotton inside. This activity makes them more creative and advanced in learning soft skills.

Pro-Tip: I made sure that my kids were stitching the pillow under my supervision using a big blunt needle. I would recommend you to do the same.

Turtle box

My son made this when it was winter vacation for them, and it turned out beautifully. Kids can make a box for turtles or can just make a turtle out of dough and make a box to put it in.

Kids can add sea colors to it to give it a real look.


Kids can write poetry on hibernating animals using simple rhymes and make this into a chorus song.

This wonderful activity helps them learn more about hibernating animals and also makes them more creative.


My kids love painting the portraits of nature. Kids can paint the hibernating animals using watercolor or crayons.

Then, they can make this as a wall hanging for decorating their rooms. This activity helps them to bring their creativity and imagination to the table.

Bear caves

I introduced this activity to my kids, and they loved it. Kids can make the bear caves using paper or dough by giving a domed shape to it and making a hole underneath.

This activity helps them to be more creative and imaginative.

Alphabet matching

Kids can play alphabet matching games where they can match the names of the hibernating animals.

I believe this activity helps them to enhance their creativity and makes learning easier and more fun.

Math Activities

Kids can learn math activities while playing with numerical objects. Kids can take up the number of palates where hibernating animals are drawn and can count on the palates.

I believe this activity enhances their creativity and imagination.

Printable activities

I bring up the printable books for my kids when the boredom covers them up.

Kids can take out the prints of hibernating animals and draw the additionals onto them or color them up for the learning process.

This enhances their imagination and creativity at an early age.

Snow cave for animals

My kids love making this while they are left with nothing. Kids can go to beach areas or choose a home garden where sand is easily available.

Then, they can dig the soil out and make a domed shape to look like the cave where hibernating animals sleep.


These hibernating 🚜🐄🌾games and activities will keep your child entertained while also teaching them important developmental skills that should be incorporated into their daily routine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the activities listed above and gained some ideas for how to engage your children in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional activity suggestions or questions for me to answer – I’d love to hear from you! ❤️

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