23 Fascinating Hillary Clinton Facts that Will Leave You Amaze

Little fact-enthusiasts let me tell you about Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

She is an American diplomat and politician who served as the 67th United Secretary of State under President Obama😲!

She was also the first lady of America from 2001 to 2009.

So, let us take a look into the life and contributions of this interesting person😲!

Amazing hillary clinton facts

Hillary and her family:  She was born on 1947

Hillary And Her Family

Little friends, did you know that Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947?

Dorothy Howell, her mom, was a homemaker, and her dad 👨, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, was the owner of a small business in the textile trade!

She was born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois!

The first of Hillary was to work in her dad’s textile industry!

She has two younger brothers, Huge E. Jr. and Anthony!

Another interesting fact about Hillary is that her full name is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton!

Hillary had a written Exchange with NASA

Let me tell you a really amazing fact about Hillary Clinton!

The 14-year-old Hillary had ambitions way beyond what one could expect from her! 

In 1961, when she was just 14, she wrote a letter to NASA! She asked them what they could advise someone who wished to pursue the possibility of working as an astronaut!

However, NASA replied that they did not accept any applications from women who wished to be astronauts👩‍🚀!!

In her memoir, Hillary even replied that she was quite ‘infuriated’ by this answer!

However, in some way, it may have inspired her to work hard!

Hillary was no slacker

The college life of Hillary was quite impressive, as she worked really hard! During her college days, she worked several jobs, along with excelling at her studies!

Among the unusual jobs she had to take on was a stint in a fish canning factory in Valdez, 🐟Canada!

She even wrote in an article that “The jobs I had when I was just starting out might not have taught me the finer points of foreign policy.” 

She further added, “But they did a lot to shape the person I am today.”

Hillary Clinton is a Yale graduate

Hillary Clinton Is A Yale Graduate

In the year 1973, Hillary graduated from Yale with a Juris Doctor degree.

That is mainly a pre-law degree designed for those who didn’t have any prior legal experience!

It is the first step to turning into a practicing lawyer in most states!

Hillary was practicing staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund as a post-grad! 

It was actually a body that advocated for government policies regarding children’s basic needs and rights!

Hillary Clinton: She was always involved in Children-focused activism

I am really amazed to learn this remarkable fact about Hillary! Want to know? 

While learning in high school, Hillary’s social interests could be seen. 

She was a volunteer with a certain group that babysat the migrant laborer’s kids.

She even established the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families!

She even contributed or took part in several other such movements. 

For these amazing tasks, Hillary credits her mother’s 👩personal resolve as a great inspiration!

Hillary made college history

Hillary attended Wellesley College, which boasts graduates like Nora Ephron, Madeleine Albright, and Diane Sawyer. 

In 1969, Hillary became the first student to deliver a commencement speech at the college.

However, the speaker before her was Republican Senator E.W. Brook! Some of his comments did not sit well with Hillary, and she ditched a part of her prepared speech to address Brook’s remarks directly.

Hillary’s speech was widely reported, and she received some public interest.

The way of healthcare reform: Hillary led it

Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Reform

Did you know this amazing secret about Hillary?

She was the chairperson for the task force on Health Care 🏥 Reform!

She even helped to form the Heath Security Act of 1993.

Although in 1993 she was not a Senator when the initial bill got drafted, still Senators Edward Kennedy and Orrin Hatch assisted her in sponsoring the bill.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pass!

However, that was not the end that eventually laid the foundation for what today we know as the Affordable Healthcare Act under President Barack Obama! Impressive, isn’t it?

Hillary was recognized by the National Law Journal

National Law Journal reports on problems of legal interest across the country, working as a reference to the legal sector!

While working as a lawyer, Hillary was recognized by the journal as one of the Most Influential Lawyers in America!

Also, she was named twice, in 1988 and 1991😲!!

Hillary Clinton: The First First Lady of Both Arkansas and the United States

When Hillary Clinton became America’s First Lady, she became the first to also have been Arkansas’s First Lady!

Her husband, Bill Clinton, was also the first Governor of Arkansas to be the President of America😲!

Hillary drove legislation to protect women

Hillary Drove Legislation To Protect Women

In 1994, Hillary was seen as a major proponent of the Violence Against Women Act!

The law opened the way for states to aid programs that helped victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other criminal behavior👊!!

Next year, she even got involved in the establishment of the Office on Violence Against Women in the Department of Justice. 

Later, as Secretary of State, she helped make the US National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security. 

The objective of this program was to protect women and promote gender equality in conflict areas!

In the White House: Hillary held her own house

I am surprised to learn this unique fact about Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton has a strong passion for her work, which is reflected during her time at FLOTUS.

She was an American President’s first spouse to have their own office in the White House’s West Wing! Amazing right?

The office ran alongside that of the senior staff of the president!

Traditionally, First Ladies have offices in the White House’s East Wing!

Moreover, in 2000, when President Bill Clinton’s term ended, Hillary won the election as a Senator from New York!

She even became the former First Lady to become a Senator!

Hillary pushed to limit Nuclear Arms Procurement

Hillary was famous for her activity when pushing for the START agreement☢️ to be ratified!

Among other clauses, this agreement limits both Russian and the US to 800 missiles and bombers and 1550 active warheads!

The treaty is quite important because it scaled back US armaments and barely affected Russia, which was not yet at those thresholds regarding arms!

Hillary worked on several committees

Hillary Worked On Several Committees

Little fact lovers, have you heard this amazing fact about Hillary Clinton? No? Let me tell you.

The Senator from New York worked on many important committees😲!!

Some notable among them are, Environment and Public Works, Armed Services; Budget, and many more!

After 9/11, Hillary helped secure funding to rebuild New York

At the time of the September 11 attacks, Hillary was a senator for New York 🌆.

Along with Chuck Schumer, she helped the motions to get federal aid to help rebuild the city after the destruction of that fateful day!

She helped secure around $21 billion from the federal government and even wrote the legal document. 

So that they can help secure assistance for the healthcare coverage of the first responders. 

The Bill took some time to pass but was well in motion when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced that it was good to go!

Hillary Clinton supported research into pediatric health

Hillary supported the Pediatric Research Equity Act, along with Senator Mike DeWine!

This is vital legislation that forces drug companies to add a specific aspect to their research in development!

Generally, drug companies💊 would be forced to declare research on what are the effects of their drugs on children! 

They have to disclose warnings on their labels as well.

Later, it was seen to lower the overdosing risks, mainly with regard to kids with chronic diseases and medication!

Hillary improved the US-China trade

Hillary Improved The US-China Trade

Under the administration of Obama, Hillary played a vital role in opening up the trade relationship between the US and China

The new relationship offered US companies a completely new market to explore!

In the 1990s, Hillary had already encouraged companies to look to China for potential scopes! 

When the starting efforts to liberalize trade failed under President Clinton, she personally traveled to Davos to address business leaders there!

Hillary offered support to the troops with health benefits

In a bi-partisan achievement, Hillary worked with Republicans to secure military benefits for reservists and also the members of the National Guard 💂‍♀️.

From work, also wounded veterans became benefitted because they get more leave from service to spend with family!

Hillary even helped in improving trade with other notable countries

Little friends, have you heard this surprising secret about Hillary Clinton?

Panama, Columbia, and South Korea were the other notable nations to develop better relations with the United States, with Hillary as Secretary of the Senate!

Particularly Korea invited US imports of around $10 billion 💰.

The Iran Situation and Hillary Clinton

The Iran Situation And Hillary Clinton

Want to explore an amazing secret about Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton supported as well as pushed for sanctions on Iran over disagreements around their nuclear program.

This actually happened in the year 2010!

The sanctions included cutting Iran’s oil exports which later resulted in a major economic recession!

Later in 2015, an agreement was reached! In that, Iran agreed not to pursue the creation of a nuclear weapon!

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was a vital figure in the negotiations as well as the eventual resolution, even though a solution came only after she left office!

Climate Change and Hillary Clinton

In the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Accord negotiations, Hillary was an important figure!

The agreement was actually a general commitment to limiting the increase of global temperate because of various industries!

An additional clause in the agreement even stated that developed countries would offer $100 billion a year to developing nations that were worst affected by climate change!

Hillary Clinton hasn’t driven a car for many years

I am really surprised to learn this fun fact about Hillary Clinton!

Hillary had not driven a car even in more than twenty years! It was by the time she started preparing for her presidential campaign!

In part, a First Lady’s high-security life has made that really difficult!

Yet it seems really uncharacteristic for an individual who has shown remarkable independence and ability throughout her life!

Hillary is a proud Cubs fan

Hillary Is A Proud Cubs Fan

Hillary Clinton, the Chicago native, is a proud fan of the Cubs!

She even did not hide it despite living in New York and Arkansas for many years of her life!

Also, Hillary happens to prefer mystery novels and chocolate🍫!! Amazing, isn’t it?

Hillary has traveled a lot, really a lot

Little friends, I am quite sure that, like me, you will love this amazing fact about Hillary!

She has the distinction of being the most traveled Secretary of State of all time! Surprised??

Madeleine Albright, Hillary’s Wellesley College fellow, held the previous record!

Hilary managed to land in 112 different nations✈️ during a four-year stint as the Secretary of State!

Summing up

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton isn’t the person, and the facts about her are quite amazing! 😲!?

We have tried to gather as much information about her as possible…so that your treasure of knowledge is enhanced 😊!!

So…now we stop here and move on to some other notable personalities…

See you soon…!!

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