How Does A Washing Machine Work? ( Know with Images)

You may have already seen your mother loading many of your clothes in the washing machine. Then, just by hitting the start button, she can make the machine move, and you can get clean clothes after a few minutes. So, you may have already seen this, but do you know how your washing machine works? 

What Is A Washing Machine?

A washing machine is a useful home appliance that is used to wash laundry. This term can be used for those machines that can use water instead of ultrasonic cleaners or dry cleaning.

The user can add laundry detergent, which can be found in both powder or liquid form, to the wash water. So, a washing machine is also called a washer.

It is a household appliance that most of us could not do without. If someone does not have a washer for several days, he/ she will know how hard it is to wash clothes or sheets by hand. Also, with the help of a little detergent, people can easily remove dirt from their clothes. 

How Does A Washing Machine Work?

The basic theory of how a washer work is simple. It sloshes your clothes in detergent for a while and then spins fast to remove the water afterward. However, there is a bit more to it than that.

Just think of a clothes washer, and you can probably think about a drum that fills with water; however, there are generally two drums, one of which is inside the other.

The inner drum is the one which you may see after opening the lid or the door of your washer. However, in the case of a front-loading clothes washer, the drum usually faces forward.

You must push your clothes inside the door from the front, and the whole drum can rotate horizontally. This drum has many small holes allowing the water to go in and out. It also paddles around the edge that can slosh around your clothes.

In the case of a top loader, you need to open a lid on top and then drop your clothes into the specific drum from above. The drum actually doesn’t move. Instead, a paddle known as an agitator usually turns the clothes around in the water.

There is another drum outside the inner drum that most people cannot see. Its job is to contain the water while the inner drum rotates. The outer drum must be fully water-tight, or water will be all over the floor. 

These Two Drums Are the Most Vital Parts of A Washing Machine, but There Are Some More Interesting Elements. Such As:

A thermostat that can test the water’s temperature.

A specific heating element can warm the water up to the needed temperature.

There is even a pump, operated by electricity, that can remove water from the drum when the washing procedure is completed.

There is also an electronic or mechanical control mechanism known as a programmer. This makes different parts of the washing machine go through several steps to wash, spin, and even rinse your clothes.

Even two pipes allow clean cold and hot water into the washer. 

There is another third pipe that allows the dirty water out again. These pipes even have valves on them. 

Therefore, we have learned some interesting things about washing machines in this article. For some additional facts, you can see our website.

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