164+ Funny July Puns: Jollies and Summer Silliness

As we all know, July is the seventh month of the year. Also, this month is also considered to be the second month of hot summers in the Northern Hemisphere. This month makes it too hot for the Northern Hemisphere. 

Ahoy there, pun-lovers! Get ready to dive into a sea of hilarity with our sizzling-hot collection of July puns!

We’ve packed this month with a blazing bonfire of witty wordplay, firecracker comebacks, and beach bum banter that will surely make you the star of your summer gatherings.

So, grab your sunglasses and sunscreen, and let’s surf the waves of laughter together as we celebrate the punniest season of the year!

July Puns

Why are you JULYING here on the floor 

Go and JULY on your bed 

Why did you JULYIED to me about her presence in your house 

She actually JULYIED to me every single time I asked her about you. 

GOOD JULY to you! Hope we meet some day in future 

JULY did you did this to her 

JULY did you asked her such a question about her past 

JULY were you so rude to her when she asked you about your problem 

JULY are you being so arrogant as well as so rude to every one talking to you 

She is a JULY person 

I know her well she is very JULY kind of person 

I would like to have a bowl of JULY curry which is the specialty of Thailand 

Have you ever been to JULY – LAND 

I will be travelling to JULY – LAND next week 

Do you know that JULY 

He is JULYING over me and for this purpose he had hired a detective 

Could you please get me a bowl of JULYIED rice 

I would like you to JULY these rice for me 

I know what happened was really sad but you must not JULY Over it 

Its better that you just stop JULYING over it 

JULYING can never be solution to any problem in your life 

I really really want to JULY high like a free bird 

Every one wants to JULY like a free bird in the sky 

See all the clouds in the JULY 

These clouds are making JULY look much more beautiful 

Have you watched that movie whose name was THE JULY IS PINK 

I really want to what that movie The JULY is pink 

Can you please JULY me a cup cake from that shop 

Do remember to JULY a Black Forest pastry for me while you are returning from your office 

When she was leaving, she looked behind and waved her hand and said JULY to me 

She said JULY to me while she was leaving for her house 

She needs medicine else she may JULY 

Her condition was too critical for her to save her from JULYING 

Do not JULY this at home 

July Jokes

You must not JULY this at your home 

Are you going to JULY this at your house 

You must put on your JULY along with your shirt 

You have to wear a black JULY along with your white uniform 

This is JULY book 

JULY mother’s name is Mrs. Gupta 

Do you know JULY father’s name 

I would like to introduce JULY brother to all of you

JULY for JULY can actually make the whole world blind 

I want apple JULY 

I am eating the Apple JULY right now 

Have you watched that movie whose name is American JULY 

I think you must watch that movie whose name is American JULY 

You must JULY to what she tells you to do 

You need to JULY to all the rules as well as regulations of the company 

You must not JULY on her for your work 

JULYING on her for your own work was actually your biggest mistake 

There is no store NEAR – JULY 

I can not see any store NEAR – JULY 

You must go for your JULY check up 

I guess my JULYS are weak now and thus I need to consult a doctor now 

I have an appointment with the doctor for my JULY check up 

I really love to just sit down and see that blue JULY with beautiful birds flying high in the sky 

Are you JULY on drugs 

Are you actually JULY on weed 

Do you know that he is a bad JULY 

The fruits should be always be kept covered in order to protect them from FRUIT JULY 

She told me JULY – JULY when I was leaving for my house 

JULY before you cry 

Do not cry before you JULY 

You must JULY this before saying no to this 

You must JULY for that post as it has a good salary for you 

JULY before the last date else you would really miss this chance 

Have you JULYIED your CV for that interview 

He is our JULY or rather our friend

Good JULY she said when separated from me 

Would you like to have FISH JULY for dinner 

He is the JULYIER of essential goods as well as services 

Why are you not JULYING to my messages 

You must now JULY to his messages 

I won’t JULY to what you say 

This shot was actually Bull’s JULY 

You must first JULY these rules to yourself and then only you can expect others to follow them 

This is the last DES – JULY for you as well as your family 

The JULY wood of your bed is broken 

All these cup boards are made up of JULY wood 

You must not JULY this 

You must put on your BOW JULY

July Puns

Why do July and August never get along? Because July always accuses August of being a copycat!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of music? Pop!

How does the sun stay cool in July? By wearing some shade!

What does a patriotic bee make? Buzz-tastic honey! 🐝🇺🇸

How do you plan a party for the Fourth of July? With lots of sparkler and spangle! ✨

What did the fireworks say to the hot dog? “You’re a real blast to be around!” 🎇

Why did the ice cream truck break down on the Fourth of July? It had a meltdown!

What do you get when you cross a hot dog with a firecracker? A real wiener-boom!

What did the beach say to the ocean in July? “Stop waving at me!” 🏖️🌊

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of movie? Action-packed ones with lots of explosions! 🎆🎥

How do you make a watermelon explode? You put it under too much pressure! 🍉💥

What’s a shark’s favorite type of sandwich in July? A beach BLT!

Why do seagulls only fly over the sea on the Fourth of July? If they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels! 🌊🐦

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a firecracker? An egg-splosion!

Why did the sun go to school? To get a little brighter!

What’s the most popular dance on Independence Day? The firework twirl! 💃🎇

Why are July bugs so happy? Because they’re always buzzing around!

What do you call a snowman on the Fourth of July? A puddle! ⛄💧

What did the flag say to the pole? “I’m feeling a little bit winded!” 🇺🇸

Why did the lemonade stand go out of business in July? It was a sour deal! 🍋💸

What do you call a barbecue on the Fourth of July? A sizzling celebration!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite game? Kaboomerang! 💥

Why did the tomato turn red in July? Because it saw the salad dressing!

What did the ocean say to the beach on the Fourth of July? “You shore are sandy!” 🌊

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July underwater? With a sea-quarium!

Why did the beach go to therapy? It had too many emotional waves!

What do you call a lazy sunbather in July? A baked potato! 🥔

Why do firecrackers make terrible comedians? Their jokes always bomb!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite candy? Pop Rocks! 🍬💥

What did the hamburger name its baby on the Fourth of July? Patty-cake!

What do you call a watermelon that can’t swim? A sinkermelon!

Why do beach chairs always fall asleep in July? They’re always sunbathing! 💤🌞

What do you call a hot dog that sings? A frank Sinatra!

Why did the sand blush in July? Because the sea-weed!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of sandwich? A BLAST: bacon, lettuce, avocado, sparkler, and tomato!

Why do seashells make great detectives? They’re always at the scene of the beach! 🔍🐚

What do you call a group of patriotic cats? The United States of A-meow-rica! 🐱🇺🇸

Why did the beach never get lonely in July? It always had plenty of company!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of exercise? Jumping jacks!

How do you keep your cool at a Fourth of July barbecue? Stand by the grill and chill! 🍔❄️

Why was the math book sad at the beach? It had too many problems!

What do you call an ant that loves the Fourth of July? A firecr-ant-ker!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of cake? A pop-tart! 🍰

How do you make a hot dog stand? Take away its chair! 🌭🪑

Why did the watermelon go to school? To become a fruit-ologist!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite day of the week? Boom-sday!

How do you make a fruit punch? Give it boxing lessons!

What’s a firecracker’s favorite type of pizza? Extra-splosive pepperoni!

Why did the beach get a ticket? It had too many waves! 🌊🎫

What did the flag say to the fireworks? “You light up my life!” 🇺🇸

Why are barbecues so patriotic? They’re always grilling and chilling for freedom! 🍖🇺🇸

What did the ice cream say to the hot dog on the Fourth of July? “You’re the wurst!”

How do firecrackers stay in shape? By doing burst-ups!

What do you call an ocean full of jokes in July? A sea of hilarity!

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