19 Amazing Kenya Facts that will make you suprise

You are likely familiar with Kenya’s appearance even if you have never visited there πŸ€—. The savanna of Kenya has appeared in numerous films, TV series, novels, and advertisements. Most people have an image of Africa’s landscape in their minds πŸŒ„.

A flat coastal plain on the Indian Ocean gives way to highlands and plateaus in the country’s middle. In this article, we’ll explore the untold Kenya Facts.

Fantastic Facts About Kenya That Will Satisfy Your Curious Soul

Fifty national parks and reserves may be found in Kenya.

Kenya's National Parks And Reserves

The Masai Mara and Amboseli national parks are perhaps well-known to you 🏞️. Both are famous safari locations, and Amboseli provides the best views of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. However, did you know Kenya has 50 national parks and reserves?

That’s true; the Kenya Wildlife Service oversees and manages 22 national parks and 28 national reserves, ensuring that local wildlife is safeguarded against hunters and poachers.

More than 25 million years ago, the Great Rift Valley was developed.

The Great Rift Valley in Kenya

One of the fascinating things about Kenya is most likely this. The Great Rift Valley, often called the East African Rift Valley, runs through Kenya from north to south.

It is around 6500 kilometers long and 60 km broad, and it was created more than 25 million years ago due to geological strain in the earth’s crust. The broad valley formed numerous lakes 🌊, creating unique habitats for the nation’s animals.

The East African Lion is Kenya’s national animal.

Kenya’s National Animal

The East African lion is Kenya’s national animal, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature officially rates this species as vulnerable 🦁.

The African lion is one of the “Big 5,” along with the African leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros, all beautiful creatures native to the continent.

The largest desert lake in the world is Lake Turkana.

Largest Desert Lake in Kenya

Despite being the largest desert lake in the world, Lake Turkana is also the largest lake in Kenya. It is a part of the three Lake Turkana National Parks, Sibiloi National Park πŸ•οΈ, Central Island National Park, and South Island National Park. It is situated in the northern portion of the Great Rift Valley.

There is no beginning or conclusion to the Great Wildebeest Migration.

One of the fascinating facts about Kenya is that although many people believe the Great Migration only occurs once a year, it is a year-round natural phenomenon that officially has no start’ or ‘endpoint.

One of the best places to see nature’s most spectacular displays is Kenya’s Masai Mara Nature Reserve, where wildebeest, πŸ¦“, and antelope migrate in a clockwise circle between Kenya and Tanzania.

Kenya’s coastline spans 536 kilometers.

Although it might not come to mind when you think of a beach resort, it boasts beautiful beaches with the finest white sand and turquoise water.

Along the 536-kilometer coastline, the most well-liked beach towns include Malindi, Diani Beach, and Watamu πŸ–οΈ. There is another name for it: the renowned beach. The tourists also go to a specific beach. 

The Maasai Mara is there

The Maasai Mara in Kenya

The Big Five, sometimes called Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinos, and Cape Buffalo πŸƒ can be found in Kenya. For instance, they are all present in the Maasai Mara, the site of the annual wildebeest migration from Serengeti National Park.

The Maasai people, well-known for their jumping dance and martial prowess, also call the Maasai Mara home.

The most valuable export is coffee.

Kenya exports more than 110,187,000 pounds of coffee annually to several nations, including the US. The populace so prizes that the majority of Kenyans opt to drink tea instead of coffee. Domestic sales of coffee are relatively insignificant β˜•. 

Education is cost-free in Kenya.

It is free and required to attend primary school. A second education πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“ is optional and may be pursued without expense. Primary schooling typically lasts from ages 8 to 14. Everyone has a fundamental need for education. Everyone should have access to free education because not everyone can afford it. 

Fees for colleges and universities are too expensive today. Most parents struggle to give their children a high-quality education because they cannot afford the expenses. Everyone has the right to an education, yet only some are born into stable families. 

A staple food is ugali.

Staple food of Kenya

Kenya is similar to the rest of East Africa because Ugali is a staple food 🍝. You can serve ugali, a maize porridge, with stews, meats, and vegetables. It is produced from white maize meal or maize flour and resembles porridge but is much denser.

The native people of East Africa eat it as a mainstay of their diet. The traditional way to consume ugali, or nsima, known in Kenya, is with a vegetable or meat stew πŸ–.

Among the best nations in Africa.

Kenya is a politically stable nation with no significant civil unrest. With tourism and the nation’s economy expanding, many Kenyans’ futures are improving. In terms of democracy and economics πŸ“ˆ, it has been a leader among African countries 🌍.

They were making Nairobi, the capital of the country, a location with excellent commercial opportunities and global renown. Kenya is substantially more well-known, significant, and substantial than most African nations.

Hunting is prohibited in Kenya.

Hunting anywhere in the nation is illegal and not permitted 🚫🦁. Depending on the type of hunting, you will receive the appropriate punishment. One of the most essential Kenyan facts is that Kenyans adore wildlife and animals.

Hence it is forbidden to harm them in any way. There are numerous free wildlife refugees. To preserve what has been dubbed “the last great reservoir of wildlife on earth,” the administration of this East African country, whose safaris had been romanticized by Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark, outlawed all hunting πŸ†πŸš«.

In Kenya, there are fifty reserves and national parks.

Reserves And National Parks in Kenya

You can tour at least fifty reserves and national parks 🌳. Everyone has heard of the Masai Mara National Park, but it’s not the only one.

The breathtaking vistas you may take at these parks are their best feature. The Kenya Wildlife Service oversees all their management. They have a responsibility to defend wildlife against hunters or poachers.

It’s one of the best places to go on a safari.

Kenya Safari

Kenya is one of the world’s top safari destinations 🦁, which is a fascinating fact. If you do a safari while you’re in Kenya, your trip will be complete. The World Travel Awards named this nation one of the top safari destinations in 2021.

The government has been in this position for almost ten years. It is renowned for its ‘Out of Africa’ scenic splendor, unique civilizations, and a profusion of wildlife. It is about the size of Texasβ€”both the oceanfront and the tropical beaches beckon 🌴.

Its second-highest Mountain in Africa is there.

 Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya

This area is home to Mount Kenya, the second-highest Mountain in Africa. Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro ⛰️, the world’s highest Mountain. Astonishingly, Mount Kenya has a height measurement of 5,199 meters. 

The Mountain, perched atop a now-extinct volcano, has three peaks: two are accessible to technical climbers only, and hikers may access the third. Point Lenana, the third summit, allows visitors from all over the world to see various African species that call these slopes their home.

Kenyan cuisine is among the most varied in all of Africa.

The country’s geographic location on the continent, as well as its history of immigration and trade, are partly to blame for this. Ugali, a corn porridge, pilau, a spice-cooked rice dish, and chapati are some of the most well-known foods in Kenyan cuisine πŸ›. When visiting, be sure to indulge in some traditional Kenyan food 🍽️.

The locals here adore chai.

Chai tea is a popular beverage among people in Kenya, and hosts may provide it to visitors as one of the cuisine facts about Kenya to be aware of.

However, you will see a few of them drinking coffee β˜•. This is due to their preference for selling coffee than consuming it. The love of tea is universal. However, the majority of their exports for commerce are coffee.

In one village, only women are permitted.

Only women are permitted in one Kenyan Village

Umoja Uaso, an all-female matriarchal hamlet, exists. This village was established in the 1990s and is next to a river. The town, now a vibrant economy operated exclusively by women, started as a haven for sexual assault survivors.

In addition to managing a primary school and cultural center, they also work as a campground for visitors to the nearby Samburu National Reserve. To help the village, they make and sell jewelry.

Languages are used throughout Kenya.

The primary languages Kikuyu πŸ—£οΈ, Luo, Akamba, and Maa are also spoken. Most indigenous languages are Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan, which the Bantu and Nilotic inhabitants, respectively, talk of the nation.

The Cushitic and Arab ethnic minority tells speeches from the distinct Afroasiatic family, whereas the Hindustani and British people speak languages from the Indo-European family.

There are differences in the fluency of the two official languages while communicating with other populations. Peri-urban and rural residents speak fewer languages overall, with many in the latter group sticking to their mother tongues πŸ—£οΈ.

In this article, we have read about the various facts about Kenya. To know more, follow this website.

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