40+ Best Knot Activities for Kids to Tangled up In Fun!

Being a mother of two kids, I understand the need to keep kids engaged in something productive and fun😆 so that they don’t spend their whole time on electronic devices📱. Different types of activities add fun and freshness to kids’ daily lives. Knot-tying activities are one of them.

These activities are a bit different from the activities your kids do in their daily lives. But this difference is what makes them more interesting and exciting🥳. They will introduce your kids to new adventures, and they will also learn something fruitful.

To make your kids sharp and active🏃‍♀️, these types of activities are the best solution. They will improve your kid’s skills, which will help them in their future development.

Amazing Knot Activities for Your Kids

If you are exploring something new and fun for your kids, you’ve reached the right place. I would guide you to some fresh and exciting knot-tying activities🪢 that will help your kids make their day interesting and enjoyable.

They will also get to learn something gainful and insightful, which will help them grow more intelligent🧠 and mature in life. These knot activities will also hone your kid’s creativity and imaginative skills.

I’ve made a complete list📃 compiling all exciting and useful knot activities for your kids in this blog article. This blog will provide you with great help and will guide you in conducting interesting knot activities with your kids.

Shoe-tying practice

The most basic activity to conduct with knots is the shoe-tying practice👟. Make your kids learn how to tie the laces of their shoes in a beautiful traditional bunny🐰 ears form. You can either provide them with a big shoelace or cut a cardboard cutout of the shoe for their practice.

This activity will be fun to do and will also help your kids improve their fine motor skills. They will have a sense of accomplishment after completing this task successfully.

Pro Tip:

When I conducted this activity with my kids at home, they were so energetic⚡ and excited to do it. They always faced difficulties tying their shoes, and this activity made them self-dependent.

Basic Knots

You can also let your kids learn the most basic knots🎀 like overhand knot, square knot, granny knot, and many others. After learning these basic and simple knots, your kids will be able to move towards complex knots.

For this activity, supply your kids with string or ribbons🎗️ as they are easy to practice on. Teach your kids correct finger movements to tie a clean and beautiful knot. Once their basics get strong, you can make them learn how to tie complex🪢 knots.

I also made my kids start with the basic knots. They found it difficult, but once they mastered them, learning complex knots became much easier. So you should also go step by step with your kids.

Make a friendship bracelet

Once our kids learn how to make a simple knot, you can encourage them to make friendship bracelets📿 with knots. They can use strings or ribbons for the bracelet. Supply your kids with ribbons of different colors, beautiful small ornaments, and hooks.

Kids can try making the bracelet using different patterns and colors🎨 to make it look more attractive and memorable. This activity will help your kids bring out their creativity and imagination. Your kids can give these bracelets to their school🏫 or neighborhood friends.

Pro Tip:

My kids had a very enjoyable😆 time making these bracelets. They got to learn something new and different from things they learn in their daily life.

Knot Board

Set up a board with different types and colors of ropes➰, ribbons🎗️, and strings. Now, you can make your kids try various knot-making tricks on this board. You can provide them with some challenges to test their skills.

Guide your kids if they face difficulties in making knots🎀. You should also encourage them if they fail to make knots so that they don’t get disappointed. This activity will help your kids develop good concentration and fine motor skills.

In my opinion, you should conduct this activity with your kids so that they learn something educational instead of spending their time on electronic devices💻.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can take your kids on a nature scavenger hunt. Take them to a nearby park🏞️ or a forest and ask them to collect twigs, grass, or vines. Kids can practice knot tying🪢 on these objects. This would be a different and fun experience for them.

Kids can use these grass knots🌳 to create simple designs or patterns. This hunt will also help them feel the freshness😇 of outside life and how they can experiment with natural products.

When I conducted this outdoor activity with my kids, they got to explore their surroundings and experiment with their knot-tying🎀 techniques on different objects.

Pro Tip:

Make sure kids wash these twigs and grass🌱 with water after bringing them home, as they can contain dust and insects, which can cause infections.


You can take your kids fishing🎣 and make them learn the fishing knots. Some knots, like the clinch knot and Palomar knot, can be good starting points for them. Once kids learn the basics, they can move to complex fishing knots🎏.

This will be an extremely fun and exciting activity. Kids will also be able to spend some quality time with their families. These types of outdoor fun activities increase kids’ excitement and enthusiasm.

According to me, this is a very interactive and interesting knot-tying activity that you can perform with your kids. If possible, plan to conduct this activity in the upcoming weekend.

Macrame crafts

Introduce your kids to the concept of macrame crafts🧶. Tell them how it is made, and give them examples like plant hangers, keychains, and simple wall hangings. Show them how macrame involves various knots to create beautiful objects.

This activity would be really enjoyable and exciting to do with your kids. My kids love to design macrame crafts. It’s like a new pastime for them. They have created so many beautiful macrame crafts.

Pro Tip:

You must supervise your children while they do these crafts as they are experimenting with ropes➰ and strings🎗️. Make sure they don’t hurt themselves in the process.

Building crafts

You can make your kids design and create different objects with the help of knots. They can create pictures, fish pens🐟, boats, and many other objects with knots. This would be a different and exciting activity which will add some productivity to their boring day.

Things required for this activity are strings, thread, scissors✂️, craft sheets, glue, and tape. This activity will also help your kids build excellent creative and imaginative skills.

When I conducted this activity with my kids at home🏠, I asked them to create crafts on a particular theme like nature🏞️, marine life, etc. This added more fun to this activity.

Obstacle Course

You can arrange an obstacle course for your kids. Set up different stations with different knot-tying🎀 techniques. Kids have to pass through every station and tie all the knots. Whoever completes this obstacle course first will be the winner🏆 of this game.

This game encourages kids to show their best by completing all the tasks. They will have a lot of fun doing this activity and will also learn something different and productive.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this obstacle course at my home🏠. My kids completed it with full energy and dedication. I encouraged them when they faced difficulties; it increased their confidence💪, and they were determined to give their best.

Knot art

You can encourage your kids to prepare knot art🎭. They can make knots and then dip them into paint colors to draw beautiful designs and patterns with them. This will help your kids explore the field of painting and design more.

Things required for these activities are strings to make knots, paint colors🎨, craft sheets, cardboard, and scissors✂️. This activity will help your kids improve their artistry and vision. Their brain will be enhanced, and they will be able to think out of the box.

When I conducted this activity with my kids, they were extremely enthusiastic. Coloring and painting🎨 bring happiness to their faces, and doing knot painting was something new for them.

Knotting challenge

You can arrange a knotting challenge between your kids and their friends. Whoever comes up with the most creative knot will be the winner of the competition. You can keep some prizes🏆 or gifts for the winners to increase the energy and competitiveness of kids.

Give them time to think and practice to make a beautiful knot🎀. You should also encourage them with your claps👏🏻 and cheers; this will increase their confidence.

Pro Tip:

I also kept this competition in my neighborhood🏠. All the kids gathered and took part in it. They were very enthusiastic and excited to do these fun knot-tying activities🪢. You should also consider doing this activity with your kids.

Knotting and Gardening

You can make your kids incorporate their knot-tying🎀 techniques in gardening. They can do this by creating plant trellises or supports using ropes🧶 or strings. They can learn how to secure plants and their growth using knots.

This would be a different and exciting activity. It will also help your kids know more about their mother nature🏞️ and how to protect it. They will feel more connected to their surroundings.

I also made my kids do gardening👨‍🌾 and apply their knot-tying techniques there. They were applying their mind to how to make use of their knots in gardening. This made them improve their observation and thinking skills.

Alphabet knots

Kids can make alphabet knots🅰️. For example, if the alphabet is ‘A,’ they can make a knot in the shape of ‘A. ‘You can spell out different and random alphabets for your kids. This would be a nice educational and productive activity to do.

Things required for this activity are ropes, strings🎗️, glue, and cardboard. It will help your kids gain good alphabet recognition and build up their concentration. Kids should know the basics of knot tying to participate in this exciting activity.

Pro Tip:

When I conducted this activity with my kids, they were excited to do this new experiment with strings or ropes➰. It added some excitement to their daily lives.

Puppet show

You can arrange an interesting puppet show for your kids. They can make knots🎀 of the puppets to have a good hold of them. This would help them practice their knot-tying techniques. Kids can choose their favorite story📰 and conduct the puppet show.

Kids always enjoy puppet shows, but doing one themselves would be more fun and exciting. You can make them learn how puppets work and how they can tie the knots🪢.

In my opinion, to teach your kids knot tying differently, and interestingly, you can try this activity with them. I also conducted this activity at my home. My family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 watched my kids performing a beautiful puppet show, and this increased their confidence.

Building bridges with knots

You can encourage your kids to build bridges🌉 with the help of knots. Supply them with ropes and strings. Now, they can make knots of these ropes and form a bridge.

This activity will help in improving your kid’s problem-solving and creativity. They will also get to learn more about knots and their types. 

Pro Tip:

When I conducted this activity at home, at first, my kids faced some difficulties😥 in tying knots to form a bridge, but with my guidance, they passed all the hurdles. This implies that you should also help or guide your children in times of difficulty.


Therefore, kids may learn vital skills while having fun with a variety of interesting knotting🎀 activities. These activities offer a well-rounded learning experience by fostering creativity, improving fine motor skills, and teamwork and communication.

If you have any questions for me to answer or if you have any suggestions for other activities to add to this list, kindly leave a comment below. I would be happy to speak with you! ❤️

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