125+ Labor Day Trivia Questions that You Might Know!

Get ready to uncover the history and significance behind Labor Day with engaging trivia questions! 📜👷‍♀️

Labor Day, often seen as the unofficial end of summer, is much more than just a long weekend. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the hard work and contributions of the American labor movement.

So, whether you’re a labor history buff or just someone looking to uncover the stories behind the day off, let’s celebrate Labor Day with knowledge and appreciation! 👩‍🏭

Labor Day Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: When is Labor Day celebrated in the U.S.?
A: The first Monday in September.

Q: Who founded the American Federation of Labor (AFL)?
A: Samuel Gompers.

Q: What does Labor Day mark in the U.S.?
A: The unofficial end of summer.

Q: Which state first recognized Labor Day as a holiday?
A: Oregon.

Q: What’s the purpose of Labor Day’s creation?
A: To honor and recognize laborers.

Q: In which year did Labor Day become a federal holiday in the U.S.?
A: 1894.

Q: What annual parade takes place in NYC on Labor Day?
A: The West Indian American Day Carnival.

Q: Which U.S. president made Labor Day a holiday?
A: Grover Cleveland.

Q: Which public figure hosts the annual Labor Day telethon?
A: Jerry Lewis.

Q: Who enforces labor laws in the U.S.?
A: The Department of Labor (DOL).

Q: Which tennis tournament happens over Labor Day weekend?
A: The U.S. Open.

Q: How do people often celebrate Labor Day now?
A: By taking a day off work.

Q: Which government department protects U.S. workers’ health and safety?

Q: What is the common practice for fashion regarding footwear after Labor Day?
A: People don’t wear white shoes.

Q: Which term means workers not required to be in a physical workplace?
A: Remote work.

Q: Labor Day is associated with the end of which summer activity in the U.S.?
A: Summer barbecues.

Q: In the U.S., when is the last day for many public swimming pools?
A: Labor Day.

Q: What percentage of U.S. workers are union members?
A: About 10%.

Q: Who signed the eight-hour workday into law for federal employees on Labor Day in 1916?
A: Woodrow Wilson.

Q: What term is used for international Labor Day on May 1st in many countries?
A: International Workers’ Day or May Day.

Q: What does Labor Day signify in terms of fashion and clothing?
A: The end of wearing white shoes.

Q: Where is the largest Labor Day parade held?
A: New York City.

Q: What did early Labor Day parades support in the late 19th century?
A: Labor rights.

Q: Which U.S. holiday unofficially starts summer?
A: Memorial Day.

Q: Who wrote “The Jungle,” exposing labor conditions in the meatpacking industry?
A: Upton Sinclair.

Q: What else does Labor Day celebrate in the U.S.?
A: Education.

Q: What famous event is held in Indianapolis over Labor Day weekend?
A: The Indianapolis 500.

Q: What’s the traditional outdoor activity on Labor Day?
A: Grilling.

Q: What is the Canadian equivalent of U.S. Labor Day?
A: Labour Day.

Q: What song marks the end of summer on Labor Day?
A: “Taps.”

Q: When did Labor Day become official in the late 19th century?
A: 1894.

Q: What does Labor Day signal the end of for children?
A: Summer vacation.

Q: Which organization declared Labor Day a holiday in 1887?
A: The Central Labor Union.

Q: What was the standard workday for laborers in the early history of Labor Day?
A: 12 hours.

Q: What industry inspired Labor Day after a labor strike in the late 1800s?
A: The railway industry.

Q: What popular sporting event happens in the U.S. on Labor Day?
A: The World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest.

In the world of Labor Day trivia, we’ve unveiled the hidden chapters of American labor history.

As we wrap up, may we honor those who’ve toiled for a fair workplace and inspire future generations to continue the quest for better labor conditions. Happy Labor Day, and may the spirit of workers’ unity forever shine bright! 👷‍♀️

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