129+ Mango Puns That’ll Have You Falling for Laugh!

Mango🥭 puns are a sweet and juicy source of laughter, offering a tropical escape from the mundane.

Like the vibrant colors and delicious flavors of this beloved fruit, mango-themed puns bring a burst of sunshine to any conversation.

Whether you’re riffing on mango’s “a-peeling” qualities or its exotic allure, these puns are sure to leave you with a tropical taste🤤 of joy. So, dive into the mango pun world and savor the zest of humor!

Funny Mango Puns

Q: Why did the mango go to the bank with a bullet?
A: Because it wanted to make a “juicy” withdrawal, and the cashier begged for its release!

Q: What happened when a magician disappeared inside a mango?
A: People wondered, “Did the mango go somewhere?”

Q: What’s the name of the dish made by mashing mango pulp unintentionally?
A: It’s called “Mea Pulpa,” as I just stated!

Funny Mango Puns For Kids

Q: How did someone try to cheer up their aunt?
A: By making a mango fruit shake.

Q: What’s Miami’s favorite fruit?
A: “Mango.”

Q: Why did the mom tell her child to let the man-go if he couldn’t get her fruit joke?
A: Because she always advises, “You should let the man-go!”
My Experience: That’s like the time my friend tried to impress their mom with a fruit joke.🥭😄

Q: Why did the father comment on the tropical fruits his sister bought?
A: He said, “These fruits can drive any mango mad!”

Q: Why did the mother find the fruit vendor annoying and yell “Hey mango”?
A: Because she wanted him to leave.

Q: Why did the teenager stop eating mangoes after starting gender studies in school?
A: Because they said, “Because it’s called a mango and not a womango!”

Hilarious Mango Puns For Kids

Q: What makes fruit trees and laxatives similar?
A: Both create a mango.

Q: How do people in Japan determine when a mango is ripe?
A: They say, “Just Pokeman-go!”

Q: How can a mango tree fit in a flower pot?
A: It can’t, it’s too big!

Palm Trees of Humor in Mango Groves 🌴🥭
Feel the tropical tickles, with palm trees of humor swaying in mango groves. In the exotic landscape, every breeze carries a gust of laughter.

Q: What did the irritable mango say to the peach and apple?
A: “Mango out!”

Q: What did the woman tell the mango plant?
A: “My ripeness is not.”

Q: What do you call a man who steals a mango shake and flees in Dubai?
A: Malek Sheikh.

Incredible Mango Puns For Kids

Q: What should you do if your fiancé doesn’t like mangoes?
A: Mango your own way!

Q: What ingredients are required to prepare a mango shake?
A: Show a disturbing movie to the mango!

Q: What do you say when a man moves quickly?
A: “Oh my goodness, that mango!”

Have A Mango Pun Of Your Own? Share In The Comments! Especially Like This 🤣
Q: What is the name of a Collie with mango on its back?
A: Fruit Lassie.

Q: If a man jumps the line and requests a fruit drink, what would the bartender say?
A: “Hey, man, go to the back of your backyard and wait for your name.”

Q: What dancing move would a mango chutney prefer?
A: The couple dip dances.

Goofy Mango Puns For Kids

Q: In a gridlock, what would an irate fruit yell?
A: Mango.

Q: What would a Tarantino film featuring a mango be called?
A: Unchained Mango!

Q: What do you think of as the manliest fruit that scurries away?
A: Mango.
Pro Experience: Oh, that’s like the time my brother tried to prove he could catch a mango that fell from our tree. 🥭😄

Q: Would Usain Bolt ever fall under the “fruit” category?
A: You have undoubtedly seen that mango.

Q: Summertime is a fun and mango-nificent time of year!
A: Indeed!

Q: If a person has a license but no avocado, how far could they go?
A: As far as they can “mango!”

Amusing Mango Puns For Kids

Q: What did the nana say when asked where her wife was?
A: “Women go where the mangoes!”

Q: Instead of mangoes, what should the plural form be?
A: “Mengo”!

Q: Why are fruits produced in factories of poor quality?
A: Because they have all been mango-ufactured!

Inspiring Comedy with Tropical Vibrance 🌈🎤
Become a mango muse, inspiring comedy with tropical vibrance. In the fruity melody, every note is a harmony of mango-infused laughter.

Q: What did the mango say to the irate peach?
A: “Man, leave now!”

Q: What fruit is a caveman’s favorite?
A: A mango-saurus!

Q: What dance does a fruit like to do?
A: A mango-rena!

Silly Mango Puns For Kids

Q: What is the name of a fruit that grows underground?
A: A sub-mangarine!

Q: What’s the name of a terrifying mango?
A: An “adult” male!

Q: What fruit is the priciest one there is?
A: A “guy” of gold!

Got A Mango Pun? Drop Your Comments! Especially Like This 🤣
Q: What is a slimy mango known as?
A: The “man-goo”!

Q: What did the Mango’s friends do when she lost her pet?
A: They sat with her to provide “consol-mango”!

Q: What did the citrus fruits say to their teacher?
A: They said, “You are one in a “mango-illion”!

Childish Mango Puns For Kids

Q: Why did the ripe Mango declare that he won’t return here in a “melon” years?
A: After a silly accident at the park, he declared, “I won’t return here in a “melon” years!”

Q: What did the Mango say when the stand-up comedian’s jokes were entertaining?
A: The Mango exclaimed, “These jokes are “kiwi-ng” me!”

Q: What did the Mango tell his lover to win her over?
A: He said, “I will go to every length to satisfy your demands and then get married if we can!”
Sigma Experience: Reminds me of a romantic dinner where a friend humorously shared a mango-themed proposal idea. It became a sweet, fruit-filled declaration, turning dinner into a love-filled comedy! 🥭💑😄

Q: Where did the mangos go on their vacation?
A: They went on a “smoothie cruise” to the Bahamas!

Q: What did a human do at the fruit party?
A: When he didn’t enjoy himself, some fruits said, “Let that mango!”

Q: What did the visitors receive upon arriving at the mango party?
A: They were handed expensive fruits so they could “relax” in the hotel!

Amazing Mango Puns For Kids

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite mango?
A: A “neck-tarine” mango!

Q: Why are fruits produced in factories of poor quality?
A: Because they have all been “pro-jected”!

Q: What did the successful Mango’s friends say to him?
A: They appreciated him and said, “Man, fantastic job, keep it up!”

Ripe with Laughter, Freshly Picked 🍋😆
Savor mango moments, ripe with laughter and freshly picked humor. In the orchard of jokes, every mango is a pluck of joy.

Q: What was the Mango’s clinic called?
A: “Man-aid,” and he was a licensed nurse!

Q: What advice did the mango coach give to the youngsters?
A: He advised, “Squeeze the day on your final event!”

Q: What did the citrus leader declare about taking action?
A: He said, “We must squeeze the day and take action immediately!”

Best Mango Puns For Kids

Q: Why did the mother mango yell at her kids?
A: She said, “You need to know where to draw the “lime”!”

Exploring “Mango puns” has been a juicy experience! Did they mango your day sweeter or make you mango crazy with laughter? Feel free to let us know.

Your feedback is the tropical breeze that keeps our humor refreshing! 🥭

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