17 Untold Marrakech Facts That You Might Know

Welcome to Marrakech, the vibrant city 😲 of Morocco!

From its mesmerizing natural landscapes to its rich cultural heritage and bustling souks, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some wonderful facts about Marrakech that will leave you amazed!

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Interesting Marrakech Facts

Diemaa el Fna in Marrakech: Explore the hidden charm of the busiest market in Africa

Diemaa El Fna In Marrakech

Little explorers, get ready to unravel this amazing secret about the city of Marrakech!. Djemaa el Fna is the main square in this beautiful city. 

It is even the busiest market in Africa, attracting hundreds and thousands of people every year. 

Here we can even buy high-grade textiles, leather goods, pottery, etc.

This interesting square reminds us of the well-known Disney movie “Aladdin.” Isn’t it? 

Also, it is home to numerous fortune tellers, snake-charmers🐍, dancers, and also all kinds of merchants. Thus, it is quite a great experience to explore this place.

Marrakech City: It has one of the four imperial cities of Morocco

I am quite impressed to enjoy this amazing 😲fact about the beautiful city of Marrakech! Want to know? 

Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of the country Morocco

The other three cities are Rabat, Fes, and Meknes. 

At some point in the rich history of Morocco, all four of them have been named the capital of Morocco. 

However, that title goes to the city of Rabat in the present day.

Marrakech City: It is the land of cats

Cats In Marrakech

Love cats?? Then you will surely love this unique secret about Marrakech! 

In this beautiful city, we will see cats and cats everywhere. Most locals have more than one cat 🐈, and these animals are allowed to roam around freely. 

The majority of these animals stray from home and decide to hop from one area to another. 

The Moroccans love cats, but they don’t pay much attention to their pets. Hence, those animals find their way around Marrakech unattended. 

However, it’s a bonus to people who love cats, as they can have some perfect scenes to capture with cats. 

Marrakech City: Here, tea is actually an art

Similar to their Asian counterparts, the people of Morocco cherish mint 🍵tea. 

It is a vital part of the culture, and not a single day goes by without them taking tea. 

Sweet mint tea is a very common and popular drink in Marrakech, which can be said for the entire country. 

In Morocco, tea making is one kind of art. Usually served in small glasses, this drink comes from stylish, long-necked jugs.  

Across the city, this drink is available for both tourists and locals.

Weather in Marrakech City:  It is always sunny

Weather In Marrakech

This wonderful Moroccan city has sunny weather all year round. 

Even in the cold months, the sun can find a way through. Thus, people here don’t forget to wear protective headgear to shield their head and face from radiation from the sun rays and even block off dust when walking in the open.

With this continuous sunshine, people like us who like to sunbathe may do this almost all day long. 

Since the land here is always dusty and dry, wearing headgear can protect you from an extra amount of dust and radiation.

Explore the unexplored beauty of Marrakech’s deserts

I feel really happy to explore some hidden secrets and beauty of the Marrakech deserts🐪! 

The attraction of the golden-brown sand is a common picture in many pictures of the city of Marrakech. 

The nation has a desert that numerous visitors prefer to explore. 

Options regarding this desert tour include a drive-through with a car to explore the various clay houses and ruins along the desert.

Some explorers like us even love to hike or enjoy camel riding. Some people even get help from tour guides to enjoy good-quality water and meals🥣.

Museum in Marrakech: Learn the secrets of the Museum of Photography

Museum In Marrakech

Want to unravel a secret about Marrakech??

 Here, we will get to see Medina, which is home to a museum of photography 🖼️. 

In 1985, the ancient Medina was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

It has collections displaying the real beauty of Morocco, both ancient and present-day artifacts.

It contains numerous prints from top photographers around the world. 

The hundreds of landmarks and scenes of Morocco captured by various lenses and people make it to this museum.

 It is open to lovers of art and culture, as it tells the story of Morocco in diverse forms. 

Marrakech: It is a bilingual city

I have always loved to learn new languages!

The primary language in the city of Marrakech and also in Morocco is Arabic. 

However, many people here can speak and understand Arabic, French is also very popular here. 

Almost half of the population of Marrakech can speak both. Until the mid-1900s, the French colonized Morocco just before Morocco became independent.

Amazigh is another common language here, as the Berber people speak this language, and it is even common among the locals. 

So, if we can communicate with their in their tongue, they will be very impressed.

Palais Bahia in Marrakech: Be mesmerized by its beauty

Palais Bahia In Marrakech

Want to meet a luxurious part of Marrakech City? 

Here we will see the Palais Bahia which displays the luxury of the royals of the country. This mesmerizing palace has a gorgeous finish and has a premium floor finish that can give it a classic and modern look.

The designs, colors on the floor and walls, the artistic expression, the mosaic are, doubt, just stunning. 

Also, the courtyard has open gardens 🌳, areas, highly-attractive walkways, and a lavishly furnished exterior. To explore this palace, one must come in the early hours of the morning.

Carpets and rugs in Marrakech: Explore the famous rug shops 

There is a famous rug carpet shop in Marrakech City! Want to explore? 

Carpets and rugs are a vital part of the culture of the country of Morocco. They cherish various kinds of crafts and arts, using different kinds of materials for it.

Rugs and carpets are really common here just like textiles and pottery. 

The Moroccans love these carpets and rugs as they pay proper attention to their quality and design. 

Winston Churchill sang praises of this mesmerizing Moroccan city

I am quite surprised to explore this historic and interesting secret about Marrakech City! 

The famous Winston Churchill talked about this city to many people around him. 

The cities of Morocco, including Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fez, among others, grabbed the attention of Churchill when he came here. 

Those beautiful scenes stuck with him, and he even invited the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Here two of them even spotted some cultural and architectural objects of interest and embarked on a driving expedition as well.

Modern Marrakech: Explore its look and beauty

The Gueliz area of the beautiful city of Marrakech is home to both a residential area and a commercial quarter.

It is a unique place where we will get to see broad avenues with European-style buildings, luxury boutiques, high-street shops, and upmarket restaurants and cafes. 

Thus, here you can get to enjoy a perfect fusion of Moroccan and French architecture.

Also, the neighborhood of Gueliz is home to one of the most impressive galleries in the city, called the MACMA Museum of Art and Culture of Marrakech.

Cuisine of Marrakech: The signature dish of this city is Tangia

Cuisine Of Marrakech

If you are a foodie like me, then you will surely love this delicious fact about the city of Marrakech! 

The signature dish of the city is tanga. In this, which is slow-cooked lamb is placed in a clay urn, with garlic, lemon, and saffron, and then cooked in charcoal until it becomes tender🤤.

Chicken, shrimp, and lemon-filled boats are another specialty of the city. Rice is cooked with raisins, spices, saffron, and almond.

Another interesting dish is Harora soup, which includes a lamp with a blend of lentils, chickpeas, tomato paste and vermicelli, seasoned with spices, coriander, and parsley.

Red City: It is the nickname of this wonderful city of Marrakech

Marrakech Is Red City

This wonderful Moroccan city is known as “The Red City” due to the attractive pinkish-red color of its ramparts and walls! Sounds really interesting! Right??

These were made from chalk and clay, which are still commonly utilized as important building materials throughout the city.

Also, this city is famous for its palm trees. They can be seen throughout the city and it is illegal to chop them. 

This means explorers like us can see palm trees in some strange places, like in the middle of highways.

The city has been a vital center for healthcare in Morocco

This beautiful Moroccan city called Marrakech has long been a vital healthcare center in the country. 

Also, the urban and regional rural populations alike rely on the hospitals in the city.  

Ibn Tofail University Hospital is one of the significant hospitals of the city. 

The psychiatric hospital installed in the 16th century by the Merinid Caliph Ya’qub al-Mansur was described by the historian ‘Abd al-Wahfd al-Murrakasi’ as one of the greatest on the planet at the time.

Festivals in Marrakech City: Enjoy the festive look of the city

Festivals In Marrakech City

Oh! Festivals and colors! I really like this so much! What about you, my friends??

Both Islamic and national festivals are celebrated in the city. 

Significant cultural festivals here include the Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts, the National Folklore Festival, and the Berber Festival.

Also, football ⚽and golf are very popular sports in this beautiful Moroccan city.

Transport in Marrakech: Know about the city’s airport and railway

Transport In Marrakech

The city of Marrakech is served by Marrakech railway station and by Menara International Airport.

 The Marrakech railway station connects the city to northern Morocco and Casablanca.

Summing up

So little knowledge hunters, now you know that Marrakech is a beautiful Moroccan city that takes pride in its natural beauty, luxury palaces, and modern advancements. 

From museums and the busiest markets to delightful cuisine 🥣 and exciting festivals, what in Marrakech attracts you the most?

As we are already engaged, we would love to know your answer!

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