Essay on Memorial Day (1000 Words)

Memorial Day is observed to honor those who have died while serving in the United States military. The last Monday in May is Memorial Day. It was initially called Decoration Day because, on that day, residents pay their respects to the troops by placing flowers on their graves.

Decoration Day was formally renamed Memorial Day in 1971. The Civil War, which ended in 1865, claimed more lives than any other fight in American history. To commemorate Memorial Day, many Americans visit monuments, have social events, and engage in a variety of activities.

Following World War I, Memorial Day ceremonies were performed to commemorate all soldiers who had lost their lives in any American conflict. Following that, it was determined that Memorial Day would be observed on the final Monday in May.

History of Memorial Day

Major General John A. Logan started the Memorial Day observance on May 30, 1868, as a result of his proposal. Thousands of military personnel’s graves were decorated with flowers during the occasion, which drew a big crowd. Following the ceremonial statements, orphanage youngsters made their way across the cemetery, chanting prayers.

The first state to proclaim Memorial Day as an official holiday was New York, which was quickly followed by other states. However, until the end of World Battle I, the southern province observed it separately, after which the Memorial Day observance encompassed all Americans who gave their lives in any war.

According to some experts, Decoration Day was originally scheduled for May to coincide with the blossoming of flowers in the states. Others, however, say the timing was excellent since it did not overlap with any war anniversaries.

How It Is Observed?

This day was established as a way to remember and honor the men who died during the American Civil War. All men and women who perished in any war or military action in the United States were included after World War I.

Every year, military personnel and members of organizations participate in events throughout numerous cities and towns as part of the commemoration on this day. In Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C., one of the biggest parades take place.

This day was traditionally viewed as the start of the summer season, therefore cultural events were held throughout the weekend. Every year on Memorial Day, families enjoy a variety of activities, but there are also a few noteworthy traditional methods to commemorate the day.

In observance of Memorial Day, many put poppies on their clothing as a symbol of respect for America’s war dead. War heroes’ tombs at the veteran cemetery are meticulously cared for and adored by their families.

According to official norms, the flag at administrative buildings should only be flown at half-staff until midday.

On this day in 2000, President Bill Clinton signed a bill known as “The National Moment of Remembrance Act” to honor the sacrifices of troops and combat heroes. The legislation invites all Americans to observe a minute of silence at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day to memorialize those who have died in the service of the country.

On a family vacation to Washington, D.C., I recall being awestruck by the Vietnam Memorial. I stood there watching strangers take a piece of paper, place it over a name, then rub the name into the paper with a pencil. The walls, which seemed to stretch for miles, were covered with the names of Americans who never returned home to their families and friends. Their memory was preserved on this wall, which was lovingly erected in their honor. I was depressed. Then, as if it were a mirror in my spirit, I saw my image on the wall.

What can I do to express my gratitude? First and foremost, keep in mind. Second, express gratitude. Finally, appreciate and continue to contribute to the greatness of our nation. So I pray and thank the courageous military men who battled to the very end every day, not just on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have given their lives in the name of freedom. Memorial Day, to me, should be a reminder that we should respect these folks every day of our lives, not only on that particular day.

Every day we go to school, we should remember that someone fought so that we might live regular lives. We must commemorate their memory by upholding our liberties and contributing to the betterment of our nation.

So Memorial Day isn’t simply “a day” for me to remember someone’s efforts; it’s about cherishing their memories every day for the rest of our lives because they have surely earned them.

The Conclusion

Without allowing the genuine meaning of Memorial Day to get lost in the celebration, pleasure, and weekend extravaganza, every rational citizen must recognize the true significance of the holiday.

Today is the day to take the pledge in remembrance of those who have bravely given their lives. It’s a moment to honor and remember our heroes, as well as count our blessings as we stand strong and free.


What is Memorial Day Ducksters?

In the United States, Memorial Day is a national holiday. It is a day to honor those who have given their lives in the service of our nation. When does it happen? On the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is honored.

Why should we celebrate holidays?

Holiday customs play a significant role in forging strong bonds between family members and our community. They provide us with a feeling of belonging and a means of expressing our values. They help us connect to our past and commemorate generations of family.

Why is it important to recognize Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a significant annual occasion that enables us to express gratitude to the men and women who are currently serving in the military to safeguard our nation. These warriors safeguard the safety and security of individuals in our nation and throughout the globe in both peace and conflict.

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